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workssloderunSuper Lode Runner (Jpn)Irem1987msx2_cartNot Yet
worksslodern2Super Lode Runner II (Disk Writer)Irem1987famicom_flopNot Yet
workssrtypejSuper R-Type (Jpn)Irem1991snesYes
workssrtypeuSuper R-Type (USA)Irem1991snesYes
worksfighbirdTaiyou no Yuusha - Fighbird (Jpn)Irem1992nesYes
worksfighbirdTaiyou no Yuusha - Fighbird GB (Jpn)Irem1991gameboyYes
workssdragonTenseiryuu - Saint DragonIrem1990pceYes
worksmtitleThe Irem Major Title (Euro)Irem1992snesYes
worksmtitlepThe Irem Major Title (Euro, Final Prototype)Irem1992snesNot Yet
worksmtitlejThe Irem Major Title (Jpn)Irem1992snesYes
worksiremskinThe Irem Skins Game (USA)Irem1992snesYes
workskineticcThe Monitor Puzzle Kineko - Kinetic ConnectionIrem1986famicom_flopNot Yet
worksthermoThermoUSTL - IREM1985mo5_cassNot Yet
worksundercopUndercover Cops Gaiden - Hakaishin Garumaa (Jpn)Irem1993gameboyYes
worksvecteursVecteursUSTL - IREM1985mo5_cassNot Yet
worksvigilantVigilante (Tourvision PCE bootleg)bootleg (Tourvision) / Irem1988pce_tourvisionNot Yet
workswondholeWonder HoleIrem1982m5_cartNot Yet
worksyoukayasYoukai YashikiIrem1987famicom_flopYes
workszippyracZippy Race (Jpn)Sega / Irem1983sg1000Yes

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