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worksfbanalyzADAM Football AnalyzerHector Sanchez198?adam_flopNot Yet
worksfbanalyzaADAM Football Analyzer (Alt)Hector Sanchez198?adam_flopNot Yet
worksameridaiAmerica Daitouryou Senkyo (Jpn)Hector1988nesYes
worksbusinessBusiness Wars (Jpn)Hector1991nesYes
workscadillacCadillac (Jpn)Hector1990nesYes
worksgreatdlGreat Deal (Jpn)Hector1991nesYes
worksigomeiknIgo Meikan (Jpn)Hector1990nesYes
worksigoshi92Igo Shinan '92 (Jpn)Hector1992nesYes
worksigoshi93Igo Shinan '93 (Jpn)Hector1992nesYes
worksigoshi94Igo Shinan '94 (Jpn)Hector1993nesYes
worksigoshinIgo Shinan (Jpn)Hector1989nesYes
workskabudojoKabushiki Doujou (Jpn)Hector1989nesYes
workskeibajouKeibajou e Ikou! Wide (Jpn)Hector2000gbcolorYes
worksmjclubMahjong Club - Nagatachou (Jpn)Hector1991nesYes
worksmooncrysMoon Crystal (Jpn)Hector1992nesYes
workspachicrtPachinko CR Mouretsu Genshijin T (Jpn)Hector1999gbcolorYes
workspocknakaPocket no Naka no Ookoku (Jpn, Prototype)Hector2000gbcolorYes
worksprojectqProject Q (Jpn)Hector1992nesYes
workssmeik92Shougi Meikan '92 (Jpn)Hector1992nesYes
workssmeik93Shougi Meikan '93 (Jpn)Hector1992nesYes

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