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notworksantaresAntares (Spa)Dro Soft1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkszipiyzapZipi Y Zape (Spa)Dro Soft1989cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksvenganzaVenganza (Spa)Dro Soft1986cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkstriplecmTriple Comando (Spa)Dro Soft1988cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksstopballStop-Ball (Spa)Dro Soft1988cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksspacecrssSpace Crusade (Spa, 64K)Dro Soft1992cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkspanzadomsPanzadrome (Spa)Dro Soft1985cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksmortadl2Mortadelo y Filemon II (Spa)Dro Soft1989cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksmagicjMagic Johnson's Basketball (Spa)Dro Soft1990cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksknigtgstKnight Ghosts (Spa)Dro Soft1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksinsidoutdsInside Outing (Spa)Dro Soft1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksbreakerThe Breaker (Spa)Dro Soft1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkselcidEl Cid (UK)Dro Soft1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkselcidsEl Cid (Spa)Dro Soft1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksdandarecDan Dare Collection (UK)Dro Soft1988cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksddragon2Double Dragon II - The Revenge (UK)Dro Soft1989cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkseagleEagleDro Soft1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkshypsysHypsys (UK)Dro Soft1989cpc_cassNot Yet
worksantares1Antares (Spa, Alt)Dro Soft1987cpc_flopNot Yet
notworkselcids_c1El Cid (Spa?, Cracked by NPS)Dro Soft1987cpc_flopNot Yet

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