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notworkstengenahTengen Arcade Hits (Euro)Domark199?amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkstotlfootTotal Football (Euro)Domark1996amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworksf1wceF1 World Championship Edition (Euro)Domark1995amigaecs_flopNot Yet
workswizardWizard Pinball (Euro)Domark1995gamegearYes
workssyndicatSyndicate (Euro)Domark1995megacdNot Yet
workstotlfootTotal Football (Euro)Domark1995megadrivYes
worksf1wceF1 World Championship Edition (Euro)Domark1995gamegearYes
workskawasakiKawasaki Superbike Challenge (Euro, USA)Domark1995gamegearYes
worksthemeprkTheme Park (Euro)Domark1995megacdNot Yet
worksf1wceF1 World Championship Edition (Euro)Domark1995snesNot Yet
worksbloodshtBloodshot (Euro)Domark1994megacdNot Yet
worksmarkopMarko's Magic Football (Euro, Prototype)Domark1994megadrivYes
worksmarkoMarko's Magic Football (Euro)Domark1994megacdNot Yet
worksbloodshtBloodshot (Euro) ~ Battle Frenzy (Ger)Domark1994megadrivYes
worksmarkoMarko's Magic Football (Euro)Domark1994megadrivYes
worksmarkouMarko (USA)Domark1994megadrivYes
worksf1wcupF1 - World Championship Edition (US, Prototype)Domark1994megadrivNot Yet
notworkscmang94eChampionship Manager End of 1994 Season Data Update Disk (Euro)Domark1994amigaocs_flopNot Yet
notworkscmang94Championship Manager '94 Season Data Disk (Euro)Domark1994amigaocs_flopNot Yet
workscrazyfacCrazy Faces (Euro, Prototype)Domark1993gamegearYes

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