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worksabcfootjABC Monday Night Football (Jpn)Data East1993snesYes
worksabcfootABC Monday Night Football (USA)Data East1993snesYes
notworksabcfootABC Monday Night Football (USA, v1.1)Data East1991amigaocs_flopNot Yet
worksalunserAl Unser Jr. Turbo Racing (USA)Data East1990nesYes
worksanglerdgAngler DanglerData East Corporation1983ti99_cartNot Yet
worksastroftrAstro FighterData East Corporation1983ti99_cartNot Yet
worksatomrunuAtomic Runner (USA)Data East1992megadrivYes
worksbwingsB-Wings (Jpn)Data East1986nesYes
notworksbaddudesBad DudesData East1988ibm5150Not Yet
worksbaddudesBad DudesData East1988apple2Not Yet
worksbaddudcrBad Dudes (crack)Data East1988apple2Not Yet
worksbaddudesuBad Dudes (USA)Data East1990nesYes
worksbatmanBatmanData East1988apple2Not Yet
worksbatmancrBatman (crack)Data East1988apple2Not Yet
worksbtlchessBattle Chess (USA)Data East1990nesNot Yet
worksbebophsBe-Bop High School - Koukousei Gokuraku Densetsu (Jpn)Data East1988nesYes
worksbojacksnBo Jackson Baseball (USA)Data East1991nesYes
worksbdashjBoulder Dash (Jpn)Data East1990nesYes
worksbreaktruBreakThru (USA)Data East1987nesYes
worksbuggypopBuggy Popper (Jpn)Data East1986nesYes

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