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works19421942 (Euro, USA)Capcom2000gbcolorNot Yet
works19421942 (Jpn, USA)Capcom1985nesYes
notworks19431943 (UK)Go! ~ Capcom1988cpc_flopNot Yet
notworks1943b1943 (UK, Alt)Go! ~ Capcom1988cpc_flopNot Yet
works1943_c11943 (UK, Cracked by Exocet)Go! ~ Capcom1988cpc_flopNot Yet
works1943_t11943 (UK, Trained by XOR)Go! ~ Capcom1988cpc_flopNot Yet
works1943_t1b1943 (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt 2)Go! ~ Capcom1988cpc_flopNot Yet
works1943_t1a1943 (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt)Go! ~ Capcom1988cpc_flopNot Yet
works1943a1943 (UK, Unprotected?)Go! ~ Capcom1988cpc_flopNot Yet
works1943jp1943 - The Battle of Midway (Jpn, Prototype)Capcom1988nesYes
works19431943 - The Battle of Midway (USA)Capcom1988nesYes
works1943j1943 - The Battle of Valhalla (Jpn)Capcom1988nesYes
works1943kai1943 Kai (Tourvision PCE bootleg)bootleg (Tourvision) / Capcom / Naxat Soft1991pce_tourvisionNot Yet
workssf2010j2010 Street Fighter (Jpn)Capcom1990nesYes
worksarea88Area 88 (Jpn)Capcom1991snesYes
notworksnazomakArthur to Astaroth no Nazo Maikamura - Incredible Toons (Jpn)Capcom1996psxNot Yet
notworksnazomakArthur to Astaroth no Nazomakaimura - Incredible Toons (Jpn)Capcom1996saturnNot Yet
worksmetalwlkjBakusou Senki Metal Walker GB - Koutetsu no Yuujou (Jpn)Capcom1999gbcolorYes
worksrockmexeBattle Network Rockman EXE (Jpn)Capcom2001gbaYes
worksrockmex2aBattle Network Rockman EXE 2 (Jpn)Capcom2001gbaYes

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