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notworksyewizardYe Wizard Lair (UK)Bubble Bus Software1985cpc_cassNot Yet
workswizlairaWizard's Lair (Euro, Alt)Bubble Bus Software1986msx1_cassNot Yet
workswizlairWizard's Lair (Euro)Bubble Bus Software1986msx1_cassNot Yet
worksstarquakaStarquake (Euro, Alt)Bubble Bus Software1986msx1_cassNot Yet
worksstarquakStarquake (Euro)Bubble Bus Software1986msx1_cassNot Yet
notworksstarquakStarquake (UK)Bubble Bus Software1986cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksskaterckSkate Rock (UK)Bubble Bus Software1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkspaladinPaladin (UK)Bubble Bus Software1987cpc_cassNot Yet
notworkshustlerHustler (UK)Bubble Bus Software1985cpc_cassNot Yet
workshustlerHustler (Euro)Bubble Bus Software1984msx1_cassNot Yet
notworkshiriseHirise (UK)Bubble Bus Software1986cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksdeathvilDeathsville (UK)Bubble Bus Software1986cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksclassinvClassic Invaders (UK)Bubble Bus Software1986cpc_cassNot Yet
notworksclassaxnClassic Axiens (UK)Bubble Bus Software1988cpc_cassNot Yet
worksboardellaBoardello (Euro, Alt)Bubble Bus Software1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksboardellBoardello (Euro)Bubble Bus Software1985msx1_cassNot Yet
works5thquadrdThe Fifth Quadrant (UK, Cracked by Mc Spe?)Bubble Bus Software1987cpc_flopNot Yet
works5thquadrcThe Fifth Quadrant (UK, Alt 3)Bubble Bus Software1987cpc_flopNot Yet
works5thquadrbThe Fifth Quadrant (UK, Alt 2)Bubble Bus Software1987cpc_flopNot Yet
works5thquadraThe Fifth Quadrant (UK, Alt)Bubble Bus Software1987cpc_flopNot Yet

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