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notworksafragearAfraid Gear (Jpn)Asmik Ace1998psxNot Yet
worksairdiverjAir Diver (Jpn)Asmik1990megadrivYes
worksasmiklndAsmik-kun Land (Jpn)Asmik1991nesYes
worksasmikwl2Asmik-kun World 2 (Jpn)Asmik Ace1991gameboyYes
worksbakeno94Bakenou TV '94 (Jpn)Asmik Ace1994gameboyYes
worksbakenov3Bakenou V3 (Jpn)Asmik Ace1993gameboyYes
worksbatlzequBattle Zeque Den (Jpn)Asmik1994snesYes
worksasmikwldBoomer's Adventure in ASMIK World (USA)Asmik USA1990gameboyYes
workscatrapCatrap (USA)Asmik Ace1990gameboyYes
worksxardionjChoukou Gasshin Xardion (Jpn)Asmik1992snesYes
worksevertlenChris Evert & Ivan Lendl in Top Players' Tennis (USA)Asmik1990nesYes
notworkscivCivilization - Shin Sekai Shichi Dai Bunmei (Jpn)Asmik1997saturnNot Yet
workscrystalpConquest of the Crystal Palace (USA)Asmik1990nesYes
workscepsilonCosmic Epsilon (Jpn)Asmik1989nesYes
workscutiesuzCutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel (Jpn)Asmik1990megadrivYes
worksdforceD-Force (USA)Asmik1991snesYes
worksdeepdng4Deep Dungeon IV - Kuro no Youjutsushi (Jpn)Asmik1990nesYes
worksderbyjocaDerby Jockey - Kishu Ou e no Michi (Jpn)Asmik1994snesYes
worksderbyjocDerby Jockey - Kishu Ou e no Michi (Jpn, Rev. A)Asmik1994snesYes
badworksderbyjo2Derby Jockey 2 (Jpn)Asmik1995snesYes

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