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 Publisher: "風雅システム (Fuga System)"
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worksaktieAktie - Kabushiki Toushi Simulation Game風雅システム (Fuga System)1991pc98Not Yet
worksamaranthAmaranth - Phantasie RPG風雅システム (Fuga System)1990pc98Not Yet
worksamarant3Amaranth III風雅システム (Fuga System)1994fmtowns_cdNot Yet
notworksamarant3Amaranth III - Phantasie RPG風雅システム (Fuga System)1991pc98Not Yet
notworksamarant4Amaranth IV - Abenteuerroman in Langsam風雅システム (Fuga System)1995pc98Not Yet
worksamarankhAmaranth KH風雅システム (Fuga System)1995pc98Not Yet
worksbeatviceBeatVice風雅システム (Fuga System)1989pc98Not Yet
worksdeadforcDead Force風雅システム (Fuga System)1995fmtowns_cdNot Yet
worksfugasel1Fuga Selection 1 - Calcutta & Maze Quest風雅システム (Fuga System)1991pc98Not Yet
worksmarplemgMarple Magic風雅システム (Fuga System)1992pc98Not Yet
worksoerstedOerstedia風雅システム (Fuga System)1993pc98Not Yet

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