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 Publisher: "日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)"
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worksys3Wanderers from Ys日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1990x68k_flopNot Yet
worksromanciaaRomancia (Alt)日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1986x1_flopYes
worksromanciaRomancia日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1986x1_flopYes
workssorcerSorcerian日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopYes
workssorceraSorcerian (Alt?)日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopYes
workssorcerexpSorcerian Tsuika Scenario日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopYes
workssorcerexp2Sorcerian Tsuika Scenario 2 - Sengoku Sorcerian日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopYes
workssorcerexp3Sorcerian Tsuika Scenario 3 - Pyramid Sorcerian日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopYes
workssorcerutilSorcerian Utility Disk Vol.1日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopYes
workssorcerutilaSorcerian Utility Disk Vol.1 (Alt)日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopNot Yet
workssorcermdSorcerian Music Disk日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopNot Yet
worksastekaAsteka日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1985x1_flopNot Yet
notworksys3Wanderers from Ys日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1989?x1_flopNot Yet
worksys2Ys II - Ancient Ys Vanished The Final Chapter日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988x1_flopYes
worksysYs - Ancient Ys Vanished Omen日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1987x1_flopYes
worksxanadu2Xanadu Scenario II - The Resurrection of Dragon日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1986x1_flopYes
worksxanaduXanadu日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1985x1_flopYes
worksasteka2Taiyou no Shinden - Asteka II日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1986x1_flopYes
worksbrandcmpBrandish Campaign-ban日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1996pc98_cdNot Yet
worksbrandnewBrandish Renewal日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1995pc98_cdNot Yet

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