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 Publisher: "ブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)"
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worksaressh3A Ressha de Ikou IIIブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1991x68k_flopNot Yet
worksaressh3mcA Ressha de Ikou III - Map Constructionブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1991x68k_flopNot Yet
worksaressh3mc1A Ressha de Ikou III - Map Construction (Alt?)ブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1991x68k_flopNot Yet
workscrimsonCrimsonブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1988x1_flopYes
workscrimsonaCrimson (Alt Disk 1)ブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1988x1_flopYes
notworksdinolandDino Landブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1991x68k_flopNot Yet
worksgilgasorGilgamesh Sorcerianブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1990x1_flopYes
workssorcersel1Selected Sorcerian 1ブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1989x1_flopYes
workssorcersel2Selected Sorcerian 2ブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1990x1_flopYes
workssorcersel3Selected Sorcerian 3ブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1990x1_flopYes
workssorcersel4Selected Sorcerian 4ブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1990x1_flopYes
workssorcersel5Selected Sorcerian 5ブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1990x1_flopYes
workssilverghSilver Ghostブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1988x1_flopYes
workssorcerexp4Sorcerian New Scenario Vol.1 - Uchuu Kara no Homonshaブラザー工業 (Brother Kougyou)1989x1_flopYes

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