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works1000born1000 BornesFree Game Blot1985to_flopNot Yet
works1000borna1000 Bornes (SAP Format)Free Game Blot1985to_flopNot Yet
works17891789Infogrames1986to_flopNot Yet
works20kavant20000 Avant J.C.Chip1987to_flopNot Yet
works20kavantmo620000 Avant J.C. (Includes MO6 Version)Chip1987to_flopNot Yet
works20kavantmo6a20000 Avant J.C. (Includes MO6 Version, Alt)Chip1987to_flopNot Yet
works20kavantmo6b20000 Avant J.C. (Includes MO6 Version, SAP Format)Chip1987to_flopNot Yet
works3as3 AsCoktel Vision1987to_flopNot Yet
works35dbasic3"1/2 Disk BASIC (v1.1)Microsoft1986to_flopNot Yet
works3dfight3D FightLoriciels198?to_flopNot Yet
works4stars4 StarsCoktel Vision1988to_flopNot Yet
works6809langa6809 Language Module (Hacked?)<hack? (HMEL)>1988to_flopNot Yet
works6809lang6809 Language Module (v2.0)France Image Logiciel (FIL)1986to_flopNot Yet
works6809langb6809 Language Module (with various files)France Image Logiciel (FIL)1986to_flopNot Yet
works6809dbug6809DbugMicromedia Systemes1989to_flopNot Yet
worksactimat5Acti-Math 5eArmand Colin1987to_flopNot Yet
worksactimat5aActi-Math 5e (640K Disk)Armand Colin1987to_flopNot Yet
worksaction1Action Volume 1Microids1989to_flopNot Yet
worksaction1aAction Volume 1 (SAP Format)Microids1989to_flopNot Yet
worksaddisousAddisousCentre National de Documentation Pedagogique (CNDP)1986to_flopNot Yet

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