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works2in12 in 1 - Block Buster + Cross High (Euro, USA)Supervision199?svisionYes
works2in1a2 in 1 - Hash Blocks + Eagle Plan (Euro, USA)GTC Inc1992svisionYes
worksalienAlien (Euro, USA)Supervision199?svisionYes
worksbalonfgtBalloon Fight (Euro, USA)Watara199?svisionNot Yet
worksblockbusBlock Buster (Euro, USA)Supervision199?svisionYes
worksbrainpowBrain Power (Euro, USA)Supervision199?svisionYes
worksbubbwrldBubble WorldBon Treasure1992svisionYes
workscarrierCarrier (Euro, USA)Travellmate199?svisionYes
workscavewondCave Wonders (Euro, USA)Bon Treasure1992svisionYes
workschalltnkChallenger Tank (Euro, USA)Watara199?svisionYes
workschimeraChimera (Euro, USA)Supervision199?svisionYes
workschineschChinese CheckersSachen1992svisionNot Yet
worksclasscasClassic CasinoBon Treasure1993svisionYes
worksclimberClimberBon Treasure1992svisionYes
workscrystbalCrystball (Euro, USA)Travellmate1991svisionYes
worksdanceblkDancing BlockThin Chen Enterprise1992svisionYes
worksdheroDelta Hero (Euro, USA)Bon Treasure1992svisionYes
worksdreamwldDream WorldBon Treasure1992svisionYes
workseaglplanEagle Plan (Euro, USA)GTC Inc.1992svisionYes
worksearthdefEarth Defender (Euro, USA)Bon Treasure1992svisionYes

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