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worksbatmanBatman (set 1)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbatmanaBatman (set 2)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbatmanbBatman (set 3)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
notworksbatmancBatman (set 4)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbatmandBatman (set 5)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbatmaneBatman (set 6)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbatmanfBatman (set 7)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
notworksbatmangBatman (set 8)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbatmanhBatman (set 9)Ocean1986spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbitedustBite The DustCrash Magazine1990spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbombfusnBomb Fusion (set 1)Virgin Mastertronic1989spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbombfusnaBomb Fusion (set 2, copy?)Virgin Mastertronic1989spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbombfusnbBomb Fusion (set 3)Virgin Mastertronic1989spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbombfusncBomb Fusion (set 4)Virgin Mastertronic1989spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbrainstBrain Storm (Micromega, 16k)Micromega1983spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbstormbbBrain Storm (set 1)Bubblebus Software1985spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbstormbbaBrain Storm (set 2)Bubblebus Software1985spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbrainstmBrainstorm (Pete Cooke) (set 1)Firebird Software1987spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbrainstmaBrainstorm (Pete Cooke) (set 2)Firebird Software1987spectrum_cassNot Yet
worksbrainstmbBrainstorm (Pete Cooke) (set 3)Firebird Software1987spectrum_cassNot Yet

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