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worksqoscrupA Question of Scruples - The Computer EditionLeisure Genius1987specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksqosA Question of SportElite Systems1989specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksaforceAction Force - International HeroesVirgin Games1987specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksaforce2Action Force II - International HeroesVirgin Games1988specpls3_flopNot Yet
workstiebreakAdidas Championship Tie-BreakOcean Software1990specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksarturaArturaGremlin Graphics Software1989specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksbadlandsBadlandsDomark1990specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksbhcopBeverly Hills CopTynesoft1990specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksbloodwycBloodwychImage Works1990specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksbookdeadBook of the DeadCRL Group1987specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksbbrgBuffalo Bill's Rodeo GamesTynesoft1989specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksbutchillButcher HillGremlin Graphics Software1989specpls3_flopNot Yet
workscarriercCarrier CommandRainbird Software1989specpls3_flopNot Yet
workschicag30Chicago 30'sU.S. Gold1988specpls3_flopNot Yet
workscombatscCombat SchoolOcean Software1987specpls3_flopNot Yet
workscorruptnCorruptionRainbird Software1988specpls3_flopNot Yet
workscybernodCybernoid - The Fighting MachineHewson Consultants1988specpls3_flopNot Yet
workscyberno2Cybernoid II - The RevengeHewson Consultants1988specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksdandare3Dan Dare III - The EscapeVirgin Games1990specpls3_flopNot Yet
worksdarkfusnDark FusionGremlin Graphics Software1988specpls3_flopNot Yet

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