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works20em120 em 1 (Bra)Tec Toy1995smsYes
works4pak4 PAK All Action (Aus)HES1995smsYes
works94swc94 Super World Cup Soccer (Kor)Daou Infosys1994smsYes
worksaceofaceAce of Aces (Euro)Sega1991smsYes
worksactionfg1Action Fighter (Euro, Jpn, v1)Sega1986smsYes
worksactionfgAction Fighter (Euro, USA, Bra, v2)Sega1986smsYes
worksactionfgtwAction Fighter / Mo zhan che (Taiwan)<unknown>1986smsNot Yet
worksherolancAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - Heroes of the Lance (Euro, Bra)U.S. Gold1991smsYes
worksaerialasAerial Assault (Euro, Bra)Sega1990smsYes
worksaerialasuAerial Assault (USA)Sega1990smsYes
worksaburnerAfter Burner (World)Sega1987smsYes
worksagidoolyAgigongnyong Dooly (Kor)Daou Infosys1991smsYes
worksairrescAir Rescue (Euro, Bra, Kor)Sega1992smsYes
worksalesteAleste (Jpn)Sega1988smsYes
worksalexhitwAlex Kidd - High-Tech World (Euro, USA)Sega1989smsYes
worksalexlostAlex Kidd - The Lost Stars (World)Sega1988smsYes
worksalexbmxAlex Kidd BMX Trial (Jpn)Sega1987smsYes
worksalexkiddbAlex Kidd in Miracle World (Bra, v1, Pirate)<pirate>1986smsYes
worksalexkidd1Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Euro, USA, v0)Sega1986smsYes
worksalexkiddAlex Kidd in Miracle World (Euro, USA, v1)Sega1986smsYes

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