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worksjb007a007 James Bond (Jpn, v2.6, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
worksjb007007 James Bond (Jpn, v2.7, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
worksjb007t007 James Bond (Tw)Aaronix1984?sg1000Yes
worksbankpBank Panic (Jpn)Sega / Sanritsu1985sg1000Not Yet
worksbombjackk2Beom Jjaek (Kor)<unknown>1985?sg1000Yes
worksbilidadaBi Li Da Dao (Tw)Aaronix1985?sg1000Yes
worksbombjackBomb Jack (Jpn)Sega / Tehkan1985sg1000Yes
worksbombjackk1Bomb Jack (Kor)<unknown>1985?sg1000Yes
worksbombjackt1Bomb Jack (Tw)<unknown>1985?sg1000Yes
worksbombmnspBomber Man Special (Tw)DahJee1986?sg1000Not Yet
worksbordrlinBorderline (Euro, Jpn)Sega1983sg1000Yes
workscabkidsCabbage Patch Kids (Tw)Aaronix198?sg1000Yes
workschacknChack'n Pop (Jpn)Sega / Taito1985sg1000Yes
workschaldrbyChallenge Derby (Jpn, OMV)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
workschaldrbyaChallenge Derby (Jpn, OMV, Alt)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
workschaldrbybChallenge Derby (Jpn, OMV, Hacked)Tsukuda Original1984sg1000Yes
workschampbasChampion Baseball (Jpn)Sega / Alpha Denshi1983sg1000Yes
workschampbasaChampion Baseball (Jpn, Older)Sega / Alpha Denshi1983sg1000Yes
workschampbastChampion Baseball (Tw)Aaronix1985?sg1000Yes
workschampbilChampion Billiards (Jpn)Sega1986sg1000Yes

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