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works007tld007 The Living Daylights (UK)Domark1987pcwYes
works3dcchess3D Clock Chess (Spa)ACE Software1985pcwYes
worksaceACECascade Games1987pcwYes
worksnieto500Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa)Opera Soft1990pcwYes
badworksapplejckApple Jack (UK)<unknown>19??pcwYes
worksarmagmanArmaggedon Man (UK)Martech1986pcwYes
worksballyhooBallyhoo (UK)Infocom1986pcwYes
notworksbatmanBatman (UK)Ocean1986pcwYes
notworksbobwinnrBob Winner<unknown>19??pcwNot Yet
worksbounderBounder (UK)Gremlin Graphics1985pcwYes
worksfootballBrian Clough's Football Fortunes (UK)CDS Software19??pcwYes
worksburanBuran (Spa)OMK1990pcwYes
workscatch23Catch 23 (UK)Martech1987pcwYes
worksclasgam1Classic Games IMicrovalue1986pcwYes
worksclasgam2Classic Games IIMicrovalue1987pcwYes
workscolos4brColossus 4 Bridge (UK)CDS Software1986pcwYes
workscolos4chColossus 4 Chess (UK)CDS Software1986pcwYes
notworksscrabble1Computer Scrabble (Alt?)Leisure Genius1986pcwYes
worksscrabbleComputer Scrabble (UK)Leisure Genius1986pcwYes

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