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works1943kai1943 KaiNaxat1991pceYes
works21emon21 Emon - Mezase Hotel ou!!NEC Home Electronics1994pceYes
worksadvislndAdventure IslandHudson1991pceYes
worksaeroblstAero BlastersHudson1990pceYes
worksaburner2After Burner IINEC Avenue1990pceYes
worksacrushAlien CrushNaxat1988pceYes
worksankokuAnkoku DensetsuVictor Interactive Software1990pceYes
worksaoiblinkAoi BlinkHudson1990pceYes
worksappgatebAppare! GateballHudson1988pceYes
worksarmedfArmed Formation FPack-In-Video1990pceYes
worksarttoolArtist ToolNEC Home Electronics1990pceYes
worksatomroboAtomic Robo-kid SpecialUPL1990pceYes
worksavpokerAV PokerGames Express1992pceYes
worksballistxBallistixCoconuts Japan1991pceYes
worksbaribariBari Bari DensetsuTaito1989pceYes
worksbatloderBattle Lode RunnerHudson1993pceYes
worksbeballBe BallHudson1990pceYes
worksbenkeiBenkei GaidenSunsoft1989pceYes

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