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worksstartradStar Trader日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssorcerexp3Sorcerian Tsuika Scenario 3 - Pyramid Sorcerian日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssorcerexp2Sorcerian Tsuika Scenario 2 - Sengoku Sorcerian日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksys3d1Wanderers from Ys (Demo)日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssorcerexpSorcerian Tsuika Scenario日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksys3d2Wanderers from Ys (Demo, Alt)日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksys3Wanderers from Ys日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksxanaduXanadu日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1985pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksys2aYs II - Ancient Ys Vanished The Final Chapter (Alt)日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssorcermgaSorcerian Music Gallery (Alt)日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)?1987?pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssorcermlSorcerian Music Library日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)?1987?pc8801_flopNot Yet
workssorcermgSorcerian Music Gallery日本ファルコム (Nihon Falcom)?1987?pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksshogitaiShougi Taishou 88昭和産業株式会社 (Showa Sangyo Kabushikigaisha)1987pc8801_flopNot Yet
workskubokidoKubo Kido Butai木屋通商 (Kiya Tsusho)1983pc8801_flopNot Yet
workspachicomPachi Com東芝EMI (Toshiba EMI)1987pc8801_flopNot Yet
workstrumpaidTrump Aid東芝EMI (Toshiba EMI)1987pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksdynabowlDynamite Bowl東芝EMI (Toshiba EMI)1987pc8801_flopNot Yet
workshiryokoHiatari Ryoko東宝 (Toho)1987pc8801_flopNot Yet
workslupinaLupin the Third - Cagliostro no Shiro (Alt Disk A)東宝 (Toho)1985pc8801_flopNot Yet
workstouchTouch東宝 (Toho)1987pc8801_flopNot Yet

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