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worksapplecld09aApple Club Data Shu 9 - Fushigi no Kuni no Monogatari Hen (Alt)フェアリーテール (Fairytale)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksapploonApploonタカラ (Takara)1984pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarchonArchonB·P·S (Bullet-Proof Software)1986pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarcticArcticアートディンク (Artdink)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarcusArcusウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarcusdArcus Demoウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarcus2Arcus IIウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarcus2dArcus II Demoウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarcusyuArcusyu - Kagerou no Jidai wo Koeteウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarcusyu1Arcusyu - Kagerou no Jidai wo Koete (Alt)ウルフチーム (WolfTeam)1989pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksareapc88Area PC88<doujin>19??pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksargoArgo呉ソフトウェア工房 (Kure Software Koubou)1986pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksargoaArgo (Alt Disk 2)呉ソフトウェア工房 (Kure Software Koubou)1986pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarionArionアスキー (ASCII)1986pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarkanoidArkanoidニデコム (Nidecom) / タイトー (Taito)1986pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarksroadArks Roadウィンキーソフト (Winky Soft)1985pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksarthemisArthemis 2<unknown>19??pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksascotAscot<unknown>19??pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksasheAshe - Legend of 'Toma'クエイザーソフト (Quasar Soft)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet
worksashebAshe - Legend of 'Toma' (Alt 2)クエイザーソフト (Quasar Soft)1988pc8801_flopNot Yet

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