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works6502step6502 Step (v1.0)<unknown>19??oraoNot Yet
worksajncAjncPEL Soft19??oraoNot Yet
worksavionAvionEmil Herceg - Igor Kos1986oraoNot Yet
worksbdashBoulder DashNenad Mihailovic - Mihajlo Dapjas19??oraoNot Yet
worksbreakoutBreakoutStan Rimox Software19??oraoNot Yet
worksbrojkeBrojke<unknown>19??oraoNot Yet
workscrtanjeCrtanjeSuzy Soft1987oraoNot Yet
workscrvicCrvicPEL Soft1986oraoNot Yet
worksdemografDemo GrafikaKMI Borovo1985oraoNot Yet
workseagleEagleKMI Borovo1986oraoNot Yet
worksfigchessFigure ChessKMI Borovo1986oraoNot Yet
workskarateInternacional KarateKMI Borovo19??oraoNot Yet
worksjugadorJugadorMario Vuletic19??oraoNot Yet
worksjumpjackJumping JackKMI Borovo1986oraoNot Yet
workskukiKukiKMI Borovo1986oraoNot Yet
workslabirintLabirintBibi Soft1985oraoNot Yet
workslabirinmLabirint M<unknown>19??oraoNot Yet
workskvadratMagicni KvadratMario Ranogajec - Boris Korpar1985oraoNot Yet
worksmminerManic MinerNenad Mihailovic19??oraoNot Yet
worksmatchfisMatch FishingKMI Borovo1986oraoNot Yet

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