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works89denku'89 Dennou Kyuusei Uranai (Jpn)Jingukan1988nesYes
works93contra'93 Chaoji Hun (Chi, Contra pirate)Yanshan RuanJian1993nesYes
notworksmc_10og10 in 1 Omake Game (FC Mobile)<unknown>19??nesYes
works10yard10-Yard Fight (Euro, USA)Nintendo1985nesYes
works10yardh10-Yard Fight (FMG pirate)FMG1987nesYes
works10yardj110-Yard Fight (Jpn)Irem1985nesYes
works10yardj10-Yard Fight (Jpn, v1.1)Irem1985nesYes
notworksmc_dcat8100 in 1 (D-CAT8 8bit Console, v5.01.11-frd, BL 20041217)<unknown>19??nesYes
worksmc_100mg100 in 1 (MG109)<pirate>19??nesYes
notworksmc_aa2100 in 1 Arcade Action II (AT-103)<unknown>19??nesYes
worksmc_con16100 in 1 Contra Function 16<pirate>19??nesYes
works100mandk100 Man Dollar Kid - Maboroshi no Teiou Hen (Jpn)Sofel1989nesYes
worksmc_1k1000 in 1 (JPx72)<pirate>19??nesYes
worksmc_10m10000000 in 1<pirate>19??nesYes
notworksmc_101101 in 1 Games<unknown>19??nesNot Yet
worksmc_106106 in 1<pirate>19??nesYes
worksmc_11bal11 in 1 Ball Games<pirate>19??nesYes
badworksmc_110110 in 1<pirate>19??nesYes
worksmc_110a110 in 1 (Bad?)<pirate>19??nesYes
notworksmc_110cb110 in 1 CoolBaby (CoolBoy RS-1S)CoolBoy19??nesNot Yet

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