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worksbtlbombrBattle Bomber<homebrew>1996msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksbeppinBeppin (Jpn)Wisdom1988msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksf1spiritF-1 Spirit 3D Special (Jpn)Konami1988msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksf1spiritbF-1 Spirit 3D Special (Jpn, Alt Disk A)Konami1988msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksf1spiritaF-1 Spirit 3D Special (Jpn, Alt)Konami1988msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksgladiusGladius (Ger)<homebrew>1992msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksgradius3Gradius III Legends (Spa, Demo)<homebrew>2001msx2p_flopNot Yet
workszukattoHennano de Zukatto<doujin>1996msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksdcconnecJ.B. Harold 3 - D.C. Connection (Jpn)Riverhill Soft1989msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksdcconnecaJ.B. Harold 3 - D.C. Connection (Jpn, Alt)Riverhill Soft1989msx2p_flopNot Yet
workskohakuirKohakuiro no Yuigon - Seiyou Karuta Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Jpn)Riverhill Soft1988msx2p_flopNot Yet
workskohakuiraKohakuiro no Yuigon - Seiyou Karuta Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Jpn, Alt)Riverhill Soft1988msx2p_flopNot Yet
workslaydock2Laydock 2 - Last Attack (Jpn)T&E Soft1988msx2p_flopNot Yet
workslaydock2aLaydock 2 - Last Attack (Jpn, Alt)T&E Soft1988msx2p_flopNot Yet
workslubeckLübeck (Jpn)MSX Magazine1990msx2p_flopNot Yet
workslubeckaLübeck (Jpn, Alt)MSX Magazine1990msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksmegadoomMegadoom (Ned)<homebrew>1992msx2p_flopNot Yet
worksmegadoomdMegadoom (Ned, Demo)<homebrew>1992msx2p_flopNot Yet
notworksmidgartsMid-Garts (MSX2+) (Jpn)WolfTeam1989msx2p_flopNot Yet
workspacdiscPana Amusement Collection Disc (Jpn)Panasoft1988msx2p_flopNot Yet

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