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worksandrogynHan Seimei Senki Androgynus (Jpn)Nihon Telenet1988msx2_cartYes
worksproyakfnPro Yakyuu Fan (Jpn)Nihon Telenet1987msx2_cartNot Yet
worksandrogynaHan Seimei Senki Androgynus (Jpn, Alt)Nihon Telenet1988msx2_cartYes
worksdslayer4aDragon Slayer IV - Drasle Family (Jpn, Alt)Nihon Falcom1987msx2_cartYes
worksdslayer4Dragon Slayer IV - Drasle Family (Jpn)Nihon Falcom1987msx2_cartYes
worksasteka2Taiyou no Shinden - Asteka II (Jpn)Nihon Falcom1987msx2_cartYes
worksromanciaRomancia (Jpn)Nihon Falcom1986msx2_cartYes
worksamesoccrAmerican Soccer (Jpn)Nidecom1987msx2_cartYes
workscockpitThe Cockpit (Jpn)Nidecom1987msx2_cartYes
worksarknoid2Arkanoid 2 (Jpn)Nidecom1987msx2_cartNot Yet
worksvictnin2Victorious Nine II - Koukou Yakyuu Hen (Jpn)Nidecom1987msx2_cartYes
workscheese2Cheese 2 (Jpn)Neos1985msx2_cartYes
workselthleadElthlead (Jpn)NCS1988msx2_cartYes
worksxeviousaXevious - Fardraut Saga (Jpn, Alt)Namco1989msx2_cartYes
worksfamistaPro Yakyuu Family Stadium - Pennant Race (Jpn)Namco1989msx2_cartYes
workspacmaniaPac-Mania (Jpn)Namco1989msx2_cartYes
worksrtishtarThe Return of Ishtar (Jpn)Namco1988msx2_cartYes
worksdbusterDragon Buster (Jpn)Namco1987msx2_cartYes
worksxeviousXevious - Fardraut Saga (Jpn)Namco1989msx2_cartYes
workskitaheiHonkaku Shougi Kitahei (Jpn)Micro Cabin1986msx2_cartYes

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