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worksdynabowlDynamite Bowl (Jpn)Toshiba EMI1987msx2_cartYes
worksdynabowlaDynamite Bowl (Jpn, Alt)Toshiba EMI1987msx2_cartYes
workselthleadElthlead (Jpn)NCS1988msx2_cartYes
workseurosensEuropa Sensen (Jpn)Koei1992msx2_cartYes
worksf15seF-15 Strike Eagle (Jpn)System Soft1987msx2_cartYes
worksfamiparoFamicle Parodic (Jpn)Bit²1988msx2_cartYes
worksfamibillFamily Billiards (Jpn)Pack-In-Video1987msx2_cartYes
worksfamiboxiFamily Boxing (Jpn)Sony1988msx2_cartYes
worksfantzon2Fantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa (Jpn)Pony Canyon1987msx2_cartYes
worksfantzon2aFantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa (Jpn, Alt)Pony Canyon1987msx2_cartYes
worksmurdclubFinal Mystery Murder Club - Satsujin Club (Jpn)Micro Cabin1988msx2_cartYes
worksfireballFire Ball (Jpn)HummingBird1987msx2_cartYes
worksfleetco2Fleet Commander II - Tasogare no Kaiiki (Jpn)ASCII1990msx2_cartYes
worksgakumonoGakuen Monogatari - High School Story (Jpn)Great1988msx2_cartYes
worksgambler2Gambler Jikochuushinha 2 - Jishou! Kyougou Janshi Hen (Jpn)Game Arts1988msx2_cartYes
worksggoemonGanbare Goemon! Karakuri Douchuu (Jpn)Konami1987msx2_cartYes
worksgarakutaGarakuta (Jpn)Wachi Software1988msx2_cartYes
worksgaryuouGaryuu Ou (Jpn)Xain Soft1987msx2_cartYes
worksgaryuouaGaryuu Ou (Jpn, Alt)Xain Soft1987msx2_cartYes
worksgekipennGekitotsu Pennant Race - The Pro Yakyuu (Jpn)Konami1988msx2_cartYes

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