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workscatchgrlCatch That GirlWB-Soft198?msx1_flopNot Yet
worksoutrunOut Run (Ned)U.S. Gold1988msx1_flopNot Yet
works2wbattakWallball + Attacked (UK)Tynesoft19??msx1_flopNot Yet
workscetusCetus (Euro)Tynesoft1986msx1_flopNot Yet
badworkssvi738Spectravideo SVI-738Spectravideo1985msx1_flopNot Yet
workscursobasCurso de BASIC (Spa)Sony Spain1985msx1_flopNot Yet
worksldrunLode Runner (Jpn)Sony1984msx1_flopNot Yet
workssupergcSuper Game Collection (Jpn)Sony1985msx1_flopNot Yet
worksnachtwacaDe Nachtwacht (Ned, Alt)Radarsoft1986msx1_flopNot Yet
worksnachtwacDe Nachtwacht (Ned)Radarsoft1986msx1_flopNot Yet
workslendagavA Lenda da Gávea (Bra)Pro Kit1988msx1_flopNot Yet
worksprotectrThe Protector (Jpn)Pony Canyon1985msx1_flopNot Yet
workscursoingCurso de Ingles (Spa)Plus Data1984msx1_flopNot Yet
worksregateRégate - La Coupe de L'America (Fra)Philips1986msx1_flopNot Yet
worksmsxdoshsMSX-DOS Ayuda (Spa)Philips1989msx1_flopNot Yet
worksregateaRégate - La Coupe de L'America (Fra, Alt)Philips1986msx1_flopNot Yet
worksmsxdoshdaMSX-DOS Hulp (Ned, Alt)Philips1989msx1_flopNot Yet
worksmsxdoshdMSX-DOS Hulp (Ned)Philips1989msx1_flopNot Yet
worksmsxdoshsaMSX-DOS Ayuda (Spa, Alt)Philips1989msx1_flopNot Yet
worksdraughtsDraughts (UK)Orpheus1985msx1_flopNot Yet

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