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worksexpatomsaExploding Atoms (Jpn, Alt)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksexpatomsbExploding Atoms (Jpn, Alt 2)Sanyo1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksfharanxFharanx (Jpn)Enix1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksmrmenFirst Steps with the Mr. Men (Euro)Mirrorsoft1985msx1_cassNot Yet
workslesflicsLes Flics (Euro, Bad Dump?)PSS1985msx1_cassNot Yet
workslesflicsaLes Flics (Euro, Bad Dump?, Alt)PSS1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksfpath737Flight Path 737 (Euro)Anirog Software1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksffruitForbidden Fruit (Spa)Mind Games España1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksf1simFormula 1 Simulator (Euro)Mastertronic1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksf1simaFormula 1 Simulator (Euro, Alt)Mastertronic1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksfrogFrog (Spa)Advance1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksfruitmacFruit Machine (Euro)DK'Tronics1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksgamesdesGames Designer (Euro)Quicksilva1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksgeoespanGeografia de España (Spa)Advance1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksartillacLa Geste d'Artillac (Fra)Infogrames1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksghostbstGhostbusters (Euro)Activision1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksglassGlass (Spa)Quicksilva1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksgrafgestGraficas de Gestion (Spa)DIMensionNEW1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksgridtrapGrid Trap (Euro)Livewire Software1985msx1_cassNot Yet
worksgridtrapaGrid Trap (Euro, Alt)Livewire Software1985msx1_cassNot Yet

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