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worksblaggerBlagger MSX (Jpn)MicroCabin1984msx1_cartNot Yet
worksblockholBlock Hole (Kor)Zemina1990msx1_cartNot Yet
worksblockrunBlockade Runner (Jpn)Toshiba EMI1985msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboggy84Boggy '84 (Jpn)Nihon Columbia1984msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboggy84aBoggy '84 (Jpn, Alt)Nihon Columbia1984msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboggy84bBoggy '84 (Jpn, Alt 2)Nihon Columbia1984msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboing2Boing Boing (Spa)Sony Spain1985msx1_cartNot Yet
worksbokosukaBokosuka Wars (Jpn)ASCII1984msx1_cartNot Yet
worksbokosukaaBokosuka Wars (Jpn, Alt)ASCII1984msx1_cartNot Yet
worksbombkingBomber King (Jpn)Hudson Soft1988msx1_cartNot Yet
worksbombmanBomber Man (Jpn)Hudson Soft1983msx1_cartNot Yet
worksbombmank1Bomber Man (Kor)Korea Soft Bank1986msx1_cartNot Yet
worksbombmank2Bomber Man (Kor, Alt)Korea Soft Bank1986msx1_cartNot Yet
worksbombmnspBomber Man Special (Jpn)Hudson Soft1986msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboogieBoogie Woogi Jungle (Jpn)Ample Software1983msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboogie1Boogie Woogi Jungle (Jpn, Alt)Ample Software1983msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboogie2Boogie Woogi Jungle (Jpn, Alt 2)Ample Software1983msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboomrangBoomerang (Jpn)ASCII1984msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboomrangaBoomerang (Jpn, Alt)ASCII1984msx1_cartNot Yet
worksboscoStar Destroyer Bosconian (Jpn)Namcot1984msx1_cartNot Yet

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