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worksaburner3After Burner III (Euro)Sega1993megacdNot Yet
worksbatmanrnBatman Returns (Euro)Sega1993megacdNot Yet
worksbatmanrnaBatman Returns (Euro, Alt)Sega1993megacdNot Yet
worksbtlcorpsBattlecorps (Euro)Core Design1994megacdNot Yet
worksbtlcorpsdBattlecorps (Euro, Demo) [Mega Power - Issue 11, Sega Pro CD - Issue 50]Core1994megacdNot Yet
worksbtlcorpsssdBattlecorps and SoulStar (Euro, Demo) [Mega Power - Issue 14]Core1994megacdNot Yet
worksbcracersBC Racers (Euro)Core Design1994megacdNot Yet
worksbcracersdBC Racers (Euro, Demo) [Mega Power - Issue 18]Core1994megacdNot Yet
worksbcracersdaBC Racers (Euro, Demo) [Sega Pro CD - Issue 41]Core1994megacdNot Yet
worksbillwlshBill Walsh College Football (Euro)Electronic Arts1993megacdNot Yet
worksblackhBlackhole Assault (Euro)Sega1993megacdNot Yet
worksbloodshtBloodshot (Euro)Domark1994megacdNot Yet
worksbrutalBrutal - Paws of Fury (Euro)GameTek1994megacdNot Yet
workschuckrckChuck Rock (Euro)Sony Imagesoft1993megacdNot Yet
workschukrck2Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (Euro)Core Design1993megacdNot Yet
workscobracomCobra Command (Euro)Sega1993megacdNot Yet
workscobracomaCobra Command (Euro) [MK-4402P-00032 2]Sega1993megacdNot Yet
workscobracombCobra Command (Euro) [MK-4402P-00032-R1M]Sega1993megacdNot Yet
workscorpseCorpse Killer (Euro)Digital Pictures1994megacdNot Yet
worksdblswtchDouble Switch (Euro)Sega1994megacdNot Yet

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