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worksapbA.P.B. (Euro, USA)Atari1991lynxYes
worksavspAlien vs Predator (USA, Prototype)Atari199?lynxYes
worksawesomegAwesome Golf (Euro, USA)Atari1991lynxYes
worksbbheroesBaseball Heroes (Euro, USA)Atari1992lynxYes
worksbsktbrwlBasketbrawl (Euro, USA)Atari1992lynxYes
worksbatmanrnBatman Returns (Euro, USA)Atari1992lynxYes
worksbwheelsBattle Wheels (Euro, USA)Beyond Games1993lynxYes
worksbzone2kBattlezone 2000 (Euro, USA)Atari1995lynxYes
worksbilltedBill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Euro, USA)Atari1991lynxYes
worksblockoutBlock Out (Euro, USA)Atari1991lynxYes
worksbluelghtBlue Lightning (Euro, USA)Atari1989lynxYes
worksbluelghtdBlue Lightning (USA, Demo)Atari1989lynxYes
worksbubtroubBubble Trouble (Euro, USA)Telegames1994lynxYes
workscalgamesCalifornia Games (Euro, USA)Atari1989lynxYes
workscentipedCentipede (USA, Prototype)Shadowsoft199?lynxYes
workschekflagCheckered Flag (Euro, USA)Atari1991lynxYes
workschipchalChip's Challenge (Euro, USA)Atari1989lynxYes
worksconquestConquest of Zow<homebrew>1996lynxYes
workscmines2Crystal Mines II (Euro, USA)Atari1992lynxYes
worksdaemongtDaemonsgate (USA, Prototype)Atari199?lynxYes

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