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worksgraphicsGraphicsHewlett-Packard198?hp9845a_romNot Yet
workscfmmsHP 9845B Command File/Memory Mass Storage ROM (Rev A)Structured Software Systems198?hp9845a_romNot Yet
workscfmmsbHP 9845B Command File/Memory Mass Storage ROM (Rev B)Hewlett-Packard198?hp9845a_romNot Yet
worksiolpuI/O LPUHewlett-Packard198?hp9845a_romNot Yet
worksioppuI/O PPUHewlett-Packard198?hp9845a_romNot Yet
worksmassMass StorageHewlett-Packard198?hp9845a_romNot Yet
workspdr45PDR-45Infotek Systems198?hp9845a_romNot Yet
worksprogtkitProgrammer's ToolkitStructured Software Systems198?hp9845a_romNot Yet

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