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workstamafrnd3 Choume no Tama - Tama and Friends - 3 Choume Obake Panic!! (Jpn)Varie1994gameboyYes
works3punyoso3-pun Yosou Umaban Club (Jpn)Hect1992gameboyYes
works4in1_0014 in 1 (Euro, 4B-001)Sachen19??gameboyNot Yet
works4in1_0024 in 1 (Euro, 4B-002)Sachen19??gameboyNot Yet
works4in1_0044 in 1 (Euro, 4B-004)Sachen19??gameboyNot Yet
works4in1_0054 in 1 (Euro, 4B-005)Sachen19??gameboyNot Yet
works4in1_0064 in 1 (Euro, 4B-006)Sachen19??gameboyNot Yet
works4in1_0074 in 1 (Euro, 4B-007)Sachen19??gameboyNot Yet
works4in1_0084 in 1 (Euro, 4B-008)Sachen19??gameboyNot Yet
works4in1_0094 in 1 (Euro, 4B-009)Sachen19??gameboyNot Yet
works4in1fun4 in 1 - Funpak (Euro, USA)Interplay1992gameboyYes
works4in1funj4 in 1 - Funpak (Jpn)Imagineer1992gameboyYes
works4in1fun24 in 1 - Funpak: Vol. II (Euro, USA)Interplay1993gameboyYes
worksamaztatrA-mazing Tater (USA)Atlus1992gameboyYes
worksaaharimaAa Harimanada (Jpn)ASK Kodansha1993gameboyYes
worksloloAdventures of Lolo (Euro)Nintendo1995gameboyYes
worksaerostarjAero Star (Jpn)Vic Tokai1991gameboyYes
worksaerostarAerostar (Euro, USA)Vic Tokai1991gameboyYes
worksaftburstAfter Burst (Jpn)NCS1990gameboyYes
worksagrosoarAgro Soar (Aus)Laser Beam Entertainment1993gameboyYes

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