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works3dbombal3D Bomb AlleySoftware Invasion198?electron_cassNot Yet
works3ddotty3D DottyBlue Ribbon1987electron_cassNot Yet
works3ddottypias3D Dotty (Play It Again Sam 10)Superior Software/Acornsoft1989electron_cassNot Yet
works3dmaze3D MazeI.J.K.1983electron_cassNot Yet
works3dpool3D PoolFirebird1989electron_cassNot Yet
works3dtankzo3D Tank ZoneDynabyte1983electron_cassNot Yet
works747747Doctor Soft1984electron_cassNot Yet
works747flsim747 Flight SimulatorDACC1984electron_cassNot Yet
works9cardbd19 Classic Card and Board Games No.1Database198?electron_cassNot Yet
works9cardbd29 Classic Card and Board Games No.2Database1986electron_cassNot Yet
worksabgenjnrAnswer Back - General Knowledge Junior QuizKosmos1984electron_cassNot Yet
worksabgensnrAnswer Back - General Knowledge Senior QuizKosmos1984electron_cassNot Yet
worksabsportsAnswer Back - Sports QuizKosmos1984electron_cassNot Yet
worksabyssAbyssCCS1984electron_cassNot Yet
worksacornu42Acorn User Issue 42 (Jan 1986)Acorn User1986electron_cassNot Yet
worksacornu48Acorn User Issue 48 (Jul 1986)Acorn User1986electron_cassNot Yet
worksacornu50Acorn User Issue 50 (Sep 1986)Acorn User1986electron_cassNot Yet
worksacornu52Acorn User Issue 52 (Nov 1986)Acorn User1986electron_cassNot Yet
worksacornu53Acorn User Issue 53 (Dec 1986)Acorn User1986electron_cassNot Yet
worksacornu54Acorn User Issue 54 (Jan 1987)Acorn User1987electron_cassNot Yet

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