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works128qload128er QuickloadConrad Electronics19??c64_cartNot Yet
notworksgoliath1MB Goliath Eprom-Cart (Ger)Rex-Datentechnik19??c64_cartNot Yet
worksdelep256256k Eprom System r.5Dela Elektronik198?c64_cartNot Yet
works4040fast4040 + Fast Hack'EmBasement Boys Software1990c64_cartNot Yet
works64doctor64 DoctorTrilogic1988c64_cartNot Yet
works64forth64 Forth v1.2HesWare1983c64_cartNot Yet
works64mon64 Mon v1.03<unknown>19??c64_cartNot Yet
works64diary64-DiaryHandic Software1983c64_cartNot Yet
worksep6464k Eprom SystemDela Elektronik198?c64_cartNot Yet
worksep7x87x8K-EPROM-Bank (Ger)Dela Elektronik19??c64_cartNot Yet
worksabcA Bee Cee'sCommodore198?c64_cartNot Yet
worksvikingrAction Adventure Series: Viking RaiderInterphase1984c64_cartNot Yet
notworksacp53Action Cartridge Plus 5 (Ger)Datel Electronics1988c64_cartNot Yet
notworksacp6Action Cartridge Plus 6.0Datel Electronics1988c64_cartNot Yet
notworksacp6gAction Cartridge Plus 6.0 (Ger)Datel Electronics1988c64_cartNot Yet
notworksacp7Action Cartridge Plus v7.0 (Derko)Derko1991c64_cartNot Yet
notworksacp7tAction Cartridge Plus v7.0 (Triumwyrat)Triumwyrat1990c64_cartNot Yet
notworksar2Action Replay MK2Datel Electronics1986c64_cartNot Yet
notworksar2v2Action Replay MK2 (v2)Datel Electronics1986c64_cartNot Yet
notworksar3dmAction Replay MK3 (Diskmate)Datel Electronics1987c64_cartNot Yet

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