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workstempestTempestSuperior Software1985bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
workstensunitTens and UnitsSherston Software1985bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
workstessalatTesselatorAddison-Wesley1984bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
workstetrapodTetrapodAcornsoft1984bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
workstetrismTetrisMirrorsoft1987bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksanialphaThe Animated AlphabetSherston Software1988bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksartstudiThe Art StudioImpact1989bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksbbcomp2The Bug-Byte Compilation IIBug Byte1987bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
workstcircusThe CircusSherston Software1985bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksdambustrThe Dam BustersU.S. Gold1985bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksesbThe Empire Strikes BackDomark1988bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksthefarmThe FarmSherston Software1987bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksfrmistraThe French Mistress Level AKosmos1983bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksfrmistrbThe French Mistress Level BKosmos1983bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksgoldcollThe Gold CollectionU.S. Gold1987bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksgtnounsThe Grammar Tree - Nouns & AdjectivesSulis Software1983bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksgtsentenThe Grammar Tree - SentencesSulis Software1983bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksgtverbsThe Grammar Tree - Verbs & AdverbsSulis Software1983bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
worksgradvcreThe Graphic Adventure CreatorIncentive1986bbcb_flop_origNot Yet
workshobbitThe HobbitMelbourne House1985bbcb_flop_origNot Yet

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