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works3ezp/// E-Z PiecesHaba Systems1982apple3Not Yet
worksbasicApple /// Business Basic (1.1)Apple Computer, Inc.1981apple3Not Yet
worksconftestApple /// Confidence Test ProgramApple Computer, Inc.1981apple3Not Yet
worksdiagApple /// Dealer Diagnostics (v2)Apple Computer, Inc.1981apple3Not Yet
worksnewbeginApple ///: A New BeginningApple Computer, Inc.1982apple3Not Yet
worksaplchompApple ChompDan A. Kunesh1984apple3Not Yet
worksa2emulApple II EmulationApple Computer, Inc.1980apple3Not Yet
workspascal11Apple Pascal (v1.1)Apple Computer, Inc.1982apple3Not Yet
worksatomicdfAtomic DefenseAndy Hertzfeld1982apple3Not Yet
workscpmbootBoot CP/M (applicard in slot 1)PCPI1982apple3Not Yet
workscpmcffa2Boot CP/M (cffa2 in slot 1, applicard in slot 2)PCPI1982apple3Not Yet
worksmagnetoCapt'n Magneto (PD release APPLE-3-WAP-GAM-03)Al Evans / WAP1995apple3Not Yet
worksdrawon3Draw On ///On Three, Inc.1985apple3Not Yet
worksgetorgGetting OrganizedApple Computer, Inc.1981apple3Not Yet
worksquikfileQuickFileApple Computer, Inc.1982apple3Not Yet
workssysdemoSystem DemoApple Computer, Inc.1981apple3Not Yet
workssysutilSystem Utilities (v1.3)Apple Computer, Inc.1983apple3Not Yet
workssysutiloSystem Utiltiies (v1.1)Apple Computer, Inc.1982apple3Not Yet
workscardmachThe Apple /// Card MachineOn Three, Inc.1985apple3Not Yet
workstictacTic-Tac-ToeJohn Lomartire1988apple3Not Yet

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