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works123seqme1-2-3 Sequence MeSunburst1991apple2Not Yet
works221baker221B Baker StreetDatasoft1986apple2Not Yet
works3in1ftbl3 in 1 College & Pro FootballLance Haffner1984apple2Not Yet
works3ddockms3-D Docking MissionProgramma International1978apple2Not Yet
works4080trkd40 and 80 Track DOSSympathetic Software1980apple2Yes
worksamfvA Mind Forever VoyagingInfocom1985apple2Not Yet
worksaeA-EBroderbund1982apple2Not Yet
worksa2fltsimA2-FS1 Flight SimulatorsubLOGIC1981apple2Not Yet
worksabmABMMuse1980apple2Not Yet
worksactsrcvbAccounts Receivable v2.5Continental Software1983apple2Not Yet
worksacedectAce DetectiveMindplay1987apple2Not Yet
worksacidtripAcid TripDemetrius Cross1982apple2Not Yet
worksadvbljkAdvanced BlackjackMuse1983apple2Not Yet
worksadv1980Adventure (A Bit Better Associates)A Bit Better Associates1980apple2Not Yet
worksadv1Adventure 1<unknown>1980apple2Not Yet
worksadv4vdcsAdventure 4 - Voodoo CastleAdventure International1980apple2Not Yet
worksadvatltsAdventure to AtlantisSynergistic Software1982apple2Not Yet
worksadvbuckbAdventures of Buckaroo BanzaiAdventure International1985apple2Not Yet
worksaeronautAeronautBill Edison1984apple2Not Yet
worksagentusaAgent USAScholastic1984apple2Not Yet

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