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worksgatop3GATO (NTSC, Prototype, 198711xx)Atari / Spectrum Holobyte1987a7800Yes
worksgatop2GATO (NTSC, Prototype, 198712xx)Atari / Spectrum Holobyte1987a7800Yes
worksgatop1GATO (NTSC, Prototype, 198801xx)Atari / Spectrum Holobyte1988a7800Yes
worksmatmaniaMat Mania Challenge (PAL)Atari / Technos1989a7800Yes
worksmatmaniauMat Mania Challenge (NTSC)Atari / Technos1989a7800Yes
workstowertopuTower Toppler (NTSC)Atari / U.S. Gold1988a7800Yes
workstowertopTower Toppler (PAL)Atari / U.S. Gold1988a7800Yes
worksjoustuJoust (NTSC)Atari / Williams1984a7800Yes
worksjoustJoust (PAL)Atari / Williams1984a7800Yes
worksrobotronRobotron: 2084 (NTSC)Atari / Williams1984a7800Yes
worksspacdueluSpace Duel (NTSC)Atari Interactive2007a7800Yes
workswaterskiWater Ski (NTSC)Froggo1988a7800Yes
workstankTank Command (NTSC)Froggo1988a7800Yes
notworksrampartRampart (Prototype)Imagitec Design1991a7800Yes
badworksmiaMissing In Action (Prototype)TNT Games1989a7800Yes
workssiriusSirius (Prototype)Tynesoft1990a7800Yes
worksplutosPlutos (Prototype)Tynesoft1990a7800Yes

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