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worksbsktbrwlBasketbrawl (PAL)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksbsktbrwluBasketbrawl (NTSC)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksbaseballBaseball (PAL)Absolute Entertainment, Inc1989a7800Yes
worksbarnblstBarnyard Blaster (PAL)Atari1988a7800Yes
worksbarnblstuBarnyard Blaster (NTSC)Atari1988a7800Yes
worksballblazBallblazer (PAL)Atari / Lucasfilm1987a7800Yes
worksballblazuBallblazer (NTSC)Atari / Lucasfilm1987a7800Yes
worksbonqb*nQ (NTSC)<homebrew>2007a7800Yes
worksastdeluxpAsteroids Deluxe (PAL)<homebrew>2007a7800Yes
worksastdeluxAsteroids Deluxe (NTSC)<homebrew>2007a7800Yes
worksasteroidAsteroids (NTSC)Atari1984a7800Yes
worksalienbrgAlien Brigade (PAL)Atari1989a7800Yes
worksalienbrguAlien Brigade (NTSC)Atari1989a7800Yes
worksaceofaceAce of Aces (PAL)Atari / NOVA Game Design. Inc.1988a7800Yes
worksaceofaceuAce of Aces (NTSC)Atari / NOVA Game Design. Inc.1988a7800Yes
worksdiagtest7800 Pro System Diagnostic Test (v1.0)Atari198?a7800Yes
notworksdevcard7800 Dev. CardAtari198?a7800Yes

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