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worksfoodfuFood Fight (NTSC)Atari1984a7800Yes
workscentipedCentipede (PAL)Atari1984a7800Yes
worksikariIkari Warriors (PAL)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksasteroidAsteroids (NTSC)Atari1984a7800Yes
worksklaxKlax (NTSC, Prototype)Atari1992a7800Yes
worksalienbrgAlien Brigade (PAL)Atari1989a7800Yes
worksalienbrguAlien Brigade (NTSC)Atari1989a7800Yes
worksdiagtest7800 Pro System Diagnostic Test (v1.0)Atari198?a7800Yes
workssentinelSentinel (PAL)Atari1991a7800Yes
worksmeltdownuMeltdown (NTSC)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksfoodfFood Fight (PAL)Atari1984a7800Yes
worksbarnblstuBarnyard Blaster (NTSC)Atari1988a7800Yes
worksbarnblstBarnyard Blaster (PAL)Atari1988a7800Yes
worksddragonuDouble Dragon (NTSC)Activision / Technos1989a7800Yes
worksddragonDouble Dragon (PAL)Activision / Technos1989a7800Yes
worksrampageRampage (NTSC)Activision1989a7800Yes
workssupskateSuper Skateboardin' (PAL)Absolute Entertainment, Inc.1988a7800Yes
worksprowresTitle Match Pro Wrestling (PAL)Absolute Entertainment, Inc.1989a7800Yes
workstomcatuTomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator (NTSC)Absolute Entertainment, Inc.1989a7800Yes
workstomcatTomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator (PAL)Absolute Entertainment, Inc.1989a7800Yes

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