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notworksdkongxmoDonkey Kong (PAL, Demo, XM enhanced, older)<homebrew>2012a7800Not Yet
worksdkongxmDonkey Kong (PAL, Demo, XM enhanced, V1.2)<homebrew>2012a7800Not Yet
notworksdkongxmpsDonkey Kong (PAL, Demo, XM enhanced, V1.2, for prosystem emulator)<homebrew>2012a7800Not Yet
notworksdkongxmccDonkey Kong (PAL/NTSC, Demo, XM enhanced, older, for CC2 board)<homebrew>2012a7800Not Yet
worksdkongjruDonkey Kong Jr. (NTSC)Atari / Nintendo1988a7800Yes
worksdkongjrDonkey Kong Jr. (PAL)Atari / Nintendo1988a7800Yes
worksddragonuDouble Dragon (NTSC)Activision / Technos1989a7800Yes
worksddragonDouble Dragon (PAL)Activision / Technos1989a7800Yes
worksf18uF-18 Hornet (NTSC)Absolute Entertainment1988a7800Yes
worksf18F-18 Hornet (PAL)Absolute Entertainment1988a7800Yes
worksfatalrunuFatal Run (NTSC)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksfatalrunFatal Run (PAL)Atari1990a7800Yes
worksfightnuFight Night (NTSC)Atari / Accolade1988a7800Yes
worksfightnFight Night (PAL)Atari / Accolade1988a7800Yes
worksfoodfuFood Fight (NTSC)Atari1984a7800Yes
worksfoodfFood Fight (PAL)Atari1984a7800Yes
worksgalagauGalaga (NTSC)Atari / Namco1984a7800Yes
worksgalagaGalaga (PAL)Atari / Namco1984a7800Yes
worksgatop8GATO (NTSC, Prototype, 19870424)Atari / Spectrum Holobyte1987a7800Yes
worksgatop7GATO (NTSC, Prototype, 19870523)Atari / Spectrum Holobyte1987a7800Yes

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