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works2pakmage2 Pak Special: Cavern Blaster + City War (PAL)HES1992a2600Yes
works2pakblac2 Pak Special: Challenge + Surfing (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakblaca2 Pak Special: Challenge + Surfing (PAL) (Alt)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakdo2 Pak Special: Dolphin + Oink (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakgrne2 Pak Special: Dolphin + Pigs 'N Wolf (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakblue2 Pak Special: Dungeon Master + Creature Strike (PAL)HES1992a2600Yes
works2paklgrn2 Pak Special: Hoppy + Alien Force (PAL)HES1992a2600Yes
works2pakred2 Pak Special: Motocross + Boom Bang (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakdblu2 Pak Special: Planet Patrol + Wall-Defender (PAL)HES1990a2600Yes
works2pakoran2 Pak Special: Space Voyage + Fire Alert (PAL)HES1992a2600Yes
works2pakyelo2 Pak Special: Star Warrior + FroggerHES1990a2600Yes
works3dgensp3-D Genesis (Prototype)Amiga1983a2600Not Yet
works3dghostp3-D Ghost Attack (Prototype)Amiga1983a2600Not Yet
works3dhavocp3-D Havoc (Prototype)Amiga1983a2600Not Yet
works3dtictac3-D Tic-Tac-ToeAtari1978a2600Yes
works3dtictace3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (PAL)Atari1978a2600Yes
works32in132 in 1 (PAL)Atari1988a2600Yes
works32in1p32 in 1 Console ROM (PAL) (Prototype 19890210)Atari1989a2600Yes
works4game1a4 Game in One - Ice Hockey + Phantom UFO + Spy Vs. Spy + Cosmic AvengerBitcorp198?a2600Yes
works4game14 Game in One - Rodeo Champ + Open Sesame! + Bobby is Going Home + FestivalBitcorp198?a2600Yes

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