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a2600 2pakblac "2 Pak Special: Challenge + Surfing (PAL)"
a2600 2pakblaca "2 Pak Special: Challenge + Surfing (PAL) (Alt)"
a2600 2pakdblu "2 Pak Special: Planet Patrol + Wall-Defender (PAL)"
a2600 2pakdo "2 Pak Special: Dolphin + Oink (PAL)"
a2600 2pakgrne "2 Pak Special: Dolphin + Pigs 'N Wolf (PAL)"
a2600 2pakred "2 Pak Special: Motocross + Boom Bang (PAL)"
a2600 2pakyelo "2 Pak Special: Star Warrior + Frogger"
a2600 bmx "BMX Air Master (Atari)"
a2600 bmxe "BMX Air Master (PAL) (Atari)"
a2600 hotact "Hot Action Pak (PAL)"
a2600 klax "Klax (PAL)"
a2600 klaxp1 "Klax (Prototype 19900818)"
a2600 klaxp2 "Klax (Prototype 19900614)"
a2600 motorod "MotoRodeo"
a2600 motorode "MotoRodeo (PAL)"
a2600 mygolf "My Golf (PAL)"
a2600 mygolff "My Golf (PAL) (Fixed?)"
a2600 picknpil "Pick 'n' Pile (PAL)"
a2600 radact "Rad Action Pak (PAL)"
a2600 sentinel "Sentinel"
a2600 shootarce "Shooting Arcade (PAL) (Prototype 19900116)"
a2600 xenophob "Xenophobe"
a2600 xenophobe "Xenophobe (PAL)"
a7800 bsktbrwlu "Basketbrawl (NTSC)"
a7800 bsktbrwl "Basketbrawl (PAL)"
a7800 fatalrunu "Fatal Run (NTSC)"
a7800 fatalrun "Fatal Run (PAL)"
a7800 ikariu "Ikari Warriors (NTSC)"
a7800 ikari "Ikari Warriors (PAL)"
a7800 meltdownu "Meltdown (NTSC)"
a7800 meltdown "Meltdown (PAL)"
a7800 midnightu "Midnight Mutants (NTSC)"
a7800 midnight "Midnight Mutants (PAL)"
a7800 mpsychou "Motor Psycho (NTSC)"
a7800 mpsycho "Motor Psycho (PAL)"
a7800 ninjaglfu "Ninja Golf (NTSC)"
a7800 ninjaglf "Ninja Golf (PAL)"
a7800 planetsmu "Planet Smashers (NTSC)"
a7800 planetsm "Planet Smashers (PAL)"
a7800 plutos "Plutos (Prototype)"
a7800 scrapdogu "Scrapyard Dog (NTSC)"
a7800 scrapdog "Scrapyard Dog (PAL)"
a7800 sirius "Sirius (Prototype)"
adam_cass godosd "GoDOS (v1.2, Demo)"
adam_cass godosda "GoDOS (v1.2, Demo, Alt)"
adam_cass godosprg "GoDOS BASIC Programs #01"
adam_flop smartclk "SmartCLOCK (v1.0)"
adam_flop espanol "El Espanol"
adam_flop staterac "States Race"
adam_flop adamwar2 "ADAMWars II"
adam_flop brainstm "BrainStorm"
adam_flop brainstma "BrainStorm (Alt)"
adam_flop sparrot "Super Parrot"
adam_flop umatchem "U-Match-Em"
adam_flop gfxsigns "M&M Graphix for SignShop"
adam_flop perscal "Personal Calendar Utility"
adam_flop perscala "Personal Calendar Utility (Alt)"
adam_flop perscalb "Personal Calendar Utility (Disks 1+2)"
adam_flop simple "SimplePAINTER & Simple FX"
adam_flop simplea "SimplePAINTER & Simple FX (Alt)"
adam_flop smilefac "Smiley Face - What an Attitude!"
adam_flop swiftlab "Swift's Label PrintShop"
adam_flop swiftlaba "Swift's Label PrintShop (Alt)"
adam_flop visisprt "VisiSprite (v6.5)"
adam_flop visisprta "VisiSprite (v6.5, Alt)"
adam_flop visisprt60 "VisiSprite (v6.0)"
adam_flop brhandy1 "B&R HandyMan Series Vol. #01 - How to Install a Suspended Ceiling"
adam_flop brhandy2 "B&R HandyMan Series Vol. #02 - How to Do Outdoor Lighting"
adam_flop godosd "GoDOS (v1.2, Demo)"
adam_flop godosda "GoDOS (v1.2, Demo Alt)"
adam_flop godosgfa "GoDOS GFA"
adam_flop godosbas "GoDOS BASIC Programs #01"
adam_flop mastrmus "Mastering Music"
adam_flop mastersa "Mastering Music Samples"
adam_flop anet "A-Net ADAM BBS (v4.1)"
adam_flop anet40h "A-Net ADAM BBS (v4.0h)"
adam_flop anetdata "A-Net ADAM BBS - Data Files"
adam_flop anete1 "A-Net ADAM BBS - Echo #01"
adam_flop anete2 "A-Net ADAM BBS - Echo #02"
adam_flop anete3 "A-Net ADAM BBS - Echo #03"
adam_flop anete4 "A-Net ADAM BBS - Echo #04"
adam_flop anetclk "A-Net ADAM BBS - Hardware Clock Patch"
adam_flop anetupda "A-Net ADAM BBS - Updater"
adam_flop adamform "ADAM Format Utility (AJM Software, v2.1)"
adam_flop adamforma "ADAM Format Utility (AJM Software, v2.1, Alt)"
adam_flop softback "Software Backup (v1.0)"
adam_flop softbacka "Software Backup (v1.0, Alt)"
amiga_a3000 sk201 "Kickstart 2.01"
amiga_a3000 amix11 "UNIX System V Release 4 Amiga Version 1.1"
amiga_hardware a590_wd "A590 Setup Disk 1.23 (Western Digital Harddisk)"
amiga_hardware a590_seagate "A590 Setup Disk (Seagate Harddisk)"
amiga_hardware a590_ram "A590 RAM Test Software"
amiga_hardware a2232 "A2232 Install"
amiga_hardware a2300 "A2300 Genlock Demo"
amiga_hardware a2320 "A2320 Test / Demo"
amiga_workbench wbenc133_de "Workbench 1.3.3 (De)"
amiga_workbench wbenc133_us "Workbench 1.3.3 (US)"
amigaocs_flop 5thgear "5th Gear (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop 688atsub "688 Attack Sub (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop a10tank "A-10 Tank Killer (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop accordio "Accordion (Euro, v1.1)"
amigaocs_flop tiebreak "Adidas Championship Tie Break (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop spidermn "The Amazing Spider-Man (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop anarchy "Anarchy (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop antago "Antago (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop apb "APB (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop apprent "Apprentice (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop artguere "L'Art de la Guerre (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop atf2 "ATF II - Advanced Tactical Fighter II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop atf2a "ATF II - Advanced Tactical Fighter II (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop atomrobo "Atomic Robo-Kid (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop atomix "Atomix (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop awesome "Awesome (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop awesomed "Awesome Demo (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bat "B.A.T. (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop batf "B.A.T. (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop batg "B.A.T. (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop backtof2 "Back to the Future Part II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop badcomp "Bad Company (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop badlpete "Badlands Pete (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop badlands "BadLands (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop badlands1 "BadLands (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop bandking "Bandit Kings of Ancient China (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bargames "Bar Games (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop barneysp "Barney Bear Goes to Space (Euro, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop battlcmd "Battle Command (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop battlcmdu "Battle Command (USA)"
amigaocs_flop battlems "Battlemaster (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bhcop "Beverly Hills Cop (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop blktiger "Black Tiger (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop blinkyss "Blinky's Scary School (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop blockout "Blockout (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bloodwycdd "Bloodwych - The Extended Levels (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bombrbob "Bomber Bob (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop borodino "Borodino (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop breach2 "Breach 2 (Euro, v2.0)"
amigaocs_flop bridge6 "Bridge 6.0 (Euro, r2.49b)"
amigaocs_flop bubblep "Bubble + (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop budokan "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bbashnuc "Bug Bash + Nucleus (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cadaver "Cadaver (Euro, v0.01)"
amigaocs_flop cadavera "Cadaver (Euro, v1.03, The Bitmap Brothers Volume 1)"
amigaocs_flop cadaverpo "Cadaver - The Pay Off (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop captive "Captive (Euro, v1.2)"
amigaocs_flop captivea "Captive (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop captiveb "Captive (Euro, 1mb)"
amigaocs_flop carrierc "Carrier Command (Euro, Microprose, 19900813, VR Vol. 1)"
amigaocs_flop carrierca "Carrier Command (Euro, Microprose, 19900813, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop carthage "Carthage (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop carthageu "Carthage (USA)"
amigaocs_flop cmaster "Castle Master (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cmaster1 "Castle Master (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop cmastr12 "Castle Master + Castle Master II - The Crypt (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop century "Century (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ckrynn "Champions of Krynn (Euro, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop sci "Chase H.Q. II - Special Criminal Investigation (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop chesssim "Chess Simulator (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cm2100 "Chessmaster 2100 (USA, v1.2)"
amigaocs_flop chipchal "Chip's Challenge (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop chipchalu "Chip's Challenge (USA)"
amigaocs_flop cquest2 "Chrono Quest II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop circusatm "Circus Attractions (Euro, Milestones)"
amigaocs_flop classbrd "Classic Board Games (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cloudkng "Cloud Kingdoms (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cluemd "Cluedo - Master Detective (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cluemdu "Clue - Master Detective (USA)"
amigaocs_flop iceman "Code Name: Iceman (Euro, v1.036)"
amigaocs_flop colonbeq "The Colonel's Bequest (Euro, v1.000.059)"
amigaocs_flop colony "The Colony (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop colorado "Colorado (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop coloradoa "Colorado (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop conquer "Conqueror (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop conquer1 "Conqueror (Euro, Mega Box)"
amigaocs_flop conquer2 "Conqueror (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop camelot "Conquests of Camelot (Euro, v1.009)"
amigaocs_flop corporat "Corporation (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop corporat1 "Corporation (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop corporatmd "Corporation - Mission Disk (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop crkdown "Crack Down (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cribbage "Cribbage King & Gin King (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop crown "Crown (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop arborea "Crystals of Arborea (Euro, Magic Worlds)"
amigaocs_flop azurebnd "Curse of the Azure Bonds (Euro, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop cyberwrl "Cyber World (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cyberbal "Cyberball (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop dandare3 "Dan Dare III - The Escape (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop darkcent "Dark Century (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop daysthnd "Days of Thunder (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop deathtrp "Death Trap (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop defendr2 "Defender II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop defearth "Defenders of the Earth (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop dicktr "Dick Tracy (Euro, Titus)"
amigaocs_flop dbreed "Dragon Breed (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop dflight "Dragonflight (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop dflightf "Dragonflight (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop dflightg "Dragonflight (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop dflightg1 "Dragonflight (Ger, Bad?)"
amigaocs_flop drgnbretga "Dragons Breath (Ger, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop dlairsc "Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop dlairsc1 "Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop drgstrik "DragonStrike (USA, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop dragwars "Dragon Wars (Euro, v1.2)"
amigaocs_flop drakkhen "Drakkhen (Euro, v1.1)"
amigaocs_flop drakkhenu "Drakkhen (USA, v1.1)"
amigaocs_flop drakkhenf "Drakkhen (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop drakkheng "Drakkhen (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop drivfrce "Drivin' Force (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop drivfrcea "Drivin' Force (Euro, Bad?)"
amigaocs_flop drivfrceb "Drivin' Force (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop ducktale "Duck Tales - "The Quest for Gold" (Euro, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop ducktalea "Duck Tales - "The Quest for Gold" (Euro, v1.0, Bad?)"
amigaocs_flop dynawars "Dynasty Wars (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop dyter07 "Dyter-07 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop emotion "E-Motion (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop eastwest "East vs. West Berlin 1948 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop elvira "Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop elviraf "Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop elvirag "Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop emine3p "Emerald Mine 3 Professional (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop hughesis "Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop enchantd "Enchanted Land (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ancbattl "Encyclopedia of War - Ancient Battles (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop colditz "Escape from Colditz (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop eprom "Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop euroschl "European Soccer Challenge (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop eurosupl "European Superleague (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop explora3 "Explora III - Sous le signe du Serpent (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop extase "Extase (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop extermin "Exterminator (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop f19sf "F-19 Stealth Fighter (Euro, v1.00)"
amigaocs_flop f19sfu "F-19 Stealth Fighter (USA, v1.00)"
amigaocs_flop f29ret "F-29 Retaliator (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop fatalher "Fatal Heritage (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop fedqst1 "Federation Quest 1 - B.S.S. Jane Seymour (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop fightbmb "Fighter Bomber (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop fightbmba "Fighter Bomber (Euro, Power Hits)"
amigaocs_flop firebrim "Fire and Brimstone (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop firefor2 "Fire and Forget II - The Death Convoy (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop firstcon "First Contact (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop flimboqs "Flimbo's Quest (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop flipmag "Flip-it & Magnose - Water Carriers from Mars (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop flood "Flood (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop foolerr "The Fool's Errand (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop fbmang "Football Manager (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop fbmangwc "Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop fbmangwcg "Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop foundwstc "Foundation's Waste (Euro, Coverdisk)"
amigaocs_flop baresiko "Franco Baresi World Cup Kick Off (Ita, v1.1)"
amigaocs_flop futbaskt "Future Basketball (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop futbike "Future Bike Simulator (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop futclass "Future Classics Collection (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop galactic "Galactic Empire (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop galactica "Galactic Empire (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop gforce2 "Galaxy Force II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop lineker "Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot! (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop gettysbg "Gettysburg (Euro, Turning Points)"
amigaocs_flop ghostbs2 "Ghostbusters II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ghostbs2u "Ghostbusters II (USA)"
amigaocs_flop gng "Ghosts 'n Goblins (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ghoulsa "Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (Euro, Platinum)"
amigaocs_flop aztecs "The Gold of the Aztecs (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop goldnaxe "Golden Axe (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop gotcha "Gotcha! (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop grandmon "Grand Monster Slam (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop grandmona "Grand Monster Slam (Euro, Milestones)"
amigaocs_flop grandnat "Grand National (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop gravity "Gravity (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop gremlin2 "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop gremlin2a "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop hammerb "Hammer Boy (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop hammrfst "Hammerfist (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop harddriv "Hard Drivin' (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop harley "Harley-Davidson - The Road to Sturgis (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop harpoon1 "Harpoon & Battleset 1: Greenland Iceland UK Gap (Euro, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop harpoon2 "Harpoon Battleset 2: North Atlantic Convoys (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop hvymetal "Heavy Metal (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop heltersk "Helter Skelter (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wannaher "Hero's Quest - So You Want to Be a Hero (Euro, v1.134)"
amigaocs_flop hwpatrl2 "Highway Patrol 2 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop hkphooey "Hong Kong Phooey (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop hotrod "Hot Rod (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop hoylebg1 "Hoyle's Book of Games Volume 1 (Euro, v1.000.139)"
amigaocs_flop hoylebg2 "Hoyle's Book of Games Volume 2 - Solitaire (Euro, v1.001.016 19900717)"
amigaocs_flop huntredm "The Hunt for Red October - The Movie (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop huntkill "Hunter Killer (Euro, v1.01)"
amigaocs_flop immortal "The Immortal (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop imperium "Imperium (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop impossam "Impossamole (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop indy500 "Indianapolis 500 - The Simulation (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop infestat "Infestation (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop griffu "Inspektor Griffu - Ein Toter hat Heimweh (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop 3dtennis "International 3D Tennis (Euro, Super Sim Pack)"
amigaocs_flop intsocch "International Soccer Challenge (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop intsoccha "International Soccer Challenge (Euro, VR Vol. 1)"
amigaocs_flop intrigue "Intrigue a la Renaissance (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop invest "Inve$t (Ger, World of Business)"
amigaocs_flop investa "Inve$t (Ger, No. 1 Collection)"
amigaocs_flop italia90 "Italia 1990 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ita90wcs "Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ita90wcsa "Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer (Euro, Addicted to Fun - Sports Collection)"
amigaocs_flop italy90 "Italy 1990 (Euro, U.S. Gold)"
amigaocs_flop italy90a "Italy 1990 (Euro, U.S. Gold, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop italy90w "Italy 1990 - Winners Edition (Euro, Super Sim Pack)"
amigaocs_flop itcame2 "Antheads - It Came from the Desert II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ivanhoe "Ivanhoe (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop offroad "Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop nicklunl "Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf & Course Design (USA)"
amigaocs_flop jbond "James Bond - The Stealth Affair (USA)"
amigaocs_flop jpond "James Pond - Underwater Agent (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop jigsawpm "Jigsaw Puzzlemania (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop jumpingj "Jumping Jack'Son (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop jupiter "Jupiter's Masterdrive (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop kamikaze "Kamikaze (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop kickoff2 "Kick Off 2 (Euro, v1.6e)"
amigaocs_flop kickoff2a "Kick Off 2 (Euro, v1.4e)"
amigaocs_flop kickoff2a1200 "Kick Off 2 (Euro, v1.4e, A1200 Boot Disk)"
amigaocs_flop kickoff2g "Kick Off 2 (Ger, v1.4g)"
amigaocs_flop kickoff2i "Kick Off 2 (Ita, v1.4i)"
amigaocs_flop kickoff2s "Kick Off 2 (Spa, v1.4s)"
amigaocs_flop kickoff2ge "Kick Off 2 - Giants of Europe (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop koff2wc "Kick Off 2 Plus World Cup '90 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop koff2wca "Kick Off 2 Plus World Cup '90 (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop koff2wcg "Kick Off 2 Plus World Cup '90 (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop koff2wcg1 "Kick Off 2 Plus World Cup '90 (Ger, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop koff2wci "Kick Off 2 Plus World Cup '90 (Ita)"
amigaocs_flop kidglove "Kid Gloves (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop kingqst4 "King's Quest IV - The Perils of Rosella (Euro, v1.023 19900530)"
amigaocs_flop klax "Klax (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop knigtfrc "Knight Force (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop crystaln "Knights of the Crystallion (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop crystalng "Knights of the Crystallion (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop kryptegg "Krypton Egg (Euro, Big Box)"
amigaocs_flop labangl2 "Labyrinthe d'Anglomania 2 (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop lablexic "Le Labyrinthe de Lexicos (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop lastnin2 "Last Ninja 2 - Back With A Vengeance (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop lastnin2a "Last Ninja 2 - Back With A Vengeance (Euro, Superheroes)"
amigaocs_flop teramis "Leavin' Teramis (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop faerghal "Legend of Faerghail (Euro, v2.0e 19901017)"
amigaocs_flop faerghala "Legend of Faerghail (Euro, v2.0e 19900724)"
amigaocs_flop faerghalg "Legend of Faerghail (Ger, v1.8 19900607)"
amigaocs_flop faerghalu "Legend of Faerghail (USA, v2.0e 19901017)"
amigaocs_flop leglost "Legend of the Lost (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop lslarry3 "Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals (Euro, v1.039 19900127)"
amigaocs_flop lightcor "The Light Corridor (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop loffire "Line of Fire (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop loom "Loom (Euro, v1.2 19900510)"
amigaocs_flop loomg "Loom (Ger, v1.2 19900607)"
amigaocs_flop loopz "Loopz (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop lostpatr "Lost Patrol (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop lostpatru "Lost Patrol (USA)"
amigaocs_flop lotus "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop lotusd "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Rolling Demo (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop lotusa "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Euro, Les Collectors)"
amigaocs_flop muds "M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop m1tank "M1 Tank Platoon (Euro, v849.01)"
amigaocs_flop madprof "Mad Professor Mariarti (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop maglines "Magic Lines (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop magician "The Magician (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop manutd "Manchester United - The Official Computer Game (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop manutda "Manchester United - The Official Computer Game (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop manhunt2 "Manhunter 2 - San Francisco (USA, v3.06 19890817)"
amigaocs_flop manicmin "Manic Miner (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop manix "Manix (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop manixa "Manix (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop mastblaz "Masterblazer (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop matrixmr "Matrix Marauders (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop mphoenix "Mega Phoenix (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop mercenr2 "Damocles - Mercenary II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop mercenr2u "Damocles - Mercenary II (USA)"
amigaocs_flop mercenr2md1 "Damocles Mission Disk 1 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop mercenr2md2 "Damocles Mission Disk 2 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop miamichs "Miami Chase (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop midres "Midnight Resistance (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop midwint "Midwinter (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop midwinta "Midwinter (Euro, VR Vol. 1)"
amigaocs_flop midwintf "Midwinter (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop midwintg "Midwinter (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop mig29sf "MIG-29 Soviet Fighter (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop mightmg2 "Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World! (Euro, v1.0 19900507)"
amigaocs_flop mightybj "Mighty BombJack (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop montypyt "Monty Python's Flying Circus (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop montypytu "Monty Python's Flying Circus (USA)"
amigaocs_flop moonblst "Moon Blaster (Fra, Top 3)"
amigaocs_flop dorunrun "Mr Do! Run Run (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop murdrspc "Murders in Space (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop murder "Murder (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop murdera "Murder (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop mystwrld "Mysterious Worlds (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop mystical "Mystical (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop narc "NARC (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop nywarr "New York Warriors (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop nighthnt "Night Hunter (Euro, 10 Great Games)"
amigaocs_flop nshift "Night Shift (Euro, MAX)"
amigaocs_flop nightbrd "Nightbreed - The Action Game (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop nightbrda "Nightbreed - The Action Game (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop nightbmv "Nightbreed - The Interactive Movie (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ninjarmx "Ninja Remix (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop nspirit "Ninja Spirit (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop noexit "No Exit (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop nukewar "Nuclear War (USA)"
amigaocs_flop omnicron "Omnicron Conspiracy (Euro, v1.0 19901019)"
amigaocs_flop oharrier "Operation Harrier (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ostealth "Operation Stealth (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ostealthf "Operation Stealth (Fra, Les Maitres de l'Aventure)"
amigaocs_flop orbitald "Orbital Destroyer (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop orgames "Oriental Games (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop orgamesa "Oriental Games (Euro, Magnum)"
amigaocs_flop overnet "Over the Net (USA)"
amigaocs_flop p47thun "P-47 Thunderbolt (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop p47thuna "P-47 Thunderbolt (Euro, Air-Sea Supremacy)"
amigaocs_flop pang "Pang (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop panzakb "Panza Kick Boxing (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop panzakbf "Panza Kick Boxing (Fra, Podium)"
amigaocs_flop paradr90 "Paradroid 90 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop paradr90a "Paradroid 90 (Euro, Challenge)"
amigaocs_flop photonst "Photon Storm (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop picknpil "Pick 'n' Pile (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop picknpila "Pick 'n' Pile (Euro, Le 2ème sens)"
amigaocs_flop pbmagic "Pinball Magic (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop pbmagica "Pinball Magic (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop pirates "Pirates! (Euro, v832.04)"
amigaocs_flop piratesa "Pirates! (Euro, v832.02)"
amigaocs_flop pmanger "Player Manager (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop pmangerg "Player Manager (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop pmangeri "Player Manager (Ita)"
amigaocs_flop plotting "Plotting (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop poolrad "Pool of Radiance (Euro, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop pmonger "PowerMonger (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop pmongera "PowerMonger (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop prehtale "A Prehistoric Tale (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ppersia "Prince of Persia (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ppersiaf "Prince de Perse (Fra, Super Héros)"
amigaocs_flop ppersiag "Prince of Persia (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop ppersiau "Prince of Persia (USA)"
amigaocs_flop propboat "Pro PowerBoat Simulator (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop pbsnitro "Pro PowerBoat Simulator + Nitro Boost Challenge (Euro, Quattro Power Machines)"
amigaocs_flop protenns "Pro Tennis Simulator (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop projectl "Projectyle (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop prophecy "Prophecy I - The Viking Child (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop psoc2190 "ProSoccer 2190 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop puzznic "Puzznic (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop pyramax "Pyramax (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop quadrela "Quadrel (Euro, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop ranx "RanX (Fra, 10 Megahits Vol. 3)"
amigaocs_flop redstorm "Red Storm Rising (Euro, v843.02)"
amigaocs_flop renaiss "Renaissance (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop resol101 "Resolution 101 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop rete "Retee! (Ita)"
amigaocs_flop rickdng2 "Rick Dangerous 2 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop rickdng2a "Rick Dangerous 2 (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop robocop2 "RoboCop 2 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop rodymas2 "Rody & Mastico II (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop rotox "Rotox (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ruffredd "Ruff and Reddy in The "Space Adventure" (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop stunrun "S.T.U.N. Runner (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop sascombs "SAS Combat Simulator (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop sasmig29 "SAS Combat Simulator + MIG-29 Soviet Fighter + Kamikaze (Euro, Quattro Fighters)"
amigaocs_flop satan "Satan (Euro, Magnum)"
amigaocs_flop sspirits "Scramble Spirits (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop beast2 "Shadow of the Beast II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop beast2a "Shadow of the Beast II (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop shadwar "Shadow Warriors (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop shadwara "Shadow Warriors (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop shockwav "ShockWave (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop shuffle "Shuffle (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop sidewin2 "SideWinder II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop simulcra "Simulcra (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop snowstrk "SnowStrike (Euro, Super Simpack)"
amigaocs_flop sonicbom "Sonic Boom (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop sophelie "Sophelie (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop spaceace "Space Ace (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop sharrie2 "Space Harrier II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop spcrogue "Space Rogue (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop speedbl2 "Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (Euro, v1.00)"
amigaocs_flop speedbl2a "Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Euro, v1.00, The Bitmap Brothers Volume 1)"
amigaocs_flop speedbl2b "Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop speedbl2u "Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (USA)"
amigaocs_flop spellfir "Spellfire the Sorceror (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop spindizz "Spindizzy Worlds (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop spywholm "The Spy Who Loved Me (Euro, Superheroes)"
amigaocs_flop spywholma "The Spy Who Loved Me (Euro, The James Bond Collection)"
amigaocs_flop sdragon "Saint Dragon (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop starctrl "Star Control (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop startrsh "Star Trash (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop stormeur "Storm Across Europe - The War in Europe: 1939-45 (Euro, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop strikace "Strike Aces (USA)"
amigaocs_flop stryx "Stryx (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop subbuteo "Subbuteo - The Computer Game (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop supercar "Super Cars (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop supercara "Super Cars (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop suprmacy "Supremacy - Your Will Be Done (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop swrdrose "The Sword and the Rose (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop teamyank "Team Yankee (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tmnt "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Euro, Ultra Games)"
amigaocs_flop terranen "Terran Envoy (USA)"
amigaocs_flop td2ec "Test Drive II Scenery Disk - European Challenge (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop finehour "Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain (Euro, Final 1.1 19900630)"
amigaocs_flop finehoura "Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain (Euro, v1.0 19900428)"
amigaocs_flop finemiss "Their Finest Missions Vol. 1 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop 3courier "The Third Courier (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tstrike "Thunder Strike (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop timemac "Time Machine (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop timerace "Time Race (Fra, Q.I. 1992)"
amigaocs_flop tiptrick "Tip Trick (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop titano "Titano (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop tomghost "Tom and the Ghost (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop toobin "Toobin' (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop torvak "Torvak the Warrior (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop totrecal "Total Recall (Euro, 2-Hot 2 Handle)"
amigaocs_flop totrecala "Total Recall (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop tourgolf "Tournament Golf (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop towbabel "Tower of Babel (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop toyottes "The Toyottes (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop treastrp "Treasure Trap (Euro, v1.08)"
amigaocs_flop toutrun "Turbo Out Run (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop turnburn "Turn 'n' Burn (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop turrican "Turrican (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop turricanu "Turrican (USA)"
amigaocs_flop tusker "Tusker (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tvbasket "TV Sports Basketball (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop typhthom "Typhoon Thompson in Search for the Sea Child (USA)"
amigaocs_flop unsquad "U.N. Squadron (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ultgolf "Ultimate! Golf (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ultride "The Ultimate Ride (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop univers3 "Universe 3 (USA)"
amigaocs_flop unreal "Unreal (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop untouch "The Untouchables (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop vaxine "Vaxine (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop voodoo "Voodoo Nightmare (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop voodooa "Voodoo Nightmare (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop warhead "Warhead (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop welltris "Welltris (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop whitedth "White Death (Euro, v1.3.6)"
amigaocs_flop wildstrt "Wild Streets (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wildwest "Wild West World (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop wings "Wings (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wingsdth "Wings of Death (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wingfury "Wings of Fury (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wipeout "Wipe Out (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wizardr6 "Wizardry VI - Bane of the Cosmic Forge (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wizardr6g "Wizardry VI - Bane of the Cosmic Forge (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop wolfpack "Wolfpack (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wcbox "World Championship Boxing Manager (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wldsoccr "World Soccer (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop xout "X-Out (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop xouta "X-Out (Euro, Budget)"
amigaocs_flop xenomor "Xenomorph (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop xenomorg "Xenomorph (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop xiphos "Xiphos (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop yogiescp "Yogi's Great Escape (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop zout "Z-Out (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ziriax "Ziriax (Euro)"
apple2 batlches "Battle Chess (crack)"
apple2 chmpkryn "Champions of Krynn"
apple2 crtcirct "Court Circuit"
apple2 forcemtn "Force And Motion"
apple2gs 3stooges "The Three Stooges [cracked]"
apple2gs blueangl "Blue Angels (unreleased)"
apple2gs bulla "Bulla"
apple2gs bwsum90 "Summer 1990 Demo"
apple2gs calidemo "California Demo"
apple2gs carmnusa "Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?"
apple2gs colrcnvs "Color 'n' Canvas"
apple2gs cosmocde "Cosmocade - The Arcade of Tomorrow"
apple2gs crylmsn2 "The Cryllan Mission 2088 - The Second Scenario"
apple2gs diversft "Diversisoft"
apple2gs drgnwars "Dragon Wars"
apple2gs dsgnpuzl "Designer Puzzles"
apple2gs eccdemo "ECC Demo"
apple2gs geojigsw "Geographic Jigsaw"
apple2gs geopzusa "Geo Puzzle USA"
apple2gs geoquiz "Geo Quiz"
apple2gs gsnumrcs "GS Numerics"
apple2gs hallsmzm "Halls of Montezuma"
apple2gs hostage "Hostage"
apple2gs hypcrdgs "HyperCard IIgs v1.1"
apple2gs immortal "The Immortal"
apple2gs katiefrm "Katie's Farm"
apple2gs mcgeeff "McGee At The Fun Fair"
apple2gs mcgee "McGee"
apple2gs mdbasc32 "MD-BASIC v3.2"
apple2gs mercury "Mercury"
apple2gs modulae "Modulae"
apple2gs ms2000 "Milestones 2000"
apple2gs mypaint "My Paint"
apple2gs newspmkr "Newspaper Maker"
apple2gs omega "Omega"
apple2gs onceuat3 "Once Upon A Time III"
apple2gs onearm "One Arm Battle"
apple2gs paint256 "Paint 256"
apple2gs photonx2 "Photonix II v2.3"
apple2gs pickpile "Pick 'n Pile"
apple2gs pipedrm "Pipe Dream"
apple2gs platpnt1 "Platinum Paint v1.0.1"
apple2gs platpnt "Platinum Paint v2.0"
apple2gs plunder "Plunder"
apple2gs prntshcm "The Print Shop Companion"
apple2gs prosel16 "ProSel-16"
apple2gs psel1684 "ProSel-16 v8.40"
apple2gs psel1689 "ProSel-16 v8.9"
apple2gs puzznic "Puzznic (unreleased)"
apple2gs qix "Qix"
apple2gs qstmstr1 "Questmaster 1 - The Prism of Heheutotol"
apple2gs rastana "Rastan [cr East Coast Connection]"
apple2gs rastan "Rastan [cr Computist Magazine][t lives]"
apple2gs shardemo "Space Harrier Demo"
apple2gs shflpuck "Shufflepuck Cafe (unreleased)"
apple2gs sinbad "Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon"
apple2gs sltroyal "Solitaire Royale"
apple2gs sndsmith "SoundSmith"
apple2gs snoopyrm "Snoopy's Reading Machine"
apple2gs spaceace "Space Ace"
apple2gs spaclstr "Space Cluster"
apple2gs spacshrk "Space Shark"
apple2gs sprawmkr "Super Award Maker"
apple2gs strsplnt "Stars & Planets"
apple2gs strybkwv "Storybook Viewer"
apple2gs supconv4 "Super Convert 4"
apple2gs symbolix "Symbolix v1.9"
apple2gs sys504 "sys504"
apple2gs talk1wrd "Talking First Words"
apple2gs talkadsb "Talking Addition & Subtraction"
apple2gs talkclsr "Talking Classroom"
apple2gs talkspl "Talking Speller II"
apple2gs talktool "Talking Tools"
apple2gs tarot "tarot"
apple2gs taskfrce "Task Force [cr DreamWorld Society][t health]"
apple2gs tboxmag1 "Toolbox Mag #1"
apple2gs tboxmag2 "Toolbox Mag #2"
apple2gs teenqn "Teenage Queen"
apple2gs themgr12 "The Manager v1.2"
apple2gs themgr15 "The Manager v1.5"
apple2gs transprg "Trans Prog III"
apple2gs transyl3 "Transylvania III"
apple2gs tunarmg "Tunnels of Armageddon"
apple2gs windwlkr "Windwalker [cr Club 96]"
apple2gs wings "Wings"
apple2gs xmasdemo "Xmas Demo"
apple2gs zzcopy "ZZ Copy v2.21"
archimedes aliped "Aliped"
archimedes alipeda "Aliped (Alt)"
archimedes apocalyp "Apocalypse"
archimedes apocalypa "Apocalypse (Alt)"
archimedes bugmoon "Bug Hunter & Moon Dash (Hacked?)"
archimedes bughunt2 "Bug Hunter in Space (v3.22, Hacked?)"
archimedes bughunt2a "Bug Hunter in Space (Alt?)"
archimedes chokaway "Chocks Away"
archimedes chokawaya "Chocks Away (Alt)"
archimedes chokawayam "Chocks Away - Additional Missions"
archimedes firebal2 "Fireball II"
archimedes firebal2e "Fireball II Extra"
archimedes ironlord "Iron Lord"
archimedes ironlorda "Iron Lord (Alt)"
archimedes jpond "James Pond"
archimedes jponda "James Pond (Alt)"
archimedes mariarti "Mad Professor Mariarti"
archimedes mariartia "Mad Professor Mariarti (Alt)"
archimedes mariartib "Mad Professor Mariarti (Alt 2)"
archimedes starch "Starch"
archimedes suprgolf "Superior Golf"
archimedes wimpgame "The Wimp Game"
archimedes arcomini "Arcomini (Bad Dump?)"
archimedes coconizr "Coconizer (v1.3)"
astrocde quadra "Quadra"
bbcb_cass 3dsnook "3D Snooker"
bbcb_cass breakthr "Breakthrough"
bbcb_cass etype "E-Type"
bbcb_cass heltersk "Helter Skelter"
bbcb_cass hobgobl2 "Hobgoblin 2"
bbcb_cass hostages "Hostages"
bbcb_cass hyprball "Hyperball"
bbcb_cass inertia "Inertia"
bbcb_cass klax "Klax"
bbcb_cass loopz "Loopz"
bbcb_cass mastbrea "Masterbreak"
bbcb_cass mineshafa "Mineshaft (Alternative)"
bbcb_cass pandemonpias "Pandemonium (Play It Again Sam 13)"
bbcb_cass pandemon "Pandemonium"
bbcb_cass ppenguinpias "Percy Penguin (Play It Again Sam 13)"
bbcb_cass simcity "Sim City"
bbcb_cass sporttri "Sporting Triangles"
bbcb_cass starport "Star Port"
bbcb_cass stdsnookbr "Steve Davis Snooker (Blue Ribbon)"
bbcb_cass yoyo "Yoyo"
bbcb_cass letscmp1 "Let's Compute Issue 1"
bbcb_cass mu711 "Micro User Vol.7-11"
bbcb_cass mu712 "Micro User Vol.7-12"
bbcb_cass mu810 "Micro User Vol.8-10"
bbcb_cass mu81 "Micro User Vol.8-1"
bbcb_cass mu82 "Micro User Vol.8-2"
bbcb_cass mu87 "Micro User Vol.8-7"
bbcb_cass mu88 "Micro User Vol.8-8"
bbcb_cass mu89 "Micro User Vol.8-9"
bbcb_flop etype "E-Type"
bbcb_flop holedoc1 "Holed Out Extra Courses Vol.1"
bbcb_flop holedoc2 "Holed Out Extra Courses Vol.2"
bbcb_flop inertia "Inertia"
bbcb_flop_orig breakthr "Breakthrough"
bbcb_flop_orig heltersk "Helter Skelter"
bbcb_flop_orig loopz "Loopz"
bbcb_flop_orig klax "Klax"
bbcb_flop_orig nevryon "Nevyron"
bbcb_flop_orig etype "E-Type"
bbcb_flop_orig ldaydoom "Last Days of Doom"
bbcb_flop_orig bhillcop "Beverly Hills Cop"
bbcb_flop_orig connectn "Connections"
bbcb_flop_orig zillion "Zillion"
bbcb_flop_orig tobybeac "Toby at the Beach"
bbcb_flop_orig aninumbr "Animated Numbers"
bbcmc_flop aninumbr "Animated Numbers"
bbcmc_flop connectn "Connections"
c64_cart 4040fast "4040 + Fast Hack'Em"
c64_cart hugo "Skærmtrolden Hugo (Den)"
c64_cart chasehq2 "Chase H.Q. 2: Special Criminal Investigation"
c64_cart ramlink "RAMLink"
c64_cart ramlink140 "RAMLink v1.40"
c64_cart ramlink201 "RAMLink v2.01"
c64_cart afterwar "After The War"
c64_cart badlands "Badlands"
c64_cart c64gs "Commodore 64 Game System Cartridge"
c64_cart cyberbal "Cyberball: Football in the 21st Century"
c64_cart funplay "Fun Play 3-in-1"
c64_cart lastninj "The Last Ninja Remix"
c64_cart myth "Myth: History in the Making"
c64_cart navyseal "Navy SEALs"
c64_cart pwrplay "PowerPlay"
c64_cart robocop2 "Robocop 2"
c64_cart satan "Satan"
c64_cart beast "Shadow of the Beast"
c64_cart vindicat "Vindicators"
c64_cart acp7t "Action Cartridge Plus v7.0 (Triumwyrat)"
c64_cart ar84 "Action Replay v8.4"
c64_cart ar5flt "The Fairlight Cracking Cartridge"
c64_cart atomic "Atomic Power Cartridge v1.1"
c64_cart supsnap501 "Super Snapshot (v5.01, NTSC)"
c64_cart supsnap522 "Super Snapshot (v5.22, NTSC)"
c64_cart supsnap522p1 "Super Snapshot (v5.22 v1, PAL)"
c64_cart supsnap522p2 "Super Snapshot (v5.22 v2, PAL)"
c64_cart bisplus "Bis-Plus"
c64_flop swiftlnk "CMD SwiftLink"
cpc_cass 2psocsqd "2 Player Soccer Squad (UK)"
cpc_cass 3dsnook "3D Snooker (UK)"
cpc_cass adidasfb "Adidas Championship Football (UK)"
cpc_cass adidasfbs "Adidas Championship Football (Spa)"
cpc_cass adidastb "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK)"
cpc_cass ads "Advanced Destroyer Simulator (Spa)"
cpc_cass afrtrail "African Trail Simulator (Spa)"
cpc_cass amomundo "Amo del Mundo (Spa)"
cpc_cass ang500cc "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa)"
cpc_cass assaultc "Assault Course"
cpc_cass atomant "Atom Ant (UK)"
cpc_cass ausgames "Australian Games (Spa)"
cpc_cass aussie "Australian Rules Football (UK)"
cpc_cass avenspac "La Aventura Espacial (Spa)"
cpc_cass backtof2 "Back To The Future II (UK)"
cpc_cass backtof3 "Back To The Future III (UK)"
cpc_cass badlands "Badlands (UK)"
cpc_cass batbulge "Battle of the Bulge (UK)"
cpc_cass bhcop "Beverly Hills Cop (UK)"
cpc_cass blzthndr "Blazing Thunder (UK)"
cpc_cass bloodwyc "Bloodwych (UK)"
cpc_cass boxer "The Boxer (UK)"
cpc_cass britleag "British Super League! (UK)"
cpc_cass budokan "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (Spa)"
cpc_cass buggyrng "Buggy Ranger (Spa)"
cpc_cass buran "Buran (Spa)"
cpc_cass captplan "Captain Planet and The Planeteers"
cpc_cass csainz "Carlos Sainz (Spa)"
cpc_cass cmaster "Castle Master (Euro)"
cpc_cass cmasters "Castle Master (Spa)"
cpc_cass cmaster2 "Castle Master II - The Crypt (UK)"
cpc_cass cmastr12 "Castle Master + Castle Master II - The Crypt (Euro?)"
cpc_cass champ "The Champ(UK)"
cpc_cass cheatmd2 "Cheat Mode II The Revenge! (UK)"
cpc_cass cm2000 "The Chessmaster 2000 (UK)"
cpc_cass cm2000s "The Chessmaster 2000 (Spa)"
cpc_cass chevalir "Les Chevaliers (Fra)"
cpc_cass chipchal "Chip's Challenge (UK)"
cpc_cass chipchals "Chip's Challenge (Spa)"
cpc_cass choylee "Choy Lee Fut Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa)"
cpc_cass coronamg "La Corona Magica (Spa, BASIC 1.1)"
cpc_cass countycr "County Cricket (UK)"
cpc_cass cowkidz "Cowboy Kidz (UK)"
cpc_cass crackdwn "Crack Down (UK)"
cpc_cass crete41 "Crete 1941 (UK)"
cpc_cass crickchs "Cricket Captain (UK, Hi-Tec Software)"
cpc_cass xfire "Crossfire (UK)"
cpc_cass cupfootb "Cup Football (UK)"
cpc_cass cyberbal "Cyberball (UK)"
cpc_cass cyberbals "Cyberball (Spa)"
cpc_cass cyberbig "Cyberbig (UK)"
cpc_cass cycles "The Cycles (UK)"
cpc_cass dandare3 "Dan Dare III - The Escape (UK)"
cpc_cass deadevil "Deadly Evil (UK)"
cpc_cass defearth "Defenders of the Earth (Euro)"
cpc_cass delivern "Deliverance (UK)"
cpc_cass deliverns "Deliverance (Spa)"
cpc_cass dicktr "Dick Tracy (UK)"
cpc_cass diosacoz "La Diosa de Cozumel (Spa)"
cpc_cass dizzy4 "Dizzy IV - Magicland Dizzy (UK)"
cpc_cass dynawars "Dynasty Wars (UK)"
cpc_cass emotion "E-Motion (UK)"
cpc_cass emotions "E-Motion (Spa)"
cpc_cass edd "Edd The Duck (UK)"
cpc_cass eprom "Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (UK)"
cpc_cass espsagrd "La Espada Sagrada (Spa)"
cpc_cass eswat "ESWAT - Cyber Police (UK, 64K)"
cpc_cass eswats "ESWAT - Cyber Police (Spa, 64K)"
cpc_cass f16falcp "F16 Fighting Falcon (UK, Players Premier)"
cpc_cass fiendish "Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun (UK)"
cpc_cass fightbmb "Fighter Bomber (UK)"
cpc_cass flimbo "Flimbo's Quest (UK)"
cpc_cass fbchamp "Football Champions (UK)"
cpc_cass fbmangwc "Football Manager World Cup Edition (UK)"
cpc_cass fbmangwcs "Football Manager World Cup Edition (Spa)"
cpc_cass fballer "The Footballer (UK)"
cpc_cass fruitms2 "Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (UK)"
cpc_cass fs3_ov7 "Fun School 3 - Over 7s (UK)"
cpc_cass fs3_un5 "Fun School 3 - Under 5s (UK)"
cpc_cass futurebk "Future Bike Simulator (UK)"
cpc_cass garfeld2 "Garfield 2 - Winter's Tail (UK)"
cpc_cass gazza2 "Gazza II (UK)"
cpc_cass goldnaxe "Golden Axe (UK)"
cpc_cass goldbskt "Golden Basket (Spa)"
cpc_cass gpcirc "Grand Prix Circuit (UK)"
cpc_cass gremlin2 "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (UK)"
cpc_cass gremlin2s "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (Spa)"
cpc_cass guardn2 "Guardian II - Revenge of the Mutants (UK)"
cpc_cass gunfight "Gunfighter (UK)"
cpc_cass hammerfs "Hammerfist (UK)"
cpc_cass harrican "Harricana - Raid International Motoneige (Fra)"
cpc_cass havoc "Havoc (UK)"
cpc_cass hawkstrm "Hawk Storm (UK)"
cpc_cass 2hmbh "Heavy Metal + Beach-Head (Spa)"
cpc_cass heltersk "Helter Skelter (Spa)"
cpc_cass secretaghs "The Hit Squad Arcade Collection 48 - Secret Agent - Sly Spy (UK)"
cpc_cass rambo3hs "The Hit Squad Movie Collection 14 - Rambo III (UK)"
cpc_cass totrecalhs "The Hit Squad Movie Collection 25 - Total Recall (UK)"
cpc_cass protennths "The Hit Squad Sports Collection 19 - Pro Tennis Tour (UK)"
cpc_cass hkphooey "Hong Kong Phooey (UK)"
cpc_cass hostages "Hostages - Operation Jupiter (UK)"
cpc_cass huntredm "The Hunt for Red October (UK, Based on the Movie)"
cpc_cass huxley "Huxley Pig (UK)"
cpc_cass hydra "Hydra (UK)"
cpc_cass icebreak "Ice Breaker (Spa)"
cpc_cass impossam "Impossamole (UK)"
cpc_cass impossams "Impossamole (Spa)"
cpc_cass inhuman "Los Inhumanos (Spa)"
cpc_cass int3dten "International 3D Tennis (UK)"
cpc_cass intfootb "International Football (UK)"
cpc_cass italscar "Italian Supercar (UK)"
cpc_cass ita1990 "Italy 1990 (UK)"
cpc_cass offroad "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (UK)"
cpc_cass jackcity "Jackson City (Spa)"
cpc_cass jaialai "Jai Alai (Spa)"
cpc_cass dartcomp "Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium (UK)"
cpc_cass jungwarr "Jungle Warrior (Spa)"
cpc_cass karateka "Karateka (Fra)"
cpc_cass karatekas "Karateka (Spa)"
cpc_cass kennydmt "Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match (Spa)"
cpc_cass kentkrac "Kentucky Racing (UK)"
cpc_cass kickoff "Kick Off (Euro)"
cpc_cass kickoff2 "Kick Off 2 (UK)"
cpc_cass kickoff2s "Kick Off 2 (Spa)"
cpc_cass klax "Klax (UK)"
cpc_cass kwiksnax "Kwik Snax Dizzy (UK)"
cpc_cass lastn2rm "Last Ninja 2 Remix (UK)"
cpc_cass legend "Legend (Spa)"
cpc_cass lightcor "The Light Corridor (UK)"
cpc_cass loffire "Line of Fire (UK)"
cpc_cass liverpol "Liverpool (UK)"
cpc_cass lordchao "Lords of Chaos (UK, Fra)"
cpc_cass lordchaoex1 "Lords of Chaos - Expansion Kit One (UK, Fra)"
cpc_cass lorna "Lorna (Spa)"
cpc_cass lotus "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (UK)"
cpc_cass lotuss "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Spa)"
cpc_cass magicj "Magic Johnson's Basketball (Spa)"
cpc_cass magnumlp "Magnum Light Phaser (UK)"
cpc_cass manager "The Manager (UK)"
cpc_cass manchest "Manchester United Football Club (Euro, 64K)"
cpc_cass manchests "Manchester United Football Club (Spa, 64K)"
cpc_cass mantis1 "Mantis 1 (Spa)"
cpc_cass mantis2 "Mantis 2 (Spa)"
cpc_cass megapac2 "Megapack 2 (Fra)"
cpc_cass midres "Midnight Resistance (UK)"
cpc_cass midress "Midnight Resistance (Spa)"
cpc_cass mindstrc "Mind-Stretchers (UK)"
cpc_cass mobilemn "Mobile Man (Fra)"
cpc_cass mondmerv "Le Monde des Merveilles (UK)"
cpc_cass montypyt "Monty Python's Flying Circus (UK)"
cpc_cass moonblst "Moon Blaster (UK)"
cpc_cass mwalk "Moonwalker (UK)"
cpc_cass mc500 "Motorcycle 500 (UK)"
cpc_cass mpsmang "Multi-Player Soccer Manager (UK)"
cpc_cass mundialf "Mundial de Futbol (Spa)"
cpc_cass mystical "Mystical (Fra)"
cpc_cass mythos "Mythos (Spa)"
cpc_cass narc "Narc (UK)"
cpc_cass narcopol "Narco Police (UK)"
cpc_cass narcopola "Narco Police (UK, GBH)"
cpc_cass newyorkw "New York Warriors (UK, 64K)"
cpc_cass nshift "Night Shift"
cpc_cass nightbrd "Nightbreed - The Action Game (UK)"
cpc_cass ninjaspr "Ninja Spirit (UK)"
cpc_cass oberon69 "Oberon 69 (Spa, 64K)"
cpc_cass ophanoi "Operation Hanoi (UK)"
cpc_cass orgames "Oriental Games (UK)"
cpc_cass orgamess "Oriental Games (Spa)"
cpc_cass outlaw "Outlaw (UK)"
cpc_cass panzakbf "Panza Kick Boxing (Fra)"
cpc_cass panzakb "Panza Kick Boxing (Spa)"
cpc_cass paracadm "Para Academy (UK)"
cpc_cass penaltys "Penalty Soccer (UK)"
cpc_cass pinmagic "Pinball Magic (Fra)"
cpc_cass pipemani "Pipe Mania (UK)"
cpc_cass popeye2 "Popeye 2 (UK)"
cpc_cass popeye2a "Popeye 2 (UK, Alt)"
cpc_cass powmagic "Power and Magic (Spa)"
cpc_cass ppersiaf "Prince de Perse (Fra, BASIC 1.0)"
cpc_cass ppersia "Prince of Persia (UK, BASIC 1.0)"
cpc_cass prisriot "Prison Riot (UK)"
cpc_cass pgolfsim "Pro Golf Simulator (UK)"
cpc_cass proboxin "Professional Boxing Simulator (UK)"
cpc_cass protenn "Proffessionnal Tennis Simulator (UK)"
cpc_cass puzznic "Puzznic (UK)"
cpc_cass quickdrw "Quick Draw McGraw (UK)"
cpc_cass race "The Race (UK)"
cpc_cass ram "RAM (Spa)"
cpc_cass rastrunn "Raster Runner (UK)"
cpc_cass razasnoc "Razas de Noche(Spa)"
cpc_cass rescgolf "Rescate en el Golfo (Spa)"
cpc_cass revolver "Revolver (UK)"
cpc_cass rickdng2 "Rick Dangerous II (UK)"
cpc_cass rickdng2s "Rick Dangerous II (Spa)"
cpc_cass ruffredd "Ruff and Reddy (UK)"
cpc_cass rugbycoa "Rugby Coach (UK)"
cpc_cass saigoncu "Saigon Combat Unit (UK)"
cpc_cass sdragon "Saint Dragon (UK)"
cpc_cass santaxc "Santa's Christmas Capers (UK)"
cpc_cass sspirits "Scramble Spirits (UK)"
cpc_cass secretags "Secret Agent (Spa)"
cpc_cass secretag "Secret Agent (UK)"
cpc_cass segammix "Sega Master Mix (UK)"
cpc_cass sendasal "Senda Salvaje (Spa)"
cpc_cass beast "Shadow of the Beast (UK)"
cpc_cass shadwarr "Shadow Warriors (UK)"
cpc_cass shermnm4 "Sherman M4 (Spa)"
cpc_cass protenns "Simulador Profesional de Tenis (Spa)"
cpc_cass sitopons "Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix (Spa)"
cpc_cass skatewar "Skate Wars (UK)"
cpc_cass skatin "Skatin' USA (UK)"
cpc_cass smaily "Smaily (Spa)"
cpc_cass snookmng "Snooker Management (UK)"
cpc_cass snowstrk "Snow Strike (UK)"
cpc_cass soccer7 "Soccer 7 (UK)"
cpc_cass soccerbs "Soccer Boss (UK)"
cpc_cass soccerdr "Soccer Director (UK)"
cpc_cass soccerq "Soccer Q (UK)"
cpc_cass solaremp "Solar Empire (UK)"
cpc_cass sonicbom "Sonic Boom (UK)"
cpc_cass sharrie2 "Space Harrier II (UK)"
cpc_cass spacerid "Space Rider (UK)"
cpc_cass spaghetw "Spaghetti Western Simulator (UK)"
cpc_cass spookycs "Spooky Castle (UK)"
cpc_cass spywholm "The Spy Who Loved Me (UK, 64K)"
cpc_cass starctrl "Star Control (UK)"
cpc_cass hollywod "Les Stars d'Hollywood (Fra)"
cpc_cass steelegl "Steel Eagle (UK)"
cpc_cass storysf4 "The Story So Far Vol 4 (Spa)"
cpc_cass strider2 "Strider II (UK)"
cpc_cass strikemg "Striker Manager (UK)"
cpc_cass stuntcar "Stunt Car Racer - Normal Version (UK)"
cpc_cass stuntcare "Stunt Car Racer - Normal Version (UK, Erbe Top 8 Bits)"
cpc_cass subbuteos "Subbuteo (Spa)"
cpc_cass subbuteo "Subbuteo (UK)"
cpc_cass supercar "Super Cars (UK)"
cpc_cass sskweekf "Super Skweek (Fra)"
cpc_cass sskweek "Super Skweek (Spa)"
cpc_cass supstock "Super Stock Car (UK)"
cpc_cass superkid "Superkid (UK)"
cpc_cass superskipp "Superski Challenge (UK)"
cpc_cass superted "Superted (UK)"
cpc_cass tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK)"
cpc_cass thomas "Thomas The Tank Engine (UK)"
cpc_cass timemac "Time Machine (UK)"
cpc_cass toiacid "Toi Acid Game (Spa)"
cpc_cass tokyogng "Tokyo Gang (Spa)"
cpc_cass tomjerr2 "Tom & Jerry 2 (Spa)"
cpc_cass tomjerry "Tom & Jerry (Spa)"
cpc_cass toptopo "Top By Topo (Spa)"
cpc_cass topcat "Top Cat (UK)"
cpc_cass totrecal "Total Recall (UK)"
cpc_cass treblech "Treble Champions (UK)"
cpc_cass brookwcg "Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory (UK)"
cpc_cass tuma7 "Tuma-7 (UK)"
cpc_cass turbocupp "Turbo Cup Challenge (UK)"
cpc_cass turbokrt "Turbo Kart Racer (UK)"
cpc_cass turrican "Turrican (UK)"
cpc_cass twinwrld "Twinworld (UK)"
cpc_cass unsquad "U.N. Squadron (UK)"
cpc_cass urggg "Urggg (Spa)"
cpc_cass vendetta "Vendetta (UK)"
cpc_cass welltris "Welltris (UK)"
cpc_cass wombles "The Wombles (UK)"
cpc_cass wcboxmng "World Championship Boxing Manager (UK)"
cpc_cass wcboxmngf "World Championship Boxing Manager (Fra)"
cpc_cass wcchal128 "World Cup Challenge (UK, 128K)"
cpc_cass wcchal "World Cup Challenge (UK, 64K)"
cpc_cass italia90 "World Cup Soccer Italia '90 (UK)"
cpc_cass italia90s "World Cup Soccer Italia '90 (Spa)"
cpc_cass worldscr "World Soccer (UK)"
cpc_cass wsleague "World Soccer League (UK)"
cpc_cass yogigmon "Yogi Bear & Friends in The Greed Monster (UK)"
cpc_cass yogigesc "Yogi's Great Escape (UK)"
cpc_cass amsac052 "Amstrad Action - Issue 052 (UK)"
cpc_cass amsac061 "Amstrad Action - Issue 061 (UK)"
cpc_cass dbox0290 "Databox 02-90 (Ger)"
cpc_cass dbox0390 "Databox 03-90 (Ger)"
cpc_cass dbox0490 "Databox 04-90 (Ger)"
cpc_cass dbox0590 "Databox 05-90 (Ger)"
cpc_cass dbox0690 "Databox 06-07-90 (Ger)"
cpc_cass dbox0890 "Databox 08-09-90 (Ger)"
cpc_cass dbox1090 "Databox 10-11-90 (Ger)"
cpc_cass logstar5 "Log'Star 5 (Fra)"
cpc_cass logstar6 "Log'Star 6 (Fra)"
cpc_cass runstar5 "Run'Star 5 (Fra)"
cpc_cass batmancchs "The Hit Squad Movie Collection 13 - Batman The Caped Crusader (UK)"
cpc_flop 1000born "1000 Bornes (Fra, Re-release)"
cpc_flop 2psocsqd "2 Player Soccer Squad (UK)"
cpc_flop 3dsnook "3D Snooker (UK, Cracked by Maze Soft)"
cpc_flop carmnwld "A la Pursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le Monde (Fra)"
cpc_flop carmnwld_c1 "A la Pursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le Monde (Fra, Cracked by XOR)"
cpc_flop carmnwlds "A la Pursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le Monde (Spa)"
cpc_flop magappr "A Magician's Apprentice (UK)"
cpc_flop adidasfb "Adidas Championship Football (Spa)"
cpc_flop adidastb "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK)"
cpc_flop adidastb_t1 "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop adidastb_t2 "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK, Trained by XOR, Patch CPC+)"
cpc_flop adult2 "Adult Two (UK)"
cpc_flop ads "Advanced Destroyer Simulation (Fra)"
cpc_flop ads_c1 "Advanced Destroyer Simulation (Fra, Cracked by XOR)"
cpc_flop adss "Advanced Destroyer Simulator (Spa)"
cpc_flop africant "African Trail Simulator (Spa)"
cpc_flop africantfi "African Trail Simulator (Fra/Ita?, Trained)"
cpc_flop alienpln "Alien Planet (UK)"
cpc_flop amomundo "El Amo del Mundo (Spa, Cracked by The Spanish Hacker)"
cpc_flop nieto500 "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa)"
cpc_flop nieto500_h1 "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa, Cracked by Kino & Hufo)"
cpc_flop artguere_h1 "L'Art de la Guerre (Fra, Unprotected)"
cpc_flop assaultc "Assault Course (UK, Cracked by JLCS)"
cpc_flop atomant "Atom Ant (UK, Trained by Velus)"
cpc_flop auboulot "Au Boulot ! (Fra)"
cpc_flop ausgames "Aussie Games (Spa)"
cpc_flop ausfoot "Australian Rules Football (UK)"
cpc_flop avenspac "La Aventura Espacial (Spa)"
cpc_flop spywholm "The Spy Who Loved Me (UK)"
cpc_flop airballs "Airballs (UK)"
cpc_flop airballs1 "Airballs (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop airballs2 "Airballs (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop alieng "Alien (Ger, PC Amstrad International)"
cpc_flop 002agent "002 Agent Double (Fra)"
cpc_flop roirichr "A la Recherche du Roi Richard (Fra)"
cpc_flop agentz33 "Agent Secret Z33 (Fra, Bugfixed)"
cpc_flop alienalr "Alien-Alarm (Ger)"
cpc_flop lapin "Arsene Lapin (Fra)"
cpc_flop atc "ATC (Fra)"
cpc_flop backtof2 "Back to the Future II (UK)"
cpc_flop backtof2s "Back to the FutureII (Spa)"
cpc_flop backtof2a "Back to the Future II (UK, 3 faces)"
cpc_flop backtof2b "Back to the Future Part II (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop backtof2c "Back to the Future II (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop backtof2d "Back to the Future II (UK, Alt Disk 3)"
cpc_flop backtof2_c1 "Back to the Future II (Disk 1, Cracked by Crackponx)"
cpc_flop backtof3 "Back to the Future III (UK)"
cpc_flop backtof3a "Back to the Future III (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop backtof3s "Back to the Future III (Spa)"
cpc_flop backtof3b "Back to the Future Part III (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop backtof3c "Back to the Future III (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop backtof3_t1 "Back to the Future III (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop backtof3_t2 "Back to the Future III (UK, Trained)"
cpc_flop backtof3d "Back to the Future III (UK, Alt Disk 2)"
cpc_flop backtof3e "Back to the Future III (UK, Alt 2 Disk 2)"
cpc_flop badlands "Badlands (UK)"
cpc_flop badlandss "Badlands (Spa)"
cpc_flop badlandsa "Badlands (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop badlandsb "Badlands (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop bangmash "Bangers & Mash (UK)"
cpc_flop bangmash_c1 "Bangers & Mash (UK, Cracked by Chany)"
cpc_flop bangmash_c1a "Bangers & Mash (UK, Cracked by Chany, Alt)"
cpc_flop bhcop "Beverly Hills Cop (UK)"
cpc_flop bhcopa "Beverly Hills Cop (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop bhcopb "Beverly Hills Cop (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop bhcopc "Beverly Hills Cop (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop bhcopd "Beverly Hills Cop (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop bhcop_t1 "Beverly Hills Cop (UK, Trained by Nul Part System)"
cpc_flop billykid "Billy the Kid (UK)"
cpc_flop billykida "Billy the Kid (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop blzthndr "Blazing Thunder (UK)"
cpc_flop blzthndr_p "Blazing Thunder (UK, Patch CPC+)"
cpc_flop blzthndr_c1 "Blazing Thunder (UK, Cracked by GPA)"
cpc_flop blzthndr_c1a "Blazing Thunder (UK, Cracked by GPA, Alt)"
cpc_flop bloodwyc "Bloodwych (UK)"
cpc_flop bloodwyca "Bloodwych (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop bloodwycb "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop bloodwycc "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop bloodwycd "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop bloodwyce "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 5)"
cpc_flop bloodwycf "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 6)"
cpc_flop bloodwycg "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 7)"
cpc_flop bloodwych "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 8)"
cpc_flop bloodwyci "Bloodwych (Fra?)"
cpc_flop bloodwyc_c1 "Bloodwych (UK, Cracked by CBS)"
cpc_flop illgner "Bodo Illgner's Super Soccer (Ger)"
cpc_flop illgner_c1 "Bodo Illgner's Super Soccer (Ger, Cracked by ESC)"
cpc_flop budokan "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (UK)"
cpc_flop budokana "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop budokanb "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop budokanc "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop bugrangr "Buggy Ranger (Spa)"
cpc_flop bugrangra "Buggy Ranger (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop bugrangrb "Buggy Ranger (Spa, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop bugrangr_c1 "Buggy Ranger (Spa, Cracked by Los Espectros)"
cpc_flop bugrangr_t1 "Buggy Ranger (Spa, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop bugrangr_h1 "Buggy Ranger (Spa, Hacked)"
cpc_flop bugrangr_c2 "Buggy Ranger (Spa, Cracked by CNGSOFT)"
cpc_flop buran "Buran (Spa)"
cpc_flop burana "Buran (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop buranb "Buran (Spa, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop captplan "Captain Planet and the Planeteers (UK)"
cpc_flop captplana "Captain Planet and the Planeteers (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop captplan_t1 "Captain Planet and the Planeteers (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop captplan_t1a "Captain Planet and the Planeteers (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt)"
cpc_flop captplan_t2 "Captain Planet and the Planeteers (UK, Trained)"
cpc_flop captplan_c1 "Captain Planet and the Planeteers (UK, Cracked by CNGSOFT)"
cpc_flop csainz "Carlos Sainz (Spa)"
cpc_flop csainza "Carlos Sainz (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop csainzb "Carlos Sainz (Spa, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop csainzc "Carlos Sainz (Spa, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop csainzd "Carlos Sainz (Spa, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop csainz_c1 "Carlos Sainz (Spa, Cracked by CNGSOFT)"
cpc_flop csainz_c2 "Carlos Sainz (Spa, Cracked by Spanish Hacker)"
cpc_flop csainz_h1 "Carlos Sainz (Spa, Hacked)"
cpc_flop cmaster "Castle Master (UK, Fra, Ger)"
cpc_flop cmasters "Castle Master (Spa, Domark)"
cpc_flop cmasterse "Castle Master (Spa, Erbe)"
cpc_flop cmastersa "Castle Master (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop cmastersb "Castle Master (Spa, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop cmastera "Castle Master (UK, Fra, Ger, Alt)"
cpc_flop cmasterb "Castle Master (UK, Fra, Ger, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop cmasterc "Castle Master (UK, Fra, Ger, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop cmasters_c1 "Castle Master (Spa, Cracked by Scandalous)"
cpc_flop cmaster_c1 "Castle Master (UK, Fra, Ger, Cracked by Two Mag)"
cpc_flop cmaster2 "Castle Master II - The Crypt (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop cmaster2_t1a "Castle Master II - The Crypt (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt)"
cpc_flop cmaster2_t1b "Castle Master II - The Crypt (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop cmaster2_t1c "Castle Master II - The Crypt (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop cmastr12 "Castle Master + Castle Master II - The Crypt (Euro)"
cpc_flop cmastr12a "Castle Master + Castle Master II - The Crypt (Euro, Alt)"
cpc_flop cm2000 "The Chessmaster 2000 (UK)"
cpc_flop cm2000s "The Chessmaster 2000 (Spa)"
cpc_flop cm2000a "The Chessmaster 2000 (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop cm2000sa "The Chessmaster 2000 (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop cm2000sb "The Chessmaster 2000 (Spa, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop cm2000sc "The Chessmaster 2000 (Spa, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop chicag90 "Chicago 90 (UK)"
cpc_flop chipchal "Chip's Challenge (UK)"
cpc_flop chipchals "Chip's Challenge (Spa)"
cpc_flop chipchala "Chip's Challenge (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop chipchalb "Chip's Challenge (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop chipchal_t1 "Chip's Challenge (UK, Trained by NPS)"
cpc_flop chipchal_t2 "Chip's Challenge (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop chipchal_k7 "Chip's Challenge (UK, Ripped from Cassette?)"
cpc_flop choylee "Choy Lee Fut - Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa)"
cpc_flop choyleea "Choy Lee Fut - Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop choylee_c1 "Choy Lee Fut - Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa, The Spanish Hacker)"
cpc_flop barthels "Barthels Dash (Ger) (128K) (PD)"
cpc_flop batracie "Batracien Anti-Mouches (Fra) [Amstrad Cent Pour Cent]"
cpc_flop blockupu "Block-up (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop bombuz3d "Bombuz 3D (Fra) [CPC Infos] [LMC]"
cpc_flop bootg199 "Boot (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop bossofch01 "Boss of Chicago II (Fra) [CPC]"
cpc_flop breakdow "Breakdown (Fra) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop breakthr "Breakthru (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop britishs "British Super League (UK)"
cpc_flop canarf19 "Canar (Fra) [Amstrad Cent Pour Cent]"
cpc_flop casinog1 "Casino (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop catchg19 "Catch (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop caveg199 "Cave (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop changeg1 "Change (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop chicagof "Chicago (Fra) [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop classicr "Classic Runner (Fra) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop colditze "Colditz Escape (UK)"
cpc_flop colisbs "Coliseum (UK) (v2) [Black System] [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop coliseum02 "Coliseum (UK) [Black System] [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop connectu "Connect (UK) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop corrupts "Corrupt (Spa) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop countycr "County Cricket (UK)"
cpc_flop cowboyki "Cowboy Kidz (UK)"
cpc_flop crackdow "Crack Down (UK) [Original] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop crackdow01 "Crack Down (UK) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop crete194 "Crete 1941 (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop crete19401 "Crete 1941 (UK)"
cpc_flop cricketc01 "Cricket Captain (UK) [Hi-Tec Software]"
cpc_flop crossfir02 "Crossfire (UK)"
cpc_flop cupfootb "Cup Football (UK)"
cpc_flop cyberbal "Cyberball (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop cyberbal01 "Cyberball (UK)"
cpc_flop cyberbig "Cyberbig (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop cyberbig01 "Cyberbig (UK)"
cpc_flop damessim "Dames Simulator (Fra) [Infogrames]"
cpc_flop dandarei01 "Dan Dare III - The Escape (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop dandarei02 "Dan Dare III - The Escape (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop dandarei03 "Dan Dare III - The Escape (UK)"
cpc_flop dangerha "Danger Haute Tension (Fra) (Prototype)"
cpc_flop darkmanu02 "Darkman (UK) (D7)"
cpc_flop deplacer "DE-Placer (Fra) (Version Basic 1.1) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop deadlyev "Deadly Evil (UK)"
cpc_flop deathsti "Death's Ticket (UK) [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop defender04 "Defenders of the Earth (UK, Fra) [Original]"
cpc_flop defender05 "Defenders of the Earth (UK, Fra)"
cpc_flop delivera "Deliverance - Stormlord 2 (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop delivera01 "Deliverance - Stormlord 2 (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop delivera02 "Deliverance - Stormlord 2 (UK)"
cpc_flop detectiv01 "Detective - Enquete N 1 - L'Affaire Rostov (Fra) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop deuteron "Deuteron (UK) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop dicktrac "Dick Tracy (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop dicktrac01 "Dick Tracy (UK)"
cpc_flop discuk19 "Disc (UK) [Original] (GAPS)"
cpc_flop discuk1901 "Disc (UK)"
cpc_flop dizzyivm "Dizzy IV - Magicland Dizzy (UK)"
cpc_flop drehdris "Drehdriss (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop dungeona02 "Dungeon Adventure (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop dungeons "Dungeon's Revenge (Fra) [Original] (GAPS)"
cpc_flop dynastyw "Dynasty Wars (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop dynastyw01 "Dynasty Wars (UK) (UK retail version) [Original] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop emotionu "E-Motion (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop emotionu01 "E-Motion (UK) (UK retail version) [Original] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop emotionu02 "E-Motion (UK)"
cpc_flop eaglesri "Eagle's Rider (Fra) (v2)"
cpc_flop eaglesri01 "Eagle's Rider (Fra) [Original]"
cpc_flop eaglesri02 "Eagle's Rider (Fra)"
cpc_flop eddthedu "Edd The Duck (UK) [Original] [Bugs]"
cpc_flop eddthedu01 "Edd The Duck (UK)"
cpc_flop enigmaf1 "Enigma (Fra) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop enteg199 "Ente (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop escapefr03 "Escape From The Planet of Doom (UK)"
cpc_flop escapefr04 "Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters (UK) (128K)"
cpc_flop escapefr05 "Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop eswatcyb "Eswat - Cyber Police (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop eswatcyb01 "Eswat - Cyber Police (UK) (3 faces)"
cpc_flop etrangec "Etrange Castel (Fra) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop european03 "European Soccer Challenge (UK) (K7)"
cpc_flop explorf1 "Explor (Fra) [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop fighterb "Fighter Bomber (UK)"
cpc_flop fighterb01 "Fighter Bomber (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop fighterb02 "Fighter Bomber (UK) (2 faces) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop fireforg02 "Fire & Forget II (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop fireuk19 "Fire! (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop fireuk1901 "Fire! (UK)"
cpc_flop flimbosq "Flimbo's Quest (UK)"
cpc_flop flimbosq01 "Flimbo'sQuest (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop flimbosq02 "Flimbo's Quest (UK) (2 faces) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop football "Football Champions (UK)"
cpc_flop football0b "Football Manager World Cup Edition (Fra)"
cpc_flop football0c "Football Manager World Cup Edition (Ger) [Original]"
cpc_flop football0d "Football Manager World Cup Edition (Spa)"
cpc_flop football0e "Football Manager World Cup Edition (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop football0f "Football Manager World Cup Edition (UK)"
cpc_flop frenchte "French Test (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop fresmang "Fres Man (Ger) (128K) (PD)"
cpc_flop fruitmac02 "Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (UK)"
cpc_flop fuckidem "Fucki Demo (Fra) (128K) (Version Basic 1.1) [CPC Infos]"
cpc_flop funschoo0b "Fun School 3 - 5 to 7s (UK) (2 faces) [Original].dsk"
cpc_flop funschoo0c "Fun School 3 - Over 7s (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop funschoo0d "Fun School 3 - Over 7s (UK) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop funschoo0e "Fun School 3 - Under 5s (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop futurebi "Future Bike Simulator (UK)"
cpc_flop galactic "Galactic (UK) [The Amstrad User]"
cpc_flop garfield02 "Garfield 2 - Winter's Tail (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop garfield03 "Garfield 2 - Winter's Tail (UK)"
cpc_flop gazzaiiu "Gazza II (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop gazzaiiu01 "Gazza II (UK)"
cpc_flop gazzassu02 "Gazza's Super Soccer (Spa)"
cpc_flop geminiwi "Gemini Wing (UK) (2 faces) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop geminiwi02 "Gemini Wings (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop goldenax "Golden Axe (UK) (2 faces) (CPM) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop goldenax01 "Golden Axe (UK) (2 faces) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop goldenax02 "Golden Axe (UK) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop goldenba "Golden Basket (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop goldenba01 "Golden Basket (Spa)"
cpc_flop goodmoon "Good Moon (UK) [Black System] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop grandpri07 "Grand Prix Circuit (UK) (Spain retail version) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop grandpri08 "Grand Prix Circuit (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop gremlins02 "Gremlins 2 - La Nueva Generacion (Spa) [Original]"
cpc_flop gremlins03 "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (Spa)"
cpc_flop gremlins04 "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop gridride "Gridrider (UK) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop grueknap "Grue-Knapped! (UK)"
cpc_flop guardian01 "Guardian II Revenge of the Mutants (UK)"
cpc_flop guillerm "Guillermo Tell (Spa) (LightGun) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop guillerm01 "Guillermo Tell (Spa) (LightGun)"
cpc_flop gunboatr "Gunboat - River Combat Simulation (UK) (128K) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop gunboatr01 "Gunboat - River Combat Simulation (UK) (128K) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop gunboatr02 "Gunboat - River Combat Simulation (UK) (128K)"
cpc_flop gunfight "Gunfighter (UK)"
cpc_flop hammerfi "Hammerfist (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop hammerfi01 "Hammerfist (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop hammerfi02 "Hammerfist (UK)"
cpc_flop harrican "Harricana - International Snowmobile Race (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop harrican01 "Harricana - Raid International Motoneige (Fra) [Original] (GAPS)"
cpc_flop harrican02 "Harricana - Raid International Motoneige (Fra)"
cpc_flop havocuk1 "Havoc (UK)"
cpc_flop hawkstor "Hawk Storm (UK)"
cpc_flop heavymet "Heavy Metal (UK)"
cpc_flop heltersk "Helter Skelter (UK)"
cpc_flop heltersk01 "Helter Skelter (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop heltersk02 "Helter Skelter Editor (UK)"
cpc_flop helveram "Helvera, Mistress of the Park (UK)"
cpc_flop hexeruk1 "Hexer (UK) (Version Basic 1.1) [The Amstrad User]"
cpc_flop histoire "Histoire d'Eau (Fra) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop hongkong "Hong Kong Phooey (UK)"
cpc_flop horizonc "Horizon Ce1 (Fra) (128K) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop hostages "Hostages - Operation Jupiter (UK) (2 faces) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop hotplotf "Hot Plot (Fra) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop hotplotu "Hot Plot (UK) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop huxleypi "Huxley Pig (UK) (128K)"
cpc_flop icebreak "Ice Breaker (Spa) [Original]"
cpc_flop icebreak01 "Ice Breaker (Spa)"
cpc_flop impossam "Impossamole (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop impossam01 "Impossamole (UK)"
cpc_flop internat "International 3D Tennis (UK) [Erbe Software] [Original]"
cpc_flop internat01 "International 3D Tennis (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop internat02 "International 3D Tennis (UK)"
cpc_flop internat03 "International Football (UK)"
cpc_flop islandof "Island of Chaos (UK)"
cpc_flop italians "Italian Supercar (UK)"
cpc_flop italy199 "Italy 1990 (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop italy19901 "Italy 1990 (UK)"
cpc_flop italy19902 "Italy 1990 Winners Edition (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop ivaniron "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop ivaniron01 "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (UK)"
cpc_flop jt37uk19 "J.T 37 (UK) (v2) [Black System] [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop jt37uk1901 "J.T 37 (UK) [Black System] [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop jacksonc "Jackson City (Spa)"
cpc_flop jaialais "Jai Alai (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop jaialais01 "Jai-Alai (Spa)"
cpc_flop jasonoft "Jason of the Argonauts (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop jemeveil "Je M'Eveille en Jouant 1 (Fra)"
cpc_flop jemeveil01 "Je M'Eveille en Jouant 2 (Fra)"
cpc_flop jockywil01 "Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium (UK)"
cpc_flop johnelwa01 "John Elway's Quarterback (UK)"
cpc_flop johnny2l "Johnny 2 Le Retour (Fra) [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop jollyrog "Jolly Roger's Dungeon Escape (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop jumpyjoe "Jumpy-Joe (Fra) (v2) [CPC]"
cpc_flop jumpyjoe01 "Jumpy-Joe (Fra) [CPC]"
cpc_flop junglewa01 "Jungle Warrior (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop junglewa02 "Jungle Warrior (Spa)"
cpc_flop kennydal01 "Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match (UK)"
cpc_flop kentucky "Kentucky Racing (UK)"
cpc_flop kickoffu "Kick Off (UK, Fra, Ger, Spa, Ita) [Original]"
cpc_flop kickoffu01 "Kick Off (UK, Fra, Ger, Spa, Ita)"
cpc_flop kickoff2 "Kick Off 2 (Fra) (128K) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop kickoff201 "Kick Off 2 (Spa) (128K)"
cpc_flop kickoff202 "Kick Off 2 (UK) (128K) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop klaxuk19 "Klax (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop klaxuk1901 "Klax (UK)"
cpc_flop komponis "Komponist (Ger, UK) (Version Basic 1.1)"
cpc_flop kwiksnax "Kwik Snax Dizzy (UK)"
cpc_flop lempiree "L'Empire Eclate (Fra) [CPC] [LMC]"
cpc_flop lomelett "L'Omelette Infernale (Fra) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop lacorona01 "La Corona Magica (Spa) (K7) (Version Basic 1.1)"
cpc_flop ladiosad "La Diosa de Cozumel (Spa)"
cpc_flop laespada "La Espada Sagrada (Spa) [Original]"
cpc_flop lamolecu "La Molecule (Fra) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop lasecten "La Secte Noire (Fra) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop lasecten01 "La Secte Noire (Fra) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop labarint "Labarinth (UK)"
cpc_flop lastninj04 "Last Ninja 2 Remix (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop lastrace "Last Race (UK) [Black System] [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop lelabyri04 "Le Labyrinthe d'Anglomania 1 (UK, Fra) (128K) (2 faces) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop lelabyri05 "Le Labyrinthe d'Anglomania 2 (UK, Fra) (128K) (2 faces) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop letaroma "Le Taromancien (Fra) (128K)"
cpc_flop legends1 "Legend (Spa)"
cpc_flop legends2 "Legend (Spa) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop letterri "Letter-Riddle (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop lineoffi "Line of Fire (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop lineoffi01 "Line of Fire (UK) (UK retail version) [Original] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop liverpoo "Liverpool (UK)"
cpc_flop lordsofc "Lords of Chaos (UK, Fra) [Original]"
cpc_flop lordsofc01 "Lords of Chaos (UK, Fra) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop lordsofc02 "Lords of Chaos - Expansion Kit One (UK, Fra) (Extension) [Original]"
cpc_flop lornas19 "Lorna (Spa) [Original]"
cpc_flop lornask7 "Lorna (Spa) (K7)"
cpc_flop losinhum "Los Inhumanos (Spa) [Original]"
cpc_flop losinhum01 "Los Inhumanos (Spa)"
cpc_flop lotusesp "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (UK) (128K) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop maceuk19 "Mace (UK) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop madballs02 "Madballs (UK) [Amstrad Action]"
cpc_flop maffiaf1 "Maffia (Fra)"
cpc_flop magicjoh "Magic Johnson's Basketball (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop magicjoh01 "Magic Johnson's Basketball (Spa)"
cpc_flop manchest "Manchester United Football Club (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop manchest01 "Manchester United Football Club (UK, Fra, Ger, Ita,SV) (2 faces) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop manonegr "Mano Negra (Fra) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop mantis1s "Mantis 1 (Spa)"
cpc_flop mantis2s "Mantis 2 (Spa)"
cpc_flop mminds "Master Mind (Spa) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop megawaru "Megawar (UK) (128K) (PD) [Black System]"
cpc_flop mickeyet "Mickey et la Machine A Mots Croises (UK) (128K) (4 faces) (CPM)"
cpc_flop midnight01 "Midnight Resistance (UK)"
cpc_flop midnight02 "Midnight Resistance (UK) (2 faces) (Patch CPC+)"
cpc_flop midnight03 "Midnight Resistance (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop midnight04 "Midnight Resistance (UK) (2 faces) (UK retail version) [Original] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop migbuste "Mig Busters (UK) (128K)"
cpc_flop molecula "Molecularr (UK) [Amstrad Cent Pour Cent]"
cpc_flop montypyt "Monty Python's Flying Circus (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop montypyt01 "Monty Python's Flying Circus (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop montypyt02 "Monty Python's Flying Circus (UK)"
cpc_flop moonblas "Moon Blaster (UK) [Original] (GAPS)"
cpc_flop moonblas01 "Moon Blaster (UK)"
cpc_flop motorcyc "Motorcycle 500 (UK)"
cpc_flop mrgass19 "Mr. Gas (Spa)"
cpc_flop multipla "Multi-Player Soccer Manager (UK)"
cpc_flop mundiald "Mundial de Futbol (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop mundiald01 "Mundial de Futbol (Spa)"
cpc_flop mutineri "Mutinerie (Fra) (PD)"
cpc_flop mystical "Mystical (Fra) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop mythosuk "Mythos (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop mythosuk01 "Mythos (UK)"
cpc_flop narcuk2f "Narc (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop narcopol "Narco Police (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop narcopol01 "Narco Police (UK)"
cpc_flop newyorkw "New York Warriors (UK) (128K) [Original]"
cpc_flop newyorkw01 "New York Warriors (UK) (K7) (64K)"
cpc_flop nighthun "Night Hunter (Fra) (128K)"
cpc_flop nighthun01 "Night Hunter (Fra) (128K) (2 faces) [Original] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop nighthun02 "Night Hunter (Spa) (128K) (2 faces) (Version Basic 1.1) [Original]"
cpc_flop nightshi "Night Shift (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop nightshi01 "Night Shift (UK)"
cpc_flop nightbre "Nightbreed - The Action Game (UK) (2 faces) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop ninjauk101 "Ninja (UK) [Black System] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop ninjaspi "Ninja Spirit (UK) (CPM)"
cpc_flop ninjaspi01 "Ninja Spirit (UK)"
cpc_flop noexituk "No Exit (UK) (128K) (Version Basic 1.1)"
cpc_flop oberon69 "Oberon 69 (UK, Spa)"
cpc_flop oilmania "Oil Mania (UK) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop oldsamss "Old Sam's Saloon Gamble Machine (UK) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop olympick "Olympic Kniffel (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop operatio02 "Operation Hanoi (UK)"
cpc_flop oriental "Oriental Games (UK)"
cpc_flop oriental01 "Oriental Games (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop outboard "Out Board (Fra) [Original] (GAPS)"
cpc_flop outboard01 "Out Board (Fra)"
cpc_flop outlawuk "Outlaw (UK)"
cpc_flop panzakic "Panza Kick Boxing (Fra) [Original]"
cpc_flop panzakic01 "Panza Kick Boxing (Fra)"
cpc_flop panzakic02 "Panza Kick Boxing (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop panzakic03 "Panza Kick Boxing (UK)"
cpc_flop paraacad "Para Academy (UK)"
cpc_flop penaltys "Penalty Soccer (UK)"
cpc_flop picknpil "Pick'N Pile (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop picknpil01 "Pick'N Pile (UK)"
cpc_flop pilotsg1 "Pilots (Ger) (128K) (PD)"
cpc_flop pinballm "Pinball Magic (Fra, UK) (2 faces) [Original] (GAPS)"
cpc_flop pinballm01 "Pinball Magic (UK)"
cpc_flop pipemani "Pipe Mania (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop pipemani01 "Pipe Mania (UK)"
cpc_flop pipeline "Pipeline (Fra) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop pipeline01 "Pipeline (UK) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop pirateuk "Pirate (UK) [Black System] [CPC]"
cpc_flop plumpyf1 "Plumpy (Fra) (128K) (2 faces) [CPC Infos]"
cpc_flop popupf19 "Pop-Up (Fra)"
cpc_flop popupf2f "Pop-Up (Fra) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop popupf2f01 "Pop-Up (Fra) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop popeye2u "Popeye 2 (UK)"
cpc_flop powerand "Power and Magic (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop powerand01 "Power and Magic (Spa)"
cpc_flop powertet "Power Tetris (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop princede "Prince de Perse (Fra) [Original]"
cpc_flop princede01 "Prince de Perse (Fra)"
cpc_flop princeof "Prince of Persia (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop princeof01 "Prince of Persia (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop prisonri "Prison Riot (UK)"
cpc_flop prizuk19 "Priz (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop progolfs "Pro Golf Simulator (UK)"
cpc_flop protenni04 "Pro Tennis Tour (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop protenni05 "Pro Tennis Tour (UK)"
cpc_flop professi02 "Professional Boxing Simulator (UK)"
cpc_flop puzznicu "Puzznic (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop puzznicu01 "Puzznic (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop puzznicu02 "Puzznic (UK)"
cpc_flop quickdra "Quick Draw McGraw (UK)"
cpc_flop rams1990 "RAM (Spa)"
cpc_flop ranag199 "Rana (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop rasterru "Raster Runner (UK)"
cpc_flop reigng19 "Reign (Ger) (Version Basic 1.1) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop rescatee "Rescate en el Golfo (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop rescatee01 "Rescate en el Golfo (UK)"
cpc_flop retrouve "Retrouve L'Histoire (Fra) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop revengeo "Revenge of Chaos (UK)"
cpc_flop revolver "Revolver (UK)"
cpc_flop rickdang04 "Rick Dangerous II (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop rickdang05 "Rick Dangerous II (UK)"
cpc_flop riskg199 "Risk (Ger)"
cpc_flop riverrac "River Race (UK) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop robotatt "Robot Attack (UK) (LightGun)"
cpc_flop rodymast02 "Rody & Mastico II (Fra) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop rodymast03 "Rody & Mastico II (Fra) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop rolexong "Rolexon (Ger) (PD)"
cpc_flop rombaoul "Romba Ou Le Guerrier de l'Impossible (Fra) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop rtcexete "Rtc Exeter (UK)"
cpc_flop ruffandr "Ruff and Reddy (UK) (K7)"
cpc_flop rugbycoa "Rugby Coach (UK)"
cpc_flop sagaf2fa "Saga (Fra) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop saigonco "Saigon Combat Unit (UK)"
cpc_flop saintdra "Saint Dragon (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop saintdra01 "Saint Dragon (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop samuraiu "Samurai (UK) (v2) [Black System] [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop samuraiu01 "Samurai (UK) [Black System] [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop santasch "Santa's Christmas Capers (UK)"
cpc_flop scoopf2f01 "Scoop (Fra) (2 faces) (Version Junior)"
cpc_flop scoopf2f02 "Scoop (Fra) (2 faces) (Version Senior)"
cpc_flop scramble01 "Scramble Spirits (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop scramble02 "Scramble Spirits (UK)"
cpc_flop sdawf2fa "Sdaw (Fra) (2 Faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop sdawf2fa01 "Sdaw (Fra) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop secretag "Secret Agent - Sly Spy (UK)"
cpc_flop secretag01 "Secret Agent - Sly Spy (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop secretag02 "Secret Agent - Sly Spy (UK) (2 faces) (UK retail version) [Original] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop sendasal "Senda Salvaje (Spa)"
cpc_flop shadowof "Shadow of the Beast (UK) (2 faces) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop shadowof01 "Shadow of the Beast (UK) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop shadowwa "Shadow Warriors (UK) (128K)"
cpc_flop shadowwa01 "Shadow Warriors (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop shermanm "Sherman M4 (Fra) (128K)"
cpc_flop shermanm01 "Sherman M4 (Fra) [Bugs]"
cpc_flop shermanm02 "Sherman M4 (Fra) [Original] (GAPS)"
cpc_flop shermanm03 "Sherman M4 (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop shiftg19 "Shift (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop shootuk1 "Shoot (UK) [CPC] [Black System]"
cpc_flop simplex3 "Simplex 3D (Fra) [LMC] [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop simulado "Simulador Profesional de Tenis (Spa)"
cpc_flop sitopons "Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix (Spa) [Original]"
cpc_flop sitopons01 "Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix (Spa)"
cpc_flop skatewar "Skate Wars (UK)"
cpc_flop skatinus "Skatin' USA (UK)"
cpc_flop smailys1 "Smaily (Spa) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop snookerm "Snooker Management (UK)"
cpc_flop snowstri "Snow Strike (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop snowstri01 "Snow Strike (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop snowstri02 "Snow Strike (UK)"
cpc_flop soccer7u "Soccer 7 (UK)"
cpc_flop soccerbo "Soccer Boss (UK) [Alternative Software]"
cpc_flop soccerch "Soccer Challenge (UK)"
cpc_flop soccerdi "Soccer Director (UK)"
cpc_flop solaremp "Solar Empire (UK) (Version Basic 1.1)"
cpc_flop solarinv "Solar Invasion (UK) (LightGun)"
cpc_flop sonicboo "Sonic Boom (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop sonicboo01 "Sonic Boom (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop sootyand "Sooty and Sweep's Fun With Numbers (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop sootyand01 "Sooty and Sweep's Fun With Numbers (UK)"
cpc_flop spacefro "Space Froggy (UK)"
cpc_flop spacerid "Space Rider (UK)"
cpc_flop spacesho "Space Shooting (UK) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop spacesto "Space Storm 3 (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop spacethi "Space Thief (UK) [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop spacebal "Spaceball (Ger) (Version Basic 1.1) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop spacedou01 "Spaced Out (UK) (PD) [Simon AVERY]"
cpc_flop spaghett "Spaghetti Western Simulator (UK)"
cpc_flop spielg19 "Spiel (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop spookyca "Spooky Castle (UK)"
cpc_flop squeaker "Squeaker (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop starcont "Star Control (UK) (Version Basic 1.1) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop starcont01 "Star Control (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop starcont02 "Star Control (UK)"
cpc_flop steeleag "Steel Eagle (UK)"
cpc_flop steinsch01 "Steinschlag (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop stormmou "Storm Mountain (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop strideri "Strider II (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop strideri01 "Strider II (UK)"
cpc_flop strideri02 "Strider II (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop strikeru "Striker (UK)"
cpc_flop strikerm "Striker Manager (UK)"
cpc_flop stuntcar "Stunt Car Racer (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop stuntcar01 "Stunt Car Racer (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop stuntcar02 "Stunt Car Racer - Extended Version (UK) (K7) (128K)"
cpc_flop stuntcar03 "Stunt Car Racer - Normal Version (UK)"
cpc_flop subbuteo "Subbuteo (Spa) [Original]"
cpc_flop subbuteo01 "Subbuteo (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop subbuteo02 "Subbuteo (UK)"
cpc_flop superali "Super Ali (Fra) [LMC] [CPC Infos]"
cpc_flop supercar "Super Cars (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop supercar01 "Super Cars (UK)"
cpc_flop supermaz "Super Maze (UK) (Version Basic 1.1) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop superskw "Super Skweek (Fra)"
cpc_flop superskw01 "Super Skweek (UK) [Original] (GAPS)"
cpc_flop superskw02 "Super Skweek (UK) (K7)"
cpc_flop sstockc "Super Stock Car (UK)"
cpc_flop superbow "Superbowl 91 (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop supercup "Supercup (UK)"
cpc_flop superkid "Superkid (UK)"
cpc_flop superted "Superted (UK)"
cpc_flop swapuk12 "Swap (UK) (128K) [Microids]"
cpc_flop swapuk1201 "Swap (UK) (128K) [Original] [Microids]"
cpc_flop targetba "Target Ball (UK) [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop targhanf "Targhan (Fra) (128K) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop targhanf01 "Targhan (Fra) (128K) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop targhans "Targhan (Spa) (128K) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop targhans01 "Targhan (Spa) (128K) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop teenagem "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop teenagem01 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK) (Version Basic 1.1) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop teenagem02 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK)"
cpc_flop tetrisuk03 "Tetris (UK) (PD) [Poesy]"
cpc_flop tetrof19 "Tetro (Fra) (Version basic 1.1) [CPC]"
cpc_flop thebattl "The Battle of the Bulge (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop thebattl01 "The Battle of the Bulge (UK)"
cpc_flop thebossf "The Boss (Fra) [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop theboxer "The Boxer (UK)"
cpc_flop thecaves "The Caves of Bewbews (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop thecycle "The Cycles (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop thecycle01 "The Cycles (UK)"
cpc_flop theenerg "The Energy of Wok (Fra) [CPC] [CPC Infos]"
cpc_flop thefamou "The Famous Five On Treasure Island (UK)"
cpc_flop thefires "The Firestone (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop thefootb "The Footballer (UK)"
cpc_flop thehuntf03 "The Hunt For Red October (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop thehuntf04 "The Hunt For Red October (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop thelastr "The Last Race (UK) [Black System] [Amstar & CPC]"
cpc_flop thelight "The Light Corridor (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop thelight01 "The Light Corridor (UK)"
cpc_flop themanag "The Manager (UK) (Version Basic 1.1)"
cpc_flop themonst "The Monster's Castle (Fra) [CPC]"
cpc_flop theraceu "The Race (UK) [Edmund SPICER]"
cpc_flop theraceu01 "The Race (UK)"
cpc_flop theringu "The Ring (UK)"
cpc_flop therings "The Rings of Artek (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop thespace "The Space Duel (Ger) (PD)"
cpc_flop thetestu "The Test (UK) (128K) (Version Basic 1.1) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop thewombl "The Wombles (UK)"
cpc_flop thomasth "Thomas The Tank Engine (UK)"
cpc_flop thomasth01 "Thomas The Tank Engine's Fun With Words (UK) [Original]"
cpc_flop thomasth02 "Thomas The Tank Engine's Fun With Words (UK)"
cpc_flop timemach02 "Time Machine (UK)"
cpc_flop toiacidg "Toi Acid Game (Spa)"
cpc_flop toiacidg01 "Toi Acid Game (Spa) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop tokyogan "Tokyo Gang (Spa)"
cpc_flop topcatuk "Top Cat (UK)"
cpc_flop topofthe "Top of the League (UK) (Version Basic 1.1)"
cpc_flop treblech "Treble Champions (UK)"
cpc_flop trevorbr "Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory (UK)"
cpc_flop tron90f1 "Tron 90 (Fra) [Micro Mag]"
cpc_flop tron90f101 "Tron 90+ (Fra) (PD)"
cpc_flop tuma7uk1 "Tuma 7 (UK)"
cpc_flop turbokar "Turbo Kart Racer (UK)"
cpc_flop turrican "Turrican (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop turrican01 "Turrican (UK) (2 faces) (UK retail version) [Original] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop twinworl "Twinworld (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop twinworl01 "Twinworld (UK) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop unsquadr "UN Squadron (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop unsquadr01 "UN Squadron (UK) (2 faces) [Original]"
cpc_flop unsquadr02 "UN Squadron (UK) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop uniterg1 "Uniter (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop vendetta "Vendetta (UK) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop vendetta01 "Vendetta (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop vendetta02 "Vendetta (UK) (2 faces)"
cpc_flop vengeurf "Vengeur (Fra) (Version Basic 1.1) (PD)"
cpc_flop versurag "Versura (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop welladay "Welladay (UK)"
cpc_flop welltris "Welltris (UK) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop welltris01 "Welltris (UK)"
cpc_flop whatiquk "What IQ (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop wipeoutu "Wipeout (UK)"
cpc_flop wordinva "Word Invader (Fra)"
cpc_flop worldcha01 "World Championship Boxing Manager (UK, Fra, Ita) [Original]"
cpc_flop worldcha02 "World Championship Boxing Manager (UK, Fra, Ita)"
cpc_flop worldcha03 "World Championship Soccer (UK) (128K) (CPM) [Original]"
cpc_flop worldcha04 "World Championship Soccer (UK) (128K)"
cpc_flop worldcup05 "World Cup Challenge (UK)"
cpc_flop worldcup08 "World Cup Soccer Italia '90 (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop worldsoc "World Soccer (UK)"
cpc_flop worldsoc01 "World Soccer League (UK) (Version 6128)"
cpc_flop wortsuch "Wortsuchen (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop xoutuk1901 "X-Out (UK) (UK retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop xoutuk2f "X-Out (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original]"
cpc_flop xalkf199 "Xalk (Fra) (Version Basic 1.1) [Amstrad Cent Pour Cent]"
cpc_flop xforcewa "Xforce-Warrior (UK) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop yetchauk "Yetcha (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop yogibear "Yogi Bear & Friends In Greed Monster (UK)"
cpc_flop yogisgre "Yogi's Great Escape (UK)"
cpc_flop zwanzigr "Zwanzig Rauf Und Runter (Ger) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop alyssada "Alyssa Database (UK) (128K) (Version 1.6) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop amcharge01 "Amcharge (Fra) (Version 2) [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop amstrade "Amstradeus (Fra) [Amstrad Cent Pour Cent] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop archivag "Archivages (Fra) (PD) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop assemblo01 "Assemblor (Fra) (Version 1.3) [CPC Infos] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop caans199 "C.A.A.N. (Spa) (PD) [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop cateditf "Catedit (Fra) [Amstar & CPC] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop compacte01 "Compacteur Basic (Fra) [Amstar & CPC] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop cpm30cpc "CPM 3.0 CPC Plus version (UK) (2 faces) (French retail version) (Version 6128) (CPM) [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop dataload "Dataload (Fra) [Amstar & CPC] [CPC] [CPC Infos] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop defcarac "Defcarac (Fra) [Tilt] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop desicone "Des Icones A Gogo (Fra) [Amstrad Cent Pour Cent] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop discolog09 "Discology Plus (Fra) (CPM) (Version 6.0) (Patch CPC+) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop filescan "File Scanner (UK) (PD) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop formatii "Format II (Fra) [Amstar & CPC] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop ghostwri "Ghost Writer (UK) (PD) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop helpg199 "Help (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop klebdire "Kleb Dir Einen (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop lotoslov "Loto (Slovene) (PD) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop maxidos1 "Maxidos 1.3 + Cpc Procopy 1.2 (UK) [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop maxidosv "Maxidos v1.3 (Fra) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop maxidosv01 "Maxidos v1.3 (UK) [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop maxidosv02 "Maxidos v1.3 (UK) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop megasoun "Mega Sound (Fra) (2 faces) [Amstar & CPC] [CPC Infos] [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop megasoun01 "Mega Sound (Fra) (2 faces) [Amstar & CPC] [CPC Infos] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop modexf19 "Modex (Fra) [CPC Infos] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop motyff19 "Motyf (Fra) [Amstar & CPC] [CPC Infos] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop multicod01 "Multi Codeur 2.00 (Fra, UK) [CPC Infos] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop nemesise "Nemesis Express 4 (Fra) (2 faces) [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop paginati "Pagination Assistee Par Ordinateur (Fra) [Micro Mag] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop poppiess "Poppie's Super Keyboard (UK) [PC Amstrad International] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop powerbas "Powerbase (UK) [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop procopyf "Procopy+ (Fra) [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop proporti "Proportionale Vector Schrift (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop quick55f "Quick 55 (Fra) [Amstar & CPC] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop spacewri "Space Writing (Fra) (Version Basic 1.1) [Amstar & CPC] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop spritesa "Sprites Alive (UK) (2 faces) [Original] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop theamstr "The Amstrad Times Maker (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [UTILITAIRE]"
cpc_flop barthels02 "Barthels Dash (Barbarthel)(de)"
cpc_flop battleof "Battle of the Bulge (CCS)[cr NPS]"
cpc_flop beast199 "Beast (Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop beast19901 "Beast (Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop bombarde01 "Bombarderos (Amstrad Users)"
cpc_flop boredom1 "Boredom (Simon Avery)"
cpc_flop budgetin "Budget Intro 3 (Syntax Error)"
cpc_flop byebyego "Bye Bye Good Old Ico (TPS)"
cpc_flop canichea01 "Can I Cheat the Death (Simon Avery)"
cpc_flop cmvamp "Castle Master (Vampire)"
cpc_flop cateditv "Catedit v6.05 (Amstar)(fr)"
cpc_flop cavesofb "Caves of Bewbews (E. Spicer)"
cpc_flop cebit90d "CeBIT 90 Demo (-)"
cpc_flop christma02 "Christmas Demo (JCP)"
cpc_flop christma03 "Christmas Demo (PDW)"
cpc_flop ciuthant "Ci-U-Than Trilogy I - La Diosa de Cozumel (Aventuras AD)(es)"
cpc_flop coliseum07 "Coliseum (Black System)[t]"
cpc_flop coronama "La Corona Magica (OMK Software)(es)[cr NPS - Kino & Hufo]"
cpc_flop coronama01 "La Corona Magica (OMK Software)(es)[t]"
cpc_flop cowboyki01 "Cowboy Kidz (Byte-Back)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop cowboyki02 "Cowboy Kidz (Byte-Back)[t]"
cpc_flop cpcpower "CPC Power Intro 3 (CPC Power)"
cpc_flop crackdow03 "Crack Down (US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Crackponx]"
cpc_flop crackdow04 "Crack Down (US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop crackdow05 "Crack Down (US Gold)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr Crackponx]"
cpc_flop crackdow06 "Crack Down (US Gold)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop crackint "Crack Intro 1 (CACH)"
cpc_flop crackint04 "Crack Intro 5 (CACH)"
cpc_flop crackint07 "Crack Intro Compilation 1 (-)"
cpc_flop cyberbal02 "Cyberball - Footballer in the 21st Century (Domark)"
cpc_flop cyberbal03 "Cyberball - Footballer in the 21st Century (Domark)[a]"
cpc_flop damessim01 "Dames Simulator (Infogrames)(fr)"
cpc_flop dandarei05 "Dan Dare III - The Escape (Virgin Games)"
cpc_flop dandarei06 "Dan Dare III - The Escape (Virgin Games)[cr TB Crackers][t +3 TB Crackers]"
cpc_flop deadlyev01 "Deadly Evil (Players Premier Software)[cr GPA]"
cpc_flop deathsti01 "Death's Ticket (R.O.S. Soft)"
cpc_flop defender0f "Defenders of the Earth (Enigma Variations)(en-fr)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop demo1199 "Demo 1 (IBC)"
cpc_flop demo2199 "Demo 2 (IBC)"
cpc_flop demonr5t "The Demo Nr.5 (Charleytronic)"
cpc_flop demoserv "Demo Service (Crackers International)"
cpc_flop detectiv03 "Detective (News by Disc)(fr)"
cpc_flop dicktrac03 "Dick Tracy (Titus)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop dicktrac04 "Dick Tracy (Titus)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR][a]"
cpc_flop digitald "Digital Demo 1 (TCD)"
cpc_flop digitald01 "Digital Demo 1 (TCD)[a]"
cpc_flop disc1990 "Disc (Pharao)[cr GPA][t GPA]"
cpc_flop dragonso01 "Dragons of Flame (US Gold)[cr GPA][t GPA]"
cpc_flop drumstud "The Drum Studio (J.K. Software)"
cpc_flop dynamite0b "Dynamite (Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)"
cpc_flop dynamite0c "Dynamite (Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)"
cpc_flop dynamite0d "Dynamite (Ocean Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)"
cpc_flop dynamite0e "Dynamite (Ocean Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)"
cpc_flop dynastyw03 "Dynasty Wars (US Gold)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop dynastyw04 "Dynasty Wars (US Gold)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR][a]"
cpc_flop emotion1 "E-Motion (US Gold)[cr The Dog][t Ankh]"
cpc_flop eswat199 "E-SWAT (US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop eswat19901 "E-SWAT (US Gold)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop eaglesri04 "Eagle's Rider (Microids)"
cpc_flop eddthedu02 "Edd the Duck (Impulze)[t]"
cpc_flop eddthedu03 "Edd the Duck (Impulze)[t][a]"
cpc_flop escparty "ESC Party 90 Demo (ESC)"
cpc_flop escapefr08 "Escape from Planet of Robot Monsters (Domark)[cr CACH][t +2 CACH]"
cpc_flop escapefr09 "Escape from Planet of Robot Monsters (Domark)[cr Crackponx][t +2 Crackponx]"
cpc_flop escapefr0a "Escape from the Planet of Doom (Edmund Spicer)"
cpc_flop espadasa "La Espada Sagrada (Topo Soft)(es)"
cpc_flop espadasa01 "La Espada Sagrada (Topo Soft)(es)[cr Kino & Hufo]"
cpc_flop etrangec01 "Etrange Castel (Sebastien Demazure)(fr)"
cpc_flop european0a "European Champions (E&J Software)"
cpc_flop f16fight01 "F-16 Fighting Falcon (Virgin Mastertronic)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop famousfi "The Famous Five - Five on a Treasure Island (Enigma Variations)"
cpc_flop famousfi01 "The Famous Five - Five on a Treasure Island (Enigma Variations)[a]"
cpc_flop fighterb04 "Fighter Bomber (Activision)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop fire1990 "Fire (New Deal Productions)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop fire199001 "Fire (New Deal Productions)[cr XOR][t XOR][a]"
cpc_flop fireandf02 "Fire and Forget II - The Death Convoy (Titus)[cr NPS][t +5 NPS]"
cpc_flop fireston "The Firestone (Simon Avery)(PD)"
cpc_flop firstint "First Intro (Technobyte)"
cpc_flop flimbosq03 "Flimbo's Quest (System 3 Software)[cr CBS][t CBS]"
cpc_flop football17 "Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Addictive Games)(es)"
cpc_flop football18 "Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Addictive Games)(fr)"
cpc_flop football19 "Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Addictive Games)(fr)[a]"
cpc_flop football1a "Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Addictive Games)"
cpc_flop frankens04 "Frankenstein Jnr (Codemasters)"
cpc_flop fruitmac03 "Fruit Machine 2 Simulator (Codemasters)"
cpc_flop futurebi01 "Future Bike Simulator (Hi-Tec Software)[cr Tom & Jerry]"
cpc_flop futurebi02 "Future Bike Simulator (Hi-Tec Software)[t +3]"
cpc_flop garfield05 "Garfield - Winter's Tail (The Edge Software)"
cpc_flop garfield06 "Garfield - Winter's Tail (The Edge Software)[a]"
cpc_flop gazzassu04 "Gazza's Super Soccer (Empire Software)(fr)"
cpc_flop gazzassu05 "Gazza's Super Soccer (Empire Software)(fr)[a]"
cpc_flop gazzassu06 "Gazza's Super Soccer (EmpireSoftware)"
cpc_flop gazzassu07 "Gazza's Super Soccer (Empire Software)[a]"
cpc_flop goldenax05 "Golden Axe (Virgin Games)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop goldenax06 "Golden Axe (Virgin Games)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop goldenax07 "Golden Axe (Virgin Games)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop goldenax08 "Golden Axe (Virgin Games)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop goldenba02 "Golden Basket (Opera Soft)(es)[cr The Spanish Hacker]"
cpc_flop goldenba03 "Golden Basket (Opera Soft)(es)[cr The Spanish Hacker][a]"
cpc_flop goodbye1 "Good Bye (Cobra)"
cpc_flop goodmoon01 "Good Moon (Black System)[t]"
cpc_flop grandpri14 "Grand Prix Circuit (Accolade)"
cpc_flop gremlins08 "Gremlins 2 - La Nueva Generacion (Topo Soft)(es)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop gremlins09 "Gremlins 2 - La Nueva Generacion (Topo Soft)(es)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop gremlins0a "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (Elite Systems)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop gremlins0b "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (Elite Systems)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop guardian06 "The Guardian Angel (Codemasters)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop guardian07 "Guardian II - Revenge of the Mutants (Hi-Tec Software)[t +2]"
cpc_flop hammerfi03 "Hammerfist (Activision)"
cpc_flop hammerfi04 "Hammerfist (Activision)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop hammerfi05 "Hammerfist (Activision)[cr XOR][t XOR][a]"
cpc_flop harrican03 "Harricana (Loriciels)(fr)[cr The Last Eagle]"
cpc_flop harrican04 "Harricana (Loriciels)(fr)[cr XOR]"
cpc_flop havoc199 "Havoc (Players Premier Software)"
cpc_flop havoc19901 "Havoc (Players Premier Software)[a]"
cpc_flop heavymet03 "Heavy Metal (US Gold)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop heltersk03 "Helter Skelter (Audiogenic Software)"
cpc_flop hongkong01 "Hong Kong Phooey (Hi-Tec Software)[cr JLCS]"
cpc_flop hongkong02 "Hong Kong Phooey (Hi-Tec Software)[t]"
cpc_flop hostages03 "Hostages (Infogrames)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]"
cpc_flop hostages04 "Hostages (Infogrames)(Disk 2 of 2)[cpm version]"
cpc_flop hotrod19 "Hot-Rod (Activision)[cr TB Crackers]"
cpc_flop icebreak02 "Ice-Breaker (Topo Soft)(es)"
cpc_flop impossam02 "Impossamole (Gremlin Graphics Software)"
cpc_flop impossam03 "Impossamole (Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop info1990 "Info (BSP)"
cpc_flop inhumano "Inhumanos, Los (Delta Software)(es)[cr The Spanish Hacker][t +2 The Spanish Hacker]"
cpc_flop internat0f "International 3D Tennis (Palace Software)"
cpc_flop introduc "Introduction (Dino)"
cpc_flop ironlord02 "Iron Lord (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 1 of 4)"
cpc_flop ironlord03 "Iron Lord (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 2 of 4)"
cpc_flop ironlord04 "Iron Lord (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 3 of 4)"
cpc_flop ironlord05 "Iron Lord (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 4 of 4)"
cpc_flop italians01 "Italian Supercar (Codemasters)[t +2]"
cpc_flop italians02 "Italian Supercar (Codemasters)[t]"
cpc_flop italy19905 "Italy 1990 (US Gold)[cr XOR]"
cpc_flop italy90c "Italy 90 Crack Intro (XOR)"
cpc_flop ivaniron02 "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Racer (Virgin Games)"
cpc_flop ivaniron03 "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Racer (Virgin Games)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop jasonoft01 "Jason of the Argonauts (Simon Avery)"
cpc_flop jet37199 "Jet 37 (Black System)[t]"
cpc_flop junglewa05 "Jungle Warrior (Zigurat Software)(es)[cr The Spanish Hacker]"
cpc_flop junglewa06 "Jungle Warrior (Zigurat Software)(es)[t]"
cpc_flop kennydal02 "Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (Impressions Software)"
cpc_flop kennydal03 "Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (Impressions Software)[master disk 1]"
cpc_flop kennydal04 "Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (Impressions Software)[master disk 2]"
cpc_flop kickoff1 "Kick Off (Anco Software)(M5)"
cpc_flop kickoff101 "Kick Off (Anco Software)[cr Triade]"
cpc_flop kickoff203 "Kick Off 2 (Anco Software)(fr)"
cpc_flop kickoff204 "Kick Off 2 (Anco Software)(fr)[a]"
cpc_flop klax1990 "Klax (Domark)"
cpc_flop klax199001 "Klax (Domark)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]"
cpc_flop kreator1 "Kreator (Tom & Jerry)"
cpc_flop kwiksnax01 "Kwik Snax Dizzy (Codemasters)[cr GPA][t GPA]"
cpc_flop kwiksnax02 "Kwik Snax Dizzy (Codemasters)[cr GPA][t GPA][a]"
cpc_flop lastninj09 "Last Ninja Remix (System 3 Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CACH]"
cpc_flop lastninj0a "Last Ninja Remix (System 3 Software)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr CACH]"
cpc_flop legend19 "Legend (Delta Software)(es)"
cpc_flop lightcor01 "The Light Corridor (Infogrames)[cr JLCS]"
cpc_flop lightcor02 "The Light Corridor (Infogrames)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop lineoffi02 "Line of Fire (US Gold)[cr CACH][t CACH]"
cpc_flop littlepu02 "Little Puff in Dragonland (Codemasters)[cr Maze Softs]"
cpc_flop littlepu03 "Little Puff in Dragonland (Codemasters)[cr Maze Softs][a]"
cpc_flop lordsofc03 "Lords of Chaos (Blade Software)(en-fr)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop lorna199 "Lorna (Topo Soft)(es)[cr The Spanish Hacker]"
cpc_flop lorna19901 "Lorna (Topo Soft)(es)[t]"
cpc_flop lotusesp01 "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Gremlin Graphics Software)"
cpc_flop lotusesp02 "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Gremlin Graphics Software)[a]"
cpc_flop madmix21 "Mad Mix 2 (Topo Soft)[t]"
cpc_flop madmix2e "Mad Mix 2 - En el Castillo de los Fantasmas (Topo Soft)(es)"
cpc_flop madmix2e01 "Mad Mix 2 - En el Castillo de los Fantasmas (Topo Soft)(es)[a]"
cpc_flop madmixcr "Mad Mix Crack Intro (ACE)"
cpc_flop maffia19 "Maffia (Cosmic Software)(fr)[t]"
cpc_flop magicjoh02 "Magic Johnson's Basketball (Dro Soft)(es)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop magicjoh03 "Magic Johnson's Basketball (Dro Soft)(es)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR][a]"
cpc_flop manchest04 "Manchester United (Krisalis Software)(M3)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop manchest05 "Manchester United (Krisalis Software)"
cpc_flop megademo "Mega Demo (Tag & JCP)"
cpc_flop megamusi "Mega Music Demo 1 (JCP)"
cpc_flop megasoun02 "Mega Sound (Amstar)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop megasoun03 "Mega Sound (Amstar)(fr)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop megawar1 "Megawar (Genesis Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop mermaidm03 "Mermaid Madness (Electric Dreams Software)[cr ACE]"
cpc_flop midnight05 "Midnight Resistance (Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop midnight06 "Midnight Resistance (Ocean Software)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop midnight07 "Midnight Resistance (Ocean Software)[cr NPS]"
cpc_flop migbuste01 "Mig Busters (Players Premier Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]"
cpc_flop molecula03 "Molecularr (Amstrad 100)"
cpc_flop molecule03 "Molecule (LMC Software)"
cpc_flop montypyt04 "Monty Python's Flying Circus (Virgin Games)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop montypyt05 "Monty Python's Flying Circus (Virgin Games)[cr XOR][t XOR][a]"
cpc_flop moonblas02 "Moon Blaster (Loriciels)"
cpc_flop moonblas03 "Moon Blaster (Loriciels)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop mortadel04 "Mortadelo y Filemon II - Safari Callejero (Dro Soft)(es)[cr The Spanish Hacker][t The Spanish Hacker]"
cpc_flop mrgas199 "Mr. Gas (Dro Soft)(es)[cr Kino & Hufo]"
cpc_flop mrgas19901 "Mr. Gas (Dro Soft)(es)[cr Kino & Hufo][a]"
cpc_flop mundiald02 "Mundial de Futbol (Opera Soft)(es)[cr Pegas]"
cpc_flop mystical02 "Mystical (Infogrames)(fr)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop mythos19 "Mythos (Opera Soft)"
cpc_flop mythos1901 "Mythos (Opera Soft)[t]"
cpc_flop narc1990 "Narc (Ocean Software)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]"
cpc_flop narcopol02 "Narco Police (Dinamic Software)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop narcopol03 "Narco Police (Dinamic Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop newyorkw03 "New York Warriors (Virgin Games)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop nighthun03 "Night Hunter (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)[t +2]"
cpc_flop nighthun04 "Night Hunter (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 2 of 2)[t +2]"
cpc_flop nighthun05 "Night Hunter (Ubi Soft)(fr)[cr TB Crackers][t TB Crackers]"
cpc_flop ninja199 "Ninja (Black System)"
cpc_flop ninja19901 "Ninja (Black System)[a]"
cpc_flop noexit19 "No Exit (CVS)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop noixdecr "Noix de Croco 4 (-)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop noixdecr01 "Noix de Croco 4 (-)(fr)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop operatio14 "Operation Hanoi (Players Premier Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]"
cpc_flop operatio15 "Operation Hanoi (Players Premier Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag][a]"
cpc_flop oriental04 "Oriental Games (Firebird Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop outboard02 "Outboard (Loriciels)[cr Crackponx]"
cpc_flop outlaw19 "Outlaw (Players Premier Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry]"
cpc_flop outlaw1901 "Outlaw (Players Premier Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry][a]"
cpc_flop p47thund "P-47 Thunderbolt - The Freedom Fighter (Firebird Software)"
cpc_flop p47thund01 "P-47 Thunderbolt - The Freedom Fighter (Firebird Software)[a]"
cpc_flop p47thund02 "P-47 Thunderbolt - The Freedom Fighter (Firebird Software)[cr GPA]"
cpc_flop p47thund03 "P-47 Thunderbolt - The Freedom Fighter (Firebird Software)[cr TB Crackers]"
cpc_flop pang1990 "Pang (Ruediger Moeller)"
cpc_flop panzakic05 "Panza Kick Boxing (Futura)(fr)[cr Pynard][t Pynard]"
cpc_flop panzakic06 "Panza Kick Boxing (Futura)"
cpc_flop party119 "Party 1 (CGC)"
cpc_flop penaltys01 "Penalty Soccer (Artronic Products)"
cpc_flop picknpil03 "Pick 'n' Pile (Ubi Soft)"
cpc_flop pilots19 "Pilots (Barbarthel)(de)"
cpc_flop pinballm02 "Pinball Magic (Loriciels)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop pipemani02 "Pipe Mania (Empire Software)"
cpc_flop pirate19 "Pirate (Black System)"
cpc_flop plumpy19 "Plumpy (Amstar)(fr)[cr NPS]"
cpc_flop popup199 "Pop-Up (Infogrames)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop popup19901 "Pop-Up (Infogrames)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR][a]"
cpc_flop powerand02 "Power and Magic (Zigurat Software)(es)"
cpc_flop powertet01 "Power Tetris (A. Stroiczek)"
cpc_flop powerbas01 "Powerbase v2.11d (Robot-PD)"
cpc_flop princede02 "Prince de Perse (Broderbund Software)(fr)"
cpc_flop princede03 "Prince de Perse (Broderbund Software)(fr)[cr Tom & Jerry]"
cpc_flop princeof03 "Prince of Persia (Broderbund Software)(fr)"
cpc_flop princeof04 "Prince of Persia (Broderbund Software)(fr)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]"
cpc_flop princeof05 "Prince of Persia (Broderbund Software)"
cpc_flop prisonri01 "Prison Riot (Players Premier Software)"
cpc_flop prisonri02 "Prison Riot (Players Premier Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop proboxin "Pro Boxing Simulator (Codemasters)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop proboxin01 "Pro Boxing Simulator (Codemasters)[cr CBS][a]"
cpc_flop progolfs01 "Pro Golf Simulator (Codemasters)"
cpc_flop progolfs02 "Pro Golf Simulator (Codemasters)[a]"
cpc_flop protenni06 "Pro Tennis Simulator (Codemasters)"
cpc_flop protenni07 "Pro Tennis Simulator (Codemasters)[cr Tom & Jerry]"
cpc_flop protenni08 "Pro Tennis Tour (Ubi Soft)"
cpc_flop protenni09 "Pro Tennis Tour (Ubi Soft)[a]"
cpc_flop profesio "Profesional Tennis (Dinamic Software)(es)"
cpc_flop puzznic1 "Puzznic (Ocean Software)[t +2]"
cpc_flop ram1990t "R.A.M. (Topo Soft)(es)[cr JLCS]"
cpc_flop racethe1 "The Race (Edmund Spicer)"
cpc_flop racethe101 "The Race (Players Premier Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]"
cpc_flop radrampr01 "Rad Ramp Racer (Mastertronic Plus)[cr GPA]"
cpc_flop rainbowi06 "Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (Ocean Software)"
cpc_flop rainbowi07 "Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (Ocean Software)[cr CACH][t CACH]"
cpc_flop rainbowi08 "Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop rasterru01 "Raster Runner (Mastertronic Plus)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop rescatee02 "Rescate en el Golfo (Opera Soft)[cr The Spanish Hacker]"
cpc_flop revolver01 "Revolver (Alternative Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop rickdang09 "Rick Dangerous II (Micro Style)"
cpc_flop rickdang0a "Rick Dangerous II (Micro Style)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop rickdang0b "Rick Dangerous II (Micro Style)[t +3]"
cpc_flop romba199 "Romba (LMC Software)(fr)"
cpc_flop roog1990 "Roog (Simon Avery)"
cpc_flop ruffandr01 "Ruff and Reddy in The Space Adventure (Hi-Tec Software)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop ruffandr02 "Ruff and Reddy in The Space Adventure (Hi-Tec Software)[t +2]"
cpc_flop saga1990 "Saga (Lankhor)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop saga199001 "Saga (Lankhor)(fr)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop saintdra02 "Saint Dragon (Storm Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop saintdra03 "Saint Dragon (Storm Software)[cr Pynard][t +2 Pynard]"
cpc_flop saintval01 "Saint Valentin (Sebastien Leloutre)(fr)"
cpc_flop sampler1 "Sampler 1 (The Gho-Team)"
cpc_flop samurai1 "Samurai (Black System)"
cpc_flop scramble05 "Scramble Spirits (Grandslam Entertainments)[cr GPA][t GPA]"
cpc_flop sdaw1990 "Sdaw (Lankhor)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop sdaw199001 "Sdaw (Lankhor)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Crackponx]"
cpc_flop sdaw199002 "Sdaw (Lankhor)(fr)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop sdaw199003 "Sdaw (Lankhor)(fr)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr Crackponx]"
cpc_flop sectenoi "La Secte Noires (Lankhor)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR]"
cpc_flop sectenoi01 "La Secte Noires (Lankhor)(fr)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr XOR]"
cpc_flop shadowof05 "Shadow of the Beast (Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[a][cpm version]"
cpc_flop shadowof06 "Shadow of the Beast (Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop shadowof07 "Shadow of the Beast (Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 2 of 2)[a][cpm version]"
cpc_flop shadowwa04 "Shadow Warriors (Ocean Software)"
cpc_flop shadowwa05 "Shadow Warriors (Ocean Software)[a]"
cpc_flop shermanm05 "Sherman M4 (Loriciels)(fr)[cr XOR][a]"
cpc_flop shoot199 "Shoot (Black System)"
cpc_flop sideralw02 "Sideral War (Delta Software)"
cpc_flop simplex301 "Simplex 3D (LMC Software)(es)"
cpc_flop simulado01 "Simulador Profesional de Tennis (Dinamic Software)(es)"
cpc_flop sirwood1 "Sirwood (Opera Soft)"
cpc_flop sirwood101 "Sirwood (Opera Soft)[cr Tiger Soft]"
cpc_flop sitopons02 "Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix (Zigurat Software)(es)[cr EDR]"
cpc_flop skatinus01 "Skatin' USA (Atlantis Software)"
cpc_flop skatinus02 "Skatin' USA (Atlantis Software)[t +4]"
cpc_flop slyspyse "Sly Spy - Secret Agent (Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop slyspyse01 "Sly Spy - Secret Agent (Ocean Software)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop slyspyse02 "Sly Spy - Secret Agent (Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop soccerch01 "Soccer Challenge (Alternative Software)"
cpc_flop soccerdi01 "Soccer Director (G.T.I. Software)"
cpc_flop solaremp01 "Solar Empire (Players Premier Software)"
cpc_flop sonicboo03 "Sonic Boom (Activision)"
cpc_flop sootyand02 "Sooty and Sweep (Alternative Software)[cr Black Mission]"
cpc_flop soundsam "Sound Sampler (CGC)"
cpc_flop soviet19 "Soviet (Opera Soft)[cr Kino & Hufo]"
cpc_flop soviet1901 "Soviet (Opera Soft)[t]"
cpc_flop spacedue "Space Duell (Andreas Stroiczek)"
cpc_flop spacefro02 "Space Froggy (Glency Software)"
cpc_flop spacehar07 "Space Harrier II (Grandslam Entertainments)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CBS][t CBS]"
cpc_flop spacehar08 "Space Harrier II (Grandslam Entertainments)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr CBS][t CBS]"
cpc_flop spacehar09 "Space Harrier II (Grandslam Entertainments)[cr GPA][t GPA]"
cpc_flop spacerid01 "Space Rider - Jet Pack Co. (Hi-Tec Software)"
cpc_flop spacerid02 "Space Rider - Jet Pack Co. (Hi-Tec Software)[a]"
cpc_flop spacedou03 "Spaced-Out (Simon Avery)(PD)"
cpc_flop spagetth "Spagetthi Western Simulator (Zeppelin Games)[cr GPA]"
cpc_flop spritede01 "Sprite Designer Program v1.50 (Glenco Software)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop spritede02 "Sprite Designer Program v1.50 (Glenco Software)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop steeleag01 "Steel Eagle (Players Premier Software)[cr Maze Softs]"
cpc_flop steeleag02 "Steel Eagle (Players Premier Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry]"
cpc_flop stormlor06 "Stormlord II - Deliverance (Hewson Consultants)[cr Aragorn]"
cpc_flop strider2 "Strider 2 (US Gold)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]"
cpc_flop strider201 "Strider 2 (US Gold)[cr Wizard]"
cpc_flop subbuteo03 "Subbuteo - The Computer Game (Electronic Zoo)[cr CBS]"
cpc_flop superali01 "Super Ali (LMC Software)(fr)"
cpc_flop supercar02 "Super Cars (Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop supersto01 "Super Stock Car (Mastertronic Plus)[cr Tom & Jerry]"
cpc_flop superted01 "Super Ted - The Search for Spot (Alternative Software)[cr GPA]"
cpc_flop superkid02 "Superkid (Atlantis Software)"
cpc_flop targhana "Targhana (Silmarils)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop taromanc "Le Taromancien (Uranie Software)(fr)[cr XOR]"
cpc_flop teenagem06 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Image Works)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop teenagem07 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Image Works)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop teenagem08 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Image Works)"
cpc_flop teenagem09 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Image Works)[a]"
cpc_flop teenagem0a "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Image Works)[cr JLCS]"
cpc_flop teenagem0b "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Image Works)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]"
cpc_flop teenagem0c "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Image Works)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS][a]"
cpc_flop tetris1902 "Tetris (Poesy)"
cpc_flop thingona02 "Thing on a Spring (Gremlin Graphics Software)"
cpc_flop thingona03 "Thing on a Spring (Gremlin Graphics Software)[a]"
cpc_flop thomasth05 "Thomas the Tank Engine's Fun with Words (Britt Allcroft Thomas)"
cpc_flop timemach04 "Time Machine (Activision)"
cpc_flop tizpansa "Tizpan - Saviour of the Jungle (Simon Avery)"
cpc_flop tokyogan01 "Tokyo Gang (G.LL. Software)(es)[t]"
cpc_flop tokyogan02 "Tokyo Gang (G.LL. Software)(es)[t][a]"
cpc_flop tron9019 "Tron 90 (Liard Dominique)(fr)"
cpc_flop tuma7199 "Tuma 7 (Delta Software)[cr Kino & Hufo]"
cpc_flop tuma719901 "Tuma 7 (Delta Software)[t +2]"
cpc_flop turboout01 "Turbo Out Run (US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop turboout02 "Turbo Out Run (US Gold)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr NPS][t NPS]"
cpc_flop turrican09 "Turrican (Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop turrican0b "Turrican (Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CBS][t CBS]"
cpc_flop turrican0c "Turrican (Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop turrican0d "Turrican (Rainbow Arts)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop turrican0f "Turrican (Rainbow Arts)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr CBS][t CBS]"
cpc_flop turrican10 "Turrican (Rainbow Arts)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]"
cpc_flop twinworl03 "Twin World (Ubi Soft)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CBS][t CBS]"
cpc_flop twinworl04 "Twin World (Ubi Soft)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop twinworl05 "Twin World (Ubi Soft)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr CBS][t CBS]"
cpc_flop twinworl06 "Twin World (Ubi Soft)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop unsquadr03 "UN Squadron (US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CACH][t +2 CACH]"
cpc_flop unsquadr04 "UN Squadron (US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Kino & Hufo][t Kino & Hufo]"
cpc_flop unsquadr05 "UN Squadron (US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop unsquadr06 "UN Squadron (US Gold)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr CACH][t +2 CACH]"
cpc_flop unsquadr07 "UN Squadron (US Gold)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr Kino & Hufo][t Kino & Hufo]"
cpc_flop unsquadr08 "UN Squadron (US Gold)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]"
cpc_flop vendetta04 "Vendetta (System 3 Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Hufo & Kino]"
cpc_flop vengeurl "Le Vengeur (Eric Cubizolle)(fr)"
cpc_flop welladay01 "Welladay (Simon Avery)"
cpc_flop whatiq19 "What IQ (Dave Andrews)"
cpc_flop wheelsof "Wheels of Fire (Domark)(Disk 1 of 4)"
cpc_flop wildstre01 "Wild Streets (Titus)[cr TB Crackers][t TB Crackers]"
cpc_flop wildstre02 "Wild Streets (Titus)[cr TB Crackers][t TB Crackers][a]"
cpc_flop wipeout1 "Wipeout (Mastertronic)"
cpc_flop wizardwi01 "Wizard Willy (Codemasters)[cr Maze Softs]"
cpc_flop wizardwi02 "Wizard Willy (Codemasters)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]"
cpc_flop wizardwi03 "Wizard Willy (Codemasters)[t +4]"
cpc_flop womblest "The Wombles (Alternative Software)"
cpc_flop worldcha05 "World Championship Boxing Manager (Goliath Games)[m3]"
cpc_flop worldcha06 "World Championship Boxing Manager (Goliath Games)[m3][a]"
cpc_flop worldcha07 "World Championship Soccer (Elite Systems)[cr GPA]"
cpc_flop worldcha08 "World Championship Soccer (Elite Systems)[cr NPS]"
cpc_flop worldsoc02 "World Soccer (Zeppelin Games)"
cpc_flop worldsoc03 "World Soccer (Zeppelin Games)[master disk]"
cpc_flop xout1990 "X-Out (Rainbow Arts)[cr Reilan][t Reilan]"
cpc_flop yogibear03 "Yogi Bear and Friends in The Greed Monster (Hi-Tec Software)[cr Somxay]"
cpc_flop yogibear04 "Yogi Bear and Friends in The Greed Monster (Hi-Tec Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry]"
cpc_flop yogisgre01 "Yogi's Great Escape (Hi-Tec Software)[t +2]"
cpc_flop zombi199 "Zombi (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop zombi19901 "Zombi (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 1 of 2)[6128 version]"
cpc_flop zombi19902 "Zombi (Ubi Soft)(fr)(Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop zombi19903 "Zombi (Ubi Soft)(fr)[464 version]"
cpc_flop balldoze03 "Balldozer (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop beastuk1 "Beast (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop beastuk101 "Beast (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop beastuk102 "Beast (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop bebetter "The BeBetter Demo (Fra) (PD)"
cpc_flop bloodwyc07 "Bloodwych Maps (UK)"
cpc_flop britishs01 "British Super League (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop cowboyki03 "Cowboy Kidz (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop cpcplust "CPC Plus Test Cartridge (UK)"
cpc_flop crackdow07 "Crackdown (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop crackdow08 "Crackdown (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop crazycar14 "Crazy Cars 2 (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop crocrom3 "Croc'Rom 3 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop crocrom301 "Croc'Rom 3 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop crocrom4 "Croc'Rom 4 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop crocrom401 "Croc'Rom 4 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop cyberbal04 "Cyberball (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop dandare201 "Dan Dare 2 (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop darkmanu04 "Darkman (UK)"
cpc_flop deadlyev02 "Deadly Evil & Ruff and Reddy & Samurai & Steel Eagle (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop defender16 "Defenders of the Earth (UK)"
cpc_flop defender17 "Defenders of the Earth (UK, Fra) [t1]"
cpc_flop dicktrac05 "Dick Tracy (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop diosadec "La Diosa de Cozumel (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop discuk1902 "Disc (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop doublede "Double Detente (Fra)"
cpc_flop dungeona04 "Dungeon Adventure by Simon Avery (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop emotionu03 "E-Motion (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop emotionu04 "E-Motion (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop eaglesri05 "Eagle's Rider (Fra) [a1]"
cpc_flop eddthedu04 "Edd The Duck (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop epyxworl "Epyx World of Sports (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop espadasa02 "La Espada Sagrada (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop eswatcyb02 "ESWAT - Cyber Police (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop eswatcyb03 "ESWAT - Cyber Police (UK) (Disk 1 of 3) [t1]"
cpc_flop eswatcyb04 "ESWAT - Cyber Police (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop eswatcyb05 "ESWAT - Cyber Police (UK) (Disk 2 of 3) [t1]"
cpc_flop eswatcyb06 "ESWAT - Cyber Police (UK) (Disk 3 of 3) [t1]"
cpc_flop famousfi02 "The Famous Five (UK)"
cpc_flop fighterb05 "Fighter Bomber (UK) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop fighterb06 "Fighter Bomber (UK) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop fighterb07 "Fighter Bomber (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop fireandf05 "Fire and Forget 2 (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop fireandf06 "Fire and Forget 2 (UK)"
cpc_flop flashdem "Flash Demo (Fra)"
cpc_flop flimbosq04 "Flimbo's Quest (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop football1c "Football Manager World Cup Edition (Ger)"
cpc_flop fruitmac0a "Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop fruitmac0b "Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (UK) [a2]"
cpc_flop fruitmac0c "Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop futurebi03 "Future Bike Simulator (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop futurebi04 "Future Bike Simulator (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop gazza2uk "Gazza 2 (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop gazza2uk01 "Gazza 2 (UK) [h2]"
cpc_flop gluckzon01 "Gluck Zone Best - Demos Compilation 2 (Fra)"
cpc_flop goldenba04 "Golden Basket (Spa) [f2]"
cpc_flop grandpri19 "Grand Prix Circuit (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop gremlins0e "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop gremlins0f "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (UK) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop gremlins10 "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (UK) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop gremlins11 "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop hammerfi06 "Hammerfist (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop harrican05 "Harricana - Raid International Motoneige (Fra) [t1]"
cpc_flop havocuk101 "Havoc (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop hawkstor03 "Hawk Storm (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop heavymet04 "Heavy Metal (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop heltersk04 "Helter Skelter (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop heltersk05 "Helter Skelter Editor (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop hongkong03 "Hong Kong Phooey (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop hostages05 "Hostages - Operation Jupiter (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop hostages06 "Hostages - Operation Jupiter (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop hostages07 "Hostages - Operation Jupiter (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop impossam04 "Impossamole (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop inhumano01 "Inhumanos, Los (Spa) [t1]"
cpc_flop ironlord06 "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 1 of 4) [a1]"
cpc_flop ironlord07 "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 1 of 4) [a2]"
cpc_flop ironlord08 "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 1 of 4) [f1]"
cpc_flop ironlord09 "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 1 of 4)"
cpc_flop ironlord0a "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 2 of 4) [a1]"
cpc_flop ironlord0b "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 2 of 4) [a2]"
cpc_flop ironlord0c "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 2 of 4) [f1]"
cpc_flop ironlord0d "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 3 of 4) [a1]"
cpc_flop ironlord0e "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 3 of 4) [a2]"
cpc_flop ironlord0f "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 3 of 4) [f1]"
cpc_flop ironlord10 "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 4 of 4) [a1]"
cpc_flop ironlord11 "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 4 of 4) [a2]"
cpc_flop ironlord12 "Iron Lord (Fra) (Disk 4 of 4) [f1]"
cpc_flop italy19906 "Italy 1990 (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop italy19907 "Italy 1990 (UK) [h2]"
cpc_flop italy19908 "Italy 1990 - Winners Edition (UK)"
cpc_flop jaialais02 "Jai-Alai (Spa) [a1]"
cpc_flop jaialais03 "Jai-Alai (Spa) [h1]"
cpc_flop junglewa07 "Jungle Warrior I & II (Spa) [h1]"
cpc_flop kentucky02 "Kentucky Racing (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop kickoffu02 "Kick Off (UK, Fra, Ger, Spa, Ita) [a1]"
cpc_flop klaxuk1902 "Klax (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop klaxuk1903 "Klax (UK) (CPM) [a1]"
cpc_flop klaxuk1904 "Klax (UK) (CPM)"
cpc_flop klaxuk1905 "Klax (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop klaxuk1906 "Klax (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop kwiksnax03 "Kwik Snax (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop kwiksnax04 "Kwik Snax (UK)"
cpc_flop lasersqu08 "Lasersquad Expansion Kit (UK, Fra)"
cpc_flop lastduel04 "Last Duel (Fra)"
cpc_flop lastninj0c "The Last Ninja 2 Remix (UK) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop lastninj0d "The Last Ninja 2 Remix (UK) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop legends101 "Legend (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop lightcor03 "The Light Corridor (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop lightcor04 "The Light Corridor (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop lineoffi03 "Line of Fire (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop liverpoo01 "Liverpool (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop liverpoo02 "Liverpool (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop lordsofc04 "Lords of Chaos (UK, Fra) (Disk 1 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop lornas1901 "Lorna (Spa) [h1]"
cpc_flop lotusesp03 "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (UK) [a2]"
cpc_flop lotusesp04 "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop mji5f199 "M.J.I 5 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop mji5f19901 "M.J.I 5 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop maceuk1901 "Mace (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop magicjoh04 "Magic Johnson's Basketball (Spa) [t1]"
cpc_flop maximicr "Maxi Micro Issue 3 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop maximicr01 "Maxi Micro Issue 3 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop megamag9 "MegaMag 9 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop megamag901 "MegaMag 9 (Fra) (PD) (Disk2 of 2)"
cpc_flop micromou03 "Micro Mouse Goes De-Bugging (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop midnight08 "Midnight Resistance (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop mokowef1 "Mokowe (Fra) [h1]"
cpc_flop molecula07 "Molecularr (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop molecula08 "Molecularr (UK)"
cpc_flop montypyt06 "Monty Python's Flying Circus (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop moonblas04 "Moon Blaster (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop mundiald03 "Mundial de Futbol (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop mystical03 "Mystical (Fra) [t1]"
cpc_flop mythosuk02 "Mythos (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop narcopol04 "Narco Police (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop navyseal "Navy Seals (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop newyorkw04 "New York Warriors (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop nightbre03 "Night Breed (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop nightshi04 "Night Shift (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop ninjaspi02 "Ninja Spirit (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop ninjaspi03 "Ninja Spirit (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop nirvanap "Nirvana Patch (UK)"
cpc_flop noexituk01 "No Exit (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop noixdecr02 "Noix de Croco 3 (Fra) (PD) [a1]"
cpc_flop noixdecr03 "Noix de Croco 3 (Fra) (PD)"
cpc_flop noixdecr04 "Noix de Croco 4 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop noixdecr05 "Noix de Croco 4 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop noixdecr06 "Noix de Croco 4 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop noixdecr07 "Noix de Croco 4 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop noixdecr08 "Noix de Croco 5 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop noixdecr09 "Noix de Croco 5 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop noixdecr0a "Noix de Croco 5 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop noixdecr0b "Noix de Croco 5 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop oilmania01 "Oilmania (UK)"
cpc_flop operatio24 "Operation Thunderbolt (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop outboard03 "Outboard (Fra) [a1]"
cpc_flop outboard04 "Outboard (Fra) [a2]"
cpc_flop panguk1901 "Pang (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop paraacad01 "Para Academy (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop picknpil04 "Pick 'n' Pile (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop picknpil05 "Pick 'n' Pile (UK) [a2]"
cpc_flop picknpil06 "Pick 'n' Pile (UK)"
cpc_flop pilotsf1 "Pilots (Fra) (PD)"
cpc_flop pilotsg101 "Pilots (Ger) (PD)"
cpc_flop pinballm07 "Pinball Magic (Fra)"
cpc_flop pipemani03 "Pipe Mania (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop pipemani04 "Pipe Mania (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop plotting "Plotting (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop plumpyf101 "Plumpy (Fra) [h1]"
cpc_flop popupuk1 "Pop-Up (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop powerand03 "Power and Magic (Spa) [a1]"
cpc_flop powertet02 "Power Tetris (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop princede04 "Prince de Perse (Fra) [a5]"
cpc_flop princede06 "Prince de Perse (Fra) [t1]"
cpc_flop princede07 "Prince de Perse (Fra, Alt)"
cpc_flop prisonri03 "Prison Riot (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop prizf199 "Priz (Fra) [a1]"
cpc_flop progolfs03 "Pro Golf Simulator (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop protenni0a "Pro Tennis Tour (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop protenni0b "Pro Tennis Tour (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop professi11 "Professional Boxing Simulator (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop racetheu "The Race (UK) [T+Pol]"
cpc_flop rasterru02 "Raster Runner (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop rescatee03 "Rescate en el Golfo (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop rickdang0e "Rick Dangerous 2 (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop rickdang0f "Rick Dangerous 2 (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop robocop2 "RoboCop 2 (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop sagaf199 "Saga (Fra) (Disk 1 of 2) [h1]"
cpc_flop sagaf19901 "Saga (Fra) (Disk 1 of 2) [h2]"
cpc_flop sagaf19903 "Saga (Fra) (Disk 2 of 2) [h1]"
cpc_flop sagaf19904 "Saga (Fra) (Disk 2 of 2) [h2]"
cpc_flop saintdra04 "Saint Dragon (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop sauvezyu01 "Sauvez Yurk (Fra) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop sauvezyu02 "Sauvez Yurk (Fra) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop scramble06 "Scramble Spirits (UK) [t2]"
cpc_flop scramble07 "Scramble Spirits (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop sectenoi02 "La Secte Noires (Fra) (Disk 1 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop sectenoi03 "La Secte Noires (Fra) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop sectenoi04 "La Secte Noires (Fra) (Disk 2 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop sectenoi05 "La Secte Noires (Fra) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop sendas19 "Senda (Spa) [t1]"
cpc_flop shadowof09 "Shadow of the Beast (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [a2]"
cpc_flop shadowof0a "Shadow of the Beast (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop shadowof0b "Shadow of the Beast (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [a2]"
cpc_flop silkworm08 "Silkworm (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop skatinus03 "Skatin' USA (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop slyspyse03 "Sly Spy - Secret Agent (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop slyspyse04 "Sly Spy - Secret Agent (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop snookerm01 "Snooker Management (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop sosprogr06 "SOS Programmeurs Issue 6 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop sosprogr07 "SOS Programmeurs Issue 6 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop sosprogr08 "SOS Programmeurs Issue 7 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop sosprogr09 "SOS Programmeurs Issue 7 (Fra) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop spacedue01 "The Space Duel (UK)"
cpc_flop spacehar0b "Space Harrier II (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [h1]"
cpc_flop spacehar0c "Space Harrier II (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop spacehar0d "Space Harrier II (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [h1]"
cpc_flop spacehar0e "Space Harrier II (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop stdragon "ST Dragon (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop starcont04 "Star Control (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop starcont05 "Star Control (UK) [a2]"
cpc_flop steeleag03 "Steel Eagle (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop stuntcar09 "Stunt Car Racer - Extended Version (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop supercar04 "Super Cars (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop switchbl05 "Switchblade (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop switchbl06 "Switchblade (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop switchbl07 "Switchblade (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop targhanu "Targhan (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [a2]"
cpc_flop targhanu01 "Targhan (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop targhanu02 "Targhan (UK) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop targhanu03 "Targhan (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [a2]"
cpc_flop targhanu05 "Targhan (UK) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop taromanc01 "Le Taromancien Island (Fra)"
cpc_flop teenagem0f "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK) [h2]"
cpc_flop teenagem10 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK) [h3]"
cpc_flop teenagem11 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop turbokar02 "Turbo Kart Racer (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop turrican15a "Turrican (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t2]"
cpc_flop turrican16a "Turrican (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t3]"
cpc_flop turrican17a "Turrican (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [t2]"
cpc_flop turrican18 "Turrican (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [t3]"
cpc_flop twinworl07 "Twin World (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop twinworl08 "Twin World (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop twinworl09 "Twin World (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [a1]"
cpc_flop twinblas "Twinblast (UK, Ger) (PD)"
cpc_flop twinblas01 "Twinblast Demo (UK, Ger) (PD)"
cpc_flop unsquadr09 "UN Squadron (UK) (Disk 1 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop unsquadr0a "UN Squadron (UK) (Disk 2 of 2) [t1]"
cpc_flop vengeurp "Le Vengeur Preview (Fra) [a1]"
cpc_flop vengeurp01 "Le Vengeur Preview (Fra)"
cpc_flop welltris04 "Welltris (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop welltris05 "Welltris (UK) [h1]"
cpc_flop wildstre03 "Wild Streets (UK) (Cart)"
cpc_flop worldcha0a "World Championship Boxing Manager (UK)"
cpc_flop worldcup0e "World Cup Challenge (UK) [a1]"
cpc_flop worldcup0f "World Cup Challenge (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop worldsoc04 "World Soccer League (UK)"
cpc_flop xalkf19901 "Xalk (Fra)"
cpc_flop yogibear07 "Yogi Bear and Friends in Greed Monster (UK)"
cpc_flop yogisgre02 "Yogi's Great Escape (UK) [t1]"
cpc_flop yogisgre03 "Yogi's Great Escape (UK) [t2]"
cpc_flop digitald04 "Digital Demo 1 (Runstrad)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop digitald06 "Digital Demo 2 - Charles de Gaulle (Runstrad)(Disk 1 of 2)[a1]"
cpc_flop digitald07 "Digital Demo 4 (Runstrad)(Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop digitald08 "Digital Demo 6 (Runstrad)"
cpc_flop digitald0a "Digital Demo 9 - Les Felines (Runstrad)"
cpc_flop junglewa09 "Jungle warrior (Zigurat Software) (Medium Clamp Case)"
cpc_flop mega4199 "Mega #4 (Ace)(Disk 1 of 2)(FR)"
cpc_flop plumpyf102 "Plumpy (Fra) (128K) [CPC Infos]"
cpc_flop ranag19901 "Rana (Ger, Alt) [PC Amstrad International]"
cpc_flop 5exitosd "5 Exitos de Opera Soft (Spa)"
cpc_flop cheatmod "Cheat Mode II The Revenge! (UK) [Amstrad Action] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop clapcine "Clap Cine (UK) (5 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop databox004 "Databox 01-90 (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop databox009 "Databox 02-90 (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop databox00e "Databox 03-90 (Ger) (Face A) [PC Amstrad International] [Original] [COMPILATION] [Bugs]"
cpc_flop databox013 "Databox 04-90 (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop databox018 "Databox 05-90 (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop databox019 "Databox 06-07-90 (Ger) (2 faces) [PC Amstrad International] [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop databox008a "Databox 08-09-90 (Ger) (2 faces) [PC Amstrad International] [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop databox1 "Databox 10-11-90 (Ger) [PC Amstrad International] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop editiono "Edition One (UK) (5 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop etranges "Etranges Affaires (Fra) (2 faces) (CPM) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop festival "Festivalia (UK) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop heavymet01 "Heavy Metal + Beach-Head (UK) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop lacollec "La Collection No.2 (UK) (2 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop lemonded "Le Monde des Merveilles (UK) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop lesavent "Les Aventuriers (UK) (2 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop lesbarba "Les Barbares (Fra) (2 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop lesbatta "Les Battants (Fra) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop lesgeant02 "Les Geants du Sport (UK) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop lesguerr "Les Guerriers Ninja (UK) (3 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop lesjusti01 "Les Justiciers 2 (UK) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop livretde "Livret de Famille (Fra) (6 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop magnumli "Magnum Light Phaser (UK) (2 faces) (French retail version) (LightGun) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop magnumli01 "Magnum Light Phaser (UK) (2 faces) (UK retail version) (LightGun) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop megamixu "Mega Mix (UK) (6 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop microclu12a "Micro Club N 10 (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop microclu13a "Micro Club N 12 (UK) (2 faces) (French retail version) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop microclu14a "Micro Club N 13 (UK) (2 faces) (French retail version) [Original] [COMPILATION] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop microclu16a "Micro Club N 17 (UK) (2 faces) (French retail version) [Original] [COMPILATION] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop microclu17a "Micro Club N 18 (UK) (2 faces) (French retail version) [Original] [COMPILATION] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop microclu18a "Micro Club N 19 (UK) (2 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop microclu01 "Micro Club N 3 (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original] [COMPILATION] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop microclu02 "Micro Club N 4 (UK) (2 faces) (French retail version) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop multispo "Multi Sports (UK) (2 faces) (CPM) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop platinum "Platinum (UK) (2 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop quattrov03 "Quattro Vol 05 - Shoots Em Ups (UK) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop quattrov04 "Quattro Vol 10 - Dizzy Adventures (UK) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop quattrov05 "Quattro Vol. 12 - Quattro Action (UK) (2 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop ruedasde "Ruedas de Fuego (UK) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop segamast "Sega Master Mix (UK) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop theholly "The Hollywood Collection (UK) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION] (Weak Sectors)"
cpc_flop thestory "The Story So Far Vol 4 (UK) (3 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop tntuk4fa "TNT (UK) (4 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop topbytop "Top By Topo (Spa) (2 faces) [Original] [COMPILATION]"
cpc_flop databox01b "Databox 01-90 (Ger) (PD)"
cpc_flop databox01e "Databox 02-90 (Ger) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop databox01f "Databox 02-90 (Ger) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop databox022 "Databox 05-90 (Ger) (PD)"
cpc_flop databox10ea "Databox 10-11-90 (Ger) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop databox10fa "Databox 10-11-90 (Ger) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop databox8 "Databox 8-9-90 (Ger) (PD) (Disk 1 of 2)"
cpc_flop databox801 "Databox 8-9-90 (Ger) (PD) (Disk 2 of 2)"
cpc_flop demonpdl10 "Demon PD Library I014 - CPC Information (UK) (PD)"
cpc_flop joystrad09 "Joystrad#6 (-)(Disk 1 of 2)(FR)"
cpc_flop d_crys2 "2nd Demo of Crystal"
cpc_flop d_3bits "3BPlanes (Thriller) (Hacked by Beb/Ovl)"
cpc_flop d_3bitsa "3BPlanes (Thriller) (Hacked by Beb/Ovl, Alt)"
cpc_flop d_alhe "A Legend Has Ended"
cpc_flop d_amiga4 "Amiga Demo #4"
cpc_flop 2psocsqda "2 Player Soccer Squad (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop 3dsnooka "3D Snooker (UK, Cracked by Maze Soft, Alt)"
cpc_flop carmnwld2 "A la Pursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le Monde (Fra, Alt 2, Only Disk 1)"
cpc_flop carmnwlds1 "A la Pursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le Monde (Spa, Alt, Only Disk 1)"
cpc_flop carmnwld_c1a "A la Pursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le Monde (Fra, Cracked by XOR, Alt)"
cpc_flop carmnwld_c2 "A la Pursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le Monde (Fra, Cracked)"
cpc_flop adidasfb1 "Adidas Championship Football (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop adidasfb_k7 "Adidas Championship Football (UK, Extracted from Cassette)"
cpc_flop adidasfb_k7a "Adidas Championship Football (UK, Extracted from Cassette, Alt)"
cpc_flop adidasfb_k7b "Adidas Championship Football (UK, Extracted from Cassette, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop adidasfb_k7c "Adidas Championship Football (UK, Extracted from Cassette, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop adidastb1 "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop adidastb2 "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop adidastb_t1a "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt)"
cpc_flop adidastb_t1b "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop adidastb_c1 "Adidas Championship Tie Break (UK, Cracked by CNGSOFT)"
cpc_flop adult2a "Adult Two (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop adult2b "Adult Two (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop adsa "Advanced Destroyer Simulation (Fra, Alt)"
cpc_flop adsb "Advanced Destroyer Simulation (Fra, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop ads_c1a "Advanced Destroyer Simulation (Fra, Cracked by XOR, Alt)"
cpc_flop ads_c1b "Advanced Destroyer Simulation (Fra, Cracked by XOR, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop ads_c1c "Advanced Destroyer Simulation (Fra, Cracked by XOR, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop africant1 "African Trail Simulator (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop africant_c1 "African Trail Simulator (Spa, Cracked by Abraxas)"
cpc_flop africantfi_t1 "African Trail Simulator (Fra/Ita?, Trained, Alt)"
cpc_flop africantfi_t1a "African Trail Simulator (Fra/Ita?, Trained, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop amomundo_c1 "El Amo del Mundo (Spa, Cracked by The Spanish Hacker, Alt)"
cpc_flop amomundo_c1a "El Amo del Mundo (Spa, Cracked by The Spanish Hacker, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop nieto500a "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop nieto500_h1a "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa, Cracked by Kino & Hufo, Alt)"
cpc_flop nieto500_h1b "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa, Cracked by Kino & Hufo, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop nieto500_h1c "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa, Cracked by Kino & Hufo, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop nieto500_h2 "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa, Cracked)"
cpc_flop artguere_h2 "L'Art de la Guerre (Fra, Unprotected, Alt)"
cpc_flop artguere_h3 "L'Art de la Guerre (Fra, Unprotected, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop assaultc_c1 "Assault Course (UK, Cracked by JLCS, Alt)"
cpc_flop assaultc_c2 "Assault Course (UK, Cracked by Tom & Jerry)"
cpc_flop assaultc_c2a "Assault Course (UK, Cracked by Tom & Jerry, Alt)"
cpc_flop atomant_t1 "Atom Ant (UK, Trained by Tom & Jerry)"
cpc_flop atomant_c1 "Atom Ant (UK, Cracked by Mazesoft)"
cpc_flop ausgames1 "Aussie Games (Spa, Alt Disk 1)"
cpc_flop ausgames_c1 "Aussie Games (Spa, Cracked by Kino & Hufo)"
cpc_flop ausfoot1 "Australian Rules Football (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop ausfoot2 "Australian Rules Football (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop ausfoot_c1 "Australian Rules Football (UK, Cracked by Tom & Jerry)"
cpc_flop ausfoot_c1a "Australian Rules Football (UK, Cracked by Tom & Jerry, Alt)"
cpc_flop avenspac1 "La Aventura Espacial (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop avenspac2 "La Aventura Espacial (Spa, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop avenspac_h1 "La Aventura Espacial (Spa, Hackedto launch in BASIC)"
cpc_flop avenspac_h1a "La Aventura Espacial (Spa, Hacked to launch in BASIC, Alt)"
cpc_flop avenspac_h2 "La Aventura Espacial (Spa, Hacked to launch in BASIC, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop spywholm1 "The Spy Who Loved Me (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop spywholm_t1 "The Spy Who Loved Me (UK, Trained by Grees & Chany)"
cpc_flop spywholm_t2 "007 - The Spy Who Loved Me (UK, Trained by CACH)"
cpc_flop 002agenta "002 Agent Double (Fra, Alt)"
cpc_flop 002agentb "002 Agent Double (Fra, Alt 2?)"
cpc_flop agentz33_t1 "Agent Secret Z33 (Fra, Bugfixed, Trained by VELUS)"
cpc_flop roirichr1 "A la Recherche du Roi Richard (Fra, Alt)"
cpc_flop atc1 "ATC (Fra, Alt)"
cpc_flop atc2 "ATC (Fra, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop atc3 "ATC (Fra, Alt 3)"
electron_cass blaggerpias "Blagger (Play It Again Sam 12)"
electron_cass breakthr "Breakthrough"
electron_cass euser704 "Electron User Vol.7-4"
electron_cass euser705 "Electron User Vol.7-5"
electron_cass euser706 "Electron User Vol.7-6"
electron_cass euser707 "Electron User Vol.7-7"
electron_cass euser708 "Electron User Vol.7-8"
electron_cass euser709 "Electron User Vol.7-9"
electron_cass euser710 "Electron User Vol.7-10"
electron_cass etype "E-Type"
electron_cass heltersk "Helter Skelter"
electron_cass hobgobl2 "Hobgoblin 2"
electron_cass holedoc1 "Holed Out Extra Courses Vol.1"
electron_cass holedoc2 "Holed Out Extra Courses Vol.2"
electron_cass hostages "Hostages"
electron_cass hulka "The Hulk"
electron_cass hyprball "Hyperball"
electron_cass inertia "Inertia"
electron_cass letscmp1 "Let's Compute Issue 1"
electron_cass loopz "Loopz"
electron_cass mineshafa "Mineshaft (Alternative)"
electron_cass monsterspias "Monsters (Play It Again Sam 11)"
electron_cass pandemon "Pandemonium (Play It Again Sam 13)"
electron_cass ppenguinpias "Percy Penguin (Play It Again Sam 13)"
electron_cass simcity "Sim City"
electron_cass skirmishpias "Skirmish (Play It Again Sam 12)"
electron_cass sporttri "Sporting Triangles"
electron_cass starport "Star Port"
famicom_flop knightmo "Knight Move"
famicom_flop sexyinv "Sexy Invaders"
famicom_flop backgamm "Backgammon"
famicom_flop bombermn "Bomberman"
famicom_flop digdug "Dig Dug"
famicom_flop digdug2 "Dig Dug II"
famicom_flop famimag1 "Famimaga Disk Vol. 1 - Hong Kong"
famicom_flop famimag2 "Famimaga Disk Vol. 2 - Panic Space"
famicom_flop galaga "Galaga"
famicom_flop galaxian "Galaxian"
famicom_flop ishido "Ishido"
famicom_flop puzlboys "Puzzle Boys"
famicom_flop xevious "Xevious"
fm77av metalx "Metal X"
fm77av seles "Seles"
fm77av selesa "Seles (Alt Disk 2)"
fm77av inthedrm "Tabibito no Gakufu - Yume no Nakani... In the Dream"
fmtowns_cd tss1130 "Towns System Software v1.1 L30"
fmtowns_cd dagain "The 4th Unit 5 - D-Again"
fmtowns_cd merrygor "The 4th Unit 6 - Merry-Go-Round"
fmtowns_cd bublbobl "Bubble Bobble"
fmtowns_cd burai "Burai Joukan"
fmtowns_cd chuumon "Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten"
fmtowns_cd daikokai "Daikoukai Jidai"
fmtowns_cd drakkhen "Drakkhen"
fmtowns_cd excel10 "Excellent 10"
fmtowns_cd finalb "Final Blow"
fmtowns_cd fwc2 "Freeware Collection 2"
fmtowns_cd gunship "Gunship - The Helicopter Simulation"
fmtowns_cd hypraddr "Hyper Address"
fmtowns_cd imgfight "Image Fight"
fmtowns_cd indycrus "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
fmtowns_cd ishido "Ishidou"
fmtowns_cd lastsurv "Last Survivor"
fmtowns_cd lupin3 "Lupin Sansei - Hong Kong no Mashu - Fukushuu wa Meikyuu no Hate ni"
fmtowns_cd manhole "The Manhole"
fmtowns_cd mflcan2 "My Fair Lady CAN II - Elementary"
fmtowns_cd nihonrki "Nihon no Rekishi - Kizoku-hen"
fmtowns_cd nihonrko "Nihon no Rekishi - Kodai-hen"
fmtowns_cd nihonya "Nihon no Yachou"
fmtowns_cd opwolf "Operation Wolf"
fmtowns_cd kikoshid "Panzer Division - Kikou Shidan"
fmtowns_cd populous "Populous & The Promised Lands"
fmtowns_cd psydet3 "Psychic Detective Series Vol. 3 - Aya"
fmtowns_cd puzznic "Puzznic"
fmtowns_cd rayxanbr "Rayxanber"
fmtowns_cd rockrang "Rocket Ranger"
fmtowns_cd simcity "SimCity"
fmtowns_cd srogue "Space Rogue"
fmtowns_cd sroguend "Space Rogue (no disc check)"
fmtowns_cd tdf "TDF - Terrestrial Defense Force"
fmtowns_cd date "The Date"
fmtowns_cd tuntroll "Tunnels and Trolls"
fmtowns_cd ultimatr "Ultima Trilogy I-II-III"
fmtowns_cd wizardr5 "Wizardry V - Heart of the Maelstrom"
fmtowns_cd zak "Zak McKracken and The Alien Mindbenders"
fmtowns_cd zokudm "Zoku Dungeon Master - Chaos no Gyakushuu"
fmtowns_flop abunaten "Abunai Tengu Densetsu"
fmtowns_flop columns "Columns"
fmtowns_flop dps "D.P.S - Dream Program System"
fmtowns_flop dpssg "D.P.S SG - Dream Program System SG"
fmtowns_flop drstop "Dr. Stop!"
fmtowns_flop rance "Rance - Hikari o Motomete.hdm"
fmtowns_flop rance2 "Rance 2 - Hangyaku no Shoujotachi"
gamate cubeup "Cube Up"
gamate wittyape "Witty Apee"
gamate encbrick "Enchanted Bricks"
gamate minigolf "Mini Golf"
gamate galaxinv "Galaxy Invaders"
gamate timewarr "Time Warrior"
gamate kungfu "Kung-Fu Fighter"
gamate mythasam "Myth of Asamia"
gamate monstpit "Monster Pitfall"
gamate vindicat "Vindicators"
gamate brikblst "Brick Blaster"
gamate bomblast "Bomb Blaster"
gamate bomblasta "Bomb Blaster (Alt)"
gamate cosmicfg "Cosmic Fighter"
gamate treashnt "Treasure Hunter"
gamate jewelris "Jewelriss"
gameboy aftburst "After Burst (Jpn)"
gameboy amazpeng "Amazing Penguin (Euro, USA)"
gameboy spidermn "The Amazing Spider-Man (Euro, USA)"
gameboy amoudan "America Oudan Ultra Quiz (Jpn)"
gameboy aretha "Aretha (Jpn)"
gameboy astrorab "Astro Rabby (Jpn)"
gameboy ayakashi "Ayakashi no Shiro (Jpn)"
gameboy bakuwarr "Bakuretsu Senshi Warrior (Jpn)"
gameboy ballonkd "Balloon Kid (Euro, USA)"
gameboy bbkids "Baseball Kids (Jpn)"
gameboy basload "Bases Loaded GB (USA)"
gameboy batman "Batman (World)"
gameboy bbullj "Battle Bull (Jpn)"
gameboy bpingpng "Battle Pingpong (Jpn)"
gameboy bzeothj "Battle Unit Zeoth (Jpn)"
gameboy blodia "Blodia (Jpn)"
gameboy bombboy "Bomber Boy (Jpn, Chi)"
gameboy asmikwld "Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World (USA)"
gameboy bokenpzl "Bouken! Puzzle Road (Jpn)"
gameboy bdash "Boulder Dash (Euro)"
gameboy bdashj "Boulder Dash (Jpn)"
gameboy boxing "Boxing (Jpn)"
gameboy boxxle "Boxxle (Euro, USA, Rev. A)"
gameboy bublboblj "Bubble Bobble (Jpn)"
gameboy bubbleg "Bubble Ghost (Euro, USA)"
gameboy bubblegj "Bubble Ghost (Jpn)"
gameboy bugscc "The Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle (Euro, USA)"
gameboy buraidxj "Burai Senshi Deluxe (Jpn)"
gameboy cadillc2 "Cadillac II (Jpn)"
gameboy capcomqz "Capcom Quiz - Hatena? no Daibouken (Jpn)"
gameboy cardgame "Card Game (Jpn)"
gameboy cvania "The Castlevania Adventure (Euro)"
gameboy catrap "Catrap (USA)"
gameboy chasehq "Chase H.Q. (Euro, USA, Aus)"
gameboy chibim "Chibi Maruko-chan - Okozukai Daisakusen! (Jpn)"
gameboy cosmotnkj "Cosmo Tank (Jpn)"
gameboy cosmotnkjp "Cosmo Tank (Jpn, Prototype)"
gameboy cosmotnk "Cosmo Tank (USA)"
gameboy daedal "Daedalian Opus (USA)"
gameboy deadheatj "Dead Heat Scramble (Jpn)"
gameboy deadheat "Dead Heat Scramble (USA)"
gameboy dexter "Dexterity (Euro, USA)"
gameboy ddragonj "Double Dragon (Jpn)"
gameboy ddragon "Double Dragon (Euro, USA)"
gameboy drmario "Dr. Mario (World, Rev. A)"
gameboy drmarioa "Dr. Mario (World)"
gameboy drmariop "Dr. Mario (Prototype)"
gameboy dslay1 "Dragon Slayer I (Jpn)"
gameboy dtail "Dragon Tail (Jpn)"
gameboy druaga "Druaga no Tou (Jpn)"
gameboy ducktale "DuckTales (Euro)"
gameboy ducktalej "DuckTales (Jpn)"
gameboy ducktaleu "DuckTales (USA)"
gameboy f1race "F-1 Race (World, Rev. A)"
gameboy f1racea "F-1 Race (World)"
gameboy f1boy "F1 Boy (Jpn)"
gameboy famista "Famista (Jpn)"
gameboy ffantleg "The Final Fantasy Legend (USA)"
gameboy fotns "Fist of the North Star (USA)"
gameboy flappysp "Flappy Special (Jpn)"
gameboy flipullj "Flipull (Jpn)"
gameboy flipull "Flipull (USA)"
gameboy funnyfld "Funny Field (Jpn)"
gameboy prinblobj "Fushigi na Blobby - Princess Blob o Sukue! (Jpn)"
gameboy gargoyle "Gargoyle's Quest - Ghosts'n Goblins (Euro, USA)"
gameboy ghostbs2j "Ghostbusters II (Jpn)"
gameboy ghostbs2 "Ghostbusters II (Euro, USA)"
gameboy ginga "Ginga - Card & Puzzle Collection (Jpn)"
gameboy gluecksr "Glücksrad (Ger)"
gameboy gogotankj "Go! Go! Tank (Jpn)"
gameboy gogotankjp "Go! Go! Tank (Jpn, Prototype)"
gameboy godzillaj "Godzilla-kun (Jpn)"
gameboy gremlin2 "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (World)"
gameboy halwresp "HAL Wrestling (USA, Prototype)"
gameboy halwres "HAL Wrestling (USA)"
gameboy headon "Head On (Jpn)"
gameboy heavyw "Heavyweight Championship Boxing (USA)"
gameboy heiankyo "Heiankyo Alien (USA)"
gameboy heiankyoj "Heiankyou Alien (Jpn)"
gameboy heropinb "Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party (Jpn)"
gameboy hiryukng "Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden (Jpn)"
gameboy hongkong "Hong Kong (Jpn)"
gameboy inyourfc "In Your Face (USA)"
gameboy ishidayo "Ishida Yoshio Tsumego Paradise (Jpn)"
gameboy ishidoj "Ishido - The Way of Stones (Jpn)"
gameboy ishido "Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA)"
gameboy kakomunj "Kakomunja (Jpn)"
gameboy patlabor "Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor - Nerawareta Machi 1990 (Jpn)"
gameboy kingzoo "King of the Zoo (Euro)"
gameboy kininko "Kinin Koumaroku Oni (Jpn)"
gameboy klaxj "Klax (Jpn)"
gameboy korodice "Koro Dice (Jpn)"
gameboy kwirk "Kwirk (Euro, USA)"
gameboy lockncha "Lock'n Chase (World)"
gameboy lunarlnd "Lunar Lander (Jpn)"
gameboy malibu "Malibu Beach Volleyball (USA)"
gameboy mercenar "Mercenary Force (Euro, USA)"
gameboy monstmkr "Monster Maker (Jpn)"
gameboy monstruk "Monster Truck (Jpn)"
gameboy motoxmana "Motocross Maniacs (Euro)"
gameboy motoxmanu "Motocross Maniacs (USA)"
gameboy mrchin "Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise (USA)"
gameboy navybl90 "Navy Blue 90 (Jpn)"
gameboy kuniokbr "Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun - Bangai Rantou Hen (Jpn)"
gameboy nekojara "Nekojara Monogatari (Jpn)"
gameboy nemesisj "Nemesis (Jpn)"
gameboy nemesisu "Nemesis (USA)"
gameboy nflfoot "NFL Football (USA)"
gameboy ninjboy "Ninja Boy (Euro, USA)"
gameboy nobugb "Nobunaga no Yabou - Game Boy Ban (Jpn)"
gameboy oirajaja "Oira Jajamaru! Sekai Daibouken (Jpn)"
gameboy pengboy "Osawagase! Penguin Boy (Jpn)"
gameboy othello "Othello (Euro)"
gameboy othelloj "Othello (Jpn)"
gameboy pacmanj "Pac-Man (Jpn)"
gameboy painter "Painter Momopie (Jpn)"
gameboy palameds "Palamedes (Euro)"
gameboy palamedsj "Palamedes (Jpn)"
gameboy paperboy "Paperboy (Euro, USA)"
gameboy parasolh "Parasol Henbee (Jpn)"
gameboy pengland "Penguin Land (Jpn)"
gameboy penguinw "Penguin Wars (USA)"
gameboy penguinwj "Penguin-kun Wars VS. (Jpn)"
gameboy pinbgatr "Pinball - Revenge of the 'Gator (Euro, USA)"
gameboy pipedremj "Pipe Dream (Jpn)"
gameboy pipedrem "Pipe Dream (USA)"
gameboy pitman "Pitman (Jpn)"
gameboy playfoot "Play Action Football (USA)"
gameboy poktstad "Pocket Stadium (Jpn)"
gameboy pontahin "Ponta to Hinako no Chindouchuu - Yuujou Hen (Jpn)"
gameboy popeye "Popeye (Jpn)"
gameboy powermisj "Power Mission (Jpn, Rev. A)"
gameboy powermisja "Power Mission (Jpn)"
gameboy powrace "Power Racer (Euro)"
gameboy powraceu "Power Racer (USA)"
gameboy pripri "Pri Pri - Primitive Princess! (Jpn)"
gameboy prowres "Pro Wrestling (Jpn)"
gameboy puzznic "Puzznic (Jpn)"
gameboy qbillion "Q Billion (USA)"
gameboy qix "Qix (World)"
gameboy quarthj "Quarth (Jpn)"
gameboy quarth "Quarth (Euro, USA)"
gameboy radarmisj "Radar Mission (Jpn)"
gameboy ranma "Ranma ½ (Jpn)"
gameboy redarrem "Red Arremer - Makaimura Gaiden (Jpn)"
gameboy roadster "Roadster (Jpn)"
gameboy robocop "RoboCop (Euro, USA, Rev. A)"
gameboy robocopa "RoboCop (USA)"
gameboy saga2 "Sa-Ga 2 - Hihou Densetsu (Jpn, Rev. A)"
gameboy saga2a "Sa-Ga 2 - Hihou Densetsu (Jpn)"
gameboy sakigake "Sakigake!! Otoko Juku - Meioutou Kessen (Jpn)"
gameboy scotyard "Scotland Yard (Jpn)"
gameboy sdgundam "SD Gundam Gaiden - Lacroan' Heroes (Jpn)"
gameboy sdlupin3 "SD Lupin III - Kinko Yaburi Daisakusen (Jpn)"
gameboy sdsengo "SD Sengokuden - Kunitori Monogatari (Jpn)"
gameboy serpent "Serpent (USA)"
gameboy shanghai "Shanghai (USA)"
gameboy shisensh "Shisenshou - Match-Mania (Jpn)"
gameboy sidepock "Side Pocket (World)"
gameboy skatedie "Skate or Die - Bad 'N Rad (Euro)"
gameboy skatedieu "Skate or Die - Bad 'N Rad (USA)"
gameboy snoopyj "Snoopy - Magic Show (Jpn)"
gameboy snoopy "Snoopy - Magic Show (Euro, USA)"
gameboy soccrboy "Soccer Boy (Jpn)"
gameboy sstriker "SolarStriker (World)"
gameboy amida "Amida (Jpn)"
gameboy sokoban2 "Soukoban 2 (Jpn)"
gameboy spaceinvj "Space Invaders (Jpn)"
gameboy spartanx "Spartan X (Jpn)"
gameboy schiland "Super Chinese Land (Jpn)"
gameboy taikyoku "Taikyoku Renju (Jpn)"
gameboy tasmaniaj "Tasmania Monogatari (Jpn)"
gameboy tmnt "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (Euro)"
gameboy tmntj "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Jpn)"
gameboy tmntu "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (USA)"
gameboy tenjin "Tenjin Kaisen (Jpn)"
gameboy trumpboy "Trump Boy (Jpn)"
gameboy trumpbo2 "Trump Boy II (Jpn)"
gameboy twinbee "TwinBee da!! (Jpn)"
gameboy ultraclb "Ultraman Club - Tekikaijuu o Hakken seyo! (Jpn)"
gameboy uoozu "Uoozu (Jpn)"
gameboy velious "Velious - Roland no Majuu (Jpn)"
gameboy volleyfr "Volley Fire (Jpn)"
gameboy vsbattle "VS Battler (Jpn)"
gameboy wheelfor "Wheel of Fortune (USA)"
gameboy wizardwx "Wizards & Warriors Chapter X - The Fortress of Fear (Euro, USA)"
gameboy wbowlingj "World Bowling (Jpn)"
gameboy wbowling "World Bowling (USA)"
gameboy zoids "Zoids Densetsu (Jpn)"
gamegear columnsj1 "Columns (Jpn, Older)"
gamegear columnsj "Columns (Jpn)"
gamegear columns "Columns (Euro, USA, Bra)"
gamegear dcrystal "Dragon Crystal (Euro, USA)"
gamegear dcrystalj "Dragon Crystal - Tsurani no Meikyuu (Jpn)"
gamegear glocj "G-LOC Air Battle (Jpn, v1)"
gamegear glocj1 "G-LOC Air Battle (Jpn, v0)"
gamegear pengoj "Pengo (Jpn)"
gamegear shangh2a "Shanghai II (Jpn, v0)"
gamegear shangh2 "Shanghai II (Jpn, v1)"
gamegear sokoban "Soukoban (Jpn)"
gamegear smgpj "Super Monaco GP (Jpn)"
gamegear taisnmj "Taisen Mahjong HaoPai (Jpn)"
gamegear wboyj "Wonder Boy (Jpn)"
gamegear zangear "Zan Gear (Jpn)"
gmaster bublboy "Bubble Boy"
gmaster cg2020 "Continental Galaxy 2020"
gmaster dungeon "Dungeon Adventure"
gmaster fallbloc "Falling Block!"
gmaster fussball "3-on-3 Soccer (Fuss-ball)"
gmaster gobang "Go Bang"
gmaster hspace "Hyper Space"
gmaster kungfu "Kung Fu Challenge"
gmaster pinball "Pin Ball"
gmaster scastle "Space Castle"
gmaster tennism "Tennis Master"
gmaster uchamp "Urban Champion"
gx4000 brubber "Burnin' Rubber"
gx4000 crzycrs2 "Crazy Cars II"
gx4000 dicktr "Dick Tracy"
gx4000 firefor2 "Fire & Forget II"
gx4000 klax "Klax"
gx4000 mystical "Mystical"
gx4000 navyseal "Navy Seals"
gx4000 noexit "No Exit"
gx4000 othunder "Operation Thunderbolt"
gx4000 pang "Pang"
gx4000 plotting "Plotting"
gx4000 robocop2 "Robocop 2"
gx4000 skeetsh "Skeet Shoot"
gx4000 switchbl "Switchblade"
gx4000 tennisc2 "Tennis Cup II"
gx4000 enforcer "The Enforcer"
gx4000 tintin "Tintin On The Moon"
gx4000 wildstrt "Wild Streets"
gx4000 worldspt "World of Sports"
gx4000 sysuk "Burnin' Rubber + Locomotive BASIC"
gx4000 sysukpd "Locomotive BASIC + ParaDOS"
gx4000 sysfr "Burnin' Rubber + Locomotive BASIC (Fra)"
gx4000 sysfrv3 "BASIC Cartouche (Fra, with OS v3)"
gx4000 sysfrpd "Locomotive BASIC + ParaDOS (Fra)"
gx4000 syses "Burnin' Rubber + Locomotive BASIC (Spa)"
gx4000 sysespd "Locomotive BASIC + ParaDOS (Spa)"
ibm5150 satanc "Satan (CGA)"
ibm5150 satane "Satan (EGA)"
ibm5170 msos2_13 "Microsoft OS/2 1.3 for Servers"
ibm5170 win30 "Microsoft Windows Version 3.0"
ibm5170 win30dd "Microsoft Windows Version 3.0 (3.5" DD)"
ibm5170 win30mf "Microsoft Windows Version 3.0 (5.25")"
ibm5170 sicmouse "SICOS Mouse"
ibm5170 aftdark "After Dark for Windows"
ibm5170 win3sdk "Windows 3.0 SDK"
ibm5170 win30rk "Windows 3.0 Resource Kit"
ibm5170 chipdale "Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers - The Adventure in Nimnul's Castle"
ibm5170 eschell "Escape From Hell"
ibm5170 m1tank "M1 Tank Platoon"
ibm5170 sserv2 "Silent Service II (Version 457.01)"
ibm5170 wndrland "Wonderland"
intv pool "Deep Pockets: Super Pro Pool and Billiards (Unreleased)"
kc_cart typestar "TypeStar (M033)"
kc_cass goldrush "Goldrush"
kc_cass mine2 "Mine II"
kc_cass bigfun "Big Fun"
kc_cass burgs4 "Burgschlacht/4"
kc_cass diamant4 "Diamant/4"
kc_cass diamant3 "Diamant/3"
kc_cass tetris "Tetris"
kc_cass slider "Slider"
kc_cass netz "Netz"
kc_cass rana "Rana"
kc_cass mensch "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht !!!"
kc_cass painter "The Painter"
lynx gauntlet "Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (Euro, USA)"
lynx klax "Klax (Euro, USA)"
lynx mspacman "Ms. Pac-Man (Euro, USA)"
lynx paperboy "Paperboy (Euro, USA)"
lynx rampage "Rampage (Euro, USA)"
lynx roadblst "RoadBlasters (Euro, USA)"
lynx robosqua "Robo-Squash (Euro, USA)"
lynx rygar "Rygar - Legendary Warrior (Euro, USA)"
lynx shanghai "Shanghai (Euro, USA)"
lynx slimew "Todd's Adventures in Slime World (Euro, USA)"
lynx xenophob "Xenophobe (Euro, USA)"
lynx zarlor "Zarlor Mercenary (Euro, USA)"
mac_flop sys603 "System Software 6.0.3"
mac_flop sys605 "System Software 6.0.5"
megadriv aburner2 "After Burner II (Euro, USA)"
megadriv airdiverj "Air Diver (Jpn)"
megadriv alexkidd "Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Euro, Rev. A)"
megadriv arrow "Arrow Flash (World)"
megadriv battlesq "Battle Squadron (Euro, USA)"
megadriv budokan "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (Euro)"
megadriv burnforcj "Burning Force (Jpn)"
megadriv castlill "Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Euro, USA)"
megadriv castlillj "Castle of Illusion - Fushigi no Oshiro Daibouken (Jpn)"
megadriv columns "Columns (World, v1.1?)"
megadriv columns1 "Columns (World)"
megadriv crkdown "Crack Down (Euro, Jpn, Rev. A)"
megadriv crkdown1 "Crack Down (Euro, Jpn)"
megadriv cyberbal "Cyberball - Football in the 21st Century (World)"
megadriv djboyj "DJ Boy (Jpn)"
megadriv djboyu "DJ Boy (USA)"
megadriv dynduke "Dynamite Duke (World, Rev. A)"
megadriv eswat "ESWAT - City Under Siege (Euro, USA, Rev. A)"
megadriv gameto "Game Toshokan (Jpn, Rev. A)"
megadriv ghostbst "Ghostbusters (World, v1.1)"
megadriv ghostbst1 "Ghostbusters (World)"
megadriv hellfirej "Hellfire (Jpn)"
megadriv herzog "Herzog Zwei (Euro, USA)"
megadriv ishido "Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA)"
megadriv jbdougko "James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (Euro, USA)"
megadriv joemont "Joe Montana Football (World)"
megadriv madden "John Madden Football (Euro, USA)"
megadriv klax "Klax (Euro, USA)"
megadriv megapanl "MegaPanel (Jpn)"
megadriv mwalk "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (World, Rev. A)"
megadriv patriley "Pat Riley Basketball (USA)"
megadriv phelios "Phelios (Euro)"
megadriv pheliosj "Phelios (Jpn)"
megadriv shdancer "Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi (World)"
megadriv strider "Strider (Euro, USA)"
megadriv strider2 "Strider II (Euro)"
megadriv suprleag "Super League (Euro)"
megadriv smgp "Super Monaco GP (Euro, Jpn, Rev. A)"
megadriv srealbas "Super Real Basketball (Euro)"
megadriv srealbasj "Super Real Basketball (Jpn, Kor)"
megadriv vermil "Sword of Vermilion (Euro, USA)"
megadriv twinhawk "Twin Hawk (Euro) ~ Daisenpuu (Jpn)"
megadriv wcup90 "World Cup Italia '90 (Euro)"
megadriv zanygolf "Zany Golf (Euro, USA, v1.1)"
megadriv zoom "Zoom! (World)"
megadriv aburner2j "After Burner II (Jpn)"
megadriv airdiver "Air Diver (USA)"
megadriv alexkidd1 "Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Euro)"
megadriv alexkiddk "Alex Kidd - Cheongong Maseong (Kor)"
megadriv arrowp "Arrow Flash (USA, Prototype)"
megadriv atomrobo "Atomic Robo-Kid (USA)"
megadriv atomroboj "Atomic Robo-Kid (Jpn)"
megadriv batmanj "Batman (Jpn)"
megadriv batmanu "Batman (USA)"
megadriv battlesqp "Battle Squadron (USA, Prototype 19910118)"
megadriv bimini "Bimini Run (USA)"
megadriv budokanu "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (USA)"
megadriv budokanup "Budokan - The Martial Spirit (USA, Prototype 19900925)"
megadriv burnforcu "Burning Force (USA)"
megadriv columnsp "Columns (Prototype 19900621)"
megadriv cursep "Curse (USA, Prototype 19900626)"
megadriv cutiesuz "Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel (Jpn)"
megadriv twinhawkp "Daisenpuu (Jpn, Prototype 19900406)"
megadriv dangseed "Dangerous Seed (Jpn)"
megadriv darwin "Darwin 4081 (Jpn, Kor)"
megadriv darwinp "Darwin 4081 (Jpn, Prototype 19900221)"
megadriv dynduke1 "Dynamite Duke (World)"
megadriv dyndukep "Dynamite Duke (Prototype 19900621)"
megadriv elemastj "Elemental Master (Jpn)"
megadriv eswatj "Cyber Police ESWAT (Jpn, Rev. 0)"
megadriv fzone "Final Zone (USA) ~ FZ Senki Axis (Jpn)"
megadriv fireshrku "Fire Shark (USA)"
megadriv fireshrku1 "Fire Shark (USA, Alt)"
megadriv samesame "Same! Same! Same! (Jpn)"
megadriv samesamep "Same! Same! Same! (Jpn, Prototype 19900730)"
megadriv gaiares "Gaiares (Jpn, USA)"
megadriv gambler "Gambler Jikochuushinha - Katayama Masayuki no Mahjong Doujou (Jpn)"
megadriv ghostbstp "Ghostbusters (Prototype 19900501)"
megadriv granada "Granada (Jpn, USA, v1.1)"
megadriv granada1 "Granada (Jpn, USA)"
megadriv hvyunit "Heavy Unit - Mega Drive Special (Jpn)"
megadriv insectx "Insector X (USA)"
megadriv insectxj "Insector X (Jpn, Kor)"
megadriv itcame "It Came from the Desert (USA)"
megadriv finalb "Final Blow (Jpn)"
megadriv finalbu "Final Blow (USA, James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing Prototype 19900116)"
megadriv maddenp "John Madden Football (Prototype, 19901107)"
megadriv junction "Junction (Jpn, USA)"
megadriv klaxp "Klax (USA, Prototype 19900621)"
megadriv klaxj "Klax (Jpn)"
megadriv magichat "Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken (Jpn)"
megadriv mwalk1 "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (World)"
megadriv musha "MUSHA - Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor (USA)"
megadriv mushaj "Musha Aleste - Full Metal Fighter Ellinor (Jpn)"
megadriv pstar3 "Phantasy Star III - Generations of Doom (Euro, USA, Kor)"
megadriv pstar3j "Phantasy Star III - Toki no Keishousha (Jpn)"
megadriv pheliosu "Phelios (USA)"
megadriv psyoblad "Psy-O-Blade (Jpn)"
megadriv rbisland "Rainbow Islands Extra (Jpn)"
megadriv rastan2 "Rastan Saga II (USA)"
megadriv rastan2j "Rastan Saga II (Jpn)"
megadriv darius2 "Darius II (Jpn)"
megadriv shadow "Shadow Blasters (USA)"
megadriv shiten "Shiten Myouou (Jpn)"
megadriv shdancerp "Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi (Prototype, 19901002)"
megadriv shoveit "Shove It! ...The Warehouse Game (USA)"
megadriv sokoban "Shijou Saidai no Soukoban (Jpn)"
megadriv mondufp "Mondu's Fight Palace (USA, Prototype 19900703)"
megadriv fatman "Fatman (Jpn)"
megadriv sorcer "Sorcerian (Jpn)"
megadriv sinv90 "Space Invaders 90 (Jpn)"
megadriv patrileyp "Pat Riley Basketball (USA, Prototype 19900614)"
megadriv starcrus "Star Cruiser (Jpn)"
megadriv starodysp "Star Odyssey (USA, Prototype 19920116)"
megadriv strmlord "Stormlord (USA)"
megadriv strmlordj "Stormlord (Jpn)"
megadriv striderj "Strider Hiryuu (Jpn, Kor)"
megadriv strider2u "Strider Returns - Journey from Darkness (USA)"
megadriv smgpa "Super Monaco GP (Euro, Jpn)"
megadriv smgpj "Super Monaco GP (Jpn)"
megadriv smgpu "Super Monaco GP (USA)"
megadriv swordsod "Sword of Sodan (Euro, USA)"
megadriv swordsodj "Sword of Sodan (Jpn)"
megadriv vermilp "Sword of Vermilion (USA, Prototype 19931118)"
megadriv trgearth "Target Earth (USA)"
megadriv trgearthp "Target Earth (USA, Prototype 19900216)"
megadriv leynos "Assault Suit Leynos (Jpn)"
megadriv tecnocop "Technocop (USA)"
megadriv tecnocopp1 "Technocop (USA, Prototype)"
megadriv tecnocopp2 "Technocop (USA, Prototype 19900912)"
megadriv tecmowc "Tecmo World Cup (USA)"
megadriv telmah "Tel-Tel Mahjong (Jpn)"
megadriv telstad "Tel-Tel Stadium (Jpn)"
megadriv tnzs "The New Zealand Story (Jpn)"
megadriv tf3 "Thunder Force III (Jpn, USA)"
megadriv tf3p "Thunder Force III (Prototype 19900801)"
megadriv trampter "Trampoline Terror! (USA)"
megadriv whiprush "Whip Rush (USA)"
megadriv whiprushp "Whip Rush (USA, Prototype 19900129)"
megadriv whiprushj "Whip Rush - Wakusei Voltegas no Nazo (Jpn)"
megadriv xdr "XDR - X Dazedly Ray (Jpn)"
megadriv zanygolf1 "Zany Golf (Euro, USA)"
megatech mt_cols "Columns"
megatech mt_eswat "Cyber Police ESWAT: Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics"
megatech mt_smgp "Super Monaco GP"
megatech mt_mwalk "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker"
megatech mt_crack "Crack Down"
megatech mt_shado "Shadow Dancer"
megatech mt_arrow "Arrow Flash"
megatech mt_astrm "Alien Storm"
megatech mt_fshrk "Fire Shark"
mikrosha_cass alambush "Alien Ambush"
mikrosha_cass ball "The Ball Game"
mikrosha_cass bomber "Bomber Aircraft"
mo6_cass snaky "Snaky"
mo6_cass snakya "Snaky (Alt)"
mo6_cass snakyb "Snaky (Alt 2)"
msx1_cart blockhol "Block Hole (Kor)"
msx1_cart eagle5 "Eagles 5 (Kor)"
msx1_cart gunsmoke "Gun.Smoke"
msx1_cart lightcor "The Light Corridor (Euro)"
msx1_cart puznic "Puznic"
msx1_cart supercol "Super Columns (Kor)"
msx1_cart vigilant "Vigilante (Kor)"
msx1_cart xevious "Xevious"
msx1_cart mars2 "Mars II (Jpn)"
msx1_cart belnot "Believe It or Not (Arab)"
msx1_cart inforace "Info Race (Arab)"
msx1_cart count3 "Let's Count 3 (Arab)"
msx1_cart museuman "Museum & Ancient (Arab)"
msx1_cart amazkid "Amazing Kid (Arab)"
msx1_cart superswa "Super Swangi - Super Altered Beast"
msx1_cass afrtrail "African Trail Simulator (Spa)"
msx1_cass afrtraila "African Trail Simulator (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass amomundo "Amo del Mundo (Spa)"
msx1_cass ang500cc "Angel Nieto Pole 500cc (Spa)"
msx1_cass avenspac "La Aventura Espacial (Spa)"
msx1_cass buggyrng "Buggy Ranger (Spa)"
msx1_cass buran "Buran (Spa)"
msx1_cass csainz "Carlos Sainz - Campeonato del Mundo (Spa)"
msx1_cass cm2000 "The Chessmaster 2000 (Spa, Hacked by Martos)"
msx1_cass choylee "Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa)"
msx1_cass choyleea "Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass ciuthan1 "Ci-U-Than Trilogy I - La Diosa de Cozumel (Spa)"
msx1_cass ciuthan1a "Ci-U-Than Trilogy I - La Diosa de Cozumel (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass ddragon2 "Double Dragon II - The Revenge (Spa)"
msx1_cass fbmangwc "Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Spa)"
msx1_cass gbasketh "Golden Basket (Spa, Hacked Protection)"
msx1_cass gbasket "Golden Basket (Spa)"
msx1_cass gremlin2 "Gremlins 2 - La Nueva Generacion (Spa)"
msx1_cass hostages "Hostages (Spa, Hacked by Martos)"
msx1_cass icebreak "Ice-Breaker (Spa)"
msx1_cass jackcity "Jackson City (Spa)"
msx1_cass jungwarr "Jungle Warrior (Spa)"
msx1_cass klax "Klax (Euro)"
msx1_cass lightcor "The Light Corridor (Euro)"
msx1_cass lorna "Lorna (Spa)"
msx1_cass madmix2 "Mad Mix 2 - En el Castillo de los Fantasmas (Spa)"
msx1_cass magicjbb "Magic Johnson's Basketball (Spa)"
msx1_cass mortade2 "Mortadelo y Filemón II - Mortadelo y Filemon en Caceria de Pollos (Spa)"
msx1_cass mountbik "Mountain Bike Racer (Euro)"
msx1_cass mountbiks "Mountain Bike Racer (Spa)"
msx1_cass mountbiksa "Mountain Bike Racer (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass mundifut "Mundial de Futbol (Spa)"
msx1_cass mythos "Mythos (Euro)"
msx1_cass mythosa "Mythos (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass narcopol "Narco Police (Euro)"
msx1_cass narcopola "Narco Police (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass oberon69 "Oberon 69 (Spa)"
msx1_cass polidiaz "Poli Diaz (Spa)"
msx1_cass powermag "Power and Magic (Spa)"
msx1_cass powermaga "Power and Magic (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass protenn "Professional Tennis Simulator (Spa?)"
msx1_cass ram "R.A.M. (Spa)"
msx1_cass rescgolfh1 "Rescate en el Golfo (Spa, Hacked Protection)"
msx1_cass rescgolfh2 "Rescate en el Golfo (Spa, Hacked Protection 2)"
msx1_cass rescgolf "Rescate en el Golfo (Spa)"
msx1_cass sdragon "Saint Dragon (Spa)"
msx1_cass sspirits "Scramble Spirits (Euro)"
msx1_cass sspiritsa "Scramble Spirits (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass sendasal "Senda Salvaje (Spa)"
msx1_cass simten "Simulador Profesional de Tenis (Spa)"
msx1_cass sirwood "Sirwood (Spa)"
msx1_cass sirwooda "Sirwood (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass sp500gp "Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix (Spa)"
msx1_cass smaily "Smaily (Spa)"
msx1_cass soviet "Soviet (Euro?)"
msx1_cass tmhth "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Euro, Hacked Protection)"
msx1_cass tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Euro)"
msx1_cass tokyogan "Tokyo Gang (Spa)"
msx1_flop devilhnt "Devil Hunter (Jpn)"
msx1_flop lightcor "The Light Corridor (Fra, Trained)"
msx1_flop tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK, Cracked)"
msx1_flop tmhta "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK, Hacked)"
msx1_flop zorax "Zorax (Bra)"
msx2_cart daikokai "Daikoukai Jidai (Jpn)"
msx2_cart emperor "L'Empereur (Jpn)"
msx2_cart fleetco2 "Fleet Commander II - Tasogare no Kaiiki (Jpn)"
msx2_cart mgear2ss "Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (Jpn)"
msx2_cart mgear2ssd "Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (Demo) (Jpn)"
msx2_cart quarth "Quarth (Jpn)"
msx2_cart quarthk "Quarth (Kor)"
msx2_cart quarthd "Quarth (Demo) (Jpn)"
msx2_flop arc "Arc"
msx2_flop sdsnatch "SD Snatcher (Jpn)"
msx2_flop sdsnatcha "SD Snatcher (Jpn, Alt Disk 1)"
msx2_flop barunba "Barunba (Jpn)"
msx2_flop barunbaa "Barunba (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop barunbab "Barunba (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop barunbac "Barunba (Jpn, Alt 3)"
msx2_flop cancanbs "Can Can Bunny Superior (Jpn)"
msx2_flop columns "Columns (Jpn)"
msx2_flop columnsa "Columns (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop columnsb "Columns (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop columnsc "Columns (Jpn, Alt 3)"
msx2_flop cresmoon "Crescent Moon (Jpn)"
msx2_flop crimson3 "Crimson III (Jpn)"
msx2_flop crimson3a "Crimson III (Jpn, Alt Disk 1)"
msx2_flop daikokai "Daikoukai Jidai (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dante "Dante (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dantea "Dante (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop deja "De Ja (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dennogak "Dennou Gakuen 1 - Cybernetic Hi-School (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dennogaka "Dennou Gakuen 1 - Cybernetic Hi-School (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop dennogakb "Dennou Gakuen 1 - Cybernetic Hi-School (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop dennoga2 "Dennou Gakuen 2 - Cybernetic Hi-School Part 2 - Highway Buster (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dennoga2a "Dennou Gakuen 2 - Cybernetic Hi-School Part 2 - Highway Buster (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop dennoga2b "Dennou Gakuen 2 - Cybernetic Hi-School Part 2 - Highway Buster (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop dennoga3 "Dennou Gakuen 3 - Cybernetic Hi-School Part III - Top wo Nerae! (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dennoga3a "Dennou Gakuen 3 - Cybernetic Hi-School Part III - Top wo Nerae! (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop ds09 "Disc Station #9 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds10 "Disc Station #10 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds11 "Disc Station #11 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds12 "Disc Station #12 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds13 "Disc Station #13 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds14 "Disc Station #14 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds15 "Disc Station #15 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds16 "Disc Station #16 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds17 "Disc Station #17 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds18 "Disc Station #18 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds19 "Disc Station #19 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds20 "Disc Station #20 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop ds21 "Disc Station #21 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dsdx1 "Disc Station Deluxe 1 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dsdx2 "Disc Station Deluxe 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dsdx3 "Disc Station Deluxe 3 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dokicard "Doki Doki Card League (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dokicarda "Doki Doki Card League (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop drstop "Dr. Stop! (Jpn)"
msx2_flop drstopa "Dr. Stop! (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop dknight "Dragon Knight (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dknighta "Dragon Knight (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop dslayed "Dragon Slayer - Eiyuu Densetsu (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dslayeda "Dragon Slayer - Eiyuu Densetsu (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop dpssg "D.P.S. SG - Dream Program System SG (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dpssga "D.P.S. SG - Dream Program System SG (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop dpssg2 "D.P.S. SG 2 - Dream Program System SG Set 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dpssg3 "D.P.S. SG 3 - Dream Program System SG Set 3 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop dpssg3a "D.P.S. SG 3 - Dream Program System SG Set 3 (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop dpssg3b "D.P.S. SG 3 - Dream Program System SG Set 3 (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop emeraldd "Emerald Dragon (Jpn)"
msx2_flop emeraldda "Emerald Dragon (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop emperor "L'Empereur (Jpn)"
msx2_flop emperora "L'Empereur (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop exterlin "Exterlien (Jpn)"
msx2_flop exterlina "Exterlien (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop exterlinb "Exterlien (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop exterlinc "Exterlien (Jpn, Alt 3)"
msx2_flop f1douch "F1 Douchuuki (Jpn)"
msx2_flop famipar2 "Famicle Parodic 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop fightwat "The Fighting Wolf AT (Jpn)"
msx2_flop fightwata "The Fighting Wolf AT (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop fightwatb "The Fighting Wolf AT (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop finalpot "Final Potential (Jpn)"
msx2_flop forday2 "For The Day II (Kor)"
msx2_flop forday2a "For the Day II (Kor, Alt)"
msx2_flop fray "Fray - In Magical Adventure (Jpn)"
msx2_flop fraya "Fray - In Magical Adventure (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop frayb "Fray - In Magical Adventure (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop frayd "Fray - In Magical Adventure (Jpn, Demo)"
msx2_flop gingaed2 "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu II (Jpn)"
msx2_flop gingaed2a "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu II (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop nicklaus "Jack Nicklaus Golf (Jpn)"
msx2_flop nicklausa "Jack Nicklaus Golf (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop nicklausb "Jack Nicklaus Golf (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop kaetantx "Kaettekita Tantei-dan X (Jpn)"
msx2_flop kagerome "Kagerou Meikyuu (Jpn)"
msx2_flop kaminoma "Kami no Machi (Jpn)"
msx2_flop koroshi2 "Koroshi no Dress 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop lipsadv2 "Lipstick Adventure 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop madou123 "Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop madou123a "Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop mjkyojs2 "Mahjong Kyo Jidai Special II (Jpn)"
msx2_flop mjshikak "Mahjong Shikaku (Jpn)"
msx2_flop mjshikaka "Mahjong Shikaku (Jpn, Alt Disk 1)"
msx2_flop msxffl8 "MSX-FAN Fandom Library 8 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop palameds "Palamedes (Jpn)"
msx2_flop palamedsa "Palamedes (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop palamedsb "Palamedes (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop peachup2 "Peach Up 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop peachup3 "Peach Up 3 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop peachup4 "Peach Up 4 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop peachup5 "Peach Up 5 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop peachup6 "Peach Up 6 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop peachup7 "Peach Up 7 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop pinksox2 "Pink Sox 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop pinksox3 "Pink Sox 3 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop rance2 "Rance II (Jpn)"
msx2_flop randar3 "Randar no Bouken III - Yami ni Mise Rareta Majutsushi (Jpn)"
msx2_flop randar3a "Randar no Bouken III - Yami ni Mise Rareta Majutsushi (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop randar3b "Randar no Bouken III - Yami ni Mise Rareta Majutsushi (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop lodossfk "Lodoss Tou Senki - Fukujinzuke (Jpn)"
msx2_flop robocrsh "Robo Crush (Jpn)"
msx2_flop robocrsha "Robo Crush (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop robocrshb "Robo Crush (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop runewort "Rune Worth - Kokui no Kikoushi (Jpn)"
msx2_flop runeworta "Rune Worth - Kokui no Kikoushi (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop sdgndgs2 "SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi 2 - Capsule Senki (Jpn)"
msx2_flop sdgndgs2a "SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi 2 - Capsule Senki (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop sangoku2 "Sangokushi II (Jpn)"
msx2_flop sangoku2a "Sangokushi II (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop schwarz2 "Schwarzschild II (Jpn)"
msx2_flop schwarz2a "Schwarzschild II (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop shenandr "Shenan Dragon (Jpn)"
msx2_flop shikinjo "Shikinjou (Jpn)"
msx2_flop shikinjoa "Shikinjou (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop hoshisun "Hoshi no Suna Monogatari (Jpn)"
msx2_flop spinksx1 "Super Pink Sox 1 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop spinksx1a "Super Pink Sox 1 (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop spinksx2 "Super Pink Sox 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop tirnanog "Tir-nan-óg - Dana no Matsuei (Jpn)"
msx2_flop tirnanoga "Tir-nan-óg - Dana no Matsuei (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop toshinto "Toushin Toshi (Jpn)"
msx2_flop toshintoa "Toushin Toshi (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop toshintob "Toushin Toshi (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop urotsuki "Urotsukidoji (Jpn)"
msx2_flop urotsukia "Urotsukidoji (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop shiryo2 "Shiryou Sensen 2 - War of the Dead Part 2 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop shiryo2a "Shiryou Sensen 2 - War of the Dead Part 2 (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop shiryo2b "Shiryou Sensen 2 - War of the Dead Part 2 (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop winsolut "Winning Solution (Jpn)"
msx2_flop xak2 "Xak II (Jpn)"
msx2_flop xak2a "Xak II (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop xak2b "Xak II (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop xak2c "Xak II (Jpn, Alt 3)"
msx2_flop yakyudo2 "Yakyuudou II (Jpn)"
msx2_flop yakyudo2d90 "Yakyuudo II Databook '90 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop yoshiknz "Yoshida Konzern - Shooting Game Construction Tool (Jpn)"
msx2_flop yoshikmd "Yoshida Koumuten Data Library Vol. 1 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop zero "Zero - The 4th Unit Act. 4 (Jpn)"
msx2_flop aslime "Alien's Slime (Ger)"
msx2_flop aslimea "Alien's Slime (Ger, Alt)"
msx2_flop aslimeb "Alien's Slime (Ger, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop arcd "Arc (Ned, Demo)"
msx2_flop arcda "Arc (Ned, Demo, Alt)"
msx2_flop galmoon "Galmoon (Jpn)"
msx2_flop galmoona "Galmoon (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop geki7nar "Gekitotsu 7 Narabe (Jpn)"
msx2_flop geki7nara "Gekitotsu 7 Narabe (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2_flop geki7narb "Gekitotsu 7 Narabe (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop geki7narc "Gekitotsu 7 Narabe (Jpn, Alt 3)"
msx2_flop maryupie "Maryu Pie (Jpn)"
msx2_flop riot "Riot (Jpn)"
msx2_flop amazcash "Amazing Cash (Ned)"
msx2_flop amazcasha "Amazing Cash (Ned, Alt)"
msx2_flop deltafrc "Force Delta (Ned)"
msx2p_flop hbf1xv "Sony HB-F1XV Story Disk (Jpn)"
msx2p_flop twinkle "Twinkle Star - Hoshi no Mahou Tsukai (Jpn)"
msx2p_flop twinklea "Twinkle Star - Hoshi no Mahou Tsukai (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2p_flop yoshidak "Yoshida Kensetsu (Jpn)"
msx2p_flop yoshidaka "Yoshida Kensetsu (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2p_flop yoshidakb "Yoshida Kensetsu (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msx2p_flop yoshidakc "Yoshida Kensetsu (Jpn, Alt 3)"
msx2p_flop yoshidakd "Yoshida Kensetsu (Jpn, Alt 4)"
msx2p_flop yoshidake "Yoshida Kensetsu (Jpn, Alt 5)"
msx2p_flop lubeck "Lübeck (Jpn)"
msx2p_flop lubecka "Lübeck (Jpn, Alt)"
msxr_flop fray "Fray - In Magical Adventure (Jpn)"
msxr_flop fraya "Fray - In Magical Adventure (Jpn, Alt)"
msxr_flop frayb "Fray - In Magical Adventure (Jpn, Alt 2)"
msxr_flop seeddrag "Seed of Dragon (Jpn)"
msxr_flop seeddraga "Seed of Dragon (Jpn, Alt)"
msxr_flop seeddragb "Seed of Dragon (Jpn, Alt Disk 1)"
msxr_flop turboost "Turbo Booster (Jpn)"
mz800_cass uridium "Uridium"
neogeo nam1975 "NAM-1975 (NGM-001 ~ NGH-001)"
neogeo bstars "Baseball Stars Professional (NGM-002)"
neogeo bstarsh "Baseball Stars Professional (NGH-002)"
neogeo tpgolf "Top Player's Golf (NGM-003 ~ NGH-003)"
neogeo mahretsu "Mahjong Kyo Retsuden (NGM-004 ~ NGH-004)"
neogeo maglord "Magician Lord (NGM-005)"
neogeo maglordh "Magician Lord (NGH-005)"
neogeo ridhero "Riding Hero (NGM-006 ~ NGH-006)"
neogeo ridheroh "Riding Hero (set 2)"
neogeo ncombat "Ninja Combat (NGM-009)"
neogeo ncombath "Ninja Combat (NGH-009)"
neogeo cyberlip "Cyber-Lip (NGM-010)"
neogeo superspy "The Super Spy (NGM-011 ~ NGH-011)"
neogeo lbowling "League Bowling (NGM-019 ~ NGH-019)"
neogeo joyjoy "Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid (NGM-021 ~ NGH-021)"
neogeo bjourney "Blue's Journey / Raguy (ALM-001 ~ ALH-001)"
neogeo minasan "Minasan no Okagesamadesu! Dai Sugoroku Taikai (MOM-001 ~ MOH-001)"
neogeo moshougi "Shougi no Tatsujin - Master of Shougi"
nes sf2010j "2010 Street Fighter (Jpn)"
nes 8eyes "8 Eyes (USA)"
nes abadox "Abadox - The Deadly Inner War (USA)"
nes magickdmu "Disney's Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (USA)"
nes gilligan "The Adventures of Gilligan's Island (USA)"
nes loloj "Adventures of Lolo (Jpn)"
nes lolo "Adventures of Lolo (Euro)"
nes lolo2j "Adventures of Lolo II (Jpn)"
nes lolo2u "Adventures of Lolo 2 (USA)"
nes radgravu "The Adventures of Rad Gravity (USA)"
nes airwolf "Airwolf (Euro)"
nes akumakun "Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana (Jpn)"
nes akumaspc "Akumajou Special - Boku Dracula-kun (Jpn)"
nes alunser "Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing (USA)"
nes archrivlu "Arch Rivals - A Basketbrawl! (USA)"
nes arkista "Arkista's Ring (USA)"
nes astrofng "Astro Fang - Super Machine (Jpn)"
nes astyanaxu "Astyanax (USA)"
nes astyanax "Astyanax (Euro)"
nes backtf23 "Back to the Future II & III (USA)"
nes baddudesu "Bad Dudes (USA)"
nes baddudes "Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (Euro)"
nes badnewsb "Bad News Baseball (USA)"
nes gatein "Baken Hisshou Gaku - Gate In (Jpn)"
nes bakuaig "Bakushou! Ai no Gekijou (Jpn)"
nes monomane "Bakushou! Star Monomane Shitennou (Jpn)"
nes bandking "Bandit Kings of Ancient China (USA)"
nes brdtalej "The Bard's Tale - Tales of the Unknown (Jpn)"
nes barkbillu "Barker Bill's Trick Shooting (USA)"
nes basesim "Baseball Simulator 1.000 (USA)"
nes basload2 "Bases Loaded II - Second Season (USA)"
nes batmanu "Batman - The Video Game (USA)"
nes batmanup1 "Batman - The Video Game (USA, Older Prototype)"
nes batman "Batman - The Video Game (Euro)"
nes btlchess "Battle Chess (USA)"
nes bfleet "Battle Fleet (Jpn)"
nes batlstad "Battle Stadium - Senbatsu Pro Yakyuu (Jpn)"
nes batltank "Battle Tank (USA)"
nes proyak90 "The Best Play Pro Yakyuu '90 (Jpn)"
nes proyak2 "The Best Play Pro Yakyuu II (Jpn)"
nes bigfootu "Bigfoot (USA)"
nes bikkuri "Bikkuriman World - Gekitou Sei Senshi (Jpn)"
nes bionicc "Bionic Commando (Euro)"
nes bladestl "Blades of Steel (Euro)"
nes blodia "Blodia Land - Puzzle Quest (Jpn)"
nes bloodwar "Bloody Warriors - Shan-Go no Gyakushuu (Jpn)"
nes bdashj "Boulder Dash (Jpn)"
nes bdashu "Boulder Dash (USA)"
nes boynblobu "David Crane's A Boy and His Blob - Trouble on Blobolonia (USA)"
nes bublbobl "Bubble Bobble (Euro)"
nes bugsbbu "The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (USA)"
nes buraij "Burai Fighter (Jpn)"
nes buraiu "Burai Fighter (USA)"
nes cabal "Cabal (USA)"
nes captskyhu1 "Captain SkyHawk (USA)"
nes captskyhu "Captain SkyHawk (USA, Rev. A)"
nes ctsuba2 "Captain Tsubasa II - Super Striker (Jpn)"
nes castleq "Castle Quest (Jpn)"
nes castldrg "Castle of Dragon (USA)"
nes cvania2 "Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (Euro)"
nes cvania3u "Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (USA)"
nes cavegame "Caveman Games (USA)"
nes chaldrgn "Challenge of the Dragon (USA)"
nes chessmstu "The Chessmaster (USA)"
nes chilleru "Chiller (USA)"
nes chiyonof "Chiyonofuji no Ooichou (Jpn)"
nes chipndalu "Disney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (USA)"
nes circuscp "Circus Caper (USA)"
nes clashdmn "Clash At Demonhead (USA)"
nes concentr "Classic Concentration (USA)"
nes cnviper "Code Name - Viper (USA)"
nes conflict "Conflict (USA)"
nes crystalp "Conquest of the Crystal Palace (USA)"
nes corvetz1 "Corvette ZR-1 Challenge (Euro)"
nes crystal "Crystalis (USA)"
nes deburas "Dai Kaijuu - Deburas (Jpn)"
nes daimeiro "Dai Meiro - Meikyuu no Tatsujin (Jpn)"
nes dashgalx "Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum (USA)"
nes dashyar "Dash Yarou (Jpn)"
nes daysthndu "Days of Thunder (USA)"
nes deathrac "Death Race (USA)"
nes deathbot1 "Deathbots (USA)"
nes deathbot "Deathbots (USA, v1.1)"
nes deepdng4 "Deep Dungeon IV - Kuro no Youjutsushi (Jpn)"
nes demnswrd "Demon Sword - Release the Power (USA)"
nes earthstr "Destination Earthstar (USA)"
nes destempr "Destiny of an Emperor (USA)"
nes dicktr "Dick Tracy (USA)"
nes digger "Digger - The Legend of the Lost City (USA)"
nes dirtyhar "Dirty Harry (USA)"
nes dondoko "Don Doko Don (Jpn)"
nes doragigz "Doraemon - Gigazombie no Gyakushuu (Jpn)"
nes ddare "Double Dare (USA)"
nes ddragon2u1 "Double Dragon II - The Revenge (USA)"
nes ddragon2u "Double Dragon II - The Revenge (USA, Rev. A)"
nes ddragon2 "Double Dragon II - The Revenge (Euro)"
nes dstrike1 "Double Strike (USA)"
nes dstrike "Double Strike (USA, v1.1)"
nes downtkos "Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Soreyuke Daiundoukai (Jpn)"
nes drmarioju1 "Dr. Mario (Jpn, USA)"
nes drmarioju "Dr. Mario (Jpn, USA, Rev. A)"
nes drmariop "Dr. Mario (Prototype)"
nes virus "Virus (Prototype, 19900202)"
nes dballa "Dragon Ball - Le Secret du Dragon (Euro)"
nes dball "Dragon Ball - Le Secret du Dragon (Euro, Rev. A)"
nes dbz "Dragon Ball Z - Kyoushuu! Saiyajin (Jpn)"
nes drgnfghtj "Dragon Fighter (Jpn)"
nes dquest4 "Dragon Quest IV - Michibikareshi Monotachi (Jpn, Rev. A)"
nes dspirit "Dragon Spirit - The New Legend (USA)"
nes drgnunit "Dragon Unit (Jpn)"
nes dwarr2 "Dragon Warrior II (USA)"
nes dlairu "Dragon's Lair (USA)"
nes ducktale "DuckTales (Euro)"
nes dudesatt1 "Dudes with Attitude (USA)"
nes dudesatt "Dudes with Attitude (USA, v1.1)"
nes dungnkid "Dungeon Kid (Jpn)"
nes dngmagic "Dungeon Magic - Sword of the Elements (USA)"
nes ddiamond "Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball (USA)"
nes dynowarz "Dynowarz - The Destruction of Spondylus (USA)"
nes dejavu "Deja Vu (USA)"
nes escatlnta "The Escape from Atlantis (USA, Prototype Alt)"
nes explfist "Exploding Fist (USA, Prototype 19900522)"
nes f15cw1 "F15 City War (USA)"
nes f15cw "F15 City War (USA, v1.1)"
nes f15cws "F15 City War (Spa)"
nes famist91 "Famista '91 (Jpn)"
nes faxanadu "Faxanadu (Euro)"
nes festrqst "Fester's Quest (Euro)"
nes ffant "Final Fantasy (USA)"
nes ffant3 "Final Fantasy III (Jpn)"
nes finalmis "Final Mission (Jpn)"
nes firemb "Fire Emblem - Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken (Jpn)"
nes icanrem "Fisher-Price - I Can Remember (USA)"
nes prfctfit "Fisher-Price - Perfect Fit (USA)"
nes f1btw "Formula One - Built to Win (USA)"
nes gambler2 "Gambler Jikochuushinha 2 (Jpn)"
nes ggoemg "Ganbare Goemon Gaiden - Keita Ougon Kiseru (Jpn)"
nes gauntlt2u "Gauntlet II (USA)"
nes genghis "Genghis Khan (USA)"
nes ghostbs2u "Ghostbusters II (USA)"
nes ghostbs2 "Ghostbusters II (Euro)"
nes godzilla "Godzilla - Monster of Monsters! (Euro)"
nes g13icar "Golgo 13 - Dai 2 Shou - Icarus no Nazo (Jpn)"
nes g13mafat "Golgo 13 - The Mafat Conspiracy (USA)"
nes gboxing "Great Boxing - Rush Up (Jpn)"
nes gremlin2j "Gremlins 2 - Shinshu Tanjou (Jpn)"
nes gremlin2u "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (USA)"
nes gremlin2up "Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (USA, Prototype)"
nes gunhed "GunHed - Arutanaru Tatakai (Jpn)"
nes gunnacj "Gun Nac (Jpn)"
nes happybb "Happy Birthday Bugs (Jpn)"
nes hatrisj "Hatris (Jpn)"
nes hbarrelj "Heavy Barrel (Jpn)"
nes hbarrel "Heavy Barrel (USA)"
nes hshred "Heavy Shreddin' (USA)"
nes hiryukn3 "Hiryuu no Ken III - 5 Nin no Ryuu Senshi (Jpn)"
nes shigonin "Hissatsu Shigoto Nin (Jpn)"
nes homern90 "Home Run Nighter '90 - The Pennant League (Jpn)"
nes imagefgtj "Image Fight (Jpn)"
nes imagefgt "Image Fight (USA)"
nes immortal "The Immortal (USA)"
nes infiltrt "Infiltrator (USA)"
nes insectx "Insector X (Jpn)"
nes ironswrd "IronSword - Wizards & Warriors II (Euro)"
nes keibahg "Isaki Shuugorou no Keiba Hisshou Gaku (Jpn)"
nes ishinara "Ishin no Arashi (Jpn)"
nes nicklausu "Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (USA)"
nes jchanu "Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu (USA)"
nes jajageki "Jajamaru Gekimaden - Maboroshi no Kinmajou (Jpn)"
nes jeopar25 "Jeopardy! - 25th Anniversary Edition (USA)"
nes jigokugm "Jigoku Gokuraku Maru (Jpn)"
nes siliusu "Journey to Silius (USA)"
nes jumpink "Jumpin' Kid - Jack to Mame no Ki Monogatari (Jpn)"
nes kagero "Kagerou Densetsu (Jpn)"
nes kickle "Kickle Cubicle (Euro)"
nes kickleu "Kickle Cubicle (USA)"
nes kidkool "Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs (USA)"
nes kingnept "King Neptune's Adventure (USA)"
nes kotbeach "Kings of the Beach (USA)"
nes kitedai "Kiteretsu Daihyakka (Jpn)"
nes klaxj "Klax (Jpn)"
nes klax "Klax (USA)"
nes knightr "Knight Rider (Euro)"
nes krazykr "Krazy Kreatures (USA, v1.1)"
nes krazykrp "Krazy Kreatures (USA, v1.0)"
nes kujaku2 "Kujaku Ou 2 (Jpn)"
nes kachiuma "Kurogane Hiroshi no Yosou Daisuki! Kachiuma Densetsu (Jpn)"
nes lastarmg "Last Armageddon (Jpn)"
nes laststar "The Last Starfighter (USA)"
nes leetrevn "Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (Euro)"
nes littlelg "Little League Baseball Championship Series (USA)"
nes lilmagic "Little Magic (Jpn)"
nes nemou "Little Nemo - The Dream Master (USA)"
nes lilninjbu "Little Ninja Brothers (USA)"
nes loopz "Loopz (USA)"
nes lowgmanu "Low G Man - The Low Gravity Man (USA)"
nes lowgman "Low G Man - The Low Gravity Man (Euro)"
nes mule "M.U.L.E. (USA)"
nes remote "MTV's Remote Control (USA)"
nes madmax "Mad Max (USA)"
nes magjohn "Magic John (Jpn)"
nes magicjfb "Magic Johnson's Fast Break (USA)"
nes watarug "Majin Eiyuu Den Wataru Gaiden (Jpn)"
nes mmansionu "Maniac Mansion (USA)"
nes matendoj "Matendouji (Jpn)"
nes mechatak "Mechanized Attack (USA)"
nes megaman2 "Mega Man 2 (Euro)"
nes megaman3u "Mega Man 3 (USA)"
nes megaman3up "Mega Man 3 (USA, Prototype)"
nes megamit2a "Megami Tensei II - Digital Devil Story (Jpn)"
nes meikyujm "Meikyuu Jima (Jpn)"
nes menaceb "Menace Beach (USA)"
nes mendel "Mendel Palace (USA)"
nes andretti "Michael Andretti's World GP (USA)"
nes mightmagj "Might and Magic - Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum (Jpn)"
nes miraclep "The Miracle Piano Teaching System (USA)"
nes missimpu "Mission: Impossible (USA)"
nes mizushim "Mizushima Shinji no Dai Koushien (Jpn)"
nes moepro90 "Moe Pro! '90 - Kandou-hen (Jpn)"
nes moejudo "Moero!! Juudou Warriors (Jpn)"
nes madara "Mouryou Senki Madara (Jpn)"
nes mspacmnt "Ms. Pac-Man (USA, Tengen)"
nes muppet "Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival (USA)"
nes musashib "Musashi no Bouken (Jpn)"
nes narc "NARC (USA)"
nes playfoot "NES Play Action Football (USA)"
nes nantbb "Nantettatte!! Baseball (Jpn)"
nes neksoccr "Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu - Soccer-hen (Jpn)"
nes nemoj "Nemo - Pajama Hero (Jpn)"
nes nghostb2 "New Ghostbusters II (Euro)"
nes nghostb2j "New Ghostbusters II (Jpn)"
nes nichimj3 "Nichibutsu Mahjong III - Mahjong G Men (Jpn)"
nes nightmar "A Nightmare on Elm Street (USA)"
nes ninjacrs "Ninja Crusaders (USA)"
nes ngaiden2 "Ninja Gaiden II - The Dark Sword of Chaos (USA)"
nes nryuken2 "Ninja Ryukenden II - Ankoku no Jashinken (Jpn)"
nes ninjarah "Ninjara Hoi! (Jpn)"
nes nwc90 "Nintendo World Championships 1990 (USA)"
nes nintenwca "Nintendo World Cup (Euro, Rev. A)"
nes nintenwcb "Nintendo World Cup (Euro)"
nes nintenwcu "Nintendo World Cup (USA)"
nes nksupexp "Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery - Super Express Satsujin Jiken (Jpn)"
nes nobuseng1 "Nobunaga no Yabou - Sengoku Gunyuuden (Jpn)"
nes northnsu "North & South (USA)"
nes northnsj "North & South - Wakuwaku Nanboku Sensou (Jpn)"
nes oekashi "Oeka Kids - Anpanman to Oekaki Shiyou!! (Jpn)"
nes orb3d "Orb 3-D (USA)"
nes pradikus "P'radikus Conflict (USA)"
nes paaman "Paaman - Enban o Torikaese!! (Jpn)"
nes pacmania "Pac-Mania (USA)"
nes pachikn3 "Pachio-kun 3 (Jpn)"
nes palamedsj "Palamedes (Jpn)"
nes palameds "Palamedes (USA)"
nes paperboy "Paperboy (Euro)"
nes parodiusj "Parodius da! (Jpn)"
nes peepart "Peepar Time (Jpn)"
nes pesterm "Pesterminator (USA)"
nes phantomf "Phantom Fighter (USA)"
nes piction "Pictionary (USA)"
nes pinbotu "Pin-Bot (USA)"
nes pinbot "Pin-Bot (Euro)"
nes pinbqstu "Pinball Quest (USA)"
nes pinbqst "Pinball Quest (Aus)"
nes pipedrem "Pipe Dream (USA)"
nes powblazr "Power Blazer (Jpn)"
nes powsoccr "Power Soccer (Jpn)"
nes presidnt "President no Sentaku (Jpn)"
nes probot "Probotector (Euro)"
nes punchoutu "Punch-Out!! (USA)"
nes punisher "The Punisher (USA)"
nes pussboot "Puss 'n Boots - Pero's Great Adventure (USA)"
nes puzzle "Puzzle (USA)"
nes puzznicu "Puzznic (USA)"
nes pyramid "Pyramid (USA, v1.1)"
nes quarth "Quarth (Jpn)"
nes rbibb2 "R.B.I. Baseball 2 (USA)"
nes rafworld "RAF World (Jpn)"
nes radracr2 "Rad Racer II (USA)"
nes rallybik "Rally Bike (USA)"
nes rescueu "Rescue - The Embassy Mission (USA)"
nes rcr "River City Ransom (USA)"
nes roadblst "RoadBlasters (Euro)"
nes roadblstu "RoadBlasters (USA)"
nes robodemn "Robodemons (USA)"
nes rocknbal "Rock'n' Ball (USA)"
nes rocktrng "Rocket Ranger (USA)"
nes rockman3 "Rockman 3 - Dr. Wily no Saigo!? (Jpn)"
nes rollerblu "Rollerball (USA)"
nes rollergu "Rollergames (USA)"
nes rygar "Rygar (Euro)"
nes sdbattle "SD Battle Oozumou - Heisei Hero Basho (Jpn)"
nes sdgndgs3 "SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi 3 - Eiyuu Senki (Jpn)"
nes kgundama "SD Gundam Gaiden - Knight Gundam Monogatari (Jpn)"
nes kgundam "SD Gundam Gaiden - Knight Gundam Monogatari (Jpn, v2.0)"
nes sdhero "SD Hero Soukessen - Taose! Aku no Gundan (Jpn)"
nes sdsango "SD Sangoku Bushou Retsuden (Jpn)"
nes saiyuki2 "Saiyuuki World 2 - Tenjoukai no Majin (Jpn)"
nes samsaran "Samsara Naga (Jpn)"
nes sangoku2a "Sangokushi II (Jpn)"
nes sangoku2 "Sangokushi II (Jpn, Rev. AB)"
nes sanrioc "Sanrio Carnival (Jpn)"
nes bigbird "Sesame Street - Big Bird's Hide and Speak (USA)"
nes shadninj "Shadow of the Ninja (USA)"
nes shangh2 "Shanghai II (Jpn)"
nes shingen "Shingen The Ruler (USA)"
nes shockwav "Shockwave (USA)"
nes shflpuck "Shufflepuck Cafe (Jpn)"
nes silentas "Silent Assault (USA)"
nes silentsr "Silent Service (Euro)"
nes silkworm "Silkworm (USA)"
nes silvrsrf "Silver Surfer (USA)"
nes skatedi2 "Skate or Die 2 - The Search for Double Trouble (USA)"
nes skatedie "Skate or Die! (Euro)"
nes skullxb "Skull & Crossbones (USA)"
nes snakernru "Snake Rattle 'n Roll (USA)"
nes mgear2u "Snake's Revenge (USA)"
nes snoopy "Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular! (USA)"
nes solarjetu "Solar Jetman - Hunt for the Golden Warpship (USA)"
nes solomon "Solomon's Key (Euro)"
nes solsticeu "Solstice - The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (USA)"
nes solsticej "Solstice (Jpn)"
nes spot "Spot (USA)"
nes spyvsspy "Spy vs. Spy (Euro)"
nes stadevnt "Stadium Events (Euro)"
nes starfrce "Star Force (Euro)"
nes startrpcu "StarTropics (USA)"
nes starship "Starship Hector (USA)"
nes sted "STED - Iseki Wakusei no Yabou (Jpn)"
nes sf2010 "Street Fighter 2010 - The Final Fight (USA)"
nes suikoden "Suikoden - Tenmei no Chikai (Jpn)"
nes superc "Super C (USA)"
nes supglove "Super Glove Ball (USA)"
nes smbdh "Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt (Euro)"
nes smbdhwca "Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet (USA)"
nes smbdhwc "Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet (USA, Rev. A)"
nes smb3ua "Super Mario Bros. 3 (USA)"
nes smb3u "Super Mario Bros. 3 (USA, Rev. A)"
nes offroadu "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (USA)"
nes spikvbalu "Super Spike V'Ball (USA)"
nes spiknwc "Super Spike V'Ball / Nintendo World Cup (USA)"
nes swordsrpu "Swords and Serpents (USA)"
nes tamuramj "Tamura Koushou Mahjong Seminar (Jpn)"
nes tjstnsmn "Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni (Jpn)"
nes targtren "Target: Renegade (USA)"
nes taroqst "Taro's Quest (USA, Prototype)"
nes tecmobwlj "Tecmo Bowl (Jpn)"
nes tecmowcj "Tecmo World Cup Soccer (Jpn)"
nes tecmowrsu "Tecmo World Wrestling (USA)"
nes tecmowrs "Tecmo World Wrestling (Euro)"
nes tmnt "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Euro)"
nes tmnti "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ita)"
nes tmntj "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Jpn)"
nes tmnt2u "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (USA)"
nes terracrs "Terra Cresta (USA)"
nes tetris "Tetris (Euro)"
nes thndlght "Thunder & Lightning (USA)"
nes tbirds "Thunderbirds (USA)"
nes tigerhel "Tiger-Heli (Euro)"
nes tilefate "Tiles of Fate (USA)"
nes timelordu "Time Lord (USA)"
nes timelorej "Times of Lore (Jpn)"
nes titan "Titan (Jpn)"
nes toearth "To The Earth (Euro)"
nes topgun2u "Top Gun - The Second Mission (USA)"
nes evertlen "Chris Evert & Ivan Lendl in Top Players' Tennis (USA)"
nes totrecalu "Total Recall (USA)"
nes twincobr "Twin Cobra (USA)"
nes uforcepg "U-force Power Games (USA, Prototype)"
nes uchuksdf "Uchuu Keibitai SDF (Jpn)"
nes ultima4 "Ultima - Quest of the Avatar (USA)"
nes ultbaskt "Ultimate Basketball (USA)"
nes ultracl2 "Ultraman Club 2 - Kaettekita Ultraman Club (Jpn)"
nes vegasdrm "Vegas Dream (USA)"
nes wcwwres "WCW World Championship Wrestling (USA)"
nes wmaniachu "WWF WrestleMania Challenge (USA)"
nes wagyan2 "Wagyan Land 2 (Jpn)"
nes wallstrk "Wall Street Kid (USA)"
nes wallybng "Wally Bear and the No! Gang (USA)"
nes ducktalej "Wanpaku Duck Yume Bouken (Jpn)"
nes werewolfu "Werewolf - The Last Warrior (USA)"
nes wheelffe "Wheel of Fortune - Family Edition (USA)"
nes wld "Win, Lose or Draw (USA)"
nes wits "Wit's (Jpn)"
nes wizardr2j "Wizardry II - Diamond no Kishi (Jpn)"
nes wizardry "Wizardry - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (USA)"
nes wizardw "Wizards & Warriors (Euro)"
nes blackmntua "Wrath of the Black Manta (USA)"
nes blackmntu "Wrath of the Black Manta (USA, Rev. A)"
nes xexyz "Xexyz (USA)"
nes yamaskzs "Yamamura Misa Suspense - Kyouto Zaiteku Satsujin Jiken (Jpn)"
nes yonoid "Yo! Noid (USA)"
nes ys2 "Ys II - Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter (Jpn)"
nes zoidsmok "Zoids - Mokushiroku (Jpn)"
nes ggenie "Game Genie (USA, v1.5 & v1.5A)"
nes abatengu "Abarenbou Tengu (Jpn)"
nes arctic "Arctic (Jpn)"
nes astyanaxup "Astyanax (USA, Prototype)"
nes brdtalejs "The Bard's Tale - Tales of the Unknown (Jpn, Sample)"
nes batmanup2 "Batman - The Video Game (USA, Prototype Alt)"
nes blockout "Block Out (USA, Prototype)"
nes cadillac "Cadillac (Jpn)"
nes chipndalj "Chip to Dale no Daisakusen (Jpn)"
nes yeagerfc "Chuck Yeager's Fighter Combat (USA, Prototype)"
nes xfirej "Cross Fire (Jpn)"
nes xfire "Cross Fire (USA, Prototype)"
nes crystalb "Crystalis (USA, Prototype Alt)"
nes crystala "Crystalis (USA, Prototype)"
nes dquest4a "Dragon Quest IV - Michibikareshi Monotachi (Jpn)"
nes escatlnt "The Escape from Atlantis (USA, Prototype)"
nes explfist1 "Exploding Fist (USA, Prototype Older)"
nes topmanag "Famicom Top Management (Jpn)"
nes boynblobj "Fushigi Na Blobby - Blobania no Kiki (Jpn)"
nes gameprty "Game Party (Jpn)"
nes godslayr "God Slayer - Haruka Tenkuu no Sonata (Jpn)"
nes igomeikn "Igo Meikan (Jpn)"
nes ikari3j "Ikari III (Jpn)"
nes jangou "Jangou (Jpn)"
nes juuouki "Juuouki (Jpn)"
nes kage "Kage (Jpn)"
nes kamennh "Kamen no Ninja - Hanamaru (Jpn)"
nes kawanus "Kawa no Nushi Tsuri (Jpn)"
nes kingneptp "King Neptune's Adventure (USA, Prototype)"
nes klaxp "Klax (USA, Prototype)"
nes magdorop "Magical Doropie (Jpn)"
nes majavent "Majaventure - Mahjong Senki (Jpn)"
nes mmansionup "Maniac Mansion (USA, Prototype)"
nes megamit2 "Megami Tensei II - Digital Devil Story (Jpn, Rev. A)"
nes psybustr "Metal Flame Psybuster (Jpn)"
nes moaikun "Moai-kun (Jpn)"
nes mottomo "Mottomo Abunai Deka (Jpn)"
nes nantbbs "Nantettatte!! Baseball (Jpn, Sample)"
nes nghostb2u "New Ghostbusters II (USA, Prototype)"
nes nihonmk "Nihonichi no Mei Kantoku (Jpn)"
nes deadfox "Ningen Heiki - Dead Fox (Jpn)"
nes ninjacrsj "Ninja Crusaders - Ryuuga (Jpn)"
nes ngaiden2p "Ninja Gaiden II - The Dark Sword of Chaos (USA, Sample 36)"
nes nintenwc "Nintendo World Cup (Euro, Rev. B)"
nes nobuseng "Nobunaga no Yabou - Sengoku Gunyuuden (Jpn, rev. A)"
nes paralwld "Parallel World (Jpn)"
nes puzzlep "Puzzle (USA, Prototype)"
nes rescueup "Rescue - The Embassy Mission (USA, Prototype)"
nes solsticeup "Solstice - The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (USA, Prototype)"
nes scontra "Super Contra (Jpn)"
nes swordmstj "Sword Master (Jpn)"
nes tmnt2up "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (USA, Prototype)"
nes wallybngp "Wally Bear and the No! Gang (USA, Prototype)"
nes ducktalejp "Wanpaku Duck Yume Bouken (Jpn, Prototype)"
nes worldbox "World Boxing (Jpn)"
nes yonoidp "Yo! Noid (USA, Prototype)"
nes galcrus "Galactic Crusader (USA)"
nes miscobra "Mission Cobra (USA)"
nes tagindrg "Tagin' Dragon (USA)"
nes castldec "Castle of Deceit (USA)"
nes moonrang "Moon Ranger (USA)"
nes silentasa "Silent Assault (Tw, NES cart)"
nes galcrusa "Galactic Crusader (Tw, NES cart)"
nes mjtrapz "Mahjong Trap - Si Cuan Ma Que - Zhi Fu Pian (Tw)"
nes chaldrgna "Challenge of the Dragon (Tw, NES cart)"
nes mnq "Mei Nu Quan (Tw)"
nes mnq1 "Mei Nu Quan (Tw, Alt)"
nes mnq2 "Mei Nu Quan (Tw, Alt 2)"
nes mnq3 "Mei Nu Quan (Tw, Alt 3)"
nes mjworld "The Mahjong World - Ma Que Shi Jie (Tw, FC cart)"
nes mjworlda "The Mahjong World - Ma Que Shi Jie (Tw, NES cart)"
nes pyramid1 "Pyramid (USA)"
nes millionr "Millionaire (Tw, NES cart)"
nes danceblk "Dancing Block (Tw, NES cart)"
nes magimath "Magical Mathematics [C.A.I.] (Tw, FC cart)"
nes magimatha "Magical Mathematics [C.A.I.] (Tw, NES cart)"
nes idolshis "Idol Shisen Mahjong (Jpn)"
nes mjcompan "Mahjong Companion (Jpn, Hacker)"
nes pyramidj "Pyramid (Jpn, Hacker)"
nes 3dblocka "3-D Block (Asia, Hwang Shinwei)"
nes 3dblock "3-D Block (Asia, RCM)"
nes jgscs "Jin Gwok Sei Chuen Saang (Chi)"
nes magicjwl "Magic Jewelry (Asia)"
nes magicjwlb "Magic Jewelry (Asia, Alt 2)"
nes magicjwla "Magic Jewelry (Asia, Alt)"
nes magicjwlc "Magic Jewelry (Asia, Pirate?)"
nes tank1990 "Tank 1990 (Chi)"
nes uforcepg1 "U-force Power Games (USA, Prototype Alt, Hacked)"
partner_cass digger1 "Digger-1"
partner_cass ldrun "Lode Runner"
partner_cass rise1 "Rise-1"
partner_cass slams "Slams"
partner_cass torpatt "Torpednaya Ataka"
partner_cass xtro "Xtro"
pc8801_flop akazukin "Akazukin-chan"
pc8801_flop akazukind "Akazukin-chan (Demo)"
pc8801_flop ayumi "Ayumi"
pc8801_flop barbatus "Barbatus no Majo"
pc8801_flop barbatusa "Barbatus no Majo (Alt)"
pc8801_flop batlskin "Battle Skin Panic - Zenra Senshi"
pc8801_flop bellonch "Belloncho Series 1 - Belloncho Shintai Kensa"
pc8801_flop bshashos "Bishoujo Shashinkan - Outside Story"
pc8801_flop cancanbs "Can Can Bunny Superior"
pc8801_flop cancanbsa "Can Can Bunny Superior (Alt?)"
pc8801_flop cancanbsb "Can Can Bunny Superior (Alt 2)"
pc8801_flop crimson3 "Crimson 3"
pc8801_flop crimson3a "Crimson 3 (Alt)"
pc8801_flop croquis "Chou Bishoujo Densetsu Croquis"
pc8801_flop crystdr2 "Crystal Dream II - Maou no Gen'ei"
pc8801_flop crystdr2a "Crystal Dream II - Maou no Gen'ei (Alt)"
pc8801_flop dps "D.P.S - Dream Program System"
pc8801_flop dpsa "D.P.S - Dream Program System (Alt)"
pc8801_flop zero "Zero - The 4th Unit Act. 4"
pc8801_flop daikokai "Daikoukai Jidai"
pc8801_flop daikokaia "Daikoukai Jidai (Alt?)"
pc8801_flop deja "De・Ja"
pc8801_flop dejaa "De・Ja (Alt Disk 1)"
pc8801_flop dennoga3 "Dennou Gakuen 3 - Cybernetic Hi-School Part III - Top wo Nerae!"
pc8801_flop destrugk "Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu Shirizu - Destruction Gekan"
pc8801_flop destrugka "Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu Shirizu - Destruction Gekan (Alt)"
pc8801_flop destrugkb "Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu Shirizu - Destruction Gekan (Alt 2)"
pc8801_flop dinosaur "Dinosaur"
pc8801_flop dinosaura "Dinosaur (Alt Program Disk)"
pc8801_flop dokicard "Dokidoki Card League"
pc8801_flop dokicarda "Dokidoki Card League (Alt)"
pc8801_flop dknight2 "Dragon Knight II"
pc8801_flop dreamag "Dreamy Alien Girls"
pc8801_flop duelkawa "Duel Kawanakajima"
pc8801_flop dungeonb "Dungeon Buster"
pc8801_flop emerald "Emerald Densetsu"
pc8801_flop exterlin "Exterlien"
pc8801_flop faara "Faara no Toki Kekkai"
pc8801_flop felis "Sailor Fuku Senshi Felis"
pc8801_flop formulac "Formula C.M.S."
pc8801_flop foxy "Foxy"
pc8801_flop gingaed2 "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu II"
pc8801_flop golf "Golf - Kiyapi Kiyapi Run"
pc8801_flop gunship "Gunship"
pc8801_flop ayayo2 "Hacchake Ayayo-san 2 - Ikenai Holiday"
pc8801_flop hajadang "Haja Ouboshi Dangaiou"
pc8801_flop harakiri "Harakiri"
pc8801_flop holechas "Hole Chaser"
pc8801_flop arigato "Ikase Otoko Nyuumon - Ai wo Arigato"
pc8801_flop illumina "Illumina"
pc8801_flop ishido "Ishido - The Way of Stones"
pc8801_flop nicklaus "Jack Nicklaus Championship Golf"
pc8801_flop janborg "Jan-borg Suzume"
pc8801_flop janborga "Jan-borg Suzume (Alt Disk 1)"
pc8801_flop kaetantx "Kaettekita Tantei-dan X"
pc8801_flop klax "Klax"
pc8801_flop emperor "L'Empereur"
pc8801_flop marchenp "Märchen Paradise"
pc8801_flop metalora "Metal Orange"
pc8801_flop metaloraa "Metal Orange (Alt)"
pc8801_flop mirrors "Mirrors"
pc8801_flop misty5 "Misty Vol.5"
pc8801_flop mistyblu "Misty Blue"
pc8801_flop mistyblua "Misty Blue (Alt)"
pc8801_flop mugen3 "Mugen no Shinzo III"
pc8801_flop mugen3a "Mugen no Shinzo III (Alt)"
pc8801_flop nobubufu "Nobunaga no Yabou - Bushou Fuunroku"
pc8801_flop nobubufua "Nobunaga no Yabou - Bushou Fuunroku (Alt)"
pc8801_flop operatio "Operation L"
pc8801_flop phantas4 "Phantasie IV - The Birth of Heroes"
pc8801_flop pias "Pias - Hikisaka Reta Seishun"
pc8801_flop pure2 "Pure II"
pc8801_flop pure2a "Pure II (Alt)"
pc8801_flop rakuensh "Rakuen no Shotaijo"
pc8801_flop rance2 "Rance 2 - Hangyaku no Shojo-tachi"
pc8801_flop rance2a "Rance 2 - Hangyaku no Shojo-tachi (Alt)"
pc8801_flop raygun "Ray・Gun"
pc8801_flop review "Review"
pc8801_flop rouge "Rouge"
pc8801_flop runewort "Rune Worth"
pc8801_flop runeworta "Rune Worth (Alt)"
pc8801_flop runewortj "Rune Worth Jukebox"
pc8801_flop schoolwa "School☆Wars"
pc8801_flop sekakimi "Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki!"
pc8801_flop sekakimia "Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki! (Alt)"
pc8801_flop shangh2 "Shanghai II"
pc8801_flop shenandr "Shenan Dragon"
pc8801_flop shenandra "Shenan Dragon (Alt)"
pc8801_flop shutendo "Shuten Doji"
pc8801_flop shutendoa "Shuten Doji (Alt Disk 1)"
pc8801_flop slope "Slope"
pc8801_flop gilgasor "Gilgamesh Sorcerian"
pc8801_flop sorcersel2 "Selected Sorcerian 2"
pc8801_flop sorcersel3 "Selected Sorcerian 3"
pc8801_flop sorcersel4 "Selected Sorcerian 4"
pc8801_flop sorcersel5 "Selected Sorcerian 5"
pc8801_flop teiketsu "Teitoku no Ketsudan"
pc8801_flop teiketsua "Teitoku no Ketsudan (Alt)"
pc8801_flop tentochi "Ten to Chi to"
pc8801_flop tenkyusp "Tenkyuuhai Special - Tougen no Utage"
pc8801_flop tirnanog "Tir-Nan-Og - Kindan no Tou"
pc8801_flop tokimeki "Tokimeki Sesil"
pc8801_flop tugofwar "Tug of War"
pc8801_flop tuntroll "Tunnels & Trolls"
pc8801_flop tuntrolla "Tunnels & Trolls (Alt Player Disk)"
pc8801_flop twiligh4 "Twilight Zone 4 - Tokubetsu-hen"
pc8801_flop urotsuki "Urotsukidoji"
pc8801_flop urotsukia "Urotsukidoji (Alt)"
pc8801_flop waterfro "Waterfront Adventure"
pc8801_flop weddingr "Wedding Rhapsody"
pc8801_flop wizardr5 "Wizardry 5 - Heart of the Maelstrom"
pc8801_flop wizardr5a "Wizardry 5 - Heart of the Maelstrom (Alt Disk 5)"
pc8801_flop worldgl3 "World Golf 3"
pc8801_flop xak2 "Xak 2"
pc8801_flop xak2a "Xak II (Alt)"
pc8801_flop yakyudo2d90 "Yakyuu-do II Data Book '90"
pc8801_flop yesterd "Yesterday"
pc8801_flop zan "Zan - Yaksa Enbukyoku"
pc8801_flop adv7 "Adv #7"
pc8801_flop attacker "Attacker"
pc8801_flop ayashige "Ayashige Pack"
pc8801_flop ayashig1 "Ayashige Soft 100-yen Music Disk Vol.1"
pc8801_flop cardforc "Card Force III"
pc8801_flop cardfor1 "Card Force IV"
pc8801_flop charlie4 "Charlie Soft Music Disk vol. 4.0"
pc8801_flop dennotsu "Denno Tsushin Vol. 1"
pc8801_flop dslayedm "Dragon Slayer VI Music Gallery"
pc8801_flop fc88v01 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 1 ~We Are Konamic Freaks~"
pc8801_flop fc88v02 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 2 ~Video Game Century~"
pc8801_flop fc88v03 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 3 ~Dedicated to 88Games~"
pc8801_flop fc88v04 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 4 ~First Contact with SB2~"
pc8801_flop fc88v05 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 5 ~SB2 BASIC Excellents~"
pc8801_flop fc88v06 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 6 ~The Golden Age of Namco~"
pc8801_flop fc88v07 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 7 ~SB2 Full Power!! in PMD~"
pc8801_flop fc88v08 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 8 ~Konami SCC Masterpieces~"
pc8801_flop fc88v09 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 9 ~Arrange Version Issue~"
pc8801_flop fc88v10 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 10 ~Super Star Soldier Special~"
pc8801_flop fc88v11 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 11 ~Gofer Episode2 Issue~"
pc8801_flop fc88v12 "FireCracker Music Collection vol. 12 ~Minor Game Music Special~"
pc8801_flop mig "Mig"
pc8801_flop musicfl2 "Music Floppy Vol. 2"
pc8801_flop nt3mus01 "NT-3 Music Disk - Mysterious Love Token"
pc8801_flop nt3mus02 "NT-3 Music Disk - Flash Power"
pc8801_flop onion107 "Onion 100 Yen Disk No.7"
pc8801_flop puzlkana "Puzzle Kana?"
pc8801_flop refight "ReFight"
pc8801_flop refighta "ReFight (Alt)"
pc8801_flop relief "Relief Soukan-Go"
pc8801_flop sorcermd "Sorcerian Music Disk Volume 1"
pc8801_flop ssggs2 "SSG Game Special 2"
pc8801_flop inthedrm "Tabibito no Gakufu - Yume no Nakani... In the Dream"
pc8801_flop uedajun1 "Ueda Jun'ichi Ongaku-Shu Vol.1"
pc8801_flop uedajun1a "Ueda Jun'ichi Ongaku-Shu Vol.1 (Alt)"
pc8801_flop uedajun2 "Ueda Jun'ichi Ongaku Disk 2"
pc8801_flop uedajun2a "Ueda Jun'ichi Ongaku Disk 2 (Alt)"
pc8801_flop woodsman "Woodsman Disk Vol.3"
pc8801_flop yugeki "Yugekitai - Saikyou Kami Fukkatsu Yuki Kan"
pc8801_flop zaglev "Zaglev"
pc8801_flop haretail "Hare Tail"
pc8801_flop wrp90013 "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.1-3"
pc8801_flop wrp90013a "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.1-3 (Alt)"
pc8801_flop wrp90022 "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.2-2"
pc8801_flop wrp90031 "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.3-1"
pc8801_flop wrp90051 "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.5-1"
pc8801_flop wrp90092 "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.9-2"
pc8801_flop wrp90113 "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.11-3"
pc8801_flop wrp90113a "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.11-3 (Alt)"
pc8801_flop wrp90114 "Wizard88 Report Vol 90.11-4"
pc88va gilgasor "Gilgamesh Sorcerian"
pc88va sorcersel2 "Sorcerian Selected 2"
pc88va sorcersel3 "Sorcerian Selected 3"
pc88va sorcersel4 "Sorcerian Selected 4"
pc88va sorcersel5 "Sorcerian Selected 5"
pc88va xak2 "Xak II"
pc88va dpssg "D.P.S. SG - Dream Program System SG"
pc88va rance2 "Rance 2 - Hangyaku no Shojo-tachi"
pc98 turbocpp "Turbo C++"
pc98 turbocppa "Turbo C++ (Alt Format)"
pc98 turbocppb "Turbo C++ (Alt Disk 1)"
pc98 asscalc "Assist Calc"
pc98 epsonb2h "EPSON Nihongo Disk BASIC v5.0"
pc98 46okunen "46 Okunen Monogatari - The Shinkaron"
pc98 98lespro "98 Lesson Pro"
pc98 aressh2g "A Ressha de Ikou II - 5 Shuunen Kinen Tokubetsu Gentei Version"
pc98 aressh3 "A Ressha de Ikou III"
pc98 actor98 "Actor 98"
pc98 actor98a "Actor 98 (Alt Disk 1)"
pc98 hillsfar "AD&D Hillsfar"
pc98 alice "Alice no Yakata"
pc98 amaranth "Amaranth - Phantasie RPG"
pc98 agenesis "Another Genesis"
pc98 arcshu "Arcshu - Kagerou no Jidai o Koete"
pc98 arcus2 "Arcus II - Silent Symphony"
pc98 bandkun "Band-kun - Sound Entertainment"
pc98 brdtale "The Bard's Tale - Tales of the Unknown"
pc98 battle "Battle"
pc98 btlchess "Battle Chess"
pc98 beast "Beast - Injuu no Yakata"
pc98 blckrain "Black Rainbow"
pc98 blitzkrg "Blitzkrieg Toubu Sensen 1941-45"
pc98 bellonch "Body Inspection in Belloncho - Belloncho Shintai Kensa"
pc98 bonnoyob "Bonnou Yobikou"
pc98 bretlaysed "Bretonne Lays Scenario Editor"
pc98 bretlayss2 "Bretonne Lays Scenario Shuu 2"
pc98 bretlayss3 "Bretonne Lays Scenario Shuu 3"
pc98 burai2 "Burai Gekan - Kanketsu Hen"
pc98 cal "Cal"
pc98 cdaisen2mc "Campaign Version Daisenryaku II - Map Collection"
pc98 cancanbs "Can Can Bunny Superior"
pc98 caroll "Caroll"
pc98 crimson3 "Crimson 3"
pc98 crystdr2 "Crystal Dream II - Maou no Genei"
pc98 dennog20 "Cybernetic Hi-School / Dennou Gakuen Ver. 2.0"
pc98 doushu "D - Oushuu Shinkirou"
pc98 dagain "D-Again - The 4th Unit 5"
pc98 dpssg "D.P.S. SG - Dream Program System SG"
pc98 dpssga "D.P.S. SG - Dream Program System SG (Alt Format)"
pc98 daikokai "Daikoukai Jidai"
pc98 daisenr3ed "Daisenryaku III - Kakuchou Editor Disk"
pc98 daisn390 "Daisenryaku III '90"
pc98 daisn390m1 "Daisenryaku III '90 - Map Collection"
pc98 deja "De・Ja"
pc98 dshogi2 "Dennou Shogi II - Eisei Meijin"
pc98 ds98_00 "Disc Station 98 #00 - Soukan Junbi-gou"
pc98 ds98_01 "Disc Station 98 #01 - Zoukan-gou"
pc98 dokicard "Doki Doki Card League"
pc98 dslayed "Dragon Slayer - The Legend of Heroes - Eiyuu Densetsu"
pc98 dragwars "Dragon Wars"
pc98 duel "Duel"
pc98 dmaster "Dungeon Master"
pc98 dmastera "Dungeon Master (Alt Format)"
pc98 eikanwak "Eikan wa Kimi ni - Koukou Yakyuu Zenkoku Taikai"
pc98 emerald "Emerald Densetsu"
pc98 exterlin "Exterlien"
pc98 f15se2 "F-15 Strike Eagle II"
pc98 falcomcg "Falcom Character CG"
pc98 falcomcga "Falcom Character CG (Alt Format)"
pc98 fqueen2 "First Queen II - Sabaku no Joou"
pc98 flappyp "Flappy Plus"
pc98 foxy "Foxy"
pc98 fundatn "Fundation - Shinjuku Story"
pc98 gilgasor "Gilgamesh Sorcerian"
pc98 gingaed2 "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu II"
pc98 gokuteng "Gokuraku Tengoku - Omemie no Maki"
pc98 gpcircus "Grand Prix Circus"
pc98 ayayo2 "Hacchake Ayayo-san 2 - Ikenai Holiday - Ayayo's Love Affair"
pc98 iikase3 "Idaten Ikase Otoko - Sengo Hen"
pc98 illumina "Illumina!"
pc98 impforce "Imperial Force"
pc98 impforcea "Imperial Force (Alt Format)"
pc98 ishido "Ishido - The Way of Stones"
pc98 janborg "Jan-borg Suzume"
pc98 kaerimic "Kaerimichi wa Kiken ga Ippai"
pc98 kagerome "Kagerou Meikyuu"
pc98 dismix1 "Kikan Dismix Soukan-gou"
pc98 dismix1a "Kikan Dismix Soukan-gou (Alt)"
pc98 kikoshid "Kikou Shidan - Panzer Division"
pc98 klax "Klax"
pc98 emperor "L'Empereur"
pc98 lenam "Lenam - Sword of Legend"
pc98 lipsadv2 "Lipstick Adventure II"
pc98 mjclinic "Mahjong Clinic Zoukan-gou"
pc98 mjkyojs2 "Mahjong Kyo Jidai Special II - Bouken Hen"
pc98 mjplus "Mahjong Plus"
pc98 mainigah "Mainichi ga H"
pc98 manhole "The Manhole"
pc98 mankaide "Mankai Denshoku"
pc98 marchenp "Märchen Paradise"
pc98 mercury "Mercury - The Prime Master"
pc98 mistyblu "Misty Blue"
pc98 misty3 "Misty Vol. 3"
pc98 misty4 "Misty Vol. 4"
pc98 misty5 "Misty Vol. 5"
pc98 gundamco "Mobile Suit Gundam - Classic Operation"
pc98 gundamdo "Mobile Suit Gundam - Desert Operation"
pc98 daidagek "Muteki Keiji - Daidageki - Shijou Saidai no Hanzai"
pc98 navitune "Navitune"
pc98 3dgolf8l "New 3D Golf Simulation - Eight Lakes G.C."
pc98 3dgolf8la "New 3D Golf Simulation - Eight Lakes G.C. (Alt Format)"
pc98 3dgolfsel "New 3D Golf Simulation - T&E Selection"
pc98 nicoll "Nicoll"
pc98 okumanc2 "Okuman Chouja II"
pc98 okumanc3 "Okuman Chouja III"
pc98 pal "Pal - Wonder Trip! Chizuru"
pc98 phantas4 "Phantasie IV - The Birth of Heroes"
pc98 pias "Pias"
pc98 pinbpinb "Pinball Pinball"
pc98 pinksox2 "Pink Sox 2"
pc98 pinksox3 "Pink Sox 3"
pc98 populous "Populous"
pc98 populouspl "Populous - The Promised Lands"
pc98 populus2 "Populous II - Trials of the Olympian Gods"
pc98 ppersia "Prince of Persia"
pc98 ppersiaa "Prince of Persia (Alt)"
pc98 ppersiab "Prince of Persia (Alt 2)"
pc98 pure2 "Pure 2"
pc98 puremydl "Pure My Dool"
pc98 puzznic "Puzznic"
pc98 qrtstaff "Quarterstaff - The Tomb of Setmoth"
pc98 quarth "Quarth"
pc98 rakuen "Rakuen no Shoutaijou"
pc98 rance2 "Rance II - Hangyaku no Shoujo-tachi"
pc98 raygun "Ray・Gun"
pc98 regpower "Regional Power"
pc98 rommel "Rommel - Battles for North Africa"
pc98 runewort "Rune Worth - Kokui no Kikoushi"
pc98 ryunaki "Ryu - Naki no Ryuu yori - Analog Ban"
pc98 ryunakia "Ryu - Naki no Ryuu yori (Alt?)"
pc98 sangoku2 "Sangokushi II"
pc98 sap "SAP Tokushu Koudou Keisatsu - File M661-51"
pc98 schoolwr "School Wars"
pc98 sekaichi "Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki!"
pc98 sorcersel2 "Selected Sorcerian 2"
pc98 sorcersel3 "Selected Sorcerian 3"
pc98 sorcersel4 "Selected Sorcerian 4"
pc98 sorcersel5 "Selected Sorcerian 5"
pc98 shisensh "Shisenshou - Sichuan"
pc98 shutendo "Shuten Doji"
pc98 simcity "Sim City"
pc98 slope "Slope"
pc98 spcrogue "Space Rogue"
pc98 spndream "Span of Dream"
pc98 strawds "Strawberry Daisenryaku"
pc98 suiryuu2 "Suiryuushi II - Watatsumi no Hikarigoto"
pc98 slasveg2 "The Super Las Vegas II"
pc98 tensh3bh "Tenshi-tachi no Gogo III Bangai-hen"
pc98 ougonras "Toudou Ryunosuke Tantei Nikki - Ougon no Rashinban - Shouyoumaru San Francisco Kouro Satsujin Jiken"
pc98 toshinto "Toushin Toshi"
pc98 tugofwar "Tug of War"
pc98 tuntroll "Tunnels & Trolls - Crusaders of Khazan"
pc98 twiligh4 "Twilight Zone 4 - Tokubetsu-hen"
pc98 ukbusin "Uchuu Kakeru Businessman"
pc98 ultima5 "Ulitima V - Warriors of Destiny"
pc98 urotsuki "Urotsukidoji"
pc98 waterfro "Waterfront Adventure"
pc98 weddingr "Wedding Rhapsody"
pc98 wizardr5 "Wizardry 5 - Heart of the Maelstrom"
pc98 xna "X・na"
pc98 xak2 "Xak II - Rising of The Redmoon"
pc98 yesterd "Yesterday"
pc98 puztopia "Yoshigahara Nobuyuki no Puzzletopia"
pc98 yukomono "Yuuko Monogatari"
pc98 zanpu "Zan - Kagerou no Jidai Power Up Utility"
pc98 zanss2 "Zan - Kagerou no Toki - Scenario Collection Vol. 2"
pc98 zarklegs "Zark Legend Special"
pc98 zokudm "Zoku Dungeon Master - Chaos Strikes Back"
pc98 aigo3 "AI Go 3"
pc98 bshashos "Bishoujo Shashinkan Bangaihen - Outside Story"
pc98 daisn390a "Daisenryaku III '90 (Alt Format)"
pc98 dslayeda "Dragon Slayer - The Legend of Heroes - Eiyuu Densetsu (Alt Format)"
pc98 dungbust "Dungeon Buster"
pc98 fundatna "Fundation - Shinjuku Story (Alt Format)"
pc98 ligarued "Ligarued"
pc98 marchenpa "Märchen Paradise (Alt Format)"
pc98 pinksox2a "Pink Sox 2 (Alt Format)"
pc98 pinksox3a "Pink Sox 3 (Alt Format)"
pc98 regpowersc "Regional Power Scenario Shuu"
pc98 rouge "Rouge - Manatsu no Kuchibeni"
pc98 rougea "Rouge - Manatsu no Kuchibeni (Alt Format)"
pc98 systdenk "Systema Denshi Kakeibo"
pc98 tentochi "Ten to Chi to"
pc98 vermiln "Vermilion"
pc98 vermilna "Vermilion (Alt Format)"
pc98 cancanb2 "Can Can Bunny 2 - Superior"
pc98 dennoga3 "Dennou Gakuen 3 - Cybernetic Hi-School III - Top wo Nerae!"
pc98 pinksho2 "Pink Shock Pirates II"
pc98 silentmb "Silent Möbius"
pc98 io9001 "I/O Magazine Disk - January 1990"
pc98 io9003 "I/O Magazine Disk - March 1990"
pc98 io9005 "I/O Magazine Disk - May 1990"
pc98 io9006 "I/O Magazine Disk - June 1990"
pc98 io9007 "I/O Magazine Disk - July 1990"
pc98 io9008 "I/O Magazine Disk - August 1990"
pc98 io9009 "I/O Magazine Disk - September 1990"
pc98 io9010 "I/O Magazine Disk - October 1990"
pc98 io9011 "I/O Magazine Disk - November 1990"
pc98 io9012 "I/O Magazine Disk - December 1990"
pc98 geminis "Gemini Snake"
pc98 lemonang "Lemon Angel (M.I.N)"
pc98 metalfk "Metal Fork"
pc98 skip4 "Skip 4"
pce aeroblst "Aero Blasters"
pce aburner2 "After Burner II"
pce ankoku "Ankoku Densetsu"
pce aoiblink "Aoi Blink"
pce armedf "Armed Formation F"
pce arttool "Artist Tool"
pce atomrobo "Atomic Robo-kid Special"
pce barunba "Barunba"
pce batman "Batman"
pce beball "Be Ball"
pce blodia "Blodia"
pce bombman "Bomberman"
pce burnangl "Burning Angels"
pce champwrs "Champion Wrestler"
pce chikuden "Chikudenya Toubei - Kubikiri Yakata Yori"
pce chikuden1 "Chikudenya Toubei - Kubikiri Yakata Yori (Alt)"
pce bravoman "Chouzetsu Rinjin - Bravoman"
pce cityhunt "City Hunter"
pce xwiber "Cross Wiber - Cyber Combat Police"
pce cybrcore "Cyber Core"
pce cyknight "Cyber Knight"
pce daisenpu "Dai Senpu"
pce dariusa "Darius Alpha"
pce dariusp "Darius Plus"
pce deadmoon "Dead Moon - Tsuki Sekai no Akumu"
pce devlcrsh "Devil Crash - Naxat Pinball"
pce diehard "Die Hard"
pce dondoko "Don Doko Don!"
pce download "Download"
pce download1 "Download (Alt)"
pce droprock "Drop Rock Hora Hora"
pce droprock1 "Drop Rock Hora Hora (Alt)"
pce f1circus "F1 Circus"
pce f1circus1 "F1 Circus (Alt)"
pce finlblst "Final Blaster"
pce fsoccr90 "Formation Soccer - Human Cup '90"
pce alice "Fushigi no Yume no Alice"
pce gaiflame "Gai Flame"
pce genpei "Genpei Toumaden"
pce gomola "Gomola Speed"
pce haniirod "Hanii on the Road"
pce xserd "Hisou Kihei - Xserd"
pce imagefgt "Image Fight"
pce jigomegu "Jigoku Meguri"
pce kattobi "Kattobi! Takuhai Kun"
pce kickball "Kickball"
pce kikikai "Kiki KaiKai"
pce kingcasn "King of Casino"
pce klax "Klax"
pce proyak90 "Kore Ga Pro Yakyuu '90"
pce ldrun "Lode Runner - Lost Labyrinth"
pce marchen "Märchen Maze"
pce mjgakuen "Mahjong Gakuen - Touma Soushirou Toujou"
pce mjgakmld "Mahjong Gakuen Mild - Touma Soushirou Toujou"
pce mjgakmld1 "Mahjong Gakuen Mild - Touma Soushirou Toujou (Alt)"
pce mjgokusp "Mahjong Gokuu Special"
pce mjwars "Mahjong Shikyaku Retsuden - Mahjong Wars"
pce makaipri "Makai Prince Dorabocchan"
pce maniacpw "Maniac Pro Wres - Asu e no Tatakai"
pce momo2 "Momotarou Densetsu II"
pce momotrbo "Momotarou Densetsu Turbo"
pce momoktsg "Momotarou Katsugeki"
pce naxstad "Naxat Stadium"
pce nazomasq "Nazo no Masquerade"
pce necros "Necros no Yousai"
pce nectaris "Nectaris"
pce nekdodge "Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu - PC Bangai Hen"
pce tnzs "The New Zealand Story"
pce opwolf "Operation Wolf"
pce outrun "Out Run"
pce paranoia "Paranoia"
pce pdrift "Power Drift"
pce pdrift1 "Power Drift (Alt)"
pce pleag3 "Power League III"
pce psychas "Psycho Chaser"
pce puzznic "Puzznic"
pce rabiolep "Rabio Lepus Special"
pce rastan2 "Rastan Saga II"
pce ryukyu "Ryuukyuu"
pce saigonin "Saigo no Nindou - Ninja Spirit"
pce sekigaha "Sekigahara"
pce shogisi "Shougi Shodan Icchokusen"
pce sindibad "Sindibad Chitei no Dai Makyuu"
pce sokoban "Sokoban World"
pce spaceinv "Space Invaders - Fukkatsu no Hi"
pce spinpair "Spin Pair"
pce splatth "Splatterhouse"
pce sssoldr "Super Star Soldier"
pce svolley "Super Volleyball"
pce chasehq "Taito Chase H.Q."
pce sdragon "Tenseiryuu - Saint Dragon"
pce tblade "Thunder Blade"
pce toramich "Tora e no Michi"
pce toyshopb "Toy Shop Boys"
pce veigues "Veigues - Tactical Gladiator"
pce violents "Violent Soldier"
pce wring "W-ring - The Double Rings"
pce valkyrie "Walkuere no Densetsu"
pce wallaby "Wallaby!! - Usagi no Kuni no Kangaroo Race"
pce wbeach "World Beach Volley"
pce xevious "Xevious - Fardraut Densetsu"
pce zipang "Zipang"
pce_tourvision aeroblst "Aero Blasters (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision alice "Alice In Wonderland (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision aburner2 "After Burner (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision armedf "Armed-F (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision beballa "Be Ball (alt) (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision bombman "Bomberman (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision bravoman "Chouzetsu Rinjin - Bravoman (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision cybrcore "Cyber Core (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision daisenpu "Daisenpu (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision devlcrsh "Devil Crash (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision nekdodge "Dodge Ball (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision download "Down Load (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision droprock "Drop Rock Hora Hora (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision finlblst "Final Blaster (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision fsoccr90 "Formation Soccer - Human Cup '90 (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision gomolaa "Gomola Speed (alt) (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision imagefgt "Image Fight (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision katochan "Kato Chan & Ken Chan (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision kikikai "Kiki Kaikai (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision opwolf "Operation Wolf (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision outrun "Out Run (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision override "Override (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision pdrift "Power Drift (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision psychas "Psycho Chaser (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision puzznic "Puzznic (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision rastan2 "Rastan Saga II (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision saigonin "Saigo no Nindou - Ninja Spirit (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision sokoban "Sokoban World (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision spinpair "Spin Pair (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision sssoldr "Super Star Soldier (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision svolley "Super Volley ball (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision tblade "Thunder Blade (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision tnzs "The NewZealand Story (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision toyshopb "Toy Shop Boys (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision tricky "Tricky (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision veigues "Veigues - Tactical Gladiator (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision wring "W-Ring - The Double Rings (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pce_tourvision xevious "Xevious (Tourvision PCE bootleg)"
pcecd avenger "Avenger (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd cosmfnt "Cosmic Fantasy - Bouken Shounen Yuu (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd deathbrn "Death Bringer - The Knight of Darkness (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd dekoboko "Dekoboko Densetsu - Hashire Wagamanma (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd elfeen "Faerie Dust Story - Meikyuu no Elfeene(CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd fzone2j "Final Zone II (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd goldnaxe "Golden Axe (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd jthunder "J Thunder (SCD)(Jpn)"
pcecd jbharoldj "J. B. Harold Satsujin Club (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd nicklausj "Jack Nicklaus World Tour Golf (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd jantei "Jantei Monogatari (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd lastarmg "Last Armageddon (CD)(Jpn, BRCD0001-6-0625-R1F)"
pcecd lastarmg2 "Last Armageddon (CD)(Jpn, BRCD0001-7-0904-R1D)"
pcecd legion "Legion (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd magsaurs "Magical Saurus Tour (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd mitsubac "Mitsubachi Gakuen (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd nkhokuon "Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery - Hokutosei no Onna (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd ranma "Ranma ½ (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd karao1ss "Rom² Karaoke - Volume I - Suteki ni Standard (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd karao2ni "Rom² Karaoke - Volume II - Nattoku Idol (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd karao3yb "Rom² Karaoke - Volume III - Yappashi Band (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd karaoke4 "Rom² Karaoke - Volume IV (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd karao4co "Rom² Karaoke - Volume IV - Choito Otona! (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd karaoke5 "Rom² Karaoke - Volume V (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd karao5mu "Rom² Karaoke - Volume V - Maku no Uchi (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd shangh2 "Shanghai II (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd solbianc "Sol Bianca (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd supdaisn "Super Daisenryaku (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd sdarius "Super Darius (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd proyakyu "The Pro Yakyuu (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd ultrago2 "Ultrabox II Gou (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd ultrago3 "Ultrabox III Gou (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd ultrasgo "Ultrabox Sohkan Gou (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd uruseiya "Urusei Yatsura - Stay With You (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd valis3j "Valis III - The Fantasm Soldier (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd vasteelj "Vasteel (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd carmnwld "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (CD)(Jpn)"
pcecd fzone2 "Final Zone II (CD)(USA)"
pcecd nicklaus "Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf (CD)(USA)"
pcecd lstalert "Last Alert (CD)(USA)"
pcecd magdino "Magical Dinosaur Tour (CD)(USA)"
pcecd valis2 "Valis II (CD)(USA)"
pcecd ys12 "Ys Book I II (CD)(USA)"
pcw nieto500 "Angel Nieto Pole 500 (Spa)"
pcw buran "Buran (Spa)"
pcw chec "The Complete Home Entertainment Centre (UK)"
pcw conecta4 "Conecta 4 (Spa)"
pcw coronmag "La Corona Mágica (Spa)"
pcw goldbask "Golden Basket (Spa)"
pcw inhumano "Los Inhumanos (Spa)"
pcw mastmind "Master Mind (Spa)"
pcw mortadl2 "Mortadelo y Filemón 2 (Spa)"
pcw mundial "Mundial de Fútbol (Spa)"
pcw mythos "Mythos (Spa)"
pcw rescateg "Rescate en el Golfo (Spa)"
pcw soviet "Soviet (Spa)"
pcw tuma7 "Tuma-7 (Spa)"
pro128_cass chicago "Chicago 90"
pro128_cass chicagoa "Chicago 90 (Alt)"
pt68k2 skdos33 "SK*DOS 3.3 for PT68K2"
sf7000 jeuxeduc "Jeux educatifs (Fra)"
sgx daimakai "Dai Makaimura"
sgx granzort "Madou Ou Granzort"
sms aerialas "Aerial Assault (Euro, Bra)"
sms aerialasu "Aerial Assault (USA)"
sms alexshin "Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (Euro, USA, Bra)"
sms assaultc "Assault City (Euro, Bra, Light Phaser version)"
sms assaultc1 "Assault City (Euro)"
sms backtof2 "Back to the Future Part II (Euro, Bra)"
sms hicom3a "The Best Game Collection - Hang On + Pit Pot + Spy vs Spy (Kor)"
sms hicom3b "The Best Game Collection - Great Baseball + Great Soccer + Super Tennis (Kor)"
sms hicom3c "The Best Game Collection - Teddy Boy Blues + Pit-Pot + Astro Flash (Kor)"
sms hicom3d "The Best Game Collection - Teddy Boy Blues + Great Soccer + Comical Machine Gun Joe (Kor)"
sms hicom3e "The Best Game Collection - Ghost House + Teddy Boy Blues + Seishun Scandal (Kor)"
sms hicom3f "The Best Game Collection - Satellite-7 + Great Baseball + Seishun Scandal (Kor)"
sms hicom8a "The Best Game Collection (Kor, 8 in 1 Ver. A)"
sms hicom8b "The Best Game Collection (Kor, 8 in 1 Ver. B)"
sms hicom8c "The Best Game Collection (Kor, 8 in 1 Ver. C)"
sms blockhol "Block Hole (Kor)"
sms bublbokc "Bubble Bobble (Kor, Clover)"
sms bublboky "Bubble Bobble (Kor, YM Soft)"
sms castlill "Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Euro, Bra)"
sms castlills "Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA, Display Unit Sample)"
sms castlillu "Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA)"
sms chapolim "Chapolim x Dracula - Um Duelo Assustador (Bra)"
sms chasehq "Taito Chase H.Q. (Euro)"
sms columns "Columns (Euro, USA, Bra, Kor)"
sms columnsp "Columns (Prototype)"
sms cybers "The Cyber Shinobi (Euro, Bra)"
sms cybersp "The Cyber Shinobi (Prototype)"
sms danan "Danan: The Jungle Fighter (Euro, Bra)"
sms dicktr "Dick Tracy (Euro, USA, Bra)"
sms doublhwk "Double Hawk (Euro)"
sms doublhwkp "Double Hawk (Euro, Prototype)"
sms eagles5 "Eagles 5 (Kor)"
sms eswatc "E-SWAT - City Under Siege (Euro, USA, Easy Version)"
sms eswatc1 "E-SWAT - City Under Siege (Euro, USA, Bra, Hard Version)"
sms eswatp0 "E-SWAT - The Ultimate Battle In The Factor Against Crime (prototype 0)"
sms eswatp1 "E-SWAT - City Under Siege (prototype 1)"
sms eswatp2 "E-SWAT - City Under Siege (prototype 2)"
sms fireforg "Fire & Forget II (Euro)"
sms gground "Gain Ground (Euro, Bra)"
sms ggroundp "Gain Ground (Euro, Prototype)"
sms gauntlet "Gauntlet (Euro, Bra)"
sms gaxewarr "Golden Axe Warrior (Euro, USA, Bra)"
sms golfaman "Golfamania (Euro, Bra)"
sms golfamanp "Golfamania (Prototype)"
sms gunsmoke "Gun.Smoke (Kor)"
sms impmiss "Impossible Mission (Euro, Bra)"
sms impmissp "Impossible Mission (Euro, Prototype)"
sms indycrus "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Euro, Bra)"
sms indycrusp "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Euro, Prototype)"
sms jbdougko "James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (USA)"
sms jbdougkop "James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (USA, Prototype)"
sms joemont "Joe Montana Football (Euro, USA, Bra)"
sms mercs "Mercs (Euro, Bra)"
sms mwalk "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Euro, USA, Bra, Kor)"
sms mwalkp "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (USA, Prototype)"
sms xevious "The Micro Xevious (Kor)"
sms opwolf "Operation Wolf (Euro, Bra)"
sms paperboy "Paperboy (Euro, v0)"
sms paperboyu "Paperboy (USA, Bra, v1)"
sms puznic "Puznic (Kor)"
sms slapshot "Slap Shot (USA, v2)"
sms slapshota "Slap Shot (Euro, v1)"
sms slapshotp "Slap Shoot (Prototype)"
sms supcol "Super Columns & Tetris (Kor)"
sms smgp "Super Monaco GP (Euro, Bra)"
sms smgpu "Super Monaco GP (USA)"
sms smgpp1 "Super Monaco GP (Euro, Prototype)"
sms smgpp2 "Super Monaco GP (Euro, Older Prototype)"
sms speedbl "Speedball (Image Works) (Euro)"
sms spidking "Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin (Euro, USA, Bra)"
sms submarin "Submarine Attack (Euro)"
sms ultima4 "Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar (Euro, Bra)"
sms ultima4p "Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar (Euro, Prototype)"
sms wcup90 "World Cup Italia '90 (Euro, Bra)"
sms wcup90d "World Cup Italia '90 (USA, Demo)"
snes actraisrj "ActRaiser (Jpn)"
snes ffightj "Final Fight (Jpn)"
snes fzeroj "F-Zero (Jpn)"
snes gradius3j "Gradius III (Jpn)"
snes pilotwinj "Pilotwings (Jpn)"
snes populousj "Populous (Jpn)"
snes sdgbattl "SD The Great Battle - Aratanaru Chousen (Jpn)"
snes smwj "Super Mario World - Super Mario Bros. 4 (Jpn)"
snes bombuzal "Bombuzal (Jpn)"
socrates gwizard "Game Wizard / Magische Spiele"
specpls3_flop tiebreak "Adidas Championship Tie-Break"
specpls3_flop badlands "Badlands"
specpls3_flop bhcop "Beverly Hills Cop"
specpls3_flop bloodwyc "Bloodwych"
specpls3_flop dandare3 "Dan Dare III - The Escape"
specpls3_flop eprom "Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters"
specpls3_flop gazza "Gazza's Super Soccer"
specpls3_flop gazza2 "Gazza II"
specpls3_flop offroad "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road"
specpls3_flop dalglish "Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match"
specpls3_flop lotus "Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge"
specpls3_flop midres "Midnight Resistance"
specpls3_flop montypyt "Monty Python's Flying Circus"
specpls3_flop ninjawar "The Ninja Warriors"
specpls3_flop p47thun "P-47 Thunderbolt"
specpls3_flop pang "Pang"
specpls3_flop pipmania "Pipe Mania"
specpls3_flop protennt "Pro Tennis Tour"
specpls3_flop rbisland "Rainbow Islands"
specpls3_flop simcity "Sim City"
specpls3_flop spywholm "The Spy Who Loved Me"
specpls3_flop subbuteo "Subbuteo - The Computer Game"
specpls3_flop supercar "Super Cars"
specpls3_flop tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles"
specpls3_flop tmht3 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (3")"
specpls3_flop brooking "Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory"
specpls3_flop wcboxman "World Championship Boxing Manager"
specpls3_flop xout "X-Out"
spectrum_cass dizzyks "Kwik Snax Dizzy (set 1)"
spectrum_cass dizzyksa "Kwik Snax Dizzy (set 2)"
spectrum_cass dizzyksb "Kwik Snax Dizzy (set 3)"
spectrum_cass bitedust "Bite The Dust"
spectrum_cass earthshk "Earth Shaker (set 1)"
spectrum_cass earthshka "Earth Shaker (set 2)"
spectrum_cass earthshkb "Earth Shaker (set 3) (48K)"
st_flop tiebreak "Adidas Championship Tie Break (Euro)"
st_flop anarchy "Anarchy (Euro)"
st_flop apprent "Apprentice (Euro)"
st_flop blktiger "Black Tiger (Euro, Les Chevaliers)"
st_flop blockout "Blockout (Euro)"
st_flop cartncap "Cartoon Capers (Euro)"
st_flop chesssim "Chess Simulator (Euro)"
st_flop chipchal "Chip's Challenge (Euro)"
st_flop cquest2 "Chrono Quest II (Euro)"
st_flop cloudkng "Cloud Kingdoms (Euro)"
st_flop camelot "Conquests of Camelot (Euro, v1.019)"
st_flop crkdown "Crack Down (Euro, Budget)"
st_flop cyberbal "Cyberball (Euro)"
st_flop damesim "Dames Simulator (Fra)"
st_flop dicktr "Dick Tracy (Euro)"
st_flop dizzydic "Dizzy Dice (Euro, Budget)"
st_flop dspirit "Dragon Spirit (Euro)"
st_flop dynawars "Dynasty Wars (Euro, Les Chevaliers)"
st_flop eastwest "East vs. West Berlin 1948 (Euro)"
st_flop f19sf "F-19 Stealth Fighter (Euro, v1.02)"
st_flop firefor2 "Fire and Forget II - The Death Convoy (Euro)"
st_flop flimboqs "Flimbo's Quest (Euro)"
st_flop foundwstc "Foundation's Waste (Euro, Coverdisk)"
st_flop futbaskt "Future Basketball (Euro)"
st_flop gforce2 "Galaxy Force II (Euro)"
st_flop gng "Ghosts 'n' Goblins (Euro, Finale)"
st_flop gravity "Gravity (Euro)"
st_flop hammrfst "Hammerfist (Euro)"
st_flop harley "Harley-Davidson - The Road to Sturgis (Euro)"
st_flop huntrklr "Hunter Killer (Euro, v1.01, Budget)"
st_flop immortal "The Immortal (Euro)"
st_flop italy90 "Italy 1990 (Euro, The Lineker Collection)"
st_flop ivanhoe "Ivanhoe (Euro)"
st_flop jpond "James Pond - Underwater Agent (Euro)"
st_flop kickoff2 "Kick Off 2 (Euro, v1.4e)"
st_flop klax "Klax (Euro)"
st_flop lightcor "The Light Corridor (Euro)"
st_flop manutd "Manchester United - The Official Computer Game (Euro)"
st_flop matrixmr "Matrix Marauders (Euro)"
st_flop nshift "Night Shift (Euro)"
st_flop everton "The Official Everton F.C. Intelligensia (Euro)"
st_flop oharrier "Operation Harrier (Euro)"
st_flop ostealth "Operation Stealth (Fra)"
st_flop orgames "Oriental Games (Euro)"
st_flop pmanger "Player Manager (Euro, Football Crazy Challenge)"
st_flop puzznic "Puzznic (Euro)"
st_flop redstorm "Red Storm Rising (Euro, v743.01)"
st_flop resol101 "Resolution 101 (Euro)"
st_flop sascombs "SAS Combat Simulator (Euro)"
st_flop silkworm "Silkworm (Euro)"
st_flop sharrie2 "Space Harrier II (Euro)"
st_flop tenniscp "Tennis Cup (Euro, Budget)"
st_flop towbabel "Tower of Babel (Euro)"
st_flop treblech "Treble Champions (Euro, v1.0)"
st_flop univers3 "Universe 3 (Euro, v1.0)"
st_flop untouch "The Untouchables (Euro)"
st_flop wildstrt "Wild Streets (Euro, Budget)"
st_flop wcbox "World Championship Boxing Manager (Euro)"
st_flop wclead "World Class Leader Board (Euro, Budget)"
st_flop xout "X-Out (Euro)"
tg16 aeroblst "Aero Blasters"
tg16 batlroyl "Battle Royale"
tg16 blodwolf "Bloody Wolf"
tg16 bombmn93 "Bomberman '93"
tg16 bonk "Bonk's Adventure"
tg16 boxyboy "Boxyboy"
tg16 bravoman "Bravoman"
tg16 chewman "Chew Man Fu"
tg16 cratermz "Cratermaze"
tg16 cybrcore "Cyber Core"
tg16 devlcrsh "Devil's Crush - Naxat Pinball"
tg16 ddungw "Double Dungeons - W"
tg16 dragcrse "Dragon's Curse"
tg16 dropoff "Drop.Off"
tg16 finallap "Final Lap Twin"
tg16 jjnjeff "J.J. & Jeff"
tg16 nicklaus "Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf"
tg16 kingcasn "King of Casino"
tg16 klax "Klax"
tg16 legaxe2 "The Legendary Axe II"
tg16 neutopia "Neutopia"
tg16 nspirit "Ninja Spirit"
tg16 pacland "Pac-Land"
tg16 panzakb "Panza Kick Boxing"
tg16 psychos "Psychosis"
tg16 raiden "Raiden"
tg16 wbeach "Sonic Spike - World Championship Beach Volleyball"
tg16 splatth "Splatterhouse"
tg16 sssoldr "Super Star Soldier"
tg16 svolley "Super Volleyball"
tg16 tigerrod "Tiger Road"
tg16 timeball "Timeball"
tg16 tricky "Tricky Kick"
tg16 tvfootbl "TV Sports Football"
tg16 veigues "Veigues - Tactical Gladiator"
ti99_cart edupack "Edu-Pack"
ti99_cart asglink "Link v0.99"
tiki100 dyr "Dyr i skogen (Nor)"
tiki100 europa "Europa v1 (Nor)"
tiki100 farge "Farge (Nor)"
tiki100 grammatk "Grammatikk (Nor)"
tiki100 legge "Legge sammen (Nor)"
tiki100 lese "Lesetreningsprogram med Hogfrekvente Ord v1.0 (Nor)"
tiki100 matte "Matte (Nor)"
to_flop analpist "ANALPIST"
to_flop greates2 "The Greatest Collection II"
to_flop greates2a "The Greatest Collection II (640K Disks)"
to_flop hcldemo "HCL Megademo"
to_flop hcldemoa "HCL Megademo (SAP Format)"
to_flop hcldemob "HCL Megademo (2 Disks, Bad?)"
to_flop majoret "Majoret"
trs80m2 lsdos631 "LS-DOS v6.3.1A"
tvc_cart volleyba "Volleyball"
tvc_cass automani "Autómánia"
tvc_cass ordogmot "Ordogmotor"
tvc_cass volleyba "Volleyball"
tvc_cass zsaru "A Zsaru"
tvc_flop gyikkira "A Gyíkkirály"
tvc_flop automani "Autó Mánia"
tvc_flop azsaru "A Zsaru"
tvc_flop discmond "Disc Monitor v2.00 Demo"
tvc_flop tapedos "File Másoló - VTDOS to Floppy"
tvc_flop fcopyt2t "File Másoló - Szalag to Szalag"
tvc_flop gombak "Gombák"
tvc_flop gulpman "Gulpman (Trainer)"
tvc_flop heartlnd "Heartland"
tvc_flop hlndisme "Heartland Ismertető"
tvc_flop monitor "Monitor v0.5"
tvc_flop ordogmot "Ördögmotor"
tvc_flop raceace "Race Ace"
tvc_flop raceacea "Race Ace (Alt)"
tvc_flop sokoban "Soko-ban"
tvc_flop volleyba "Volleyball"
tvc_flop volleybaa "Volleyball (Alt)"
x1_flop sangoku2 "Sangokushi II"
x1_flop sangoku2a "Sangokushi II Turbo"
x1_flop gilgasor "Gilgamesh Sorcerian"
x1_flop sorcersel2 "Selected Sorcerian 2"
x1_flop sorcersel3 "Selected Sorcerian 3"
x1_flop sorcersel4 "Selected Sorcerian 4"
x1_flop sorcersel5 "Selected Sorcerian 5"
x1_flop xdos "X-DOS"
x68k_flop zero "Zero - The 4th Unit Act 4"
x68k_flop dagain "D-Again - The 4th Unit 5"
x68k_flop aressh2o "A Ressha de Ikou II X68000 - Gentei Okaidoku Ban"
x68k_flop acombat2 "Air Combat - Yuugekiou II"
x68k_flop alice "Alice no Yakata"
x68k_flop arcshu "Arcshu - Kagerou no Jidai o Koete"
x68k_flop arcus2 "Arcus II - Silent Symphony"
x68k_flop atomrobo "Atomic Robo-Kid"
x68k_flop barufuku "Baruusa no Fukushuu"
x68k_flop peachang "BinBin Mahjong - Peach Angel"
x68k_flop peachangd "BinBin Mahjong - Peach Angel Data Shuu"
x68k_flop blodia "Blodia"
x68k_flop bretonne "Bretonne Lais"
x68k_flop bretsce1 "Bretonne Lais Scenario Shuu Vol. 1"
x68k_flop bretsce2 "Bretonne Lais Scenario Shuu Vol. 2"
x68k_flop bublbobl "Bubble Bobble"
x68k_flop cancanb "Can Can Bunny"
x68k_flop cancanbs "Can Can Bunny Superior"
x68k_flop caroll "Caroll"
x68k_flop chaossb "Chaos Strikes Back"
x68k_flop cuberunr "Cueb Runner"
x68k_flop daikokai "Daikoukai Jidai"
x68k_flop darwin "Darwin's Dilemma"
x68k_flop deja "De・Ja"
x68k_flop dios "Dios"
x68k_flop dokicard "Doki Doki Card League"
x68k_flop downtown "Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari"
x68k_flop dknight "Dragon Knight"
x68k_flop dmaster "Dungeon Master"
x68k_flop dynduke "Dynamite Duke"
x68k_flop eikan "Eikan wa Kimi ni - Koukou Yakyuu Zenkoku Taikai"
x68k_flop emerald "Emerald Densetsu"
x68k_flop emeraldd "Emerald Dragon"
x68k_flop exterlin "Exterlien"
x68k_flop farside "Far Side Moon - Chikyuu Boueigun 2"
x68k_flop fss "FSS Fantasy Saga System"
x68k_flop fzsenki "FZ Senki Axis"
x68k_flop galaga88 "Galaga '88"
x68k_flop gemini "Gemini Wing"
x68k_flop genjuki "Genjuuki - Undeadline"
x68k_flop gingaed "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu"
x68k_flop gingaed2 "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu II"
x68k_flop gingpow "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Power Up & Scenario Shuu"
x68k_flop granada "Granada"
x68k_flop granadad "Granada (Demo v2.0)"
x68k_flop grandifl "Grandi Florum - Mischief of Iveris"
x68k_flop glyeward "Guerriere Lyeward"
x68k_flop gunship "Gunship"
x68k_flop ayayo "Hacchake Ayayo-san Pro-68k"
x68k_flop hanateng "Hanafuda Tengoku"
x68k_flop hydlide3 "Hydlide 3 - The Space Memories - Special Version"
x68k_flop imagefig "Image Fight"
x68k_flop imitatn "Imitation wa Aisenai"
x68k_flop ishinara "Ishin no Arashi"
x68k_flop nicklausc2 "Jack Nicklaus' Golf Tsuika Course 2"
x68k_flop jangou2 "Jangou 2 - Tsuyochinouban"
x68k_flop billiard "Jissen Billiards"
x68k_flop kaerimic "Kaerimichi wa Kiken ga Ippai"
x68k_flop kibunpas "Kibun wa Pastel Touch!!"
x68k_flop kikoshid "Kikou Shidan - Panzer Division"
x68k_flop kikoshidd "Kikou Shidan - Panzer Division (Demo)"
x68k_flop klax "Klax"
x68k_flop koberenm "Kobe Renai Monogatari"
x68k_flop lagoon "Lagoon"
x68k_flop laplace "Laplace no Ma"
x68k_flop lipsadv2 "Lipstick Adventure II"
x68k_flop lodoss "Record of Lodoss War - Haiiro no Majo"
x68k_flop lucyshot "Lucy Shot"
x68k_flop marchenp "Märchen Paradise"
x68k_flop misty3 "Misty 68K Vol. 3 - Satsui no Haikei"
x68k_flop misty4 "Misty 68K Vol. 4 - Sora he Kikan Mono"
x68k_flop misty5 "Misty 68K Vol. 5 - Utsukushiki Akuma"
x68k_flop misty6 "Misty 68K Vol. 6 - Nido Me no Organ"
x68k_flop naious "Naious"
x68k_flop neksoccr "Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu - Soccer Hen"
x68k_flop neurgear "Neural Gear"
x68k_flop nicoll "Nicoll"
x68k_flop pias "Pias"
x68k_flop pbpinbal "Pinball Pinball"
x68k_flop pinky1 "Pinky 1"
x68k_flop pinkypon "Pinky Ponky Part 1"
x68k_flop pinkypn2 "Pinky Ponky Part 2"
x68k_flop pinkypn3 "Pinky Ponky Part 3"
x68k_flop pipyan "Pipyan"
x68k_flop populous "Populous"
x68k_flop populopl "Populous Promised Land"
x68k_flop ptennwc "Pro Tennis World Court"
x68k_flop proyak "Pro Yakyuu World Stadium"
x68k_flop puzznic "Puzznic"
x68k_flop quarth "Quarth"
x68k_flop raygun "Ray・Gun"
x68k_flop reinforc "Reinforcer"
x68k_flop ringmst2 "Ring Master II"
x68k_flop rouge "Rouge"
x68k_flop runewort "Rune Worth - Kokui no Kikoushi"
x68k_flop schwarzs "Schwarzschild - Kyouran no Ginga"
x68k_flop sekakimi "Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki!"
x68k_flop simcity "Sim City"
x68k_flop simcitycd2 "Sim City (City Data 2?)"
x68k_flop simcitycd1 "Sim City (City Data?)"
x68k_flop slimyer "Slimyer"
x68k_flop solfeace "Sol-Feace"
x68k_flop spcrogue "Space Rogue"
x68k_flop strawdsn "Strawberry Daisenryaku"
x68k_flop slasveg2 "The Super Las Vegas II"
x68k_flop syvalion "Syvalion"
x68k_flop teiketsu "Teitoku no Ketsudan"
x68k_flop tenkatou "Tenka Touitsu"
x68k_flop tenkatoud "Tenka Touitsu (Demo)"
x68k_flop tenkyusp "Tenkyuuhai Special - Tougen no Utage"
x68k_flop tensh3bh "Tenshi-tachi no Gogo III Bangai-hen"
x68k_flop tblade "Thunder Blade"
x68k_flop tokimecb "Tokimeki Cherry Box"
x68k_flop tsukagag "Tsuukai Gag Adventure - Narutomaki Hichou"
x68k_flop tuntroll "Tunnels & Trolls - Crusaders of Khazan"
x68k_flop twiligh4 "Twilight Zone 4 - Tokubetsu-hen"
x68k_flop ukbusin "Uchuu Kakeru Businessman"
x68k_flop ultima5 "Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny"
x68k_flop urotsuki "Urotsukidoji"
x68k_flop xak "Xak"
x68k_flop yajiuma "Yajiuma Pennant Race 1989"
x68k_flop yajiuma90 "Yajiuma Pennant Race 1990 Toshi Data"
x68k_flop yamikets "Yami no Ketsuzoku - The Predestined Homicides #1"
x68k_flop yamiket2 "Yami no Ketsuzoku Kanketsu Hen - The Predestined Homicides #2"
x68k_flop yesterd "Yesterday"
x68k_flop yojuclub "Youjuu Club"
x68k_flop ys3 "Wanderers from Ys"
x68k_flop zark "Zark Legend"
x68k_flop dpssg "D.P.S. SG - Dream Program System SG"
x68k_flop rance2 "Rance 2 - Hangyaku no Shoujo-tachi"
x68k_flop sxwin10 "SX-Window v1.0 (1990)(Sharp)(Disk 1 of 2)(System)"
x68k_flop ccompilr200 "C Compiler Pro 68k v2.00"
x68k_flop canvas "Canvas Pro-68K"
x68k_flop cyclonea "Cyclone Express Alpha"
x68k_flop filemst "The File Master v1.13"
x68k_flop hostpro "Host Pro-68K 3"
x68k_flop hyperwor "Hyper Word v1.03r"
x68k_flop pattern "Pattern Editor Semi Pro-68K v2.00"
x68k_flop xbas2c "XBAS To C Checker Pro-68K v1.00 (1990)(Sharp)"
x68k_flop elfgraf "Dannosuke Kyouju no Bishoujo Seminar - elf Tokusen Bishoujo Graffiti POPCOM"
x68k_flop dennoc21 "Dennou Club Vol. 21"
x68k_flop dennoc22 "Dennou Club Vol. 22"
x68k_flop dennoc23 "Dennou Club Vol. 23"
x68k_flop dennoc24 "Dennou Club Vol. 24"
x68k_flop dennoc25 "Dennou Club Vol. 25"
x68k_flop dennoc26 "Dennou Club Vol. 26"
x68k_flop dennoc27 "Dennou Club Vol. 27"
x68k_flop dennoc28 "Dennou Club Vol. 28"
x68k_flop dennoc29 "Dennou Club Vol. 29"
x68k_flop dennoc30 "Dennou Club Vol. 30"
x68k_flop dennoc31 "Dennou Club Vol. 31"
x68k_flop dennoc32 "Dennou Club Vol. 32"
x68k_flop ohx9006 "Oh! X 1990.06 - Soukan 8 - Shuunen Kinen PRO-68K"
x68k_flop ohx9006a "Oh! X 1990.06 - Soukan 8 - Shuunen Kinen PRO-68K (Alt)"
x68k_flop deltaarm "Delta Arm"
x68k_flop fly "Fly"
x68k_flop japan213 "Japan 2136 Nihon Gokei"
x68k_flop aikoku "Aikoku Pro Uso-68K"
x68k_flop airhork "Air Hork"
x68k_flop rumikqz "Advanced Ruumik Quiz"
x68k_flop bpoint "B-Point"
x68k_flop baribar3 "Bari Bari Attack 3 - Erice"
x68k_flop boynboyn "Boyon Boyon (v1.03)"
x68k_flop chami "Chami 68K (v0.02)"
x68k_flop cmdxray "Command X Ray"
x68k_flop crystwr "Crystal Tower"
x68k_flop daikon "Daikon Oroshi Pro Uso-68k"
x68k_flop dccard "DC Card"
x68k_flop degon "Deg-on"
x68k_flop devilch "Devil Chain"
x68k_flop dokiaman "Doki Doki Amanachan"
x68k_flop dbltargt "Double Target"
x68k_flop drorima "Dr. Orima"
x68k_flop dungseek "Dungeon Seekers"
x68k_flop famass "Fa-Mass"
x68k_flop fancyqix "Fancy Qix"
x68k_flop fmissio2 "First Mission II - Final Mission"
x68k_flop flipflop "Flip Flop"
x68k_flop gamex "Game.X"
x68k_flop gemdrop "Gemdrop"
x68k_flop gyaos "Gyaos"
x68k_flop hanaiko "Hanaikoku Pro Uso-68k"
x68k_flop heroher4 "Hero Hero Disk 4 Indojin no Yabou"
x68k_flop higesori "Higesori Pro Uso-68k"
x68k_flop himegas "Hi Mega Sister"
x68k_flop horror "Horror of Cridewell"
x68k_flop jastis "Jastis"
x68k_flop jeena "Jeena no Taibouken"
x68k_flop junkerpr "Junker Pro-68K"
x68k_flop kaisengd "Kaisen Game Daa!"
x68k_flop klaxpm "Klax (Project M)"
x68k_flop korakora "Kora Kora"
x68k_flop kosogens "Kousoku Genshu"
x68k_flop kyarukan "Kyarukan"
x68k_flop lastpic2 "Last Piece II"
x68k_flop lockon3 "Lock On 3"
x68k_flop lumchan "Lumchan Comike Ni Iku"
x68k_flop luster "Luster Soursh"
x68k_flop mappy2 "Mappy (Yopino)"
x68k_flop missadlt "Mission For Adult"
x68k_flop mogu1990 "Mogu"
x68k_flop mogura "Mogura Attacker"
x68k_flop momotar2 "Momotarou II Ohimesama Ga Ippai"
x68k_flop monmons2 "Mon Mon Shinkei Suijaku 2 v1.10"
x68k_flop naniwa2 "Naniwa Do Konjou Series Bangaihen Nouten Chokudake! 2"
x68k_flop naniwa "Naniwa Do Konjou Series Nouten Chokudake!"
x68k_flop nininbtl "Ninin Battle"
x68k_flop nininbtla "Ninin Battle (Alt)"
x68k_flop nishitet "Nishisansou Tetris [take version]"
x68k_flop paroran212 "Paroran v2.12"
x68k_flop pentaris "Pentaris"
x68k_flop phoenixq "Phoenix Quiz ~Slime King o Haritaose~"
x68k_flop plesea "Plesea"
x68k_flop popcard "Pop Card"
x68k_flop porolith "Porolith"
x68k_flop princenp "Prince & Princess"
x68k_flop psycharr "Psycho Harrier"
x68k_flop puchipuc "Puchi Puchi Pro-68K"
x68k_flop questlnd "Questland Stories"
x68k_flop quizjan "Quiz Jan!"
x68k_flop quizsnip "Quiz Sniper"
x68k_flop raguna "Raguna"
x68k_flop redarms "Red Arms (Nishi Yoshitaka)"
x68k_flop refresh "Refresh!"
x68k_flop rolldwn2 "Roll Down 2"
x68k_flop rotate "Rotate v1.15"
x68k_flop sarumune "The Sarumune of Tetris"
x68k_flop satbatle "Satellite Battle"
x68k_flop satorisp "Satori Shooting Practice Program"
x68k_flop seiyudai "Seiyuu Daishuugou"
x68k_flop shikenmi "Shiken ni Deru Maison Ikkoku"
x68k_flop solitair "Solitaire Tiny Ban"
x68k_flop solitea "Solitea"
x68k_flop sorcsugo "Sorcerian Sugoroku"
x68k_flop tenanmon "Special Tenanmon"
x68k_flop supergft "Super Graphic Theater"
x68k_flop smponjan "Super Meikou Ponjan"
x68k_flop swordmst "Sword Master"
x68k_flop terishu "Terishu"
x68k_flop tetriscfa "Tetris v3 (Cyber Factory)"
x68k_flop tetrislca "Tetris v1.02 (Lum's Company)"
x68k_flop ultimagc "Ultimate Magic"
x68k_flop xtype "X-Type"
megadriv ondal "On Dal Jang Goon (Kor)"
nes puzzles "Puzzle (Spa)"
pc8801_flop beed "Beed"
pc8801_flop beeda "Beed (Alt Disk 1)"
pc8801_flop bluena "Bluena"
pc8801_flop chikyuba "Chikyu Boeigun Arbeit Butai"
pc8801_flop darkshrn "Dark Shrine ~ Troubadour"
pc8801_flop duet "Duet"
pc8801_flop fadein "Fade In"
pc8801_flop genpeiur "Genpei Ura Maden"
pc8801_flop karetofu "Kare to Futari no Skyline"
pc8801_flop keyon "Key On"
pc8801_flop kurokami "Kurokami no Densetsu"
pc8801_flop limeligh "Lime Light"
pc8801_flop lockon "Lock-On"
pc8801_flop marmalad "Marmalade"
pc8801_flop marmala1 "Marmalade 2"
pc8801_flop marmala2 "Marmalade 2 Plus"
pc8801_flop medaljac "Medal Jack"
pc8801_flop medalja1 "Medal Jack 2"
pc8801_flop natera "Tennen Yashinomi Natera"
pc8801_flop powereng "Powerful Engine"
pc8801_flop powerenga "Powerful Engine (Alt)"
pc8801_flop scottiet "Scottie Turbo"
pc8801_flop slimelan "Slime Land Story"
pc8801_flop summerrs "Summer Resort Chukinto"
pc8801_flop sweetgr2 "Sweet Girl 2 ~Body Game~"
pc8801_flop takeout7 "Take Out 7"
pc8801_flop uedajun2p "Ueda Jun'ichi Ongaku Disk 2+"
pc8801_flop yugeki2 "Yugekitai Bangaihen - Taiheiyou no Akai Kamikaze"
pc8801_flop yugeki2a "Yugekitai Bangaihen - Taiheiyou no Akai Kamikaze (Alt)"
pc8801_flop yugeki2b "Yugekitai Bangaihen - Taiheiyou no Akai Kamikaze (Alt 2)"
pc98 nankaishsc "Daikairei - Nankai no Shitou - Scenario C: Philippines Oki Kaisen"
pc98 nankaishsd "Daikairei - Nankai no Shitou - Scenario D: Java Tou Kessen"
pc98 dismix0 "Kikan Dismix Soukan Junbi-gou"
pc98 dismix2 "Kikan Dismix Dai-2-Gou"
pc98 dismix2a "Kikan Dismix Dai-2-Gou (Alt)"
pc98 felis "Sailor Fuku Senshi Felis"
to_flop jeuxn26 "Jeux N26"
x1_flop rwings "Right Wings"
x1_flop dalk "The Cave of Dalk"