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fm7_cass earthbnd "Earthbound"
fm7_disk mugen2 "Mugen no Shinzo II"
msx1_cart borfes "Borfes to 5-nin no Akuma - An Adventure Story (Jpn)"
msx2_cart crimson "Crimson (Jpn)"
mz2500 mugen "Mugen no Shinzou"
mz2500 mugen2 "Mugen no Shinzou II"
pc8801_flop mrproyak "Mr. Pro Yakyuu"
pc8801_flop mtantojo "Meitantei Tojo!"
pc8801_flop lizarda "Lizard (Alt)"
pc8801_flop lizard "Lizard"
pc8801_flop jeharda "Jehard (Alt)"
pc8801_flop mrproyaka "Mr. Pro Yakyuu (Alt)"
pc8801_flop mugen "Mugen no Shinzo"
pc8801_flop mugen2 "Mugen no Shinzo II"
pc8801_flop mugen3 "Mugen no Shinzo III"
pc8801_flop mugen3a "Mugen no Shinzo III (Alt)"
pc8801_flop shiroden "Shiro Densetsu"
pc8801_flop xtaldjb "Xtal Soft Digital Juke Box"
pc8801_flop xtaldjba "Xtal Soft Digital Juke Box (Alt)"
pc8801_flop jehard "Jehard"
pc8801_flop holyswrd "Holy Sword"
pc8801_flop advfant "Advanced Fantasian - Quest for Lost Sanctuary"
pc8801_flop advfanta "Advanced Fantasian - Quest for Lost Sanctuary (Alt User Disk)"
pc8801_flop advfantb "Advanced Fantasian - Quest for Lost Sanctuary (Alt 2)"
pc8801_flop babylon "Babylon"
pc8801_flop babylona "Babylon (Alt)"
pc8801_flop bgorilla "Battle Gorilla"
pc8801_flop bgorillaa "Battle Gorilla (Alt)"
pc8801_flop crimson "Crimson"
pc8801_flop fantsian "Fantasian"
pc8801_flop crimson3a "Crimson 3 (Alt)"
pc8801_flop crimson3 "Crimson 3"
pc8801_flop crimson2a "Crimson II (Alt)"
pc8801_flop crimson2 "Crimson II"
pc98 crimson3 "Crimson 3"
pc98 fantsian "Fantasian"
pc98 mugen2 "Mugen no Shinzou II"
x1_cass lizard "Lizard"
x1_cass fantsian "Fantasian"
x1_flop advfant "Advanced Fantasian - Quest for Lost Sanctuary"
x1_flop advfantd "Advanced Fantasian - Quest for Lost Sanctuary (Demo)"
x1_flop aspicsp "Aspic Special"
x1_flop fantsian "Fantasian X1"
x1_flop mrproy88 "Mr. Pro Yakyu '88 Data Shuu"
x1_flop mugen2 "Mugen no Shinzo II"
x1_flop lizard "Lizard"
x1_flop bgorilla "Battle Gorilla"