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x1_flop advfantd
x1_flop advfant
x1_flop bgorilla
x1_flop aspicsp
x1_flop fantsian
x1_flop mrproy88
x1_flop mugen2
x1_flop lizard
x1_cass lizard
x1_cass fantsian
pc98 mugen2
pc98 crimson3
pc98 fantsian
pc8801_flop mrproyak
pc8801_flop mrproyaka
pc8801_flop mugen
pc8801_flop mugen2
pc8801_flop mugen3
pc8801_flop mugen3a
pc8801_flop shiroden
pc8801_flop xtaldjb
pc8801_flop xtaldjba
pc8801_flop mtantojo
pc8801_flop lizarda
pc8801_flop lizard
pc8801_flop advfant
pc8801_flop advfanta
pc8801_flop advfantb
pc8801_flop babylon
pc8801_flop bgorilla
pc8801_flop bgorillaa
pc8801_flop crimson
pc8801_flop crimson2
pc8801_flop crimson2a
pc8801_flop jeharda
pc8801_flop jehard
pc8801_flop holyswrd
pc8801_flop fantsian
pc8801_flop crimson3a
pc8801_flop crimson3
pc8801_flop babylona
mz2500 mugen2
mz2500 mugen
msx2_cart crimson
msx1_cart borfes
fm7_disk mugen2
fm7_cass earthbnd