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"Banana (Jpn)";"banana";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1986";"nes";
"Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (Jpn)";"esbj";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1993";"nes";
"Hana no Star Kaidou (Jpn)";"hanastar";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1987";"nes";
"Jangou (Jpn)";"jangou";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1990";"nes";
"Kaguya Hime Densetsu (Jpn)";"kaguya";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1988";"nes";
"Outlanders (Jpn)";"outlandr";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1987";"nes";
"Samsara Naga (Jpn)";"samsaran";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1990";"nes";
"Tsuri Kichi Sanpei - Blue Marlin Hen (Jpn)";"sanpei";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1988";"msx2_cart";
"Tsuri Kichi Sanpei - Blue Marlin Hen (Jpn)";"sanpei";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1988";"nes";
"Tsuri Kichi Sanpei - Tsuri Sennin Hen (Jpn)";"sanpei2";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1989";"msx2_cart";
"Niji no Silk Road - Zig Zag Boukenki (Jpn)";"silkroad";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1991";"nes";
"Star Wars (Jpn, Victor)";"starwarsj";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1991";"nes";
"Ys (Jpn)";"ys";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1988";"nes";
"Ys II - Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter (Jpn)";"ys2";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1990";"nes";
"Ys III - Wanderers from Ys (Jpn)";"ys3";"Victor Ongaku Sangyou";"1991";"nes";