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cpc_cass zorro "Zorro (UK)"
amigaocs_flop zakmkg "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop zakmkf "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop zakmk "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Euro)"
cpc_cass xevious "Xevious (UK)"
msx1_cass wldgames "World Games (Euro)"
segacd wcup94 "World Cup USA 94 (USA)"
snes wcup94u "World Cup USA 94 (USA)"
megadriv wcup94 "World Cup USA 94 (Euro, USA, Kor)"
gamegear wcup94 "World Cup USA 94 (Euro, USA)"
megacd wcup94 "World Cup USA 94 (Euro)"
snes wcup94 "World Cup USA 94 (Euro)"
gameboy wcup94 "World Cup USA '94 (Euro)"
psx wcgolf "World Cup Golf - Professional Edition (USA)"
saturn wcgolfu "World Cup Golf - Professional Edition (USA)"
saturn wcgolfg "World Cup Golf - Professional Edition (Ger)"
saturn wcgolff "World Cup Golf - Professional Edition (Fra)"
saturn wcgolf "World Cup Golf - Professional Edition (Euro)"
cpc_cass mexico86 "World Cup Carnival - Mexico 86 (UK)"
megadriv wcleadu "World Class Leaderboard Golf (USA)"
megadriv wclead "World Class Leaderboard Golf (Euro)"
cpc_cass wclead "World Class Leaderboard (UK)"
sms wclead "World Class Leader Board (Euro, Bra)"
gamegear wintol "Winter Olympics - Lillehammer '94 (Euro, USA)"
sms wintol "Winter Olympics - Lillehammer '94 (Euro)"
sms wintolb "Winter Olympics - Lillehammer '94 (Bra)"
megadriv wintol "Winter Olympics (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wintol "Winter Olympics (Euro)"
snes wintolu "Winter Olympic Games - Lillehammer '94 (USA)"
snes wintol "Winter Olympic Games - Lillehammer '94 (Euro)"
megadriv wintolu "Winter Olympic Games (USA)"
gameboy wintgold "Winter Gold (Euro)"
msx1_cass wingamesa "Winter Games (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass wingames "Winter Games (Euro)"
cpc_cass vigilant "Vigilante (UK)"
amigaocs_flop vigilant "Vigilante (Euro)"
specpls3_flop vigilant "Vigilante"
amigaocs_flop vaxine "Vaxine (Euro)"
cpc_cass unsquad "U.N. Squadron (UK)"
amigaocs_flop unsquad "U.N. Squadron (Euro)"
cpc_cass toutrun "Turbo Outrun (UK)"
amigaocs_flop toutrun "Turbo Out Run (Euro)"
c64_flop toutrun "Turbo Out Run"
amigaocs_flop towertop "Tower Toppler (USA)"
a7800 towertop "Tower Toppler (PAL)"
a7800 towertopu "Tower Toppler (NTSC)"
saturn tstrike2 "ThunderStrike 2 (USA, v3.000)"
saturn tstrike2a "ThunderStrike 2 (USA, v1.000)"
psx tstrike2 "Thunderstrike 2 (USA)"
cpc_cass tblade "Thunder Blade (UK)"
amigaocs_flop tblade "Thunder Blade (Euro)"
msx1_cass tblade "Thunder Blade (Euro)"
specpls3_flop tblade "Thunder Blade"
gameboy lilleham "The XVII Olympic Winter Games - Lillehammer 1994 (USA)"
amigaocs_flop monkisli "The Secret of Monkey Island (Ita, v1.0 19910207)"
amigaocs_flop monkislg "The Secret of Monkey Island (Ger, D1.2r 19910326)"
amigaocs_flop monkisl "The Secret of Monkey Island (Euro, v1.2)"
amigaocs_flop manager "The Manager (Euro, v2.0)"
snes hulku "The Incredible Hulk (USA)"
gamegear hulk "The Incredible Hulk (Euro, USA)"
megadriv hulk "The Incredible Hulk (Euro, USA)"
sms hulk "The Incredible Hulk (Euro, Bra)"
snes hulk "The Incredible Hulk (Euro)"
cpc_cass goonies "The Goonies (UK)"
amigaocs_flop aztecs "The Gold of the Aztecs (Euro)"
bbcb_flop_orig goldcoll "The Gold Collection"
bbcb_cass goldcoll "The Gold Collection"
amigaocs_flop godfathr "The Godfather (Euro)"
msx1_cass gameswin "The Games - Winter Edition (Euro)"
cpc_cass deep "The Deep (UK)"
st_flop deep "The Deep (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop deep "The Deep (Euro)"
specpls3_flop deep "The Deep"
cpc_cass dambustr "The Dam Busters (UK)"
bbcb_cass dambustr "The Dam Busters"
bbcb_flop_orig dambustr "The Dam Busters"
pc1512 amstcoll "The Amstrad PC Collection"
cpc_flop americup_h1 "The America's Cup (UK, Hacked)"
cpc_flop americup_h2 "The America's Cup (UK, Hacked Alt)"
cpc_flop americupa "The America's Cup (UK, Alt)"
cpc_cass americup "The America's Cup (UK)"
cpc_flop americup "The America's Cup (UK)"
bbcb_cass tempterr "Temple of Terror"
bbcb_cass tapper "Tapper"
c64_cart tapper "Tapper"
amigaocs_flop ssf2 "Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers (Euro)"
cpc_cass supsega "Super Sega (UK)"
snes suprputtu "Super Putty (USA)"
snes suprputtp "Super Putty (Euro, Prototype)"
snes suprputt "Super Putty (Euro)"
cpc_cass smgp "Super Monaco GP (UK)"
amigaocs_flop smgp "Super Monaco GP (Euro)"
sms skickoff "Super Kick Off (Euro, Bra)"
megadriv skickoff "Super Kick Off (Euro)"
gameboy skickoff "Super Kick Off (Euro)"
specpls3_flop suprcycl "Super Cycle"
megadriv strider2u "Strider Returns - Journey from Darkness (USA)"
amigaocs_flop stridij "Strider II + Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Euro, Superheroes)"
cpc_cass strider2 "Strider II (UK)"
sms strider2 "Strider II (Euro, Bra)"
amigaocs_flop strider2 "Strider II (Euro)"
megadriv strider2 "Strider II (Euro)"
cpc_cass strider "Strider (UK)"
cpc_flop strider "Strider (UK)"
st_flop strider "Strider (Euro, Les Chevaliers)"
amigaocs_flop strider "Strider (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop sf2a "Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop sf2 "Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Euro)"
specpls3_flop cchaplin "Starring Charlie Chaplin"
gamegear starwarsu "Star Wars (USA)"
sms starwars "Star Wars (Euro, Bra)"
gamegear starwars "Star Wars (Euro)"
c64_cart spyhunt "Spy Hunter"
bbcb_cass spyhunt "Spy Hunter"
cpc_cass solomon "Solomon's Key (UK)"
amigaocs_flop snowstrk "SnowStrike (Euro, Super Simpack)"
cpc_cass snowstrk "Snow Strike (UK)"
psx shellshk "Shellshock (USA)"
saturn shellshku "Shellshock (USA)"
cpc_cass 2sdas "Shadow Dancer + Alien Storm (UK)"
cpc_cass shdancer "Shadow Dancer (UK)"
amigaocs_flop shdancer "Shadow Dancer (Euro)"
cpc_cass shackled "Shackled (UK)"
cpc_cass segammix "Sega Master Mix (UK)"
cpc_cass saracen "Saracen (UK)"
cpc_cass rygar "Rygar - Let's Fight!!! (UK)"
amigaocs_flop rotox "Rotox (Euro)"
cpc_cass rthunder "Rolling Thunder (UK)"
amigaocs_flop rthunder "Rolling Thunder (Euro)"
specpls3_flop rthunder "Rolling Thunder"
cpc_cass roadrunn "Road Runner (UK)"
gamegear roadrashu "Road Rash (USA)"
sms roadrash "Road Rash (Euro, Bra)"
gamegear roadrash "Road Rash (Euro)"
cpc_cass roadblst "Road Blasters (UK)"
amigaocs_flop roadblst "Road Blasters (Euro)"
specpls3_flop roadblst "Road Blasters"
cpc_cass revolutn "Revolution (UK)"
cpc_cass ret2oz "Return to Oz (UK)"
amigaocs_flop intercpt "Renegade Legion Interceptor (Euro, v1.0 19910513)"
cpc_cass rebelpln "Rebel Planet (UK)"
bbcb_cass rebelpla "Rebel Planet"
electron_cass rebelpla "Rebel Planet"
amigaocs_flop arkania "Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny (Euro)"
bbcb_flop_orig raidmosc "Raid Over Moscow"
bbcb_cass raidmosc "Raid Over Moscow"
cpc_cass raid "Raid !!! (UK, U.S. Gold)"
cpc_cass psypigs "Psycho-Pigs U+X+B (UK)"
msx1_cass psychpig "Psycho Pig U.X.B. (Euro)"
snes pdrive "Power Drive (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop pdrive "Power Drive (Euro)"
megadriv pdrive "Power Drive (Euro)"
gamegear pdrive "Power Drive (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop poolrad "Pool of Radiance (Euro, v1.0)"
specpls3_flop platoon "Platoon"
sms paperboy "Paperboy (Euro, v0)"
cpc_cass outrneur "Outrun Europa (UK)"
gamegear outrneuru "Out Run Europa (USA, SMS Mode)"
gamegear outrneur "Out Run Europa (Euro, Bra, SMS Mode)"
sms outrneur "Out Run Europa (Euro, Bra)"
amigaocs_flop outrneur "Out Run Europa (Euro)"
cpc_cass outrunau "Out Run (UK, Audio Tape)"
cpc_cass outrun "Out Run (UK)"
msx1_flop outrun "Out Run (Ned)"
amigaocs_flop outruna "Out Run (Euro, Giants)"
msx1_cass outruna "Out Run (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass outrunb "Out Run (Euro, Alt Loader)"
msx1_cass outrunc "Out Run (Euro, Alt Loader 2)"
msx1_cass outrun "Out Run (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop outrun "Out Run (Euro)"
st_flop ostealth "Operation Stealth (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop ostealtha "Operation Stealth (Euro, The Delphine Collection)"
amigaocs_flop ostealth "Operation Stealth (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop oharrier "Operation Harrier (Euro)"
st_flop oharrier "Operation Harrier (Euro)"
snes olympsum "Olympic Summer Games (Euro)"
saturn olympsocu "Olympic Soccer (USA)"
saturn olympsocg "Olympic Soccer (Ger)"
saturn olympsoc "Olympic Soccer (Euro)"
megadriv olympgldu2 "Olympic Gold (USA, Alt)"
megadriv olympgldu1 "Olympic Gold (USA)"
sms olympgldk "Olympic Gold (Kor)"
gamegear olympglda "Olympic Gold (Jpn, USA, v0, SMS Mode)"
gamegear olympgld "Olympic Gold (Euro, v1, SMS Mode)"
megadriv olympgld "Olympic Gold (Euro)"
sms olympgld "Olympic Gold (Euro)"
cpc_cass nshift "Night Shift"
amigaocs_flop murdera "Murder (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop murder "Murder (Euro)"
cpc_cass multimx4 "Multimixx 4"
msx1_cass moonwalka "Moonwalker - The Computer Game (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass moonwalk "Moonwalker - The Computer Game (Euro)"
cpc_cass mwalk "Moonwalker (UK)"
specpls3_flop midres "Midnight Resistance"
st_flop metrox "Metro-Cross (Euro)"
cpc_cass metrox "Metro Cross (UK)"
cpc_cass mercs "Mercs (UK)"
cpc_cass mercss "Mercs (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop mercs "Mercs (Euro)"
st_flop megatwin "Mega Twins (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop megatwin "Mega Twins (Euro)"
gamegear megaman "Mega Man (Euro, USA)"
specpls3_flop masters "Masters of the Universe - The Movie"
amigaocs_flop linkscc1 "Links Championship Course 1 - Firestone Country Club Akron, Ohio (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop links "Links - The Challenge of Golf (Euro, v1.53)"
cpc_cass loffire "Line of Fire (UK)"
amigaocs_flop loffire "Line of Fire (Euro)"
cpc_cass geantarc "Les Geants de l'Arcade (Fra)"
cpc_cass chevalir "Les Chevaliers (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop legvalorg "Legends of Valour (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop legvalorf "Legends of Valour (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop legvalora "Legends of Valour (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop legvalor "Legends of Valour (Euro)"
st_flop leadbgt1 "Leader Board Pro Golf Simulator - Tournament Disk #1 (Euro, Leader Board Birdie)"
st_flop leadbg "Leader Board Pro Golf Simulator (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop leadbgt1 "Leader Board Golf Simulation - Tournament Disk #1 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop leadbg "Leader Board Golf Simulation (Euro)"
cpc_cass leadbord "Leader Board (UK)"
amigaocs_flop lastduel "Last Duel - Inter Planet War 2012 (Euro)"
cpc_cass lastduel "Last Duel (UK)"
cpc_cass kungfum "Kung-Fu Master (UK)"
cpc_cass kungfums "Kung-Fu Master (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop crystalng "Knights of the Crystallion (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop crystaln "Knights of the Crystallion (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop kingmakr "Kingmaker (Euro)"
cpc_cass killedud "Killed Until Dead - Murder at Midnight (UK)"
electron_cass kayleth "Kayleth"
bbcb_flop_orig kayleth "Kayleth"
bbcb_cass kayleth "Kayleth"
amigaocs_flop jcearth "Journey to the Center of the Earth (Euro)"
gamegear striderr "Journey from Darkness - Strider Returns (Euro, USA)"
psx jbazooka "Johnny Bazookatone (USA)"
saturn jbazookau "Johnny Bazookatone (USA)"
saturn jbazooka "Johnny Bazookatone (Euro)"
gamegear robocodu "James Pond II - Codename RoboCod (USA)"
gamegear robocod "James Pond II - Codename RoboCod (Euro)"
gamegear jpond3 "James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish (Euro)"
sms robocod "James Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod (Euro, Bra)"
snes izzyqstup "Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (USA, Prototype)"
snes izzyqstu "Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (USA)"
megadriv izzyqst "Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (Euro, USA)"
snes izzyqst "Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop italy90w "Italy 1990 - Winners Edition (Euro, Super Sim Pack)"
cpc_cass ita1990 "Italy 1990 (UK)"
amigaocs_flop italy90 "Italy 1990 (Euro, U.S. Gold)"
st_flop italy90 "Italy 1990 (Euro, The Lineker Collection)"
cpc_cass infiltrt "Infiltrator (UK)"
cpc_cass indy "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (UK)"
msx1_cass indy "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop indycrad "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (USA, TGA, v1.4 19891004)"
megadriv indycrusu "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (USA)"
cpc_cass indycrus "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (UK)"
amigaocs_flop indycradi "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Ita, TGA, Version Amiga Italian v1.5 19891229)"
amigaocs_flop indycradg "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Ger, TGA, v1.4 19891020)"
amigaocs_flop indycradf "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Fra, TGA, v1.4 19891006, Fun Radio la Compil Micro 3)"
gamegear indycrus "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Euro, USA)"
amigaocs_flop indycrus "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Euro, TAG)"
sms indycrusp "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Euro, Prototype)"
sms indycrus "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Euro, Bra)"
megadriv indycrus "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Euro)"
cpc_cass indyatln "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (UK)"
amigaocs_flop indyatadg "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Ger, TGA, v1.0 19921028)"
amigaocs_flop indyatadf "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Fra, TGA, v1.0 19930302)"
amigaocs_flop indyatad "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Euro, TGA, v1.06 19921012)"
amigaocs_flop impmiss2 "Impossible Mission II (Euro)"
sms impmissp "Impossible Mission (Euro, Prototype)"
sms impmiss "Impossible Mission (Euro, Bra)"
electron_cass impmiss "Impossible Mission"
bbcb_flop_orig impmiss "Impossible Mission"
bbcb_cass impmiss "Impossible Mission"
snes hurricanu "Hurricanes (USA)"
snes hurricanp "Hurricanes (Euro, Prototype)"
megadriv hurrican "Hurricanes (Euro)"
gamegear hurrican "Hurricanes (Euro)"
snes hurrican "Hurricanes (Euro)"
cpc_cass hkm "Human Killing Machine (UK)"
amigaocs_flop hillsfarg "Hillsfar (Ger, v1.0)"
amigaocs_flop hillsfar "Hillsfar (Euro, v1.0)"
cpc_cass herolanc "Heroes ofthe Lance (UK)"
st_flop herolanc "Heroes of the Lance (Euro)"
specpls3_flop herolanc "Heroes of the Lance"
cpc_cass 2hmbh "Heavy Metal + Beach-Head (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop hvymetal "Heavy Metal (Euro)"
megadriv headon "Head-On Soccer (USA)"
snes headon "Head-On Soccer (USA)"
specpls3_flop hkm "H.K.M. - Human Killing Machine"
megadriv gunship "Gunship (Euro)"
cpc_cass gsb "Gold, Silver, Bronce (UK)"
amigaocs_flop ghoulsa "Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (Euro, Platinum)"
st_flop ghouls "Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (Euro, Les Chevaliers)"
amigaocs_flop ghouls "Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (Euro)"
specpls3_flop ghouls "Ghouls 'n' Ghosts"
cpc_cass ghoulsn "Ghouls 'N Ghosts (UK)"
amigaocs_flop gauntlt3 "Gauntlet III - The Final Quest (Euro)"
cpc_cass gauntlt3 "Gauntlet III (UK, 128K)"
cpc_cass gauntlt2 "Gauntlet II (UK)"
amigaocs_flop gauntlt2 "Gauntlet II (Euro)"
specpls3_flop gauntlt2 "Gauntlet II"
cpc_cass gauntldd "Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (UK, v2, 64K)"
cpc_cass gauntldd1 "Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (UK, v1, 64K)"
cpc_cass gauntlet "Gauntlet (UK)"
sms gauntlet "Gauntlet (Euro, Bra)"
msx1_cass gauntleta "Gauntlet (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass gauntlet "Gauntlet (Euro)"
specpls3_flop gauntlet "Gauntlet"
cpc_cass gloc "G-Loc R360 (UK, 128K)"
amigaocs_flop gloc "G-Loc R360 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop futwarsa "Future Wars - Time Travellers (Euro, The Delphine Collection)"
cpc_cass forgottn "Forgotten Worlds (UK)"
amigaocs_flop forgottn "Forgotten Worlds (Euro)"
megadriv flashbu1 "Flashback - The Quest for Identity (USA, Alt)"
snes flashbu "Flashback - The Quest for Identity (USA)"
megadriv flashbu "Flashback - The Quest for Identity (USA)"
megacd flashbd "Flashback - The Quest for Identity (Euro, Demo) [Sega Pro CD - Issue 42]"
jaguar flashb "Flashback - The Quest for Identity"
archimedes flashbd "Flashback (v1.0, Demo)"
amigaocs_flop flashbf "Flashback (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop flashb "Flashback (Euro, v1.0 19930422)"
amigaocs_flop flashb1 "Flashback (Euro, The Delphine Collection)"
megadriv flashb "Flashback (Euro, Rev. A)"
snes flashb "Flashback (Euro, English / French)"
snes flashb1 "Flashback (Euro, English / French / German)"
cpc_cass ffight "Final Fight (UK, 128K)"
amigaocs_flop ffight "Final Fight (Euro, Super Fighter)"
snes feverpitp "Fever Pitch Soccer (Euro, Prototype)"
snes feverpit "Fever Pitch Soccer (Euro)"
megadriv feverpit "Fever Pitch (Euro)"
cpc_cass expraidr "Express Raider (UK)"
cpc_cass eswat "ESWAT - Cyber Police (UK, 64K)"
amigaocs_flop eswat "ESWAT (Euro, Super Sega)"
cpc_cass echelon "Echelon (UK)"
specpls3_flop echelon "Echelon"
cpc_cass emotion "E-Motion (UK)"
cpc_cass emotions "E-Motion (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop emotion "E-Motion (Euro)"
cpc_cass dynawars "Dynasty Wars (UK)"
st_flop dynawars "Dynasty Wars (Euro, Les Chevaliers)"
amigaocs_flop dynawars "Dynasty Wars (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop dduxa "Dynamite Dux (Euro, Sega Master Mix)"
cpc_cass dreamwar "Dream Warrior (UK)"
cpc_cass drgflame "Dragons of Flame (UK)"
cpc_cass desolatr "Desolator - Halls of Kyros (UK)"
cpc_cass desrtfox "Desert Fox (UK)"
st_flop cybercn3 "Cybercon III (Euro, 19910406)"
amigaocs_flop cybercn3 "Cybercon III (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop azurebnd "Curse of the Azure Bonds (Euro, v1.0)"
cpc_cass ccastles "Crystal Castles - Diamond Plateaus In Space (UK)"
bbcb_flop_orig ccastles "Crystal Castles"
bbcb_cass ccastles "Crystal Castles"
electron_cass ccastles "Crystal Castles"
amigaocs_flop cruisecrg "Cruise for a Corpse (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop cruisecr1 "Cruise for a Corpse (Euro, The Delphine Collection)"
amigaocs_flop cruisecr "Cruise for a Corpse (Euro)"
cpc_cass crackdwn "Crack Down (UK)"
amigaocs_flop crkdown "Crack Down (Euro)"
cpc_cass coinop2 "Coin-Op Hits II (UK)"
cpc_flop chipchal_t2 "Chip's Challenge (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop chipchal_t1 "Chip's Challenge (UK, Trained by NPS)"
cpc_flop chipchal_k7 "Chip's Challenge (UK, Ripped from Cassette?)"
cpc_flop chipchala "Chip's Challenge (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop chipchalb "Chip's Challenge (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop chipchal "Chip's Challenge (UK)"
cpc_flop chipchals "Chip's Challenge (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop chipchal "Chip's Challenge (Euro)"
st_flop chipchal "Chip's Challenge (Euro)"
st_flop chicag30 "Chicago 30's (Euro)"
specpls3_flop chicag30 "Chicago 30's"
cpc_cass chicag30 "Chicago '30 (UK)"
cpc_flop cchaplina "Charlie Chaplin (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop cchaplind "Charlie Chaplin (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop cchaplinc "Charlie Chaplin (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop cchaplinb "Charlie Chaplin (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_cass cchaplin "Charlie Chaplin (UK)"
cpc_flop cchaplin "Charlie Chaplin (UK)"
st_flop champwrs "Championship Wrestling (Euro)"
sms champhck "Championship Hockey (Euro)"
gamegear champhck "Championship Hockey (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop ckrynn "Champions of Krynn (Euro, v1.0)"
cpc_cass capcomcl "Capcom Collection (UK)"
cpc_flop calgamesa "California Games (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop calgamesg "California Games (UK, Alt Disk 1)"
cpc_flop calgamesf "California Games (UK, Alt 6)"
cpc_flop calgamese "California Games (UK, Alt 5)"
cpc_flop calgamesd "California Games (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop calgamesc "California Games (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop calgamesb "California Games (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop calgamesh "California Games (UK, Alt 2 Disk 1)"
cpc_flop calgames "California Games (UK)"
msx1_cass calgames "California Games (Euro)"
cpc_flop brucelee_t1 "Bruce Lee (UK, Trained)"
cpc_flop bruceleea "Bruce Lee (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop bruceleed "Bruce Lee (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop bruceleec "Bruce Lee (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop bruceleeb "Bruce Lee (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_cass brucelee "Bruce Lee (UK)"
cpc_flop brucelee "Bruce Lee (UK)"
bbcb_cass brucelee "Bruce Lee"
bbcb_flop_orig brucelee "Bruce Lee"
cpc_flop breaktrua "BreakThru (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop breaktruc "BreakThru (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop breaktrub "BreakThru (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop breaktru "BreakThru (UK)"
cpc_cass breaktru "BreakThru (UK)"
cpc_flop bbsb_t1 "Bounty Bob Strikes Back (UK, Trained)"
cpc_flop bbsb_t2 "Bounty Bob Strikes Back (UK, Trained 2)"
cpc_flop bbsba "Bounty Bob Strikes Back (UK, Alt)"
cpc_cass bbsb "Bounty Bob Strikes Back (UK)"
cpc_flop bbsb "Bounty Bob Strikes Back (UK)"
bbcb_cass bbsb "Bounty Bob Strikes Back"
amigaocs_flop bnzabros "Bonanza Bros. (Euro)"
cpc_flop bnzabros_c1 "Bonanza Bros (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop bnzabrosa "Bonanza Bros (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop bnzabros "Bonanza Bros (UK)"
cpc_cass bnzabros "Bonanza Bros (UK)"
cpc_flop blktiger_t1a "Black Tiger (UK, Trained by CBS, Alt)"
cpc_flop blktiger_t1 "Black Tiger (UK, Trained by CBS)"
cpc_flop blktiger_t2 "Black Tiger (UK, Trained by BMC)"
cpc_flop blktigera "Black Tiger (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop blktigerf "Black Tiger (UK, Alt 6)"
cpc_flop blktigere "Black Tiger (UK, Alt 5)"
cpc_flop blktigerd "Black Tiger (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop blktigerc "Black Tiger (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop blktigerb "Black Tiger (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop blktiger "Black Tiger (UK)"
cpc_cass blacktig "Black Tiger (UK)"
st_flop blktiger "Black Tiger (Euro, Les Chevaliers)"
amigaocs_flop blktiger "Black Tiger (Euro)"
cpc_flop blackmag_t1 "Black Magic (UK, Trained)"
cpc_flop blackmag_c1 "Black Magic (UK, Cracked by Best and Chris)"
cpc_flop blackmaga "Black Magic (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop blackmagc "Black Magic (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop blackmagb "Black Magic (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop blackmag "Black Magic (UK)"
cpc_cass blackmag "Black Magic (UK)"
cpc_cass blackmags "Black Magic (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop bionicca "Bionic Commando (USA)"
amigaocs_flop bionicc "Bionic Commando (Euro)"
cpc_flop bedlam_c1 "Bedlam (UK, Cracked by McSpe)"
cpc_flop bedlam_c2 "Bedlam (UK, Cracked by CNGSOFT)"
cpc_flop bedlama "Bedlam (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop bedlamb "Bedlam (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop bedlam "Bedlam (UK)"
cpc_flop beachead_t1 "Beach-Head (UK, U.S. Gold, Trained)"
cpc_flop beacheadc "Beach-Head (UK, Amsoft + U.S. Gold, Trained)"
msx1_cass beachead "Beach-Head (Euro)"
cpc_flop beached2a "Beach Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back (UK, Alt)"
cpc_cass beached2 "Beach Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back (UK)"
cpc_flop beached2 "Beach Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back (UK)"
bbcb_flop_orig beachead "Beach Head"
bbcb_cass beachead "Beach Head"
electron_cass beachead "Beach Head"
msx1_cass bcquest2a "B.C.'s Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge (Euro, U.S. Gold, Alt)"
msx1_cass bcquest2 "B.C.'s Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge (Euro, U.S. Gold)"
cpc_cass ausgames "Australian Games (Spa)"
cpc_flop ausgames_c1 "Aussie Games (Spa, Cracked by Kino & Hufo)"
cpc_flop ausgames1 "Aussie Games (Spa, Alt Disk 1)"
cpc_flop ausgames "Aussie Games (Spa)"
cpc_flop arnieaca "Arnie's America's Cup Challenge (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop arnieac "Arnie's America's Cup Challenge (UK)"
amigaocs_flop anotherwf "Another World (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop anotherwdc "Another World (Euro, The Delphine Collection)"
amigaocs_flop anotherw "Another World (Euro)"
st_flop anotherw "Another World (Euro)"
cpc_cass amsgold2 "Amstrad Gold Hits II (UK)"
cpc_cass amsgold3 "Amstrad Gold Hits 3 (UK, Split Version?)"
cpc_cass amsgoldh "Amstrad Gold Hits (UK)"
st_flop altreal "Alternate Reality (Euro, v3.0)"
cpc_flop astorm_t1c "Alien Storm (UK, Trained by XOR, Spare Disk 2?)"
cpc_flop astorm_t1a "Alien Storm (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt)"
cpc_flop astorm_t1b "Alien Storm (UK, Trained by XOR, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop astorm_t1 "Alien Storm (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop astorm_t2 "Alien Storm (UK, Trained by CNGSOFT)"
cpc_flop astorm_c1 "Alien Storm (UK, Cracked by DJ's Crackers)"
cpc_flop astorm1 "Alien Storm (UK, Alt?)"
cpc_flop astorm "Alien Storm (UK)"
cpc_cass astorm "Alien Storm (UK)"
cpc_flop astorms "Alien Storm (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop astorm "Alien Storm (Euro)"
sms herolanc "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Heroes of the Lance (Euro, Bra)"
cpc_flop aceoface_c2 "Ace of Aces (UK, Unprotected?, Alt)"
cpc_flop aceoface_c1 "Ace of Aces (UK, Unprotected?)"
cpc_flop aceofacea1 "Ace of Aces (UK, Re-release?, Alt)"
cpc_flop aceofacea "Ace of Aces (UK, Re-release?)"
cpc_flop aceoface1 "Ace of Aces (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop aceoface3 "Ace of Aces (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop aceoface2 "Ace of Aces (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_cass aceoface "Ace of Aces (UK)"
cpc_flop aceoface "Ace of Aces (UK)"
msx1_cass aceoface "Ace of Aces (Euro)"
cpc_flop 720c "720° (UK, Unprotected?, Alt)"
cpc_flop 720a "720° (UK, Unprotected?)"
cpc_flop 720_t1 "720° (UK, Trained)"
cpc_flop 720_c1 "720° (UK, Cracked by Mc Spe)"
cpc_flop 720b "720° (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop 720 "720° (UK)"
cpc_cass 720 "720° (UK)"
msx1_cass 4x4offrda "4x4 Off-Road Racing (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass 4x4offrd "4x4 Off-Road Racing (Euro)"
st_flop 10frame "10th Frame - Pro Bowling Simulator (Euro)"
cpc_flop 10framea "10th Frame (UK, Unprotected?)"
cpc_flop 10frame_c1a "10th Frame (UK, Cracked by Redpoint, Alt)"
cpc_flop 10frame_c1b "10th Frame (UK, Cracked by Redpoint, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop 10frame_c1 "10th Frame (UK, Cracked by Redpoint)"
cpc_flop 10frameb "10th Frame (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop 10frame "10th Frame (UK)"
cpc_cass 10frame "10th Frame (UK)"
msx1_cass 10frame "10th Frame (Euro)"