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famicom_flop pachicom
fmtowns_cd condor
megadriv mastmonsj
megadriv mastmonsjp
msx1_cart moritaot
msx1_cart moonswep
msx1_cart empcitya
msx1_cart empcity
msx1_cart kungfuta
msx1_cart pachicom
msx1_cart scarlet7
msx1_cart sewersam
msx1_cart shougime
msx1_cart squardan
msx1_cart tensaird
msx1_cart trumpaid
msx1_cart kungfut
msx1_cart hanafuda
msx1_cart shogimrs
msx1_cart ae
msx1_cart aquatack
msx1_cart bcquest
msx1_cart bcquesta
msx1_cart blockrun
msx1_cart dynabowl
msx1_cart exerion2
msx1_cart exerion2a
msx1_cart fathom
msx1_cart fsplash
msx1_cart gomokuna
msx1_cart gomokunaa
msx2_cart dynabowla
msx2_cart zoids
msx2_cart dynabowl
nes empcity
pc8801_flop dynabowl
pc8801_flop pachicom
pc8801_flop trumpaid
psx lucifer
psx masumkid
saturn mastmons
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snes swordman
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snes syvalion
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snes tspiritsj