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cpc_flop 4in1ger "4 Spiele 1 Diskette (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop apprent "Apprentice (Euro)"
st_flop apprent "Apprentice (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop badcat "Bad Cat (Euro, 5th Anniversary)"
cpc_flop badcat "Bad Cat (UK)"
cpc_flop badcata "Bad Cat (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop badcatb "Bad Cat (UK, cracked by CACH)"
st_flop blockout "Blockout (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop blockout "Blockout (Euro)"
cpc_flop bluecrys "The Blue Crystal (Fra)"
cpc_flop bluecrysa "The Blue Crystal (Fra, Alt)"
cpc_flop bluecrys_c1 "The Blue Crystal (Fra, Cracked by NPS)"
amigaocs_flop bozuma "Bozuma (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop conquer "Conqueror (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop conquer1 "Conqueror (Euro, Mega Box)"
amigaocs_flop dangerfr "Danger Freak (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop denaris "Denaris (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop denarisa "Denaris (Euro, 5th Anniversary)"
amigaocs_flop downtrol "Down at the Trolls (Euro)"
st_flop eastwest "East vs. West Berlin 1948 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop eastwest "East vs. West Berlin 1948 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop faerghal "Legend of Faerghail (Euro, v2.0e 19901017)"
amigaocs_flop faerghala "Legend of Faerghail (Euro, v2.0e 19900724)"
amigaocs_flop faerghalu "Legend of Faerghail (USA, v2.0e 19901017)"
amigaocs_flop garrisn2 "Garrison II (Euro, v1.02)"
amigaocs_flop garrison "Garrison (Euro, v1.02)"
amigaocs_flop graffiti "Graffiti Man (Euro, 5th Anniversary)"
cpc_cass hallgold "Halls of Gold (UK)"
amigaocs_flop in80days "In 80 Days Around the World (Euro)"
cpc_cass jinks "Jinks (UK)"
amigaocs_flop katakis "Katakis (Euro, v1.1)"
amigaocs_flop katakisa "Katakis (Euro, Highlights)"
st_flop logical "Logical (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop logical "Logical (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop lollypop "Lollypop (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop madtv "Mad TV (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop mastblaz "Masterblazer (Euro)"
cpc_cass moneymol "Money Molch (Euro?)"
cpc_cass mrpingo "Mr Pingo (Euro?)"
cpc_cass nibbler "Nibbler (Euro?)"
amigaocs_flop realmtrl "Realm of the Trolls (Euro, 5th Anniversary)"
cpc_cass rnroll "Rock 'N Roll (UK)"
amigaocs_flop rocknrol "Rock 'n Roll (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop rocknrola "Rock 'n Roll (Euro, 5th Anniversary)"
amigaocs_flop sarcophs "Sarcophaser (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop spacebal "Spaceball (Euro)"
cpc_cass spheric "Spherical (UK)"
st_flop sphericl "Spherical (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop sphericl "Spherical (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop startrsh "Star Trash (Euro)"
cpc_cass time "Time (Euro)"
cpc_cass turrican "Turrican (UK)"
cdtv turrican "Turrican"
amigaocs_flop turrican "Turrican (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop turricn2 "Turrican II (Euro)"
cdtv turricn2 "Turrican II"
cpc_cass turricn2 "Turrican II - The Final Fight (UK)"
amigaocs_flop turricn2a "Turrican II (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop vision5d "Vision - The 5 Dimension Utopia (Ger)"
specpls3_flop xout "X-Out"
cpc_cass xout "X-Out (UK)"
amigaocs_flop xout "X-Out (Euro)"
st_flop xout "X-Out (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop zout "Z-Out (Euro)"